POST-OFFICE REGULATIONS. 1865. Lotters. The maximum standard weight for the single rate of letter postage is one half oz. avoirdupois. The rate of postage on all domestic letters not exceeding one half oz. shall be uniform at three cents; and for each half oZ., or fractional thereof, of additional weight, an additional rate of three cents, to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps. DROP or LOCAL LETTERS, two cents per half oz., prepaid by stamps; and no further fee can be charged for delivery, or for taking from street boxes to the mails. IRREGULAR MATTER. - Letter rates are to be charged on irregular matter, part writing and part print, except that publishers may send and receive proof-sheets and advise patrona, by writing on papers, when their subscrip tion is up, at printed matter rates. On unclassified matter, where no‘specific rate is set down, letter postage is charged. SOLDIERS' AND BALLORS' LETTERS are exempt from this extra charge, and may go unpaid if franked. On returned DEAD LETTERS, if valuable, double rates to be paid; if not valuable, three cents only. Foreign dead letters subject to conventional stipulations with the respective governments. Letters not finding owners at the office named must be forwarded, when the place is known, with extra charge. The Postmaster-General may pay not more than two cents for carrying letters in vessels not carrying mails, such letters to be put in post-office on arrival in port; if for local delivery, another two cents should be affixed. No fees are allowed for letters collected by a carrier on a mail route.

Newspapers, Magazines, &c. – Newspaper, or second class postage, is, for papers not over four ounces each, per quarter, once a week, 5 cts.; twice, 10 cts.; three times, 15 cts.; six times, 30 cts.; Beren times, 35 cts., and so on, adding one rate for each issue more than once per week, to be prepaid for not less than three months nor more than a year, at the office of reception. Publishers of weekly news-papers may send within their county free. On magazines issued less often than once a week, one cent for four ounces to regular subscribers. Special bargains may be made by the Postmaster-General for transporting packages of newspapers, &c. Publishers must be notified when papers are not taken out for one month, which notice may be sent free. BILLS AND RECEIPTS for subscriptions may be enclosed in papers and go free; any other written enclosure imposes letter postage. Publishers may exchange papers free, not exceeding sixteen ounces in weight.

Maximum Wetght. - Books. - The maximum weight for single postage on printed matter is four ouncer, and the same for miscellaneous or third class matter; and the postage on such is two cents, always prepaid by stamps. Double these rates for books. Three upsealed circulars, two cents; two cents for each additional three, prepaid. No charge for cards or advertisements stamped or printed on envelopes.

Franking.-Franking is restricted to the president, his private secretary, the vice-president, heads of executive departments, heads of bureaus and chief clerks, to be designated by the Postmaster-General, senators and representatives, secretary of senate and clerk of house - but this only to cover matter sent to them, and that despatched in the way of business, except documents issued by Congress. DOCUMENTS from officers to their several departments, marked official, also go free; also PETITIONS to Congress. The weight of franked matter must not exceed four ounces per package, save Congress books, &c.

Registry System. This remains as worthless as ever. The government will take any sum, charging twenty cents for registering a letter, but will be in no way responsible for loss or miscarriage; but have instituted, for the security of those sending money by mail, the money-order system, &c.

Small Packets. --The business of local delivery and collection of letters is to be regulated by the Postmaster-General; but carriers are to be paid a salary and give bonds. The Postmaster-General may establish branch post-offices and letter-boxes in cities; all accounts for local business to be kept separate. Contracts may be made with publishers for delivery, by local carriers, of papers, &c., coming through the mails. The Postmaster-General may also provide for the delivery of small packets, other than letters and papers, if prepaid (for delivery) at the rate of two cts. for each four ounces. No package weighing over four pounds shall go through the mail, except books circulated by order of Congress. "Postage must be prepaid by stamps on domestic letters, whether for mail or local delivery, on transient printed mat. ter, and everything else, save newspapers arranged for by the quarter or other period,

Foroign Letters (except to England and Ireland, to either of which the postage is 24 cts., prepayment optional) should indicate on the outside the route by which they are to be sent, as the difference by various routes is great. Thus, to Austria, and any of the German States, via“ Prussian closed mail,' 30 cts., prepayment optional; if prepaid, 28 cts,; via Bremen or Hamburg,” 15 cts., prepayment optional; via “ French mail,” not exceeding '4 02., 21 cts.; not exceeding oz., 42 cts. To the CANADAS, 10 cts., prepayment optional. To SWITZERLAND, via • Prussian closed mail,” if prepaid, 33 cts.; if not, 35; via French mail," not exceeding 14.02., 21 cts.; not exceeding \'02., 42 cts., prepayment optional; via “Bremen or Hamburg mail, 19 cts., prepayment optional To FRANCE, not exceeding 140m, 15 cts.; not exceed




Sore Throat, Cough, Cold, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, result in serious Lung, Bronchial, and Asthmatic Affections, oftentimes incurable. Few are aware of the importance of checking a cough, or common cold," in its first stage.

That which in the beginning would yield to a mild remFOR edy, if neglected, soon attacks the Lungs.

Coughs and Colds are often overlooked. A

continuance for any length of time causes irritation of AND

the Lungs, or some chronic Throat Disease.

BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost instant relief.

The Troches are offered with the fullest confidence in their efficacy; they have been thoroughly tested, and maintain the good reputation they have justly acquired. For Public Speakers, Singers, and those wlio overtax the voice, they are useful in relieving an Irritated Throat, and will render articulation easy. To those exposed to sudden changes in the weather, they will give prompt relief in Coughs and Colds, and can be carried in the pocket to be taken as occasion requires.

Tour Troches are too well and favorablj linown to need commendation. — Hon.
CIAS. A. PHELPS, Pres. Mass. Senate.

I recommend their use to Public Speakers. - Rev. E. II. CHAPIN.
An elegant combination for Coughs. – Dr. G. F'. BIGELOW, Boston.

I hare never changed my mind respecting them from the first, excepting to think yet better of that which I began thinking well of: – Rev. HENRY WARD BEECHER.

They have suited my case exactly relieving my throat so that I could sing with ease. — T. DUCHARME, Chorister French Parish Church, Montreal.

OBSERVE: There are many imitations, represented to be the same as Brown's Bronchial Troches, which are in most cases productive of injury. Many dealers will recommend inferior preparations, and lower prked articles, affording more profit to themselves. Be sure to obtain only Brown's Bronchial Troches, which, by long experience, have proved their value, having received the sanction of physicians generally, and testimonials from eminent men throughout the countay. Sold at 35 Cents a Box by all Dealers in Medicines,



Or Worm Lozenges.

MUCH SICKNESS, undoubtedly, with children and adults, attributed to other causes, is occasioned by worms. The " Vermifuge Comfits," although effectual in destroying worms, can do no possible injury to the most delicate child. This valuable combination has been successfully used by physicians, and found to be safe and sure in eradicating worms, so liurtful to children.

CHILDREN HAVING WORns require immediate attention, as neglect of the trouble often causes prolonged sickness.

SYMPTOMS OF WORMS IN CHILDREN are often overlooked. Worms in the stomach and bowels cause irritation, which can be removed only by the use of a sure remedy. The combination of ingredients used in making 66 Brown's Vernifuge Comfits" is such as to give the best possible effect with safety. Sold by Druggists, Chemists, and Dealers in Medicines, at

25 Cents a Box.


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WOULD call special attention to the promptitude and exactness which they offer in the execution of all miscellaneous orders entrusted to them. These peculiarities alone, they feel

, have insured their success. Deeming this a most important part of their business, they are continually jobbing, and making arrangements for the current publications of the principal houses in the United States, which are furnished in great variety, and at publishers' prices.

They will supply any order for any Book, no matter by whom published, at Publishers' lowest Cash Prices.

Country dealers will find that, by ordering from us, all their orders will be filled as quickly, and on as favorable terms, as if they were on the spot themselves. They will find uş early, prompt, and energetic, and always watchful of their interests.




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