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D. M.



There's an Old Year going, going
Away in the winter drear;

His beard is like snow,

And his foosteps are slow:
Good-by to you, weary Old Year!

Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

Farmer's Calendar. 1 Th. gr. hel. lat. N. Signs The old year is drawing to a 2 Fr. ! gr. elong. W. of a close, and it is in order to look 3 Sa. High tides. ( runs high.

back over the work of the past

season and to take an account 4 B 20 Sun. in Adv. 6 $ 4.

of our property that we may 5 Mo. 6 h (. U. S. Congress meets.

know if have made 6 Tu. St. Nicholas. $ gr. elong. W. gain, or a loss, for the year. To 7W. 8th. W. H. Vanderbilt died, 1885, aged 64. do this as it ought to be done 8 Th. Ó I C. Low tides. would be to settle up with all 9 Fr. 6 HC. severe storm. we have had any dealings with, 10 Sa. 9th. John Milton born, 1608.

so as to go into the new year free

from debt. Interest money is 11 B 3d Sund. in Adv. 6. C. what drags down and keeps 12 Mo. ( in Perigee, ? in Perih. down with an iron grip many a 13 Tu. 6 $ ( 12th. 6 (. working man who has lived be14 W. WASHINGTON DIED, 1799, aged 67. yond his means. There is a vast 15 Th. Very high tides.


difference between having to 16 Fr. 15th. ( runs low.

pay interest on a thousand dol

lars and having to receive it on 17 Sa. John G. Whittier born, 1807. cold.

the same amount. In twenty18 B 4th Sunday in Advent.

five years this difference would 19 Mo. 21st. Sherman entered Savannah, 1864. come to a very nice little sum 20 Tu. Prof. ;.c. Draper, chemist, died, 1885, for use when the days for work 21 W. St. Thomas. O ent. vs. {WIENTES.

are over. Every farmer ought 22 Th. FOREFATHERS' Day. Blustering.

to join a live Farmer's Club. 23 Fr. (in Apogee. { SOETEST Days, Nothing like association of effort

our material in24 Sa. 8 in 98. Very low tides. terests, and to meet once a week 25 B Christmas Day.

A with other farmers and their 26 Mo. St. Stephen. in Aphelion. families improves the social con27 Tu. St. John Evangelist. 26th. 6 c.

dition of any neighborhood. 28W. Holy Innocents. driving learn that will aid us to do bet

There is always something to 29 Th. Prof. E. D. Sanborn died, 1885, aged 76.

ter and more intelligent work 30 Fr. ( runs high. snow next year. Study to make homo 31 Sa.

storm. attractive to all the young.


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(Corrected Sept., 1886. U. S. Congress may make changes.)

Supreme Court at Washington, D.C.
Court comes in 2d Monday in October.

The Supreme Court of the United States consists of one Chief and eight Associate Justices. There are nine judicial circuits, and to each of these is assigned one of the justices.

There are also nine Circuit Judges, each of whom is to reside in his circuit. The circuits and justices are as follows: First Circuit, Horace Gray, of Boston, Mass., Associate Justice. (Maine, N.H., Mass., R.I.) Second Samuel Blatchford, of New York, As. J. (Vt., Conn., N.Y.) Third

Joseph P. Bradley, of Newark, N.J., As. J. (Penn., N.J., Del.) Fourth Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief Justice. (Md., Va., W.Va., N.C., S.C.) Fifth William B. Woods, of Montgoinery, Ala., As. J. (Geo., Fla., Ala., Miss., La., Tex.) Sirth Stanley Matthews, of Cincinnati, Ohio, As. J. (Ohio, Mich., Ken., Tenn.) Seventh John M. Harlan, of Kentucky, A3. J. (Ind., Ill., Wis.) Eighth Samuel F. Miller, of Keokuk, Iowa, As.J. (Min., Iowa, Mo., Kan., Ark., Neb., Col.) Ninth Stephen J. Field, of San Francisco, Cal., As.J. (Cal., Oregon, Nev.)

Clerk . . James H. McKenney, Washington, D.C.
U.S. Circuit Courts in 1st and 2d

U. S. District Courts.
Eastern Circuits.

Connecticut, at Hartford, 4th Tu. in Connecticut, at N. Haven, 4th Tu. in May and 1st Tu. Dec.; at New Haven, Apr., and at Hartford, 3d Tu. in Sept. 4th Tu. in Feb. and Aug.

Maine, at Portland, Apr. 23, and Maine, at Portland, 1st Tu. in Feb. Sept. 23.

and Dec.; at Bath, 1st Tu, in Sept.; at Massachusetts, at Boston, May 15 Bangor, 1st Tu. in June. and Oct. 15.

Massachusetts, at Boston, 3d Tu. in New Hampshire, at Portsmouth, Mar., 4th Tu. in June, 2d Tu. in Sept., May 8, and at Concord, Oct. 8.

and ist Tu. in Dec. Rhode Island, at Providence, June New Hampshire, at Portsmouth, 15 and Nov. 15.

3d Tu. in Mar, and Sept.; at Concord, Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May, 3d Tu. in June and Dec. at Rutland, 1st Tu. Oct., and at Bur- Rhode Island, at Newport 2d Tu. in lington, 4th Tu. in Feb.

May and 3d Tu. in Oct.; at Providence,

1st Tu. in Feb. and Aug. # If the day happens on Sunday the Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May; Court comes in the Monday following. at Rutland, 1st Tu. Oct.; at Burlington,

4th Tu. Feb.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF MAINE. (Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in January, 1887, and may make changes.) Supreme Judicial Court. May; Civil and Criminal, 2d Tu. Feb., LAW TERMS.

2d Tu. Oct. Portland, 3d Tu. July, for counties

Penobscot Co., at Bangor, Civ. Busiof Franklin, Oxford, Androscoggin,

ness, 1st Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct.; Crim.

Business, 1st Tu. Feb. and 2d Tu. Aug. York, and Cumberland. Augusta, 4th Tu. May, for Somerset, Feb. and 2d Tu. Sept.

Piscataquis Co., at Dover, last Tu. Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Kenne

Sagadahoc Co., at Bath, 1st Tu. Apr. bec counties.

and 3d Tu. in Aug. and Dec. Bangor, 3d Tu. June, for counties of Aroostook, Washington, Piscataquis, | Mar. and Dec. and 1st Tu. Sept.

Somerset Co., at Skowhegan, 3d Tu. Hancock, Waldo, and Penobscot.

Waldo Co., at Belfast, 1st Tu. Jan. TRIAL TERMS.

and 3d Tu. in Apr. and Oct.

Washington Co., at Machias, 1st Tu. Androscoggin Co., at Auburn, 3d Jan. and Oct.; at Calais, 4th Tu. Apr. Tu. Jan., Apr., and Sept.

York Co., at Saco, 1st Tu. Jan.; at Aroostook Co., at Houlton, last Tu. Alfred, 3d Tu. May and 3d Tu. Sept. Feb. and 3d Tu. Sept.

Cumberland Co., Civil Business, at Superior Court for Aroostook Co. Portland, 2d Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct. At Caribou, 1st Tu. Dec. and May; at

Franklin Co., at Farmington, 1st Houlton, 1st Tu. April and Nov. Civil Tu. Mar. and 4th Tu. Sept.

and Crim., May and Nov. terms. Hancock Co., at Ellsworth, 2d Tu. Apr. and Oct.

Superior Court for Cumberl'd Co. Kennebec Co., Civil Business, at Au- At Portland, Civil only, 1st l'u. Feb., gusta, 1st Tu. Mar. and 3d Tu. Oct. Mar., Apr., Oct., Nov., Dec. Civil and

Knox Co., at Rockland, 2d Tu. Mar. Criminal, 1st Tu. Jan., May, and Sept. and Dec. and 3d Tu. Sept.

Superior Court for Kennebec Co. Lincoln Co., at Wiscasset, 4th Tu. At Augusta, Civil, ist Tu. Feb., 2d Tu. Apr. and 4th Tu. Oct.

June. Civil and Criminal, 1st Tu. Apr., Oxford Co., at Paris, Civil, 1st Tu. Sept., and Dec.

MEETINGS OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS IN MAINE. (Corrected Sept., 1886. Legislature meets in January, 1887, and may inake changes.) Androscoggin, at Auburn, 1st Tu. Oxford, at Paris, 2d Tu. May, 1st Tu. Apr. and Oct.

Sept., and last Tu. Dec. Aroostook, at Houlton, 1st Tu. Jan. Penobscot, at Bangor, 1st Tu. Jan., and July

Apr., July, and Oct. Cumberland, at Portland, terms of Piscataquis, at Dover, 1st Tu. Apr., record, ist Tu. Jan. and June; and Aug., and Dec. regular sessions, 1st Tu. every mo.

Sagadahoc, at Bath, 1st Tu. Mar., Franklin, at Farmingtow, last Tu. July, and Nov. Apr. and Dec.

Soinerset, at Skowhegan, 1st Tu. Hancock, at Ellsworth, 4th Tu. Jan. Mar. and Aug., and ad Tu. Dec. and u. Apr. and Oct.

Waldo, at Belfast, 2d Tu. Apr., 3d Kennebec, at Augusta, 3d Tu. Apr., Tu. Aug. and Dec. Aug., and Dec.

Washington, at Machias, 1st Tu. Knox, at Rockland, 1st Tu. Apr. and Jan. and Oct.; and at Calais, 4th Tu. Dec., and 3d Tu. Aug.

Apr. Lincoln, at Wiscasset, 2d Tu. May, York, at Alfred, 2d Tu. April and 1st Mon. Sept., and last Mon. Dec.

(Corrected Sept., 1896. Legislature meets in June, 1887, and may make changes.)
Supreme Court.

Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec.; 1st Fri. July,

and 3d Fri. Aug. LAW TERMS.

Coos Co., at Colebrook, last Tu. Jan, Two terms are held each year, on the and Aug.; at Lancaster, 1st Tu. Jan., 1st Tu. June and Dec., both at Concord. Mar., May, July, and Nov.; at Gorham, Adjourned terms, March and Aug. 1st Tu. Apr. and Oct.

Grafton Co., at Lisbon, 3d Tu. Apr. TRIAL TERMS.

and Oct.; Plymouth, 2d Tu. May and Belknap Co., at Laconia, 4th Tu. Nov.; Canaan, 1st Tu. June and Dec.; Mar. and Sept.

Haverhill, 3d Tu.Mar.and Sept.; WoodsCarroll Co., at Ossipee, 3d Tu. Apr. ville, 1st Tu. July; Bristol, 3d Tu July; and Oct.

Littleton, 3d Tu. Jan.; Wentworth, 3d Cheshire Co., at Keene, 1st Tu. Apr. Tu. Aug.; Orford, 3d Tu. Feb.; and axd 3d Tu. Oct.

Lebanon, 1st Tu. Mar. and Sept. Coos Co., at Colebrook, ist Tu. Feb.

Hillsborough Co., at Manchester, and Sept., and at Lancaster, 3d Tu. Apr. 3d Tu. Feb., Apr., June, Aug., Oct., and and Oct.

Dec., and 4th Tu. Jan., Mar., May, July, Grafton Co., at Haverhill, 3d Tu. Sept., and Nov.; Nashua, 4th Tu. Feb., Mar. and Sept., and at Plymouth, 2d Apr., June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.; FranTu. May and Nov.

cestown, Fri. aft. 4th Tu. Aug.; Amherst, Hillsborough Co., at Manchester, Fri. aft. 4th Tu. June and Dec.; Peter3d Tu. Mar., and at Nashua, 3d Tu. Sept. borough, Fri, aft. 4th Tu. Feb., May, and

Merrimack Co., at Concord, 1st Tu. Nov.; Greenville, Fri. aft. 4th Tu. Apr. Apr, and Oct.

and Oct.; Hillsboro' Bridge, Fri.aft. Ath Rockingham Co., at Portsmouth, Tu.Jan.and July; and Milford, Fri, aft. 3d Tu. Oct., and at Exeter, 3d Tu. Jan. | 4th Tu. Mar. and Sept. and 2d Tu. Apr.

Merrimack Co., at Concord, 2d and Strafford Co., at Dover, 2d Tu. Feb. 4th Tu., every month. and 1st Tu. Sept.

Rockingham Co., at Exeter, Wed. Sullivan Co., at Newport, 4th Tu. aft. 3d Tu. Feb., Mar., and Aug, Wed. Jan. and 1st Tu. Sept.

aft. 1st Tu. Apr., and Wed. aft. 2d Tu.

each other month; Portsmouth, 3d Tu. Probate Courts.

Mar., and 2d Tu. Jan. May, July, Sept., (If the term of a probate court falls on a legal and Nov.; Derry, 3d Tu. Feb. and 2d holiday, or day of state elections, said court shall Tu. June and Oct.; and at Raymond, 1st be held on the next secular day after.]

Tu. Apr., 3d Tu. Aug., and 2d Tu. Dec. Belknap Co., at Laconia, 3d Tu, of Strafford Co., at Dover, 1st Tu.every every month.

month; Farmington, 3d Tu. Apr., Aug., Carroll Co., at Conway, 1st Tu. Jan., and Dec.; Rochester, 3d Tu. Jan., Mar., May, and Sept.; at W. Ossipee 1st Tu. June, and Oct.; and at Somersworth, Feb., June, and Oct.; at Ossipee Corner, 3d Tu. Feb., May, July, Sept., and Nov. 1st Tu. Mar., July, and Nov.; at Wolf- Sullivan Co., at Newport, last Wed. boro' Junc., 1st Tu. Apr., Aug., and Dec. Feb., Apr., June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.;

Cheshire Co., at Keene, 1st and 3d and at Claremont, last Wed. Jan., Mar., Fri. Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, 1 May, July, Sept., and Nov,

COURTS IN THE STATE OF VERMONT. (Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in October, 1886, and may make changes.) Supreme Court.

Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 2d Gen. term at Montpelier, Oct. or Nov. Tu. in May.

Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Mo. Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st aft. 3d Tu. in Jan.

Tu. in Jan, Bennington Co., at Manchester, 2d Essex Co., at Guildhall, 4th Tu. in Tu. after 4th Tu. in Jan.


in Aug.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF VERMONT. Supreme Court (continued). Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 1st Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 1st Th.

Tu. in June and Dec. aft. 2d Tu, in Jan.

Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, 3d Tu. in Apr, and 3d Tu. in Sept. Tu. in Jan.

Essex Co., at Guildhall, 3d Tu. in Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 3d Tu.

Mar. and Sept.

Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 2d Tu. Orange Co., at Chelsea, 6th Tu, aft. in Apr. and Sept. 4th Tu. in Jan.

Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, last Orleans Co., at Irasburg, Ith Tu. in Tu. but one in Feb., and last Tu. in Aug. May.

Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 4th Tu. Rutland Co., at Rutland, 1st Th. aft. | in Apr. and 1st Tu. in Dec. 4th Tu, in Jan.

Orange Co., at Chelsea, 1st Tu. in

June and 3d Tu, in Dec.
Washington Co., at Montpelier, 3d
Tu. in May.

Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 1st Wed. Windham Co., at Newfane, Mon.

after 1st Tu. in Sept. and 1st Tu. in following 3d Tu. aft. 4th Tu. in Jan.

Feb. Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 4th Tu.

Rutland Co., at Rutland, 2d Tu. in next aft. 4th Tu, in Jan.

Mar, and Sept.

Washington Co., at Montpelier, 2d County Courts.

Tu. in Mar. and Sept. Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Tu. Windham Co., at Newfane, 2d Tu. in June and 2d Tu, in Dec.

in Mar. and Sept. Bennington Co., at Manchester, 1st Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 4th Tu. Tu. June, and Bennington, 1st Tu. Dec. ) in May, and ist Tu. in Dec.

(Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.)
Supreme Court of Errors.

New London Co., civil, at New Lon1st Judicial District. (Hartford, don, 2d Tu. Feb. and 3d Tu. Sept.; at Windham, Tolland, Litchfield and Mid- Norwich, 2d Tu. May and ist Tu. Nov.; dlesex Cos.) at Hartford, 1st Tu. Jan.,

crim.only, at New London, 1st Tu. Sept., Mar., May, and Oct.

and at Norwich, 1st Tu. Jan. and May. 2nd Dist. (New London Co.) at Nor

Tolland Co., at Tolland, civil, 2d Tu. wich, last Tu. May and 3d Tu. Oct.

Jan. and 4th Tu. May; civil and crim., Fairfield Co., at Bridgeport, 3d Tu.

1st Tu. Sept.; crim. only, 1st Tu. June. in Mar, and 4th Tu. in Oct. 1

Windham Co., civil and crim., at New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st Brooklyn, 1st Tu. May;, civil, 2d Tu. Tu. in June and Dec.

Sept.; at Windham, civil, 1st Íu. June

and 4th Tu. Sept.; civil and crim., 1st Superior Court.

Tu. May and Dec.; crim.only, at BrookThe Superior Court in each county lyn, 1st Tu. Sept. shall be deemed to be open daily, for

Writs may be made returnable on the first Tues.

day of anymouth except July and August. certain purposes, excepto during July and August. Additional sessions may be Courts of Common Pleas. held for the trial of civil causes. The Fairfield Co., at Danbury, 1st Mo. times of such sessions are to be fixed by in Feb., Apr., June, Dec.; at Bridgeport, the Judges.

1st Mon. "Jan., Mar., May, Sept., Oct., Fairfield Co., civil, at Danbury, 2d Nov.; and may adjourn from either Tu. Apr. and 3d Tu. Sept.; at Bridge - place to Norwalk or Stamford for the port, 2d Tu. Feb. and 1st Tu. Dec.; crim. trial of court cases only. only, at Bridgeport, 3d Tu. Feb. and 2d

Hartford Co., at Hartford, 1st Mo. Tu. Sept.; and at Danbury, 2d Tu. May in Jan., Mar., May, Sept., and Nov. and 3d Tu. Oct.

Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, 1st Mo. Hartford Co., at Hartford, civil, 3d May and 4th Mo. Sept.; at Winchester, Tu. Mar., 2d Tu. Oct., and 1st Tu. Dec.; 1st Mo. Jan., Apr., and Sept.; at Cacrim. only, 1st Tu. Mar., June, and Dec., naan, 1st Mo. Mar., July, and Nov.; and and 2d Tu. Sept.

at New Milford, 1st Mo. Feb. and Aug. Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, civil New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st and crim., 1st Tu. Sept.; civil, 1st Tu. Mo. in Jan., Mar., May, and Nov., and June, and 2d Tu Dec.; crim. only, 1st 3d Mo. Sept. Tu. Apr.

New London Co., at Norwich, 1st Middlesex Co., civil and crim., at Tu. Feb. and Oct.; at New London, 1st Haddam, 4th Tu. Sept.; civil, 3d Tu. Tu. in Apr. and Aug. Apr.; at Middletown, civil, 1st Tu. Writs may be made returnable in the county of Feb.; civil and crim., 2d Tu. Nov.; crim.

Hartford on the 1st Monday of any month except only, 1st Tu. Apr. and Dec.

July and August, and in the county of New Ha

ven on the 1st and 3d Monday of any month. New Haven Co., civil, at New Haven, 1st Tu. Jan. and Mar., and 4th Tu.

The District Court Sept.; civil and crim., at Waterbury, Of Waterbury includes Waterbury and 1st Tú. Nov.; civil, 1st Tu. May; crim. towns adjoining, except Cheshire; also only, at New Haven, 1st Tu. Jan., Apr., Southbury and Woodbury, Terms, 1st July, and Oct., and at Waterbury, 4th Mo. Jan., till Fri. bef. 1st Mo. July; and

1st Mo. Sept., till Fri. bef. Dec. 25.

Tu. Apr.

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(Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.)
Supreme Judicial Court.

Superior Court.

Barnstable Co., at Barnstable, Tu. Barnstable Co., at Barnstable, 1st after 1st Mo. of Apr., and 2d Tú. of Tu. of May.

Oct. Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d Tu.

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, (civil) of May.

4th Mo. of Feb., June, and Oct.; (crim.) Bristol, Nantucket, and Dukes 2d Mo. of Jan. and July. Cos., at New Bedford, 2d Tu. of Nov.; Bristol Co., at Taunton, 1st Mo. of also at Taunton, 3d Tu. Apr.

Mar. and Sept.; and at New Bedford, Essex Co., at Salem, 3d Tu. of Apr. | 1st

Mo. of June and Dec. and 1st Tu. Nov.

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, last Tu. Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 2d Tu. of May and Sept. of Apr.

Essex Co., (civil) at Salem, 1st Mo. Hampden Co., at Springfield, 4th

of June and Dec.; at Lawrence, 1st Mo. Tu. of Apr.

of Mar., and at Newburyport, 1st Mo. Hampshire Co., at Northampton, of Sept.; (crim.) at Lawrence, 1st Mo. 3d Tu. of Apr.

of Oct., at Newburyport, 1st Mo. of May, Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 3d Tu. and at Salem, 4th Mo. of Jan. Apr.; also at Cambridge, 3d Tu. Oct.

Franklin Co., at Greentield, 3d Mo. Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 3d Tu. Feb. of Mar., and 2d Mo. of Aug. and Nov. Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Tu. Hampden Co., at Springfield, (civil) May

2d Mo. of Mar. and June, and 4th Mo. Suffolk Co., at Boston, 2d Tu. Sept. of Oct.; (crim.) 1st Mo. of May, 4th Mo. and 1st Tu. Apr.

of Sept., and 3d Mo. of Dec. Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d Tu. Hampshire Co., at Northampton, Apr.

(civil) 3d Mo. of Feb., 1st Mo. of June, LAW TERMS.

and 3d Mo. of Oct.; (crim.) 2d Mo. of A law term for the Commonwealth June, and 3d Mo. of 'Dec.

Middlesex Co., (civil) at Lowell, 2d shall be held at Boston on the 1st Wed, of Jan. of each year, which term may Cambridge, '1st Mo. of June, and 2d

Mo. of Mar., and 1st Mo. of Sept.; at be adjourned to places and times most conducive to the interests of the public; Mo. of Feb., and 1st Mo. of June ; and

Mo. of Dec.; (crim.) at Cambridge, 2d and there shall be entered and deter

at Lowell, 3d Mo. of Oct. mined questions of law arising in the

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st counties of Barnstable, Middlesex, Nor

Tu. of July and Oct. folk, and Suffolk, and also in other counties where special provisions are

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, (civil) 4th not made therefor. And law terms of Mo. in Apr., Sept., and Dec.; (crim.) 1st

Mo. in Apr., Sept., and Dec. said court shall also annually be held as follows:

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Mo. Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 20 Tu. May hold sessions by adjournment, at

of Feb. and June, and 4th Mo. of Oct. of Sept.

Bristol, Nantucket, and Dukes
Cos., at Taunton, 4th Tu. Oct.

Suffolk Co., at Boston, (civil) 1st Tu. Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Tu. Nov.

Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.; (crim.) 1st Hampden Co., at Springfield, 2d Mo.

Mo. of every month. after 2d Tu. of Sept.

Worcester Co., (civil) at Worcester, Hampshire and Franklin Cos., at 1st Mon. of Mar., Mon. after 4th Mon. Greenfield, Mo. aft. 2d Tu. of Sept. of Aug. and 2d Mo. of Dec.; and at

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 3d Tu. Fitchburg, 2d Mo. of June and Nov.; Oct.

(crim.) at Worcester, 3d Mo. of Jan., 2d Worcester Co., at Worcester, 3d Mo. Mo. of May, and 3d Mo. of Oct.; and at after 2d Tu. Sept.

Fitchburg, 2d Mo. of Aug.

COURTS OF INSOLVENCY IN MASSACHUSETTS. Courts of Insolvency in Mass. are held by the Judges of Probate and Insol

vency in each county, at times appointed by themselves.


(Corrected September, 1886.) Municipal Courts are held, crim. erville, and Williamstown. Also at daily, civil, every Sat., in Boston, as Brockton, for Brockton, Bridgewater follows: In Boston (old city), Roxbury and W. Bridgewater; Chelsea, for ChelDistrict, South Boston, Dorchester Dis- sea and Revere; Haverhill, for Havertrict, Charlestown District, Brighton hill, Bradford, and Groveland, NewDistrict, and West Roxbury District. buryport, for Newburyport and New

Police Courts are held daily at bury; and Springfield for Springfield, Brookline, Chicopee, Fitchburg, Glou- Agawam, Longmeadow, Hanipden, West cester, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lee, Low- Springield, and Wilbraham. ell, Lynn, Marlborough, Newton, Som

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