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" It must have been a fine Genius for Gardening, that could have thought of forming such an unsightly Hollow into so beautiful an Area, and to have hit the Eye with so uncommon and agreeable a Scene as that which it is now wrought into. To give this particular... "
The British Essayists: Spectator - 16. oldal
Szerkesztette: - 1823
Teljes nézet - Információ erről a könyvről

The English Familiar Essay: Representative Texts

William Frank Bryan, Ronald Salmon Crane - 1916 - 471 oldal
...To give this particular spot if ground the greater effect, they have made a very pleasing :ontrast ; for, as on one side of the walk you see this hollow jasin, with its several little plantations, lying so conveniently inder the eye of the beholder, on...

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