Madison, Christ Church.—The Ladies' Guild, with forty-six members, has raised $229.71; expended during the year, for Church purposes, $261,20. We have spent $31.49 more than the receipts from May 31st, 188S, to May 31st, 1889, but we had a small balance on hand at last report. Mrs. Anna Schofield, President; Marie Garber, Secretary.

The Young Ladies' Chapter, with twenty members, has raised $132.05; expended, for Sunday-school library, other Sunday-school purposes, and Church decorations, $142.12. The Chapter is free of debt, it had a small balance on hand June 1st, iSSS. Carolyn V. Howe, Secretary.

Marion, Gethsemane.—The Ladies' Guild, with thirteen members, has raised $156.91: has expended $59.75: balance on hand, about $230. Mrs. O. H. P. Cary, President: Miss Hattie Buchanan, Secretary.

Michigan City, Trinity.—The Ladies' Aid Society, has sixty members, has raised $200, to be expended in furnishing our new church. Mrs. J. H. Barker, President; Miss A. C. Hartwell, Secretary.

MisHAWAKA, St. Paul's.—Ladies' Aid Society, with fifteen members, has raised $123.93; expended, for side walk, sexton, choir, repairs, etc., $77.95. Society prospering. Mrs. Charles Beam, President; Mrs. E. A. Jernegan, Secretary.

Mount Vernon, St. John's.—Guild has eight members, five who are regular workers, four of whom are communicants. Has raised $264: has expended for clergy, Diocesan missions, house for service, and incidental expenses, $25: balance on hand, $339.12. Have had four services since June, iSSS. Mrs. John B. Gordiner, President; Mrs. K. E. Mattinglv, Secretary.

Muncie, Grace.—Ladies' Guild has raised $592.34; expended, for Church debt, $306.13: choir vestments, $53.60: miscellaneous, $221.64. Mrs. E. K. Heinsohn, President; Mrs. H. M. Johnston, Treasurer.

New Albany, St. Paul's.—Ladies' Church Aid Society, with forty members, has raised $259.65; expended $22.93; balance in treasury, $236.72. When all dues are collected this amount will be considerably increased. Mrs. W. L. Breyfogel, President: Mrs. E. A. Maginnis, Secretary.

Altar Guild, with twelve members, has raised $40, all of which was expended for refurnishing vestry-room, Christmas and Easter decorations and chancel hangings. Quite a number of articles for vestry-room were given by members of the Guild which are not included in the money account. Mrs. W. L. Brevfogle, President: Miss C. M. Bowman, Secretry.

New Castle, St. James's.—The St. Margaret Guild, with eight members, has raised $38.91; has expended for Diocesan Missions, altar hangings, and Sunday-school, $37.81. Mrs. M. L. Strickland, President; Miss Maria Monroe, Secretary.

Peru, Trinity.—Ladies' Guild, with fifteen members, has raised $191.81; expended $144.05; has balance in treasury, $47.76. Mrs. H. S. Wade, President; Mrs. C. S. Dunn, Secretary.

Plymouth, St. Thomas's.—Industrial Society has forty members who have raised $422.08; expended $347.17 for improvements of rectory and grounds, leaving a cash balance of $74.91. This society is asssesed five cents per meeting, whether present or not, this is collected quarterly. The plan has been quite successful. Mrs. M. W. Simons, President; Mrs. E. M. Forbes, Secretary.

Ladies'Guild has raised $422; expended, for Rector's salary, $75; for painting and repairing exterior of church, re-carpeting the church, and papering rectory, $425. In addition to this amount, individual members have given to the Rector, for extra parochial work, $30.

The Young People's Guild has raised during the year $175 towards the chancel for new church.

The Busy Bees, an auxiliary of little ones, are working entirely for extra parochial purposes, and made their first offering to their Bishop, $4.11, for Cot or Orphanage Fund, as he may determine.

Richmond, St. Paul's.—St. Mary's Guild has forty members, and has raised $80. Expended for painting and papering vestry-room, attaching natural gas to furnace, and sundry minor expenses. Owing to vacancy in rectorship and other causes, guild work has been in an unsettled condition. We are now looking forward to brighter times. Mrs. Humphries, President; Miss Edmunds, Secretary.

Rochester, St. Paul's.—The Guild, with six members, has raised $394.57; expended for minister's fare, debt on church, carpet, papering, and altar decorations, $394.57. Mrs. Daniel's, their Secretary, having resigned, the Guild has not yet filled the vacancy. Mrs. H. M. Jacob, President.

South Bend, St. James's.—The Woman's Guild, with fifty-six members, has raised $584.90, from November 9th, 1887, to November 9th, 188S: expended for parish purposes, $506.38. Mrs. F. L. Taylor, President; Mrs. T. H. Bulla, Secretary.

Terre Haute, St. Stephen's.—Church Aid Society, with sixty-five members, has raised $350; expended for Church debt, $540. Mrs. J. G. Williams, President: Mrs. L. B. Martin, Secretary.

St. Stephen's Guild, has forty members, has raised $1,866. The entire amount was devoted to the payment of the Church debt. The guild was organized late in the fall and the amount raised was the proceeds of a Kirmiss, Japanese tea and sale. Miss Anna M. DouglaS, President; Miss May E. Armstrong, Secretary.

St. Stephen's Sisterhood, with nineteen members, has raised $25: expended for Church debt, $10; paid on Endowment Fund, $2.50; Christmas offering, $2; at Easter, $1; sundries, $4.50. Several valuable members have joined the Sisterhood this year, and the Society is doing a good work. One cent a week is contributed by each member for missions. They contributed articles valued at $25 to a missionary box. Mrs. H. Sleight, President; Mrs. M. E. Fowler, Secretary.

Altar Society, with ten members, has raised $52.60; expended for Christmas and Easter decorations, $45.05. Mrs. P. A. Cook, President: Lottie M. Longman, Secretary.

Vixcennes, St. James's.—Guild, with nineteen members, has raised $173.51; expended for mission and rectory, $138.51: Easter offering, $35. Mrs. M. B. Heberd, President; Mrs. R. J. Greenhow, Secretary.

St. Mary's Altar Guild, has twenty members, has raised $i6o.So; expended for Church debt, $100; towards memorial cross, $7; Christmas tree and flowers, $iS.2o: altar expenses, $16.15. Katherine D. Mcllvaine, President: Martha E. Austin, Secretary.

Wurthixgton, St. Matthew's.— The Church Guild has seventeen members, has raised $66.60; expended for furnace, $84.55. The furnace is all paid for, with the assistance of means outside, but in co-operation with the Guild. The Church is still without a Rector, but the Guild meets weekly, and we trust the coming year may prove one of success in all respects. Mrs. C. S. Taylor, President; Mrs. M. J. Start, Secretary.

Societies from thirty-two parishes and missions report a membership of nine hundred and ninety-two, and have raised $10,541.70.

Respectfully submitted,


Diocesan Secretary.


Permanent Kpiscopal Fund, Report of Committee on 65

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