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Morning Preacher at the Lock Chapel, London.

...Ut si


quis Asellum

In campos doceat parentum currere frenis. HORACE
Vain man would be wise, though man be born a wild
ass's cult.
JOB, C. xi. v. 12.
Who teacheth like him? JOB, c. xxxvi. v. 22.




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Ir a book do not apologise for itself, it is in vain for the author to attempt it, by a preface: I shall therefore only declare the nature and intent of this publication.

Indeed it contains little more, than the history of my heart, that forge of iniquity; and my conscience, that friendly, but too often neglected monitor. By men in general, this latter is hated, because, as far as informed, it boldly tells the truth; and their grand endeavor seems to be, to lay it asleep, or to render it as insensible, as if seared with an hot iron. Through the deceitfulness of the human heart, the allurements of the world, and the artifices of Satan, this at length, is commonly accomplished; and in the mean time, they deafen themselves to its remonstrances, by living in a continual noise and bustle. The conflict in my soul between these two is here related: and some account given of the artifices, which Satan, in confederacy with my heart, made use of, to keep my conscience quiet, and silence its remonstrances ; and also of the means, which the Lord employed

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