DECEMBER, Twelfth Month.

O's Declination.

Astronomical Calculations.
Days. d. m. Days. d. m.Days. d. m. Days. d. m.Days. d.

m. 1 218.53 7 22 40 13 23 11 19 23 26 25 23 24 2 22 2 8 22 46 14 23 15 20 23 27 26 23 22 3 22 10 9 22 52 15 23 18 21 23 27 27 23 19 4 22 18 10 22 58 16 23 21 22 23 27 28 23 16 5 22 26 11 23 3 17 23

23 23 26 29 23 13 6 22

33 12 23 7 18 23 25 24 23 25 30 23 9

(Last Quarter, 2d day, 10h. 12m., morning, W.

New Moon, 10th day, 10h. 53m., morning, E.

First Quarter, 17th day, 11h. 55m., morning, E.
O Full Moon, 24th day, 10h. 57m., morning, W.



Length Day's
Rises. Sets.

of Days Decre.
h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m.

Full Sea,

Morn| Even

h. h.


N Moon's


D Souths. h.


Rises. h. m.



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335) 1 Fr. 17 10 4 281 9 18,5 58 11|213944 h'rt |11 18 5 4 336

2 Sa. 7 11 4 28 9 17 5 59 10 22 48 5 bel. morn. 5 47 337

3 S. 7 12 4 281 9 166 010 23 51 6 bel. 0 16 6 29 338 4M. 17 13 4 28 9 15 6 1 924 7 rei. 1 14 7 10 339 5 Tu.7 14 4 271 9 136 3 9 25

7 rei.

2 12 7 53 340 6 W. 7 15 4 27 9 12 6 4 826 87 87 rei. 3 10 8 37 341

7 Th.7 16 4 27 9 11 6 5 827 9 9 sec. 4 10 9 23 342 8 Fr. 17 17 4 27 9 10 6 6 8 28 97101 sec.

5 10 10 12 343 9 Sa. 7 18 4 27 9 9 6 7 7 29 101 11 thi. | 6 9|11 3 344 10 S. 7 19 4 27 9 868 70 111 11thi. sets. 11 56 345 11 M. 7 20 4 27 9 76 9 6 1113 kn. | 5 46 0 51 346 12 Tu. 7 21 4 27 9 6 6 10 6 2 03 04 kn. 6 501 1 46 347 13 W. 7 22 4 28 9 6 6 10 5 3 1

7 58 2 40 348 14 Th. 7 23 4 28 9 56 11 5 4 13 2 legs 9 6 3 32 349 15 Fr. 7 23 4 28 9 56 11 5 5 21 23 legs 10 16 4 24 350 16 Sa. 7 24 4 28 9 46 12 4 6 31 31 feet 11 26 5 15 351 17 S. 7 24 4 28 9 4 6 12 4 7 43 feet morn. 6 5 352|18 M. 17 25 4 29 9 4 6 12 3 8 51

0 361 6 57 353 19 Tu. 7 25 4 29 9 4 6 12 3 9 61

1 46 7 50 354 20 W. 7 26 4 30 9 4 6 12 2 10 71

73 n'k

2 57 8 44 355 21 Th. 7 264 30 9 4 incr. 211 81

87 n'k

4 71 9 41 356 22 Fr. 7 27 4 31 9 400 112 91 93 arm 5 13 10 38 357 23 Sa. 7 27 4 31 940 0113 101 102 arm 6 14 11 34 35824 S. 7 28 4 32 9 40 000 11"11jbr. 359 25 M. 7 28 4 32 9 40.0 S 15 113 br. 6 0 0 29 360 26 Tu.7 29 4 33 9 40 0116 01 02h'rt 7 2 1 21 36127 W.17 29 4 34 9 50 1 117 11 14 h'rt 8 4 2 11 362 28 Th. 7 29 3 34 9 50 1 218 13 2 h'rt 9 4 2 57 363 29 Fr. 7 30 4 35 9 50 1 2 19 21 23 bel. 10 3 3 41 364 30 Sa. 7 30 4 36 9 60 2 3 20 31 3j bel. 11 ' 1 4 24 365 31 s.7 30 4 37 9 703 3214 44 rei. (11 58% 5 6

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rises morn.

DECEMBER hath 31 days.



Wild was the day; the wintry sea

Moaned sadly on New England's strand,
When first the thoughtful and the free,

Our fathers, trod the desert land.



S 11th. Charleston evac.

WASILINGTON died, aged

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Aspects, Holidays, Events,
'Weather, &c.

Farmer's Calendar.
1 Fr. 134. ( in Apogee. _ in U To feed stock well, so as to
2 Sa. Battle of Austerlitz, 1805. [6 WC secure the highest degree of
3. A Advent Sund. Very low ti. thrift, is a great art. Cattle are
4 Mo. { whicere takes leave of his brother creatures of habit, and they

must have fixed times to eat. 5 Tu. 6. .

Clear, it requires about six hours to 6 W. St. Nicholas. 6.8 0. Inferior chew over the coarse food taken 7 Th. in 8. [and Transit. into the stomach, and the more 8 Fr. 3 shokevin Dr. E. chapin, Universal- quiet they can be for this work ist prencher, died, aged ,

the better. It is not a good 9|Sa. 16 $ 0,69C. fine plan to feed too often. Some 10 A 20 Sunday in Advent. make it a rule to feed only 11 Mo. 10th. (runs low. 6 $, twice a day at this season of the 12 Tu. High tid. [ 6.86,68 o year, but they see to it that the 13 W. 8 in Aph. { by British, 1782.

animal is completely nourished

at each meal. A feed with them 14 Th. 6 67, 1799.

means a full and hearty meal. 15 Fr. OHO.

weather. They give the digestive organs 16 Sa. 6 sup. [17th. Low ti: something to do, and then give

them time to do it. Their 17 A 30 Sunday in Advent.

cows come out in the spring in 18 Mo. C in Perigee. 840. first-rate flesh, and show that 19 Tu. 3 Shortest Days about 9 hours lon: 21st. they have had intelligent and

Now is the 20 W. Length of night 14h. 56m. thoughtful care. 21 Th. St. Thomas. O ent. 18. {WANTER time to study these things. The

BEGINS. evenings are long, and there 22 Fr. 218, 60, 6hc.

are books enough giving the 23 Sa. (runs high. Ó HC. experience of those who have 24 A 4th Sun. in Adv. Very h.ti. tried all the best modes of feed25 Mo. Christmas Day.

ing, and we cannot do better

than to consult them. Settle 26 Tu. St. Stephen.

up the accounts of the year and 27 W. St. John Evangelist. & station'y. see how you stand. It will 28 Th. Holy Innocents. W stationary. never do to go on in this way 29 Fr.

$221. “Geo. Eliot." (Marian Evans) ine year after year. If you don't great novelist, died, aged 60, 1880.

fix up things, your creditors 30 Sa. 31st . 6 WC. Very low tid.

may have to do it for you, and 31 A 1st $. af. Chris. (in Apo. that isn't to be thought of.

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(Corrected Sept. 1831.) Supreme Court. - At Washington, D, C, Court comes in 2d Monday in October.

The Supreme Court of the United States consists of one Chief and eight Associate Justices. There are nine judicial circuits, and to each of these is assigned one of the justices.

There are also nine Circuit Judges, each of whom is to reside in his Circuit. The Circuits and
Justices are as follows:-
First Circuit,

Asso. Justice. (Maine, N. H., Mass., R. I.)
Second Ward Hunt. of Utica. New York, As. J. (Vt., Conn., N. Y.)

Joseph P. Bradley, of Newark, N. J., As. J. (Penn., N. J., Del.)
Fourth Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief Justice. (Md., Va., W. Va., N. C., S. C.)
Fifth William B. Woods, of Montgomery, Ala.. As J. (Geo., Fla, Ala, Miss., La., Tex.)
Sixth Stanley Matthews, of Cincinnati, O.. As. J. (Ohio, Mich., Ken., Tenn.)

John M. Harlan, of Kentucky, As. J (Ind., II., Wis.) Eighth Samuel F. Miller, of Keokuk, Iowa, As. J. (Min:, Iowa Mo., Kan.. Ark., Neb., Col.) Ninth Stephen J. Field, of San Francisco, Cal., As. J. (Cal., Oregon, Nev.)

Clerk. . . . . James H. McKenney, Washington, D. C. U. S. Circuit Courts in 1st and in May and 1st Tuen. Dec.; at N. Haven, 2d Eastern Circuits.

4th Tues. in Feb. and Aug. Connecticut, at N. Haven, 4th Tues. Maine, at Portland, 1st Tues. in Feb. in Apr., and at Hartford, 3d Tues. in Sept.

and Dec.; at Bath, 1st Tues, in Sept.; at Maine, at Portland, 230 Apr. and 230 Bangor, 4th Tues. in June. Sept.

Massachusetts, at Boston, 3d Tues. Massachusetts, at Boston, May 15

in Mar., 4th Tues. in June, 2d Tues, in and Oct. 15.

Sept., and 1st Tues, in Dec. New llampshire, at Portsmouth,

New Hampshire, at Portsmouth, May 8, and at Concord, Oct. 8.

3d Tues. in March and Sept. ; at Concord, Rhode Island, at Providence, June

3d Tues. in June and Dec. 15, and Nov. 15.

Rhode Island, at Newport, 2d Tu. Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May, at

in May, and 3d Tues. in Oct.; at Provi Rutland 1st Tu. Oct., and at Burlington, dence, 1st Tues. in Feb. and Aug. 4th Tues, in Feb.

Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May;

at Rutland, ist Tu. Oct. ; at Burlington, AT If the days happen on Sunday, the 4th Tues. Feb. Court comes in the Monday following. U S. District Courts have jurisdiction U. S. District Courts.

in bankruptcy cases, previous to Sept. 1, Connecticut, at Hartford, 4th Tues. ' 78, and are always open for such business.

HOLIDAYS IN NEW ENGLAND. (Corrected Sept. 1881.) The following days, in respect to the payment of notes, are legal holidays. On most of them, courts, banks, &c., are closed.

If the day falls on Sunday, the day following is usually kept as a Holiday.
Maine. - Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.
New Hampshire.– Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.
Vermont. - Jan. 1, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.
Massachusetts. - Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

Rhode Island. - Feb. 22, May 30 (or 29th if 30th is Sunday), July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

Conn.- Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

MEETINGS OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS IN MAINE. (Cor. 1881.) Androscoggin, at Auburn, 1st Tues. Oxford, at Paris, 2d Tues. May, 1st April and Oct.

Tues. Sept., and last Tues. Dec. Aroostook, at Houlton, 3d Tues. Jan. Penobscot, at Bangor, 1st Tues. Ap. and 1st Tues. June and July.

and Aug., and 2d Tues. Dec. Cumberland, at Portland, 1st Tues. Piscataquis, at Dover, 1st Tues. Asp., Jan, and June,

Aug., and Dec. Franklin, at Farmington, last Tues. Sagadahoc, at Bath, 1st Tu. March, April and Dec.

July, and Nov. Hancock, at Ellsworth, 4th Tu. Jan. Somerset, at Skowhegan, 1st Tues. and 2d Tues. April and Oct.

March and Aug., and 2d Tues. Dec. Kennebec, at Augusta, 3d Tues. Ap., Waldo, at Belfast, 3d Tues. April, Aug., and Dec.

Ang , and Dec. Knox, at Rockland, 1st Tues. Ap, and Washington, at Machias, 1st Tues. Dec., and 3d Tues. Aug.

Jan. and Oct.; at Calais, 4th Tuesday in Lincoln, at Wiscasset, 2d Tues. May, April. 1st Mon. Sept., and last Mon. Dec.

York, at Alfred, 20 Tu. Ap, and Oct.


(Corrected Sept. 1881. Supreme Judicial Court. Knox Co., at Rockland, 20 Tu. Mar. LAW TERMS,

and Dec., and 3d Tu. Sept. Portland, 3d Tues. July for counties Lincoln Co., at Wiscasset, 4th Tu. of Franklin, Oxford, Androscoggin, York, Ap., and 4th Tu. Oct. and Cumberland.

Orford Co., at Paris, 2d Tues. Mar., Augusta, 4th Tu. May for Somerset, 3d Tues. Sept. Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Kennebec Penobscot Co., at Bangor, Ciril Busi. counties.

ness, 1st Tu. Jan., Ap., and Oc.; ('riminal Bangor, 3d Tues. June for counties Business, 1st Tu. Feb., and 20 Tu. Aug. of Aroostook, Washington, Piscataquis, Piscataquis Co., at lover, last Tu. Hancock, Waldo, and Penobscot.

Feb., and 2d Tu. Sept. A meeting of all the justices is held annu Sagadahoc Co., at B:uth, 1st Tues. ally at Augusta during the law term; and April, and 3d Tues, in Aug and Dec.

all undecided questions of law and equity Somerset Co., at Skowhegan, 3d Tu. previously subinitted are then decided. Mar., Sept., and Dec. TRIAL TERMS.

Waldo Co., at Belfast, 1st Tu. Jan.,

and 3d Tu. in Apr. and Oct. Androscoggin Co., at Auburn, 3d

Washington Co., at Machias, 1st Tu. Tues. Jan., April, and Sept.

Jan., 1st Tu. Oct.; at Calais, 4th Tu. Ap. Aroostook Co., at Houlton, last Tu.

York ('o., at Saco, 1st Tu. Jan.; at Feb., and 3d Tu. Sept.

Alfred, 3d Tu. May, and 3d Tu. Sept. Cumberland Co., Civil Business, at Portland, 2d Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct.

Superior Court for Cumb'l'd Co. Franklin Co., at Farmington, 1st Tu. At Portland, Ciril only, 1st Tu. Feb., Mar., and 4th Tu. Sept.

Mar., Apr., Oct., Nov., Dec. ('icil and Hancock Co., at Ellsworth, 2d Tu. Criminul. 1st Tu. Jan., May, and.Sept. Ap. and Oct.

Superior Court for Kennebec Co. Kennebee Co., Civil Business only, At Augusta, (ivil, 1st Tu. Feb., 2d Tu. at Augusta, 1st Tu. Mar., and 3d Tu. Oct. Jun. Ciril and Crim.,1st Tu.Ap., Sep Dec. COURTS IN THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

Corrected Sept., 1881.
me Conrt,

Coös Co., at Colebrook, 1st Tu.Feb and

Sep.; at Lancaster 8t Tu.Jan., Mar., May, Two terms are held each year, on the 1st July, Nov.; at Gortam, 1st Tu. Ap., Oct. Tu. June and Dec., both at Concord.

Grafton Co., at Lisbon, 3d Tu. Ap., TRIAL TERMS

Oct.; Plymouth, 2d 'r'u. May and Nov.; Belknap Co., at Laconia. 4th Tues.

Canaan, ist Tu. June and Dec.; Haver: of Mar., and the 4th Tues. of Sept.

hill, 3d Tu. Mar. and Sept.; Woodville, Carroll Co., Ossipee, 3d Tu. Ap.. Oct.

1st Tu.July; Bristol, 3d Tu. July; LittleCheshire Co., at Keene, 1st Tues, of

ton, 3d Tu. Jan.; Wentworth,3d'u.Aug.; April and 3d Tues. of Oct.

Orford, 3d Tues. Feb.; and Lebanon, 1st Coös Co., at Colebrook, 1st Tu. of Feb.

Tues. March and Sept. and 18t Tu. Sept., and at Lancaster, 3d Tu.

Hillsborough Co., at Manchester, of Apr. and 3d Tu of Oct. Grafton Co., ai Haverhill, 3d Tues.

3d Tu. Feb., Apr., June, Aug., Oct., and

Dec., and 4th Tu. Jan., Mar., May, July, of Mar. and 3d Tues. Sept., and at Plym

Sept., and Nov.; at Nashua, 4th Tu. Feb., outh, 2d Tues. of May and Nov.

Apr., June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.; at Hillsborough Co., at Manchester,

Francestown, Fri. af:. 4th Tu. Ang ; at 1st Tues. of Jan., iind 1st Tues. May:; and

Amherst. Fri, aft. 4th Tu, June and Dec.; at Nashua, lst Tucs. of Sept.

at Peterborough, Fri. aft, 4th Tu. Feb., Merrimack Co., at Concord, lst 'Tu.

May, and Nov. at Greenville, Fri. aft 4th of April, and 1st Tues. of Oct Rockingham Co., at Portsmouth,

Tu. Apr. and Oct.; at Hillsboro' Bridge,

Fri. ait. 4ih Tu. Jaii, ard July; and at 3d Tues. Oct., and at Exeter, 3d Tuc. Jan. and 20 Tu. of April.

Milford, Fri, aft. 4th Tu. Mar. and Sept. Strafford Co., at Dover, 2d Tues, of

Merrimack Co., at Concord, 2d and

4th Tu. every month. Feb., and 1st Tues. of Sept. Sullivan Co., at Newport, 4th Tues.

Rockingham Co., at Exeter, Wed. of Jan. and 1st Tues. of Sept.

aft. 1st Tu. Ap., Wed. after 3d Tu. Feb.,

Mar., and Aug., and Wed. af. 2d Tu. each Probate Courts.

other month ; at Portsmouth, 3d Tu. Mar., (If the term of a probate court falls on a legal holiday, or day of state elections, said court shall

and 2d Tu. Jan., May, July, Sept., and be held on the next secular day after.)

Nov.; at Derry, 3d Tu. Feb. and 2d Tu. Belknap Co., at Laconia, 3d Tues. June and Oct ; and at Raymond, 1st Tu. of every month.

April, 3d Tu. Aug., and 28 Tu. Dec. Carroll Co., at Conway, 1st Tu.Jan., Strafford Co., at Dover, 1st Tu. every May, and Sept. ; at West Ossipee, ist Tu. mo.; at Farmington, 3d Tue. Apr., Aug., Feb., June, and Oct.; at Ossipee Corner, and Dec.; at Rochester, 3d Tuan, Mar., 1st Tu. Mar., Jul., and Nov.; and at Wolfe- June, and Oct.; and at Somersworth, 3d boro’Junction, 1st Tu. Ap., Aug.and Dec. Tucs. Feb., May. July, Sept., and Nov.

Cheshire Co., at Keene, 1st and 3d Sullivan Co., at Newport, last Wed. Fri. Jan., Feb., Mar, Apr., May, Je., of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec.; Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. ; 1st Fri. July and at Claremont, last Wed. of Jan., Mar., and 3d Fri. Aug.

May, July, Sept. and Nov.

(Corrected Sept., 1881. Legislature meets in October, 1882, and may make changes.)
Supreme Court.

County Courts.
Gen. term ai Montpelier, Oct. or Nov. Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Tu.

Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Mo. in June, and 2d Tu. in Dec. aft. 3d Tu, in Jan.

Bennington Co., at Manchester, 1st Bennington Co., at Bennington, 2d Tues. in June, and Bennington, 1st Tues: Tu. after 4th Tues. in Jan.

in Dec. Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 20 Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 1st Tues, in Oct.

Tues, in June and Dec. Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Tu. in Jan.

Tues. in April, and 3d Tues, in dept. Essex Co., at Guildhall, 4th Tues. in: Essex Co., at Guildhall, 3d Tues. in August.

March and Sept. Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 1st Th. Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 20 Tu. after 20 Tues. in Jap.

in Apr. and Sept. Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, 3d Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, last Tues. in Jan.

Tu. but one in Feb. and last Tu. in Aug. Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 3d Tu. Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 4th Tu. in Aug.

in April and 1st Tues. in.Dec. Orange Co., at Chelsea, 6th Tu. aft. Orange Co., at Chelsea, 18t Tu, in 4th Tu. in Jan.

June, and 3d Tu. in Dec. Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 1st Thurs. Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 1st Wed. next aft. 30 Tues, in Aug.

after 1st Tues. in Sept. and let l'u. in Feb. Rutland Co., at Rutland, 1st Th. aft. Rutland Co., at Rutland, 20 Tues. in 4th Tu. in Jan.

Mar. and Sept. Washington Co., at Montpelier, 20 Washington Co., at Montpelier, 20 Tues, in Aug.

Tu, in Mar. and Sept. Windhain Co., at Newfane, Mon. Windhain Co., at Newfane, 2d Tues. following 20 Tues. aft. Ath Tues. in Jan. in March and Sept.

Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 1st Th. Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 4th Tu. aft. 4th Tu. next aft. fth Tu. in Jan. in May, and ist Tu. in Dec.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT. (Corrected Sept., 1881. Legislature meets in January and may make changes.) Supreme Court of Errors. New London Co., at New London, First Judicial District (Hartford, 1st Tu. Jan. (crim.), 3d Tu. Mar., 20 Tu., Windham, Tolland, Litchfield, and Mid Sept.; at Norwich, 1st Tu. May (crim.). dlesex Co's), at Hartford, 2d Tu. Jan. and 1st Tu. June, and 1st Tu. Nov. 1st Tu. May.

Tolland Co., at Tolland, 1st Tues, in Second' Judicial District (New June, Sep., and Dec., and 21 ľu. April. London County), at Norwich, last Tue. Windham Co., at Brooklyn, 1st Tu. May, and 3d Tues. Oct.

in Feb., 2d Tu. in May, and 2d Tu. iu Fairfield Co., at Bridgeport, 30 Tu. Nov.; at Windham, 4th Tues. Aug. Mar. and 4th Tu. in Oct.

Writs may be made returnable in the counties New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st- of Hartford, New llaven, or Fairtield, on the first Tues. in June, and 1st Tues. in Dec.

Tuesday of any month except July and August.

Courts of Common Pleas. Superior Court. Fairfield Co., civil only, at Bridge

Fairfield Co., .at Danbury, 1st Mon. port, 2d Tu. Feb., term to continue till Fri. Jan., Ap., June, Nov.; at Bridgeport, let hefore 1st Tu. July; at Danbury, 3.1 Tu. Mon. Feb., Mar., May, Sept., Oct., Dec.; Sept., term to continue till Fri. bef. 4th and an adjourned term at Norwalk, 34 Tu. Jan.; criminal, and such civilas mny Mon. Jan. and Oct., and at Stamford, 3d he transferred thereto, by the Court: at Non. May, Dec., for court cases only: Bridgeport, 3d Tu: Feb., 4th, Tues, lug., in Jan., March, May, Sept., and Nov.

Hartford Co., at Hartford, 1st Mon. 3d Tu. Oct.; at Danbury, 2u Tu. May. Hartford Co., at Hartford, for civil

New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st business only, 20 Tues. Sept., terın to con.

Mon. in Jan., Mch., May, Sept., and Nov. tinue till Sat. before Christmas, 4th Tu.

New London Co., at Norwich, 1st Jan., term to continue till Sat. bet. 1st l'u. Tues. Feb. and Oct.; at New London, 1st June; for criminal business only, 1st Tu. Tues. of Apr. and Aug. Mar., June, and Dec., 4th Tu. Aug.

Writs may be made returnable in the county of Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, 1st Tu. July and August, and in the county of New Ha

Ilartford on the 1st Monday of any month except June, civil causes by court only; 3d Tu. veni on the 1st and 3d Monday of any month. Aug., and 1st Tu. Dec., civil. 1st Tu, Ap., 2d l'u. Oct., crim. onty.

A District Court, Middlesex Co., at Middletown, 2a For Barkhamstead, Bridgewater, Canaan, Tues. Feb. and Nov.; at Haddam, 3a Tu. Colebrook, Cornwall, Kent, New HartApril, and 2d Tu. Sept.

ford, New Milford, Norfolk, North CanaNew llaven co., at Waterbury, 1st an, Salisbury, Sharon, and Winchester, is Tu. May and 2d Tu. Dec.; crim., 31' Tu. I held at Winchester, 1st Mon. Jan., May, Mar. and Sept. At New Haven, ciril, 1st Oct.; at Canaan, ist Mon. Mar., Aug., and Tu. Jan., term to continue till Friday Novi; at New Milford, 1st Tu. Apr., and bef. 1st Tu. Ju., 2d Tu. Sept., term to con.

1st Mon. Sept. and Dec. till Frid. bef. 1st. Tu. Dec.; crim. at New

The District Court of Waterbury ineludes Wa

terbury. Southbury, and Woodbury. Terms Haven, 1st Tu. in Jan., April, July, Oct. same as former city court of Waterbury.

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