VOL. I.,




Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.

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To be purchased, either directly or through any Bookseller, from any of the following Agents, viz.,

Messrs. HANSARD and Son, 13, Great Queen Street, W.C., and 32, Abingdon Street, Westminster;
Messrs. EYRE and SPOTTISWOODE, East Harding Street, Fleet Street, and Sale Office, House of Lords;

Messrs. ADAM and CHARLES BLACK, of Edinburgh;
Messrs. ALEXANDER Thom and Co., or Messrs. HODGES, FIGGIS, and Co., Limited, of Dublin.


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Text of Commission -

Report signed by the Earl of Derby, the Duke of Bedford, Viscount Sherbrooke, Lord Coleridge, Sir

Sydney H. Waterlow, Mr. Pell, Mr. Walter James, Mr. Firth, and Mr. Burt-
Appendix to Report: Notes by Messrs. Horace Davey and F. Vaughan Hawkins -
“ Dissent” Report signed by Sir Richard Cross, Sir N. de Rothschild, and Mr. Alderman Cotton
Protest of Mr. Alderman Cotton

- -

Observations by Mr. Firth ..

Memorandum by Mr. Firth ...

Memorandum by Mr. Burt .

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Evidence of Mr. Thomas Hare (H.M.'s Senior Inspector of Charities, who attended at the request of the


- - - - - 89

Memoranda by Mr. Thomas Hare


Evidence of Mr. Henry Longley (one of H.M.'s Commissioners of Charities, who attended at the request

of the Commissioners)



Evidence of Mr. James Beal (who appeared to support the views of Mr. Firth) -

Evidence of Mr. E. J. Watherston (who requested to be examined) - -


Evidence of Mr. W. H. Williamson (who requested to be examined) -

Evidence of Mr. J. R. Phillips (who appeared to support the views of Mr. Firth) ..


Evidence of Mr. W. Gilbert (who requested to be examined) -


Evidence of Sir George Young, Dr. Wood, Dr. Williamson, F.R.S., and Mr. Henry Morley (a Deputa-

tion from University College, London) -

Mentorial of University College, London - . .



- 183

Evidence of the Lord Chancellor and Sir F. Bramwell, F.R.S. (a Deputation from the City and Guilds

of London Teclinical Institute) -


Prospectus of Technical Institute - - - - - -

- 193

Evidence of Mr. W. Spottiswoode, F.R.S. (a Deputation from the City and Guilds of London Technical

Institute) -

- 198

Evidence of the Rev. Canon Barry, Professors Adams, Shelley, and Wiltshire, Mr. Serocold, Treasurer,

and Mr. Cunningham, Secretary (a Deputation from King's College, London)

Memorial of King's College, London

- 210

Evidence of Dr. Todd, the Rev. Mr. McCay, Mr. Andrew Brown, Mr. Robert Stewart, Mr. Robert

Dunn, the Rev. Mr. Brown, and Professor Dougherty (a Deputation claiming to represent the tenants

on the Ulster estates) -

Appendix to evidence relating to Ulster estates -


Evidence of the Rev. Mr. Rogers, Mr. Cooke, and Professor Dougherty (a Deputation from Magee

College, Londonderry) - - - - -


Evidence of the Right Hon. G. J. Göschen, M.P. (a Deputation from the London Society for the

Extension of University Teaching) -


Evidence of Mr. Lucraft (a Deputation from the School Board of London) -




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Evidence of Mr. T. H. Fordham, Mr. W. C. Venning, and Mr. J. T. Smith (representing the Fish

mongers' Company) Statement of the Fishmongers' Company (with reference to statements made by witnesses from Ulster

in 1882) - Evidence of Mr. Graves and Mr. Beaumont (representing the Cutlers' Company) with reference to a

passage in Mr. Firth’work “Municipal London” Evidence of Mr. E. Gregory, Mr. W. H. Townsend, Mr. White, Mr. Wyld, Mr. Neate, and Mr. Owen

Roberts (representing the Clothworkers' Company) Observations by the Clothworkers' Company (with reference to statements made by Mr. Beal,

Mr. Phillips, and other witnesses examined during 1882, and also as to the views expressed by · Mr. Firth in “Municipal London ") . Further observations by the Clothworkers' Company Evidence of Mr. Dalton, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Sawyer (representing the Drapers' Company) Evidence of Mr. Hill, Mr. Le Gros Clark, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Eaton, M.P., Mr. Alderman Fowler, M.P., and Mr. E. L. Scott (representing the Salters' Company) - - -

• Evidence of Mr. Barron, Mr. Bevan, Mr. Horner, Mr. Price, Mr. Gribble, and Mr. Beck (representing

the Ironmongers' Company and certain Companies associated with it in the management of Ulster

estates) . Evidence of Mr. Miles, Mr. John Miles, Mr. Layton, and Mr. Rivington (representing the Stationers'

Evidence of Mr. Sauer and Mr. Upton (representing the Society of Apothecaries) - .
Evidence of Dr. Ramsay and Major Harding (representing the Needlemakers' Company)
Evidence of Mr. Compton (representing the Horners' Company)
Statement by the Ironmongers' Company


Statement by the same (as to the Company's Irish estate and the evidence given by the Ulster witnesses

in 1882) -
Statement by the Salters' Company (as to the evidence given by the Ulster witnesses in 1882)
Statement by the Society of Apothecaries - - - - - - ..
Statement by the Horners' Company -
Memorial of the Skinners' Company (as to the Ulster estate of the Company and the evidence given

by the Ulster witnesses in 1882) - -
Statement of the Skinners' Company -
Letter from the Coachmakers' Company
Letter from the Barbers' Company

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