Bell's Edition: The Poets of Great Britain Complete from Chaucer to Churchill ...

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J. Bell, 1781

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41. oldal - Fops may have leave to level all they can, ** As Pigmies would be glad to top a man. •* Half-wits are fleas, fo little and fo light, •' We fcarce could know they live but that they bite. " But as the rich, when tir'd with daily feafts, *' For change become their next poor tenant's guefts, •' Drink hearty draughts of ale from plain brown
33. oldal - in criticifm that this latter age has produced. I hope it will not be taken ill by the wits that I call my Cooks by the title of Ingenious; for I cannot imagine why Cooks may not be as well read as any other perfons: I am fure their apprentices of late years have had very
73. oldal - were a picture drawn With Cynthia's face but With a neck like Brawn, With wings of turkey and with feet of calf, Tho' drawn by Kneller it would make you laugh. Such is, good Sir! the figure of a feaft
67. oldal - and hours, fo as not to difturb it. My friend faid there remained but two books more, one of Sea and the other of River Fifli, in the account of which he would not be long, feeing his memory began to fail him almoft as much as my
39. oldal - of afparagus upon his firft coming to London, which were not brought into England till many years after ; or make Owen Tudor prefent Queen Catharine with a fugarloaf; whereas he might as eafily have given her a diamond as large, feeing the
101. oldal - might lie more compact; that too large a heap of precepts together might appear too burthenfome; and therefore (if fmall matters may allude to greater) as Virgil in his Georgicks, fo here moft of the parts end with fome remarkable fable, which carries with it fome moral: yet if any perfons pleafe to take the
41. oldal - from the coals; •' So you, retiring from much better cheer, ** For once may venture to do penance here: " And fince that plenteous autumn now is paft,
39. oldal - he has fome knowledge of this Art of Cookery, and the progrefs of it. Would it not found ridiculous to hear Alexander The Great command his cannon to be mounted, and to throw redhot bullets out of his mortarpieces ? or to have Statira talk of
1. oldal - That nymph that brew'd and bottled ale fo well. III. How fleet is air! how many things have breath Which in a moment they refign to death, Depriv'd of light and all their happieft ftatc Not by their fault but fome o'erruling Fate!
49. oldal - to fuppofe that Vally lying abroad that night, the old gentlewoman under that concern would have any ftomach to it for her own fupper. However, to fee the fate of things! there is nothing permanent: for one Mrs. Candia making (though innocently) a

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