MASS. AGRICUL. COLLEGE, AMHERST, MASS. Three tms, 13 w. each; begin 2d Th. Sept., 4th Th. Jan., and 1st Th. May. LAWRENCE SCIEN. SCHOOL (HARV. COLL.), CAMBRIDGE, MASS.-The year is the same as Harvard College.

MASS. INS. OF TECHNOLOGY, BOSTON. -Acad, yr 1st. Mon. Oct. to 1st Mon. Jun. WORC. CO. FREE INSTIT. OF INDUST. SCIENCE, WORCESTER, MASS.-2 tms; 1st, fm 2d Tu. Sept. to last Fri. Jan.; 2d, from 3d Tu. Feb. to 1st Frid. July.



EASTERN NORMAL SCHOOL, CASTINE, ME.-3 terms, fm 3d Wed. in Aug. 13 w., fm 1st Mo. in Dec. 12w., fm 1st Mo. in

Mch. 12w.

WESTERN NORMAL SCHOOL, FARMINGTON, ME.-Sch. yr. beg. last Th. Aug., ends 1st. Th. July; 2 terms., 20 w. each; recess, one week in each term.

STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, JOHNSON, VT.- Fall tm. 11w., beg. last Wed. Aug.; winter term, 10 w., beg. last Wed. Nov.; spring tm 11 w., beg. 3d Wed. Feb.; summer tm, 10 w., beg. 2d Wed. May. Exam. for admis., first day of each term.

STATE NORM. SCHOOL, RANDOLPH CENTRE, VT. - Fall term, 11 w., beg. 4th Wed. Aug., followed without vaca. by tm of 10 w.; spring tm, 11 w., beg. 2d Wed. Feb., followed, without vaca., by a term of 10 w. Exam. for admis. Tues. before and Mon. after Spring and Fall terms.

STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, NEW BRITAIN, CONN.-School year consists of 40 w., beg. in Sept.

NORMAL SCHOOLS OF Mass.-In each of these the course of study occupies 2 years, or 4 tms, each tm including 19 ws. study and 1 w. rec. Exam. for admis., at beg. of each term, will take place:· At Salem, Tu. Feb. 14 and Tu. Aug. 29; Westfield, Th., Feb. 16, and Th. Aug. 31; Bridgewater, Tu., Feb. 21, and Tu. Sept. 5; Framingham,Th., Feb. 23, and Th. Sept. 7.


ESSEX, at Ipswich, on the 2d Tues. of April; at Salem, on the 2d Tues. of July; at Newburyport, on the 2d Tues. of Oct.; and at Lawrence, on the last Tues. of Aug.; and on the 4th Tues. of Dec., at Ipswich, Salem, or Newburyport, as they shall order at their next preceding term. MIDDLESEX, at Cambridge, on the 1st Tues. of Jan., and the 1st Tues. of June; and at Lowell, on the 1st Tues. of Sept.

WORCESTER, at Worcester, on the 4th Tu. of March, the 3d Tu. of June, the 2d Tu. of Sept., and the 4th Tu. of Dec. HAMPSHIRE, at Northampton, on the 1st Tues. of March, Sept., and Dec., and on the Tues. next after the 2d Mon. of June. FRANKLIN, at Greenfield, on the 1st Tues. of March and Sept., and the 2d Tues. of June and Dec.

HAMPDEN, at Springfield, on the 2d Tues. of April, the 1st Tues. of Oct., and the 4th Tues. of June and Dec.

BERKSHIRE, at Pittsfield, on 1st Tu. of Apl., July, and Sept., and last Tu. Dec. NORFOLK, at Dedham, on the 3d Tucs. of April, the 4th Tues. of June and Sept., and the last Wed. of Dec.

PLYMOUTH, at Plymouth, on the 1st Tues. of Jan., the 3d Tues. of March, and the 1st Tues. of Aug.

BRISTOL, at Taunton, on the 4th Tues. of March and Sept.

BARNSTABLE, at Barnstable, on the 2d Tues. of April and Oct.

DUKES COUNTY, at Edgartown, on the
Wed. next after the 3d Mon. of May, and
the Wed. next after the 2d Mon. of Nov.
(Corrected 1870.)

(Corrected 1870.)

[blocks in formation]


1st District, James M. Bunker, New Bedford.

2d District, Samuel B. Noyes, Canton.
3d District, C. M. Ellis, Boston.
4th District, S. L. Thorndike, Boston.
5th District, Benj. C. Perkins, Salem.
6th District, E. J. Sherman, Lawrence.
7th District, A. F. Jewett, Lowell.
8th District, Peter C. Bacon, Worcester.
9th District, I. F. Conkey, Amherst.
10th Dist., Gideon Wells, Springfield.

1st District, J. M. Clarke, Providence.
2d District, William W. Hoppin, Prov-


1st District, John Hooker, Hartford. 2d District, E. K. Foster, New Haven. 3d District, Robert Coit, Jr., New London.

4th District, William K. Seely, Bridgeport.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

O Full Moon, 6th day, 4h. 39m., evening.
Last Quarter, 14th day, 2h. 13m., morning.
New Moon, 20th day, 7h. 48m., evening.
> First Quarter, 28th day, 8h. 30m., morning.

[blocks in formation]

Rises. Sets. h. m.lh. m.

1|SU7 304 38

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

80 4 410
411 8


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

4 27 9 52

[blocks in formation]

5 26 10 40

[blocks in formation]

JANUARY hath 31 days.



Winter, still I see
Many charms in thee,

Love thy chilly greeting,

Snow storms fiercely beating,

And the dear delights

Of thy long, long nights. From the German.

Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

1 A. 1st Sun. af. Chr. Circum.
2 Mo. O in Perigee. Very low ti.
3 Tu. [1st. gr. el. E. Din Apo.
4W.D. {

5 Th.

Mass. and Maine Legisla-
tures meet.

Signs of snow
Druns high.

Fenelon died, 1715.

6 Fr. Epiphany. 7 Sa. 6 HD. 8 A. 1st Sun. after 9 Mo. OTO. 8th. 10 Tu. 9 in Aphel.

Farmer's Calendar.

NEW-YEAR'S DAY calls to mind

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that good old rule, “Pay as you go." It's good advice for a farmer to follow. Debt hangs like a cloud over the life of some men. It is not easy to shake it off. It is better to do without a thing till we are able to pay for it than to run in debt to others, Epiphany. as a general rule. So try and stat. H. ti. pay up those little bills now. in Perihel. they can't be paid off, don't fail to have a reckoning, so as to know or rain. just where you stand. You will sleep all the better for it. NothFine for the ing like facing an evil. Look the

11 W. Very cold day in New England, 1859.

[blocks in formation]

14 Sa. 8 HO. Low tides.
15 A. 20 Sun. after Epiphany.


lion straight in the face. Get your bearings, and then go ahead.

How is it about the stock this cold weather? Are the cows Inf. season. well cared for, well sheltered, D.D in Perigee. well fed? A few turnips every day will be a grateful change from dry hay. How about the pigs? A few raw mangolds every day will keep them healthy and in good condition. Pigs are fond of mangolds. They seem to have a "sweet tooth." All the beets are full of sugar, you know. How is it about the hens?

16 Mo. 21st. Louis XVI. beheaded, 1793. 17 Tu. 18 W. 8 19 Th. Dru. low. Signs of snow. 20 Fr.D. in Aphelion. 21 Sa. in Aphelion. D. 22 A. 30 Sun. after Epiphany. 23 Mo. [22d. Very high tides. 24 Tu. Much more pleasant. 25 W. Conversion of St. Paul. 26 Th. D. 25th. Rob't Burns born, 1759. they laying as they ought to? If 27 Fr. [29th. stat. Din Apo. you feed a hen right, and keep 28 Sa. Peter the Great died, 1725. A storm her warm, dry, and clean, she 29 A. 4th Sun. after Epiphany. spring. Eggs are high now: will lay in winter as well as 30 Mo. Very low tides. is near. make the most of them. How 31 Tu. & D. Cold Tuesday, 1815.. is it about the wood pile?




Days. Id.

FEBRUARY, Second Month.

Astronomical Calculations.

m. Days. Id. m. Days. d. m. Days. Id. m. Days. Id.

17 13 13 20 19 11 15

Day of

's Declination.




17 S. 5

7 15

[blocks in formation]




10 53 26 8 41

10 32 27 8 19


[blocks in formation]

O Full Moon, 5th day, 9h. 18m., morning.

Last Quarter, 12th day, 10h. 16m., morning.
New Moon, 19th day, 9h. 5m., morning.
> First Quarter, 27th day, 5h. 54m., morning.



Day of

Day of


[blocks in formation]

32| 1|W. 7 145 14 10

[blocks in formation]

00 56|14|12|84| 83 |arm
20 58 14 13 91 91 br.
114 14 10
3 14 15 11


Sets. Souths. h. m.h. m.

4 13 9 22 5 8 10 14

33 2 Th. 7 135 15 10
34 3 Fr. 7 125 17 10
35 4 Sa. 7 11 5 18 10
36 5 SU7 105 19 10
37 6 M. 7


10 br.

6 011 6



6 47 11 59

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

95 21 10 12 1

[blocks in formation]

0 50

[blocks in formation]

44 13 M. 7
45 14 Tu. 6 585 31 10 33 1
46 15 W. 6 57 5 32 10 35 1
47 16 Th. 6 565 34 10 381
48 17 Fr. 6 545 35 10 41 1
49 18 Sa. 6 535 36 10 43 1
50 19 SU6 525 37 10 451 41 14 112 12

51 20 M. 6 505 39 10 49 1 45 14
52 21 Tu. 6 485 40 10 52 1 48 14

53 22 W. 6 47 5 41 10 54 1
54 23 Th. 6 455 42 10 57 1

[blocks in formation]

CHEERED by the presence of God, I will do at the moment, without anxiety, according to the strength which He shall give me, the work that His Providence assigns me. I will leave the rest; it is not my

[merged small][merged small][graphic]

Leave God to order all thy ways,
And hope in Him whate'er betide;
Thou'lt find Him in the evil days
Thy all-sufficient strength and guide.
From the German.

Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

1 W. 2d. D runs. high.

2 Th. Purifica. of V. Mary.

Farmer's Calendar.

Very You might as well have a plan Canabout everything as not. In the first place do up the chores. The cows and the young stock need a high winds and stormy. close watch this cold weather.

3 Fr. 6 HD. [dlemas Day. 4 Sa.

6 Mo.

Rather finer

7 Tu. Charles Dickens born, 1812. 8 W. High tides.


5 A. Septuagesima Sunday. An animal well wintered is half well summered, you know. The roots go fast nowadays. feed some roots, don't you? It's a good plan to have a lot of turnips and mangolds on hand. Cooler, They help out the hay better than with rain or snow. anything that I have found.

9 Th. 63 D. few days. 10 Fr. 2 stationary. 11 Sa.

for a

12 A. Seragesima Sunday.
13 Mo. in 8. Din Perigee.


good root-cutter is one of the things that a farmer ought not to be without. It slices up the tur

14 Tu. Low tides. St. Valentine, nips at a great rate. Better be Cold. without a hay-cutter enough Grows finer, with sight.

15 W. D runs low.

16 Th.

17 Fr.


snow or

Feed roots to cows just after milking, and they won't make the milk taste badly. Don't 18 Sa. Luther died, 1516. rain. begin on the mangolds till after 19 A. Quinq. or Shrove Sunday. the turnips are all gone. They 20 Mo. 6 D. 19th. Galileo born, 1504. are apt to scour the cattle early in the winter. They grow better 21 Tu. Shrove Tuesday. Hi. tides. as the season advances, just as 22 W. Ash Wed. 12 SWABHINGTON born, some other things do in growing 23 Th.D. in Aphelion. older. To cure lice on cattle let 24 Fr. St. Matthias. died; Adams them stand and lie in air-slaked 1848. lime. 25 Sa. Revolution in Paris, 23d, 24th, & 25th, 1848. Sprinkle it over them also, and rub it into their hair. 26 A. 1st Sunday in Lent. High It will cure foot-rot, or foul in the 27 Mo. 6 2 D. bon, 1796. Great Earthquake at Lis- foot, also. Give all cattle a good 28 Tu. 26th. Din Apo. winds. carding every day. It will do them good. That wood pile needs looking after. Chopping wood is good exercise, and it won't hurt anybody. Can't you find a little time for reading and study this dull weather? Then there's the Farmer's Club. Learn something every day.

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