Number Eighty-One.

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Being first after BISSEXTILE or LEAP YEAR, and (until July 4) 97th

of American Independence. FITTED FOR BOSTON, BUT WILL ANSWER FOR ALL THE NEW ENGLAND STATES. Containing, besides the large number of Astronomical Calculations and the Farmer's Calendar for every month in

the year,

a variety of


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Sold by the Booksellers and Traders throughout New England.
[Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872, by BREWER & TILESTON,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.)


TO PATRONS AND CORRESPONDENTS. We have again to thank our numerous friends for their continued favor, which has made the “OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC” one of the features of New Eng. land life.

Much care and pains have been taken to make this number worthy of its predecessors. We would call the special attention of our readers to the numerous and valuable articles on agricultural subjects. They are intended for the practical farmer, and all who cultivate the soil would do well to read them carefully.

Our thanks are due to various correspondents for hints and answers to problems and puzzles. We trust they will continue to write, and that we may receive any suggestions which may occur to any of our readers.

We close with the words of the founder of this Almanac:

« It is by our works, and not by our words, we would be judged: these, we hope, will sustain us in the humble though proud station we have so long held. .

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Art D. Promas."



(Corrected 1872.) The Yearly Meeting of Friends is held mo., at Falmouth, and 1st fifth day, 10th at Newport, beginning with meeting of mo., at Sandwich, Mass. Falmouth : 5th ministers and elders, the 2d sixth day in day before the 1st sixth day in the 2d and the 6th mo., at 9 A. M. For business on 9th mos., at Windham ; 6th month at 7th day, at 9 A, M. Public meetings for Westbrook, and 11th mo. at Durham. worship on 1st day at Newport and Ports- Smithfield : 2d fifth day, 2d mo., at Wormouth, at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. The Year- cester; 2d fifth day, 5th mo., at Northly Meeting is composed of the Quarterly bridge ; 2d fifth day, 8th mo., at Bolton; Meetings of Rhode Island, Salem, Sand- 2d fifth day, 11th mo., at Smithfield. Vaswich, Falmouth, Smithfield,

Vassalboro', salboro': 2d sixth day in the 2d and 9th Dover, and Fairfield, held as follows:- mos. at Vassalburo'; on the last sixth

Rhode Island: Ist fifth day, 2d mo., at day in the 5th mo., and the 2d sixth day Providence; 1st fifth day, 5th mo., at in the 11th mo., At East Vassalboro'. East Greenwich; 1st fifth day, 8th mo., Dover : 4th fifth day, 18t mo., at Rochesat Newport, and 1st fifth day, 11th mo., ter; 4th mo, at Dover; 8th mo. at North at Fall River. Salem : 3d fifth day, 1st Berwick, and 10th mo. at Sandwich. mo., at Salem ; 4th fifth day, 5th mo., at Fairfield : 4th day before the 2d sixth Ameshury; 3d fifth day, 8th mo., at Lynn, day, in the 2d and 9th mos., at Manches. and 3d fifth day, 10th mo., at Weare. ter; on 4th day before the last 6th day in Sandwich : Ist fifth day, 4th and 12th the 5th mo., and 4th day before the me mos., at New Bedford; 1st fifth day, 7th sixth day in the 11th mo, at Fairfield.


CONTENTS. Meetings of Friends in New England, 2 To renew Grass without Ploughing,. 37 Eclipses, Planets, Feasts, &c... 3 Annual Forage Crops,

38 Colleges and Professional Schools, . 4,5 The Meadow Mole,

38 County Commissioners of Mass., . 5 Poetry, Anecdotes, &c.,

39-41 Registers in Bankruptcy, . 5 U. S. Excise and Stamp Duties, .

42 Calendar Pages, 6-29 The Colorado Potato Beetle,

43 Courts.-U.S., Maine and Vermont, 30 Fall Feeding Mowiny Lots, .

43 New Hampshire and Connecticut, 31 Water for Stock,

41 Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 32 Tide Table,

47 Massachusetts, 33 Poultry on the Farm,

45 Compost for Grass Lands, 31 Statement of the Public Debt.

45 Green Fodder Corn, . 34 Household Hints,.

46 Hungarian Grans, .

35 | Table of Weight of a Bushel of Grain, 46 Improvement of Land, 35 Antidotes for Poisons,

47 Dutch and Holstein Cattle,.... 36 Care of the Teeth, :

47 New England Drainage Co., 36 Carriage Fares in Boston,


ECLIPSES FOR 1873. There will be four Eclipses this year; two of the Sun, and two of the Moon, all

invisible in the United States. I.-A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON, May 12, invisible in the United States. II.-A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, Díay 26, invisible in the United States. III.-A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE Moon, Nov. 4, invisible in the United States. IV. A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, Nov. 19, invisible in the United States.

Dominical Letter,
Solar Cycle,

E | Lunar Cycle or

Roman Indiction,

12 1

Julian Period, 6

, }

1 6586

MOVABLE FEASTS AND FASTS FOR 1873. Septuagesima Sunday, Feb. 9. Good Friday, April 11 Whit Sunday, June 1 Shrove Sunday,

" 23 Easter Sunday, 1Trinity Sunday, S Ash Wednesday, 26 Low Suuday,

20 Corpus Christi, " 12 First Sunday in Lent, March 2 Rogation Sunday, May 18 Advent Sunday, Nov. 30 Palm Sunday, April 6 Holy Thursday, 22



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PLANETS -- 1873.


d. h. m.
d. h. m.

d h. m. Venus (sets 5 8 . 3 P. M.

P rises 5

4 31 A. M. rises 5 2 11 A, M. Mars / rises 12 0 38 A. M. dsets 12

3 57 A.M.

osets 11 9 26 P. M. Jupi'r 4 ris. 187 27 P. M. 4 sets 19 0 52 A. M. 4 rises 19 4 49 A. M. Satur.h'ris. 26 6 47 A. M. h rises 25

11 21 P. M.

h sets 26 0 10 A. M. FEBRUARY.


d. h.
d. h. m.

d. h. m. sets 4 8 9 P. M. Prises 5 2 44 A, M. Prises 5 3 13 A, M. rises 11 11 P. M. osets 12 1 38 A. M.

o sets 11

8 50 P. M. 4 sets 19 6 50 A. M. 4 sets 18 11 0 P. M.

4 rises 19

3 22 A. M. h rises 26 4 57 A.M.

h rises 25
9 14 P. M.

sets 25

10 14 P. M. MARCH.


d. h. m.
d. h. m.

d. h.

m. sets 4 9 53 P. M. Prises 5 1 51 A. M.

rises 5 4 25 A. M. rises 11 10 25 P. M. o sets 11

11 54 P. M.

o sets

11 8 37 P. M. 4 sets 19 4 52 A. M.

4 sets 18 9 14 P. M. 4 rises 19 1 48 A. M. rises 26 3 15 A.M. h rises 25 7 11 P. M.

h sets 25

8 23 P. M.

d. h.
d. h. m.

d. h. m. sets 4 9 54 P. M. rises 5 1 36 A. M. prises 6 5 4 A.M. rises 11 8 13 P. M. osets 11 10 29 P. M.


11 8 38 P. M. 2 sets 19 2 56 A. M.

4 sets 18
7 27 P. M.

4 rises 19 0 9 A. M. h rises 26 1 18 A. M.

h sets 26
2 16 A. M.

h sets 25

6 39 P. M. VENCs will be Evening Star till May 5, then Morning Star the rest of the year. MARS will be Morning Star till April 27, then Evening Star the rest of the year. JUPITER will be Morning Star till Feb. 14, Evening Star till Sept. 4, then Morning

Star the rest of the year. SATURN will be Evening Star till Jan. 13, Morning Star till July 22, then Evening

Star the rest of the year.


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h Saturn. DO The Moon. Jupiter.

1 Uranus. Mercury. # The Earth.

Neptune. Venus.

Vesta. Juno. Pallas, Ceres.

NAMES AND CHARACTERS OF THE ASPECTS. o Conjunction, or in the same degree. 8 Opposition, or 180 degrees. * Sextile, 60 degrees.

Dragon's Head, or Ascending Node. Ó Quartile, 90 degrees.

Dragon's Tail, or Descending Node. Trine, 120 degrees.


5. 22 Leo, heart.

9. I Sagittarius, thighs. 2. 8 Taurus, neck.

6. in Virgo, belly.

10. V Capricornus, knees. 3. Ó Gemini, arms.

7. – Libra, reins.

11. *** quarius, legs. 4. Cancer, breast.

8. in Scorpio, secrets. 12. # Pisces, feet.



(Corrected 1872.) COLLEGES.

THEOLOGICAL SCHOOLS. BATES, LEWISTON, ME. Com., last THEO. SEM., BANGOR, ME. Or. Cong.) Wed. June. Vac., 8 w. fm Com.; 6 w. fm - Ann. Thurs. af. 1st Wed. in June; vac. Wed. bef. last Th. Nov.; 1 w. in spring.

15 w. from anni. BOWDOIN, BRUNSWICK, ME. - Com.,

Vr. EPIS. INSTITUTE, BURLINGTON, VT. 2d Wed. July. Vac., 7 w. from Com.; - Acad. yr. 43 w. fm 1st Wed. in Sept. 6 w. from Wed. before last Th. Nov. Théo. SEM.(Ortho. Cong.), ANDOVER, Spring Vac., 1 w.

MASS. — Anni. Thurs. bef. July 4; vaca. COLBY UNIVER., WATERVILLE, ME. - 9 w. after anni., and 3 w. in spring. Com., last Th. Julý. Vac., fm Com., 5 w.; BOSTON THEO. SEM. (Metho.), BOSTON. fm 2d w. Dec. Sw.; fm 1st Wed. May, 1 w. - Sem. year beg. Sept. 9; Com. May 27. MAINE WESLEYAN SEM. AND FEMALE

EPISCOPAL THEO. SCHOOL AT CAMCOLL., KENT'S HILL, ME. – Three terms BRIDGE, MAss.-Year begins 3d Wed, in 13 w. each. Com., 2d Mon. Aug.; last Sept., ends 3d Wed. in June. Mon, Nov.; 2d Mon. March.

NEWTON THEO. INST., NEWTON CENMAINE STATE COLL. OF AGRIC. AND TRE, MASS. (Bapt.) - Ann., 2d Wed. Jun, THE MECHANIC ARTS, ORONO, ME. - Vac. fm ann. to 1st Tu. Bept., and I w. Sp. tm beg. Feb. 6, clo. Ap. 30; 1 w. vac.; from last Wed. Jan. Sum. tm beg. May 8, clo. Aug. 6; 3 w.

THEO. SCHOOL, CAMBRIDGE, MASS. vac; Fall term beg. Aug. 28, clo. Nov. 26; (Unitar.) – Year is same as Harv. Coll. 10 w. vac.

TUFTS COLLEGE Div. SCHOOL, COLDARTMOUTH, AT HANOVER, N. H. LEGE HILL (MEDFORD), Mass. (Univ.)Com., last Thurs. in June; vac. 9 w. from School year same as that of the College. Com. lot tm ends Jan. 15; vac. w.; 2d tm BERKELEY Div. School (Epis.), MIDbeg. Feb. 13, clo. last Thurs. in June. DLETOWN, CONN. - Year beg. 2d Wed.

MIDDLEBURY, MIDDLEBURY, Vr.- Sept.; ends about the 1st June. Recess Com., 2d Wed. July. Fallem beg. 7w.later. Christmas and Easter. NORWICH UNIVERSITY, NORTHFIELD,

Div. Sch. of YALE COLL., NEW HAVr.- Com., Th. June 25. Vac., 9 w. VËN, CONN. (Ortho. Cong.) – Year beg. Christmas térm, 16 w. fm. Aug. 27. Vac., Sept. 12; cont. till 3d Thurs. May, 5 w. Easter term, 24 w. fm. Jan. 16.

'I'HEO. INST. OF CONN., HARTFORD. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, AND STATE (Or. Cong ) - Acad. yr fm 1st Th. Oct, to AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE, AT BURLING- 2d Wed. Jun. ton.-Com., 2d Wed. July. Vaca.,,Com.

MEDICAL SCHOOLS. 10 w.; from Wed. before Christinas 2 w., MED. Sch. of ME., BOWDOIN COLL., and 1 w. from close of spring term.

BRUNSWICK, VE.- Beg. Jan. 9, lasts 20 w. AMHERST, AMHERST, Mass. - Com., MED. DEP. DART. COLL., HANOVER, 20 Th. July. Vac., 9 w. following; 3 w. N. H. — Beg. 1st Th. Aug., cont. 14 w. last of Dec., and 2 w. in spring.

VT. MED. Sch., BURLINGTON, VT.Boston COLLEGE, BOSTON, MASS. Medicai lect. beg. 1st Th. Mch., con, 16w. Two sessions, beginning on 1st Mon. of MED SCH. OF HARV.COLL., BOSTON.Sept., and 1st Mon. of Feb. Exhib. be- The year beg. Th. af. last Wed in Sept.; ginning of July.

ends last Wed. in June. It is divided COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS, WOR- into two equal terms, with vac. of Iw. CESTER, MASS. - Com., latter days June; between them. 2 terms 21 w. each; year begins 1st Mon. MED. INST. OF YALE COLLEGE, NEW Sept.

HAVEN, CONN.--Course beg. 2d Tb. Sept., HARVARD, CAMBRIDGE, MASS.-Acad. cont. 17 w.; summer sess. bey. 2d Thurs. year begins Thurs. after last Wed. Sept., Feb., continues till July 10. ends at Com., last Wed. June; recess fm DENTAL SCHOOL, HARV. COLL., Bos24 Dec. to Jan. 6, inclusive.

TON. - Beg. last Th. Sept. and cont. 19 w. TUFTS COLL., COLLEGE HILL (MED

LAW SCHOOLS. FORI)), MASS.– First tm beg. Sept. 5, '72, ends Jan. 29, 73, vac. 2 w.; 2d tm beg.

LAW SCHOOL, AT CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Feb. 13. Com. June 18; vac. 11 w.

-Year is same as Harvard College.


MASS. Com ., 1st Wed. July. Vac., 9 w. af. Com.;

- Beg. 1st Wed. Oct., ends 1st Wed. June. 2 w. fm Tu. bef. Chr., 2w. fm 1st Tu. Ap.


Terms begin Feb. 14, and Sept. 11. BROWN, PROVIDENCE, R.I.- 1st term beg. Sept. 6, 1872, ends Jan. 16, 1873, vac. 3

SCIENTIFIC SCHOOLS. w.; 2d tm beg. Feb. 14. Com., last Wed. CHANDLER SCIEN. DEPT., N. H. COLL. June.

OF AGRIC. AND THE MECH. ARTS, AND TRINITY, HARTFORD, CONN. - Com., THAYER SCHOOL OF CIVIL ENGINEERTh. bef. July 4th. Vac., 9 w. fm Com.;ING, HANOVER, N. H. – Terms of first 4w.fm Th. bef. Christmas. Recess in Ap. two same as Dart. Coll., except that Agric.

WESLEYAN UNIV. MIDDLETOWN, CT. Coll. closes April 18; last has 1 term Sept. -Com., 3d Th. of Jul. Va., 8 w. fm Com., 1 to July 1. and 2 w. fm Dec. 19; 3 w. fm Mch 19. UNIVER. OF VT., BURLINGTON, has

YALE, NEW HAVEN, CONN.-Com. last also scientific and agricultural course. Th. but 2 in Jul. Vac., 9 w.fm Com.; 2 w. MASS. AGRICUL. COLLEGE, AMHERST, bef. 1st Wed. in Jan., 2 w. bef. last Wed. Mass. Three terms, 13 w. each; begin


Tr. 31. SER

LAWRENCE SCIEN. SCHOOL (HARV. STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, JOHNSON, COLL.), CAMBRIDGE, MASS. - The year VT. - Fall tm. II w., beg. 4th Wed. Aug. is the same as Harvard College.

winter term, 10 w., beg. last Wed. Nov.;
THE BUSSEY INSTITUTION (a school of spring tm 11 w., beg. 3d Wed. Feb.; sum-
agriculture and horticulture attached to mer tm, 10 w., beg. 20 Wed. May. Exam,
Harv. Col.) Year is same as Harv. Col. for admis., first day of each term.

-Acad. yr 1st. Mon. Oct. to June 1st.
Worc. Co. FREE INSTIT. OF INDUST. 2 terms

CENTRE, VT. - The year is divided into

20 w. each, an each term into SCIENCE, WORCESTER, MASS.—2 tms;

2 qrs. Fall term beg. 4th Tues, in Aug.; 1st, fm 2d Tu. Sept. to last Fri. Jan.; 2d, from 3d Tu. Feb. to 1st Frid. August.

spring term beg. 2d Tues. in Feb. Exam.

for admis. first day of each quarter. SHEFFIELD SCIEN. SCHOOL (YALE COL.) NEW HAVEN, CT.-Terms same


TAIN, Conx. - School year consists of

40 w., beg. in Sept. NORMAL SCHOOLS.

NORMAL SCHOOLS OF MASS.--In each EASTERN NORMAL SCHOOL, CASTINE, of these the course of study occupies 2 ME. - Three terms— fm Aug. 14, 14 w., years, or tms, each tm including 19 ws. fm Dec. 4, 10 w., fm Feb. 19, 14 w.

study and I w. rec. Exam. for admis., WESTERN NORMAL ScHool, FARM at beg. of each term, will take place :INGTON, ME. - Sch. yr. from Aug. 20 to At Salem, Tues. Feb. 11, and Tues. Aug. June 20; 2 terms, 20 weeks each.

26 ; at Westfield, Feb. 13, and Aug. STÁTE NORMAL SCHOOL, CASTLETON, 28; at Bridgewater, Tues. Feb. 18, and Vr. - 18t tm. closes Jan. 17; 2d tm. beg. Tues. Sept. 2; at Framingham, Thurs. Feb. 11, clo. last Th. June.

Feb. 20, and Thurs. Sept. 4.


CAN ed.


. COL 1.





(Corrected 1872.) ESSEX, at Ipswich, on the 2d Tues. of HAMPDEN, at Springfield, on the 2d April; at Salem, on the 2d Tues. of July; Tues. of April, the 1st Tues. of Oct., and at Newburyport, on the 2d Tues. of Oct.; the 4th Tues. of June and Dec. and at Lawrence, on the last Tues, of BERKSHIRE, at Pittsfield, on 1st Tu. of Aug.; and on the 4th Tues. of Dec., at Apl., July, and Sept., and last Tu. Dec. Ipswich, Salem, or Newburyport, as they NORFOLK, at Dedham, on the 3d Tues. shall order at their next preceding term. of April, the 4th Tues. of June and Sept.,

MIDDLESEX, at Cambridge, on the 1st and the last Wed. of Dec. Tues, of Jan., and the 1st Tues. of June; PLYMOUTH, at Plymouth, on the 1st and at Lowell, on the 1st Tues. of Sept. Tues. of Jan., the 3d Tues, of March,

WORCESTER, at Worcester, on the 4th and the lst Tues, of Aug. Tu. of March, the 3d Tu. of June, the BRISTOL, at Taunton, on the 4th Tues. 2d Tu. of Sept., and the 4th Tu. of Dec. of March and Sept.

HAMPSHIRE, at Northampton, on the 1st BARNSTABLE, at Barnstable, on the 2d
Tues. of March, Sept., and Dec., and on Tues. of April and Oct.
the Tues. next after the 2d Mon, of June. DUKEs Co., at Edgartown, on the Wed.

FRANKLIN, at Greenfield, on the 1st next after the 3d Mon. of May, and the
Tues. of March and Sept., and the 2d Wed. next after the 2d Mon. of Nov.
Tues. of June and Dec.

NANTUCKET, 1st Wed. of each month.

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(Corrected 1872.) MAINE,

1st District, J. D. Fessenden, Portland, 18t District, H. M. Knowlton, New

2d District, Seth May, Lewiston.
3d District, vacancy.

Duties appor

2d District, Samuel B. Noyes, Canton. tioned as follows: Lincoln and Kennebee

3d District, F. W. Palfrey, Boston. Co's, Register May; Somerset and Knox 4th District, S. L. Thorndike, Boston. Co's, Register Hamlin.

5th District, Benj. C. Perkins, Salem. 4th District, Charles Hamlin, Bangor.

6th District, E. J. Sherman, Lawrence. 5th District, vacancy.

Assigned to 7th District, A. F. Jewett, Lowell. Register Hamlin.

8th District, Peter C. Bacon, Worcester.

9th District, 1. F. Conkey, Amherst. NEW HAMPSHIRE.

10th Dist., Gideon Wells, Springfield. 1st District, Thomas E. Sawyer, Dover.

RHODE ISLAND. 21 District, Aaron W. Sawyer, Nashua. 1st District, J. M. Clarke, Providence. 3d District, Wm. H. H. Allen, Clareinont. 21? District, William W. Hoppin, Prov.

idence. VERMONT.

CONNECTICUT. 1st District, A. P. Lyman, Bennington. 1st District, Henry E. Burton. Hartford. 2d District, A. Underwood, Wells River. 2d District, E. K. Foster, New Haven, 3d Dist. {

3d District, R. Coit, Jr., New London. L. L. Lawrence, Burlington. 4th District, Wm. K. Seely, Bridgeport.

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