But has he forgot it, or has he not known,
What his queen to the world of her bounty hath

And how the great folk went to see it, and kiss it?
What an op'ning there was, zounds how could he

miss it!

Here's his Majesty's health; if his course he can

keep, he'll
Be father, as well as be king of his people :
For he shall beget him a nation of princes,
When this shall be Nain, to subdue his provinces.

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Here's health to the king; to his queen more of

her dues ; To his poet more wit to display his best virtues ; To his council more wisdom (may Heaven foon

send it) And freedom to those who have hearts to defend ito




OFT to these walls the pilgrim grey,

With labour'd travel worn; Has hasten'd at the parting day,

And shelter'd till the morn.


The poor way farer, distant bound,
Pacing the frequent-haunted ground,

His feeble limbs less toil'd wou'd find ;
Refresh'd, he'd flumber thro' the night,
With pray'rs, depart at early light,

Yet-leave his soul behind.

No longer echoes round the hall

The strange romantic tale;
Nor mirth provokes, nor tripping ball,

The laugh o'er riut-brown ale.

Hope droops! whilft o'er each gothic room,
Pale melancholy spreads a gloom,

And pity mourns the ruin'd seat ;
Old hospitality is fled,
And northern FAMINE in his stead,

Here, fixes, her retreat.

Back fly reflection-truth severe !

Let fancy for a while,
To † PEMBROKE lend a scornful sneer,

To F WINNINGTON a smile.

it The busts of Lord Pembroke and Mr. Winnington, the minister, in the parlour; remarkable for such countenances,


Behold! the marble * busts turn pale,
At red'ning + Lenox's fad wail !

The Faun no more his pipe shall play ;
And fee! the || EAGLE's anger'd eye,
Reproach the hungry pafling by,

That robb’d him of his prey !

Soft sheds the moon her tranquil beam,

* Where still the RICHMONDS live, Converfing lo! the Digbys seem,

The fons of honour grieve !

Sure, sounds of fad lament arife !
Peace !-'was alone my echoed sighs.
What deep distress of that aspect wears !

which once outfhone the day
With frowns like mine, bright form array !

Mine,--will I hide in tears,

That eye

# The white buits in the hall.

* A buft of one of the dukes of Richmond of a ruddy complexion.

I A figure of a piping Faun : his instrument is broke.

ll The bird held by a Ganymede to the Eagle, was destroyed by the servants of the present tenant : this figure is companion to the Faun, and stands in the hall.

* The paint rg gallery, adorned with the portraits of the families of the Lenox's, Digby's, and Fox's.

f The mother of the prefent Duke of Richmond, portrayed in widow's weeds.





BUTE loves arbitrary rule,

A rule which plays the devil ;
North, tho' his first and fav’rite tool's

A secondary evil,

GERMAIN ťatone for former crimes,

Roars out for blood and flaughter; And whilft on these he rings the chimes,

Ne'r thinks of an hereafter,

RIGBY and WEYMOUTH, with French claret,
Join in the chorus, “Let us war it,

66 Tho' Britain be undone !!)
Whilft JEMMY TWITCHER cries huzza !
Then fings a catch, or mumbles W-Y,

Or maudlin beats his drum.

JENKINSON creeps a go-between,
A shifter of each cab net scene,

A puppet mov'd by wire ;
A running footman to the thane,
To do all jobbs--or foul, or clean-

Au ev'ry thing for hire.

Fain would I SUFFOLK's name rehearse,
SUFFOLK once sung in patriot verse,


But here my muse must end;
For Decius like, those paltry viws,
Which kings to specious patriots use,

Bid him call Bute his friend.

In law, one JEFFERIES rules alone,
For B-, on his woolpack throne,

Is mockery and pretence ;
JEFFERIES, who gives his sense for law,
Then whip-beholds he finds a flaw,

And gives his law for sense.

To these are join'd some lesser hacks,
A kind of chorus to the packs,

Whose bus’ness 'tis to rattle ;
Day puffers at Great Britain's sale,
Who now will praise, or now will rail,

Or at the levee prattle.

Protect us mighty Providence !

What would these madmen have ? First they would rob us of our pence, Deceive us without common senfe,

And without power enflave.

Shall free-born men, in humble awe,

Submit then to this shame?
Who from consent and custom draw,
The same right to be ruld by law,

Which kings pretend to reign,


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