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" The rapid progress true science now makes, occasions my regretting sometimes that I was born so soon. It is impossible to imagine the height to which may be carried, in a thousand years, the power of man over matter. We may perhaps learn to deprive large... "
The private correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D, F.R.S., &c. Minister ... - 52. oldal
szerző: Benjamin Franklin - 1817
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Handbook of the Psychology of Aging

James E. Birren, Klaus Warner Schaie, Ronald P. Abeles, Margaret Gatz, Timothy A. Salthouse - 2001 - 677 oldal
...wrote to the English chemist Joseph Priestly (who discovered oxygen) that the time would come when "all diseases may by sure means be prevented or cured,...not excepting even that of old age, and our lives lenghtened at pleasure even beyond the antediluvian standard" (Gruman, 1966, p. 74). Franklin was a...
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