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" A GENERAL DICTIONARY of GEOGRAPHY, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical : forming a complete Gazetteer of the World. By A. KEITH JOHNSTON, LL.DFRGS Revised Edition. "
On Liberty - 7. oldal
szerző: John Stuart Mill - 1869 - 193 oldal
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Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society

Royal geographical society libr, Hugh Robert Mill - 1895 - 833 oldal
...British Empire, including its Extent, Physical Capacities, Population, &c. 2 vols. 8° 1847 • — — yce. Maps ami illustrations. 8° 1 884 Tiryns : the...the Result of the Idlest Excavations. The Preface Revised, with a Supplement. Vol. 1. Maps. 8" 1854 MacCulloch, JR Russia and Turkey. From the "Geographical...

Catalogue of the General Assembly Library of New Zealand, 2. kötet

New Zealand. Parliament. Library - 1897
...... Ed. 8. 2 v. 22 cm. L. 1847. MacCulloch (JE) Macdonald (W.) MacCulloch (John Ramsay) — contd. Dictionary, geographical, statistical, and historical,...places, and principal natural objects in the world. New ed. Frederick Martin, ed. 4 v. Maps. 21cm. L. 1866. Dictionary, practical, theoretical, and historical,...

Katalog dër bibliothek

Kgl. Zentralstelle für gewerbe und handel in Stuttgart. Bibliothek - 1901 - 840 oldal
...H an dbuch, geogr., zu AndreVs Handatlas. Her. v. A Scobel (687 S) Bielefeld 1894 Mac-Culloch JR, a dictionary, geographical, statistical, and historical,...places and principal natural objects in the world. With maps. New edit. 2 Bde London 1851 Metzger E, geographisch -statistisches Weltlexikon. Stuttgart...

Catalogue of the Books in the Library of the Faculty of Procurators in ...

Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow. Library, John Muir - 1903 - 1049 oldal
...Succession to Property vacant by Death. 8vo. Lond. 1848 Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Dictionary of the various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World, with a Supplement. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1849 Treatises and Essays on Subjects connected with Economical...

A List of Cyclopedias and Dictionaries: With a List of Directories. August, 1904

John Crerar Library - 1904 - 272 oldal
...libraire. Un Bibliophile is pseudonym for Pierre Deschamps. McCulloch, John Ramsay. 910.3 M6oo "M0 A dictionary, geographical, statistical, and historical,...principal natural objects in the world. New edition, carefully revised, with the statistical information brought up to the latest returns by Frederick Martin....

Catalogue of the Keiogijuku Library

1906 - 418 oldal
...Berlin, 1904 D.. .158... 1 — . The same, 1888-1893. Berlin, 1899 D... 153... 1 McClloch, JR — A Dictionary, geographical statistical and historical...the various countries, places, and principal natural object in the world. Newed. London, 1866 D...140...8 Macleod, HD — A Dictionary of Political Economy...

Methodist Review, 26. kötet

...cordial thanks for giving them to the American public in such elegant style and so cheap a form. 6. A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical,...Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World. By JR M'CULLOCH, Esq. In two vols., 8vo. In which the Articles relating to the United States will be...

Catalogue of the Keiogijuku Library

1912 - 577 oldal
...(fôfà^fê!) /ЬШ?з£1::№)— Modern Commercial Geography. Tokyo, 1906 G;i... 45. ..1 McCulloch, JR — A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical and Historical...various countries, places, and principal natural objects iu the world. New ed., rev. Lond., 1866 D1'2... S...:> Cl. Ni. Toi. Meiklejohn, JMD — A New Geography...

Annals of Cleveland

United States. Work Projects Administration (Ohio) - 1938
...(verbatim) (1) 133 - H July 1; adv:2/5 - McCulloch's UNIVERSAL GAZETTEER - A Dictionary, Geograohical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various countries,...places and principal natural objects in the world, illustrated with seven large maps, complete in eighteen numbers. No. 1 for sale by MC Younglove, (verbatim)...

Bulletin of the Virginia State Library

Virginia State Library - 1909 - 190 oldal
...the discovery of the fate of Sir John Franklin and his companions. 1860. G665 M12. McCnlloch, JR A dictionary, geographical, statistical, and historical,...places, and principal natural objects in the world. 1845. 2 v. G102 M13. McMurry, CA A teacher's manual of geography to accompany Tarr and McMurry's series...

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