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The disappearance from the legal strongest who could be opposed to hemisphere of so bright a star as the him in forensic warfare? Where, late Sir William Follett, cast a gloom, alas, was Sir William Follett? His not yet dissipated, over the legal pro- eloquent lips were stilled in death, fession, and all classes of society ca- his remains were mouldering in the pable of appreciating great intellec- tomb-yes, almost within the very tual eminence. He died in his forty- walls of that sacred structure, halseventh year; filling the great office lowed with the recollections and asof her Majesty's Attorney-general; sociations of centuries, in which his the head and pride of the British Bar; surviving brethren were assembled for a bright ornament of the senate ; in worship on Sunday the 2d day of Nothe prime of manhood, and the pleni- vember 1845—the commencement of tude of his extraordinary intellectual the present legal year—at that period vigour ; in the full noontide of suc- of it when his was erewhile ever the cess, just as he had reached the most conspicuous and shining figure, dazzling pinnacle of professional and his exertions were the most interestofficial distinction. The tones of his ing, the most important, his success was low mellow voice were echoing sadly at once the most easy, decisive, and in the ears, his dignified and graceful dazzling. Yes, there were assembled figure and gesture were present to the his brethren, who, with saddened faces eyes, of the bench and bar-when, at and beating hearts, had attended his the commencement of last Michaelmas solemn obsequies in that very temple term, they re-assembled, with re- where was “committed his body to cruited energies, in the ancient inns the ground, earth to earth, ashes to of court, for the purpose of resuming ashes, dust to dust," where all, intheir laborious and responsible pro- cluding the greatest and noblest in fessional exertions in Westminster the land, acknowledged, humbly and Hall. It was impossible not to think, mournfully, at the month of his grave, at such a time, of Sir William Follett, that man walketh in a vain shawithout being conscious of having sus- dow, and disquieteth himself in vain ; tained a grievous, if not an irreparable, he heapeth up riches, and cannot tell loss. Where was he whose name was so who shall gather them! Surely these lately a tower of strength to suitors; are solemnizing and instructive rewhose consummate logical skill flections; and many a heart will acwhose wonderful resources—taxed to knowledge them to be such, amidst the uttermost those of judicial intel- all the din, and glare, and bustle of lect, and baffled and overthrew the worldly affairs, in the awful pri

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