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of his grace.

The Book of Joshua, ch. 1–13. LECTURE 366-386.

1. 1. The Lord exhorteth Joshua ; 366. Of our title, help, and way, to

and he exhorteth the people. the attainment of heaven.

2. 1. The two spies sent to Jericho 367. That no mere human example

are preserved by Rahab.

is perfect.

3. 1. The people pass over Jordan 368. Of glorifying God for the help

on dry land.

4. 1. Twelve stones are pitched in 369. In what case a memorial is

Jordan, and at Gilgal.

proof of a miracle.

5. 1. The Israelites are all circum- 370. That we ought to put all our

cised at Gilgal.

confidence in God.

6. 1. The siege of Jericho.

371. The confidence of the wicked.

6. 14. Jericho is utterly destroyed. 372. Compassion for sinners.

7.1. The Israelites are smitten at 373. That God often deals with us

Ai, for Achan's sin.

as members of a body.

7. 16. Achan is convicted, and 374. That God will bring to light

stoned, and burnt.

our most secret actions.

8. 1. The Lord giveth orders for 375. Against presumption and being

the taking of Ai.

off our guard.

8. 18. Ai is taken and destroyed. 376. The end of God's enemies.

8. 30. The Law is written and re- 377. The warrant of the Israelites

hearsed at mount Ebal.

for invading Canaan.

9. 1. The Gibeonites by craft obtain 378. Of diligence in working out

a league.

our salvation.

9. 16. The Gibeonites are sentenced 379. The solemn obligation of an

to perpetual bondage.


10. 1. The victory which God gave 380. How easy the greatest mi-
to Joshua over five kings.

racles must be to God.

10. 15. The five kings are taken and 581. True compassion for the hea-



10. 28. Seven more kings are con- 382. Our danger of perishing ever-



11. 1. Joshua taketh the whole land. 383. Against questioning the deal-

ings of God.

12. 1. The kings whom Moses and 384. That our whole life may be a

Joshua smote.

course of victory.

13. 1. The boundaries of the land 385. How we might best extend

not yet conquered.

the bounds of Christendom.

13. is. The allotment of land to the 386. Of contentment in our spiri-

two tribes and a half.

tual attainments.

PART. III, 0. T.


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