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English gentleman publicly connects himself with those of the highest station in foreign countries by a reference to kindnesses for which he was indebted to the adventitious circumstances of travel, he may possibly be indulging, however unconsciously, a sentiment less noble than gratitude. Under this impression, the author has abstained from adverting to the courtesies and hospitality which he received, and from recording the names of such as conferred more important favors, unless in cases where the omission of the fact or the name would have affected the interest of his work : at the same time, he trusts that those who have laid him under obligations in the distant corners of the Ottoman dominions, in the civilized and uncivilized parts of the Russian empire, or in the more polished circles of Austria, will believe that their kindness has made an impression on his memory not easily to be effaced.

PARIS, June 1st, 1838.

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