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1 Mo. All Saints' Day. in Apogee. 2 Tu. runs low. State election in 3 W. Length of night 13h. 46m. 4 Th. 6 2O. Fine. 5 Fr. in Per. 6 JC. 6 Sa. 6 h. Very low tides. 7 C 24th Sunday after Trinity. 8 Mo. and about 40 other prisoners, captured 7th and 8th. Execution of Captain Fry, 9 Tu. in 8. Santiago de Cuba, 1873. Son Steamer Virginius, at 10 W. Signs of a storm.

11 Th. St. Martin. 6.

12 Fr.

13 Sa.

in Perigee.


Farmer's Calendar.

Nor much time to lose now.
The swedes must come out of the

ground and be stored soon, or
you will get caught by the frost.
were pulled last
month, I suppose. It is not safe
to leave them quite so late as

this, though now and then we
days of the Indian summer visit
have a year when the mild, gray

us even later. There are many little odd jobs that must be done to get ready for the winter. Grows Where the cellar is apt to freeze it is to be banked up. Don't cold, put the earth up over the sills, 14 C 25th Sunday after Trinity. or it will set them to rotting. 15 Mo.ru. high. Very high ti. Put hay, or straw, or tan-any16 Tu. 19th. John P. Hale died, aged 67, 1873. 17 W. 19th. Wm. M. Tweed, convicted, in New York, of corrupt practices, for which 18 Th. he is sent to jail for 12 years, 1873. 19 Fr. 6 H (. with gusty 20 Sa. and piercing winds. 21 C 26th Sun. af. Gr. 6 ♂ h 22 Mo. St. Cecilia. Low tides.

[blocks in formation]

thing to save the wood-work. Cows ought to be put in the barn and well fed as the cold weather comes on, or they shrink in milk. Feed out the pumpkins now, and break the sudden change from for stock. Do not fear to feed grass to hay. Apples are good them freely, but it is safe to cut them to prevent the danger of choking. Trim grape vines after the leaves have fallen. They can be trimmed in winter, but] now is the best time. Have a plan for everything, and live up to it as near as you can. Make the most of Thanksgiving. It is one of our old landmarks that

we must cling to, and hand down

to our children.

[blocks in formation]


336 2 Th. 7 11 4 28 337 3 Fr. 7 124 28 338 4 Sa. 7 134 27

> First Quarter, 5th day, 9h. 12m., evening, W.
Full Moon, 12th day, 3h. 1m., evening, E.
Last Quarter, 19th day, 10h. 11m., morning, W.
New Moon, 27th day, 2h. 20m., evening, W.

Riscs. Sets.
m. h.

335 1 W. 7 104 28

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339 5S.7 144 27

9 13 6

3 9 8 4

43 feet 11 41

5 59

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356 22 W. 7 274 30 9 30 0 125 7 357 23 Th. 7 284 31 9

8 sec.

2 40

7 58

30 1 126 81

82 sec.

3 44 8 41

358 24 Fr. 7 28 4 32 9 40 1 027 91
359 25 Sa. |7 28|432 9 40
360 26 S. 7 29 4 33 9 40 1 129 102 11thi.
361 27 M. 7 29 4 34 9 50 210 11
362 28 Tu. 7 29 4 34 9 50 2 2 1 0

92 thi.

4 49 9 27

1|S.28|10 |103 thi.


5 51 10 16

6 51 11 6

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Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

1 W. Length of night 14h. 43m.
2 Th.
A snow storm.

3 Fr. 4th. Thomas Carlyle born, 1795.
4 Sa. 6 h C. 6 C. Fair.
5 C 20 Sunday in Advent.
6 Mo. St. Nicholas. Very low tides.
7 Tu. 6th. United States Congress meets.
13th. Samuel Nelson, ex-assoc. justice

8 W. 9 Th. 10 Fr. 11 Sa.

U. S. Sup. Court, died, aged 81, 1873.

in 8. 6.
Marshal Bazaine found guilty of treason

and condemned to death. Sentence

afterwards commuted to twenty years

"seclusion," 1873.


Washington died.


Farmer's Calendar.

EVERY farmer and every farmer's boy ought to learn to appreciate the value of time. The winter gives relief to the tired muscles, and the evenings invite to study and mental culture. It is a sad mistake to let them go by without getting from them a harvest of thought and growth equal to and of far greater worth than that you have compelled from the too reluctant earth through the long days of summer. Knowledge is power, and it always will be in a civilized community; and so we must give up mind and heart, so far as we can, to the acquisition of knowledge, and to discipline, and train, and develop all the faculties. But there are the chores to do, and the stock in the barn to take care of. Feed out the English turnips now, when it will be time to begin on the swedes. root-cutter now that will chop They have a cheap them up fine enough to feed to sheep in an incredibly short time. chine-power saves the wear and All the labor we can do by matear of muscle, and leaves us more leisure to devote to other pursuits. We depend a good deal on the woodpile in winter, and it will not do to neglect that. Dry and well-seasoned wood costs less than green, for it is Pleasant. better and more economical.

12 C 30 Sund. in Adv. Cin Per.
13 Mo. 9 in Aph. runs high.
14 Tu. Very high ti. { aged 67, 1799.
15 W. 14th Prof. Louis Agassiz died, aged 66,
16 Th. 6 H .
Extremely cold.
17 Fr.
with swift winds.
18 Sa. Length of night 14h. 57m.
19 C 4th Sun. in Adv. g in Aph.
20 Mo. 19th to 22d, shortest days in the year.
21 Tu. St. Thomas. 22d. Low tides.
22 W. O ent. . WINTER BEGINS.
23 Th. 25th. in Apogee.
24 Fr. 6. 26th. 6
26 C 1st Su. af. Chr. St. Stephen.
27 Mo. St. John, Evangelist. & C.
28 Tu. Holy Innocents. High tides.
29 W. 6. 27th. runs low.
30 Th. 28th. Macaulay died, 1859.
31 Fr. 6 h C.



(Corrected Sept. 1874.)

SUPREME COURT.-At Washington. Court comes in 2d Monday in October. The Supreme Court of the United States consists of one Chief and eight Associate Justices. There are nine judicial circuits, and to each of these is assigned one of the justices. By a law passed in 1869, there are also nine Circuit Judges, each of whom is to reside in his Circuit. The Circuits and Justices are as follows:

First Circuit (Maine, N. H., Mass., R. I.), Nathan Clifford, of Portland, Me., Asso. Justice. Second (Vt., Conn., N. Y.), Ward Hunt, of Utica, New York, As. J. Third (Penn., N. J., Del.), Wm. Strong, of Philadelphia, Pa., As. J. Fourth (Md., Va., W. Va., N. C., S. C.), Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief Justice. Firth (Geo., Fla., Ala., Miss., La., Tex.), Joseph P. Bradley, of Newark. N. J.. As. J. Sixth (Ohio, Mich., Ken., Tenn.), Noah H. Swayne, of Columbus. O., As. J. Seventh (Ind., Ill., Wis.), David Davis, of Bloomington, Ill., As. J. Eighth (Min., Iowa, Mo., Kan., Ark., Neb.), Samuel F. Miller, of Keokuk, Iowa, As. J. Ninth (Cal., Oregon, Nev.), Stephen J. Field, of San Francisco, Cal., As. J.; Clerk, D. W. Middleton, Washington, D. C. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURTS IN at Bangor, 4th Tues. in June. In NEW THE FIRST AND SECOND EASTERN CIR HAMPSHIRE at Portsmouth, 3d Tues. CUITS. IN MAINE-at Portland, 23d in March and Sept.; at Exeter, 3d Tues. Apr. and 23d Sept. In N. HAMPSHIRE in June and Dec. In MASSACHUSETTS at Portsmouth, May 8, and at Exeter, Oct. at Boston, 3d Tues. in Mar., 4th Tues. 8. In MASSACHUSETTS at Boston, May in June, 2d Tues. in Sept., and 1st Tues. 15 and Oct. 15. In CONNECTICUT at N. in Dec. In CONNECTICUT at Hartford, Haven, 4th Tues. in Apr., and at Hartford, 4th Tues. in May and Nov.; at N. Haven, 3d Tues. in Sept. In RHODE ISLAND-at 4th Tues. in Feb. and Aug. In RHODE Providence, June 15, and Nov. 15. In ISLAND at Newport, 2d Tues. in May VERMONT-at Windsor, 3d Tu. May, at Rutland 1st Tu. Oct., and at Burlington, 4th Tues. in Feb.

If the days happen on Sunday, the
Court comes in the Monday following.
In MAINE - at Portland, 1st Tues. in Feb.
and Dec.; at Bath, 1st Tues. in Sept.;

and 3d Tues. in Oct.; at Providence, 1st
Tues. in Feb. and Aug. In VERMONT-
Windsor, 3d Tu. May: Rutland, 1st Tu.
Oct.; Burlington, 4th Tues. Feb.

U. S. District Courts have jurisdiction in bankruptcy cases, and are always open for such business.

(Corrected 1874.)

SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. LAW TERMS. Augusta, 4th Tues. May. Portland, 3d Tu. July. Bangor, 3d Tu. June.

SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL ACTIONS.- Androscoggin Co., Auburn, 3d Tu. Jan., Ap.,and Sep. Aroos took Co., Houlton, last Tu. Feb., 3d Tu. Sep. Cumb. Co., Civil only, Portland, 2d Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct. Franklin Co., at Farmington, 1st Tu. Mar.and 4th Tu.Sept. Hancock Co., at Ellsworth, 2d Tu.Ap. and Oct. Kennebec Co., at Augusta, 1st Tu. Mar., 1st Tu. Aug., 3d Tu. Oct. Knox Co., at Rockland, 2d Tu. Mar. and Dec., 3d Tu. Sept. Lincoln Co., at Wiscasset, 4th Tu. Ap., 4th Tu. Oct. Oxford Co., at Paris, 2d Tues. Mar., 3d Tues. Sept., and 1st Tues. Dec. Penobscot Co., at Bangor, Civil Actions, 1st Tues. in Jan., April, and Oct.; Criminal Actions, 1st Tues. Feb. and 2d Tu. Aug. Piscataquis Co., at Do

ver, last Tu. Feb. and 2d Tu. Sept. Sagadahoc Co., at Bath, 1st Tu. Ap. and 3d Tu. Aug. and Dec. (Dec. term for Civil Actions only.) Somerset Co., at Skowhegan, 3d Tu. Mar., Sept., and Dec. Waldo Co., at Belfast, 1st Tu. Jan., and 3d Tu. in Ap. and Oct. Washington Co., at Machias, 1st Tues. of Jan. and 1st Tues. of Oct.; and at Calais, 4th Tu. Ap. York Co., Saco, 1st Tu. Jan.; Alfred, 3d Tu. May, and 3d Tu. Sept.

THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR CUMBERLAND COUNTY has exclusive jurisdiction in civil actions from $20 to $500, and concurrent jurisdiction with S. J. Court in actions exceeding $500, and criminal jurisdiction in all actions. Court sits for trial of civil actions exclusively, 1st Tu. of Feb., Mar., Apr., Oct., Nov., and Dec.; and for civil and criminal cases, 1st Tues. of Jan., May, and September.

(Corrected Sept. 1874.)

SUPREME COURT. -Gen. term at Mont- COUNTY COURTS. Middlebury, 1st pelier in Oct. or Nov. Middlebury, 1st Tues. in June, and 2d in Dec. Rutland, 2d Mo. af. 3d Tu. Jan. Rutland, ist Mo. af. Tues. in Mar. and Sept. Manchester, 1st 4th Tu. Jan. Manchester, 2d Tu. after Tues. in June, and Bennington, 1st Tues. 4th Tues. in Jan. Newfane, Mon. follow in Dec. Newfane, 2d Tues. in April and ing 20 Tues. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Wood- Sept. Woodstock, 4th Tues. in May, and stock, 1st Thurs. aft. 4th Tu. next aft. 4th 1st in Dec. Chelsea, 1st Tu. in June, and Tu. in Jan. Chelsea, 6th Tu. aft. 4th Tu. 3d in Dec. Burlington, 1st Tues. in April, in Jan. Burlington, 1st Tu. in Jan. St. and 4th in Sept. St. Albans, 2d Tues. in Albans, 1st Mon. aft. 2d Tu.in Jan. North April and Sept. North Hero, last Tues. in Hero, st Fri. aft. 3d Tues. in Jan. Hyde Feb. and Aug. Hyde Park, 4th Tues. in Park, 3d Tues. in Aug. Montpelier, 2d Tues. in Aug. Irasburg, 1st Thurs. next aft. 3d Tues. in Aug. St. Johnsbury, 1st Thurs. next aft. 4th Tues. in Aug. Guild

May, and 4th in Dec. Montpelier, 2d Tu. in Mar. and Sept. Irasburg, 1st Wed. after 1st Tues. in Sept and 1st Tu. in Feb. St. Johnsbury, 1st Tues. in June and Dec.

(Corrected 1874.)

SUPERIOR COURT OF JUDICATURE. Two terms are held each year, on the 1st Tu. of June and the 1st Tu. of Dec., both at Concord.

CIRCUIT COURT.-At Portsmouth, 3d Tues. Oct., and Exeter, 3d Tues. Jan. and 2d Tu. of April, for Co. of Rockingham. At Dover, 2d Tues. of Feb., and 1st Tues. of Sept., for Co. of Strafford. At Laconia, 4th Tues. of Mar., and the 4th Tues. of Sept., for the Co. of Belknap. At Ossipee, 3d Tu. Ap. and Oct. for Co. of Carroll. At Concord, 1st Tues. of Oct., and 1st Tues. of April, for Co. of Merrimack. At Amherst, 1st Tues. of May, at Manchester, 1st Tues. of Jan., and at Nashua, 1st Tues. of Sept., for Co. of Hillsborough. At Keene, 1st Tues. of April and 3d Tues. of Oct., for Co. of Cheshire. At Newport, 4th Tues. of Jan. and 1st Tues. of Sept., for Co. Sullivan. At Haverhill, 4th Tues. of Mar. and 4th Tues. Sept., for the West. Jud. Dist., and at Plymouth, 1st Tues. of May and Nov. for the Eastern Jud. Dist., Grafton Co. At Colebrook, 1st Tu. of Feb. and 3d Tu. Aug., for Nor. Ju. Dist. Coos. At Lancaster, 4th Tu. of Apr. and 1st Tu. of Nov. for South. Jud. Dist. of Coös.

PROBATE COURTS. ROCKINGHAM CO.: Exeter, Wed. next after 1st Tues. of Apr., Wed. next after 3d Tues. of Feb., Mar., and Aug, and Wed. next after 2d Tues. of each other month. Portsmouth, 3d Tu. Mar., and 2d Tu. Jan., May, July, Sept., and Nov. Derry, 3d Tues. Feb. and 2d Tues. June and Oct. Raymond, 1st Tues. April, 3d Tues. Aug., and 2d Tues. Dec. STRAFFORD CO.: Dover, 1st Tues. of Jan., Mar., May, Aug., and Oct.

Rochester, 1st Tues. of July and Dec. Farmington, 1st Tues. of Apr. and Sept. Somersworth, 1st Tues. of Feb., June and Nov.-BELKNAP Co.: Laconia, 3d Tues. of every month. - CARROLL Co.: Conway, 1st Tu. Jan., May, and Sept.; West Ossipee, ist Tues. Feb., June, and Oct.; Ossipee Corner, 1st Tues. March, July, and Nov.; Wolfeborough Junction, Ist Tues. April, August, and Dec. - MERRIMACK CO.: Concord, 4th Tues. of every month; Franklin, 2d Tues. of Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.- HILLSBOROUGH Co.: Manchester, 4th Tues. of Jan., March, May, July, Sept. and Nov. Nashua, 4th Tues. of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec. Hillsboro' Bridge, Frid. after 4th Tues. Jan. Francestown, Frid. after 4th Tues. April, July and Oct. Amherst, Frid. aft. 4th Tues. Feb., June, Sept. and Dec. Peterborough, Frid. aft. 4th Tu. of May and Aug. Mason Village, Frid. after 4th Tues. of March and Nov.

CHESHIRE Co.: Keene, 1st and 3d Fri. every month.-SULLIVAN CO.: Newport, last Wed. of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec. Claremont, last Wed. of Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept. and Nov.- GRAFTON Co. Lisbon, 3d Tues. of Ap. and Oct. Plymouth, 1st Tu. of May and Nov. Canaan, 1st Tu. of June and Dec. Haverhill, 3d Tu. March and Sept. Bristol, 3d Tu. July. Littleton, 3d Tu. Jan. Wentworth, 3d Tu. Aug. Orford, 3d Tu. Feb. Lebanon, 1st Tues. March and Sept. Coos Co.: Colebrook, 1st Tues. of Feb. and Sept. Lancaster, 1st Tues. of Jan., March, May, July, and Nov.

(Corrected 1874.)

SUPREME COURTS. —1st District (Hartford, Tolland, and Middlesex Cos.)- 4th Tu. in Feb., and 2d Tues. in Sept. 2d District (New Haven Co.)-1st Tues. in April, and 2d Tues. in Nov. 3d District (N. London and Windham Cos.)-2d Tu. in March, and 4th Tues. in Oct. 4th District (Litchfield and Fairfield Cos). — At Bridgeport, last Tues in Jan. and 2d Tu. in Oct.; at Litchfield, 2d Tu. in June. The place where each term of the Court shall be held, in each judicial district, is designated by the chief judge.

SUPERIOR COURTS. At Hartford, 2d Tues. in March, 1st Tues. in July, 4th Tues. in Sept., and 3d Tues. in Dec., and for crim. business only, 4th Tu. in Aug. and 1st Tu. in Dec. and March. At New Haven, 1st Tues. in March, 2d Tues. in May, 1st Tues. in Sept. 2d Tues. in Oct., and 3d Tues. in Dec., and for crim. business only, 1st Tu. in Jan., April, July, and Oct. At Waterbury, for ciril business only, 1st Tu. in Feb. and June. At Norwich, last Tues. in March, and 3d Tues. in Nov. At New London, 3d Tues. in Jan. and 2d Tues. in Sept.; at Brooklyn, 1st Tues. in Jan., 3d Tues. in Apr., 4th Tues. in Aug., 1st Tues. in Nov.; at Litchfield, 4th Tu. Jan., 2d Tu.

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April, 3d Tues. Sept., and 1st Tu. Nov.; at Middletown, 1st Tues. Feb., 3d Tu. in July, and 1st Tues. in Dec.; at Haddam, 2d Tues. in April, and 2d Tues. in Oct.; at Tolland, 1st Tues. in Feb., 2d Tues. in April, 1st Tu. in Sept., and 1st Tues. in Dec.; at Danbury, 1st Tu. June, 4th Tu. Aug., and 3d Tu. Oct.; at Bridgeport, 3d Tues. in Feb., 1st Tues. In Mar., 4th Tu. in Aug., 3d Tu. in Oct., and 2d Tu. in Dec.

COURTS OF COMMON PLEAS.-At Hartford and New Haven, 1st Mon. in each month except July and Aug. Fairfield Co. At Bridgeport, st Mon. Mar., June, Sept., Nov., and Dec., and 1st Tu. April; at Danbury, 1st Mon. Jan., Feb., May, and Oct.; also, an adj. term at Stamford, 2d Mon. Dec. and 2d Mon. May, for the trial of court cases only. New London Co.-New London, 1st Tues, of Apr. and Aug. Norwich, 1st Tues. Feb. and Oct.

A DISTRICT COURT, for the towns of Barkhamstead, Bridgewater, Canaan,Colebrook, Cornwall, Kent, New Hartford, New Milford, Norfolk, No. Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, and Winchester, is held at Winchester, 1st Mon. Jan., May, Oct; at Canaan, 'st Mon. Mar., Aug., and Nov.; at New Milford, 1st Tu. Apr., and 1st Mon. Sep. and Dec.

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