statements of trustees of turnpike roads and bridges in Scotland to the Secretary of State to be laid before Parliament.

32. To continue to the end of the year 1851, certain temporary provisions relating to the collection of grand jury cess in Ireland. 34. To amend an Act regulating the Justices of the Peace Small Debt Courts in Scotland.

35. For requiring annual returns of the expenditure on highways in England and Wales to be transmitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before Parliament.

36. To make provision, during the present year, and to the end of the year 1851, relating to the collection of county cess in Ireland, and to the remuneration of the collectors thereof.

37. To continue to October 1, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, an Act to amend the laws relating to loan societies.

38. To continue for five years an Act of the second and third years of Her present Majesty, for the better prevention and punishment of assaults in Ireland.

39. For further continuing, until August 1, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, certain temporary provisions concerning ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England.

40. To continue until July 31, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, certain of the allowances of the duty of excise on soap used in manufactures.

41. To extend an Act of the 56 George III., for providing for a new silver coinage, and for regulating the currency of the gold and silver coin of this realm.

42. To provide for the execution for one year of the office of sheriff in the county of Westmoreland.

43. For punishing mutiny and desertion of officers and soldiers in the service of the East India Company, and for regulating in such service the payment of regimental debts and the distribution of the effects of officers and soldiers dying in the service.

44. To apply the sum of three millions out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the year 1849.

45. To amend the procedure in courts of general and quarter sessions of the peace in England and Wales, and for the better advancement of justice in cases within the jurisdiction of those courts. 46. To facilitate the union of turnpike trusts.

47. To continue certain Acts for regulating turnpike roads in Ireland.

48. To provide for the administration of justice in Vancouver's Island.

49. To extend and explain the provisions of the Acts for the granting of sites for schools.

51. For the better protection of the property of pupils, absent persons, and persons under mental incapacity in Scotland.

52. To suspend, until October 1, 1850, the making of lists and the ballots and enrolments for the militia of the United Kingdom.

53. For consolidating and amending several of the laws relating to attorneys and solicitors in Ireland.

54. To continue until October 1, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, an Act for authorizing the application of highway rates to turnpike roads.

55. To abolish the gaol of Newgate, in the county of the city of Dublin, and provide compensation for the officers thereof, and to

enable the grand jury of the county of the said city to increase the salaries of the chaplains of certain other gaols thereof, and to reassess on the county of the said city certain arrears of grand jury


56. To continue until July 31, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, an Act of the fifth and sixth years of Her present Majesty for amending the law relative to private lunatic asylums in Ireland.

58. To extend to the officers of inland revenue the privilege of becoming members of the Excise Benevolent Fund Society.

59. To amend an Act of the tenth year of Her Majesty, for facilitating the improvement of landed property in Ireland.

60. Further to amend an Act of the tenth year of Her present Majesty, for rendering valid certain proceedings for the relief of distress in Ireland, by employment of the labouring poor, and to indemnify those who have acted in such proceedings.

61. To continue, until October 1, 1850, and to the end of the then next session of Parliament, the exemption of inhabitants from liability to be rated as such in respect of stock in trade or other property to the relief of the poor.

62. To authorize the advance of money out of the consolidated fund to the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland Company. 63. To authorize a further advance of money for the relief of certain distressed poor law unions in Ireland.

64. To remove doubts as to the authority of justices of the peace to act in certain matters relating to the poor in cities and boroughs.

65. To provide a more convenient mode of levying and collecting county rates, county police rates, and district police rates, in parishes situated partly within and partly without the limits of boroughs which are not liable to such rates.

66. For enabling colonial legislatures to establish inland posts. 67. To extend the remedies of sequestrators of ecclesiastical benefices.

69. To facilitate the performance of the duties of justices of the peace out of quarter sessions in Ireland, with respect to persons charged with indictable offences.

70. To facilitate the performance of the duties of justices of the peace out of quarter sessions in Ireland, with respect to summary convictions and orders.

72. Further to amend the Acts relating to the officers of the House of Commons.

73. To limit the enlistment in the artillery and other ordnance corps.

74. For the further relief of trustees.

75. To defray until August 1, 1850, the charge of the pay, clothing, and contingent and other expenses of the disembodied militia in Great Britain and Ireland; to grant allowances in certain cases to subaltern officers, adjutants, paymasters, quartermasters, surgeons, assistant surgeons, surgeons' mates, and serjeant majors of the militia; and to authorize the employment of the non-commissioned officers.

78. For the more effectual taxation of costs on private bills in the House of Lords, and to facilitate the taxation of other costs on pri vate bills in certain cases.

79. To facilitate the execution of conveyances and other instruments by or on behalf of the New Zealand Company in New Zealand,

81. To authorize Her Majesty to issue a commission to inquire into and report upon rights or claims over the New Forest in the county of Southampton and Waltham Forest in the county of Essex. 82. To relieve boroughs, in certain cases, from contribution to certain descriptions of county expenditure.

83. Further to facilitate the inclosure of commons, and the improvement of commons and other lands.

84. For carrying into effect engagements between Her Majesty and certain Arabian chiefs in the Persian Gulf for the more effectual suppression of the slave trade.

85. To amend an Act for the regulation of municipal corporations in Ireland, so far as relates to the borough of Dublin.

86. To provide additional funds for loans by the Public Works Loan Commissioners for building workhouses in Ireland.

87. To continue certain turnpike Acts in Great Britain for limited periods, and to make certain provisions respecting turnpike roads in England.

89. To reduce the number of signatures required to instruments issued by the lords of the treasury.

91. To provide for the collection of rates in the city of Dublin. 95. To amend the law concerning judgments in Ireland.

96. To provide for the prosecution and trial in Her Majesty's colonies of offences committed within the jurisdiction of the admiralty.

97. For the improvement of the city of Dublin.

98. To apply a sum out of the consolidated fund, and certain other sums, to the service of the year 1849, and to appropriate the supplies granted in this session of Parliament.

99. To encourage endowment of chapels of ease, and facilitate assignment of pastoral districts thereto; and to amend an Act of the eighth year of Her present Majesty for marriages in Ireland, and for registering such marriages.

100. To promote the advance of private money for drainage of lands in Great Britain and Ireland.

102. To authorize the sale of the royal pavilion at Brighton, and the grounds thereof; and to apply the money arising from such sale. 103. To continue an Act of the last session of Parliament, for charging the maintenance of certain poor persons in unions upon the common fund; and to make certain amendments in the laws for the relief of the poor.

104. To amend the Acts for the more effectual relief of the destitute poor of Ireland.

108. To amend the joint stock companies winding-up Act, 1848. 109. To amend an Act to regulate certain offices in the petty bag in the High Court of Chancery, the practice of the common-law side of that court, and the enrolment office of the said court.

110. For suspending, until June 1, 1850, the operation of an Act passed this session, intituled an Act for granting relief against defects in leases made under powers of leasing in certain cases.


Fractional sums are omitted in some instances.


AN ACCOUNT of the NET PUBLIC INCOME and EXPENDITURE of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the year ended January 5, 1849 (after abating the Expenditure thereout defrayed by the several Revenue Departments), and of the Actual Issues or Payments within the same Period, exclusive of the Sums applied to the Redemption of Funded or paying off Unfunded Debt, and of the Advances and Re-payments for Local Works, &c.


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Crown Lands

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£ 20,999,132 3 4

s. d.

14,154,054 19 9

6,643,772 1 11

4,314,704 8 8

5,347,364 19 9

815,000 0 0

Duties on Pensions and Salaries

Small Branches, Hereditary Revenues of the Crown
Surplus Fees of regulated Public Offices


Produce of the Sale of Old Stores
Re-payment of Sums received into Commissariat Chest

at Hong Kong, out of Indemnity paid by Chinese

Imprest and other Moneys

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[blocks in formation]

Money received from the East India Company
Unclaimed Dividends (more than paid)

Excess of Expenditure over Income


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Civil List

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Annuities and Pensions for Civil, Naval, Military, and Judicial Services, &c., charged by various Acts of Parliament on the Consolidated Fund

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Miscellaneous, chargeable on the Annual Grants of

Parliament, including 276,3771. 9s. 6d. for Relief of Distress in Ireland

4,092,090 8 7

54,185,136 17 9

Total Expenditure

The amount of the WINDOW DUTY assessed in the year ending April 5, 1848, was 1,880,3257.; the amount received was 1,811,7427. The number of HOUSES charged was 485,143.

The Amount of the EXCISE Duty on BRICKS in the year 1848, was 448,3107.

Amount of the Tax on Docs for the years ending January 5, 1845, to January 5, 1849.--Years ending January 5, 1845, 137,9487.; 1846, 136,0377.; 1847, 135,5907.; 1848, 137,7747.; and 1849, 134,8277.

Amount of the DUTY on HOPS for the year 1849.

Old duty at 1 12-20d. per lb.


New duty, at 0 8.20d. per lb.

Additional duty of 5 per cent., per Act 3 Vic., c. 17





NET PRODUCE of the REVENUE of IRELAND in the years ended Jan. 5, 1847, 1848, and 1849, with the EXPENDITURE of the same years. Years ending Jan. 5.

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