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" Very pleasant for all Gentlemen to reade, and most necessary to remember. Wherein are conteined the delights that Wit followeth in his youth, by the pleasantnesse of loue, and the happinesse he reapeth in age by the perfectnesse of Wisedome. "
Dyce Collection: Printed books, L to Z - 23. oldal
szerző: South Kensington Museum. Dyce collection - 1875
Teljes nézet - Információ erről a könyvről

The Gentleman's Magazine, 204. kötet

...first and most celebrated work, published in 1580, was intitled " Euphues. The Anatomy of Wit, verie pleasant for all Gentlemen to read, and most necessary to remember ; wherein are contained the delyghts • " The Dramatic Works of John Lilly, (the Euphuist). With Notes, and some Account of bin...

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...Quaritch, £5 1482 Lylie (John). Euphues, the Anatome of Wit, very pleasant for all Gentlemen to Read, wherein are contained the delights that Wit followeth in his Youth by the Pleasantness of Love, nd — Euphues and his England, containing his Voyages and Adventures mixed with...

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