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" Phoebus' self might use ! Such is the chase when Love and Fancy leads, O'er craggy mountains, and through flowery meads; Invok'd to testify the lover's care, Or form some image of his cruel fair. "
The Works of Edmund Waller: Esq; in Verse and Prose. Published by Mr. Fenton - 32. oldal
szerző: Edmund Waller - 1744 - 295 oldal
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Century Readings for a Course in English Literature, 1. kötet

John William Cunliffe, James Francis Augustin Pyre, Karl Young - 1910 - 1143 oldal
...Urged with his fury, like a wounded, deer, O'er these he fled ; and now approaching near, Had reached the nymph with his harmonious lay, Whom all his charms could not incline to stay. Yet, what he sung in his immortal strain, Though unsuccessful, was not sung in vain; All, but...

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