Countries sending or
receiving Ministers.
Ministers from, at London.

British Ministers at
Count Schimmelpenninck, Amb. Sir Edward Cromwell Disbrowe,
Netherlands .... Ex, and Min. Plen.

Env. Ext. and Min. Plen. Baron Stratenus, Sec. of Leg. | Hon. H. Elliot, Sec. of Leg. New Granada Mosquera, Env. Ext... D. F. O'Leary, Ch. d'Aff. Nicaragua.. ..Senor Castellon, Env. Ext......... F. Chatfield, Con. Gen.

Justin Shiel, Env. Ext. and Min. Persia ....


Fras. Farrant, Sec. of Leg. Peru...

Senor J. J. de Osma. Min. Plen. .. H. W. Pitt Adams, Ch. d'Aff.

| Viscaune den Moncorvo, Env. Ext., Sir Gis Hamilton Seymour, Env. Portugal.. J. Ribeiro, Sec. of Leg.

Hon.H. G. Howard, Sec. Leg. Chev. Bunsen, Envoy Ext. and 7 Earl of Westmorland, Env. Ex. Prussia. Min. Plen.

and Min. Plen.

S Rio de la Plata .... Don M. Moreno, Min. Plen....: F. Leeson Ball, Sec. of Leg.

| Hen. Southern, Min. Plen.
Baron de Brunnow, Env. Ext. and ) Lord Bloomfield, Env. Ext. and
Min. Plen.

Min. Plen.
Count de Berg, 1st Sec. to Em. Andrew Buchanan, Sec.

Count Gallina, Amb. Ext. and Hon. Ralph Abercromby, Env.
Min. Plen.

Ext. and Min. Plen.
Baron 0. d'Isola, Sec. of Leg. Hon. R. Bingham, Sec. of Leg.

Hon. F. R. Forbes, Min. Plen.
C. T. Barnard, Sec. of Leg.

Hon. W. Temple, Env. Ext. and s Prince di Castelcicala, Env. Ext. Sicilies (Two)..

Min. Plen. (M. G. Canofari, Sec. of Leg. | Lord Napier, Sec. of Leg. Spain

Garcia Miranda, Con. Gen.

Baron Rehausen, Amb. Ex, and ) Sir Thomas Cartwright, Envoy Sweden Min. Plen.

Ext. and Min. Plen. G. C. Sibbern, Sec. of Leg. G. J. R. Gordon, Sec. of Leg. Switzerland J. L. Prevôt, Ag. and Cons. Gen. Sir E. Lyons, Bart., Min. Plen.

Robert Peel, Sec. of Leg.

Sir Stratford Canning, Amb. Ext. Turkey Mehmed Pacha, Amb. Ext.

and Min. Plen.

Hon.G.S. S.Jerningham, Sec. Leg. Tuscany

Prince J. Poniatowski, Min. Sir G. B. Hamilton, Min. Pien.

Hon. P. C. Scarlett, Sec. of Leg. Venezuela

B. H. Wilson, Ch. d'Aff.

Sir Alex. Malet, Bt., Env. Ext. Würtemberg ....B. Hebeler, Con. Gen.

and Min. Plen. Augustus Craven, Sec. Leg.


The dates refer to their election as Aldermen.

Recorder, Hon. C. E. Law, M.P.
Broad Street

1842*John Musgrove
Coleman Street 1843* Wm. Hunter
Cripplegate.. 1843*T. Challis

1844*T. Sidney, M.P. Portsoken ...

1844*F. G. Moon Cordwainer

1847*DavidSalomons Tower..

1848*T.Q. Finnis Bread Street

1848 Wm. Lawrence Dowgate ..

1849 R. W. Carden,

Lord Mayor, Right Hon. Thomas Farn

comb, Bassishaw, 1841 Bridge Without 1804 Sir C. S.Hunter, bt.,

Father of the Cityt.

1821 W. Thompson, M.P.
Langbourn..... 1823 Sir J. Key, bt.
Aldersgate 1826 Sir P. Laurie
Lime Street.... 1826 C. Farebrother
Bishopsgate. 1829 W.T.Copeland, M.P

1830 T. Kelly
Castle Baynard 1831 Samuel Wilson
Bridge Within . 1832 Sir Chapman

Marshall Cornhill

1834 Sir J. Pirie, bt. Aldgate 1835 J. Humphery, M.P. Vintry

1838 Sir W. Magnay, bt. Walbrook .. 1838 M. Gibbs Candlewick 1839 Sir G. Carroll Queenhithe 1840 J. K. Hooper Farringdon

1841 Sir J.Duke,bt.,M.P. Without

*** All before the Recorder have passed the

Chair. Those also below the Recorder,
marked thus*, have served the office of
Sheriff'; and thust, Colonel of the City

Sheriffs, Alderman Lawrence and D. Ni

Chamberlain, Anthony Brown
Town Clerk, Mr. Serj. Merewether
Common Serjeant, John Mirehouse


Standard Bearer, Earl of Lauderdale

Hered. Armour Bearer, Lady Seton

Steuart of Touch-Seton-Hered. T'sher Hereditary Lord High Constable, Earl of of White Rod, Heirs of the late Sir P.

Erroll — Knight Marischal, Marquess of Walker, Kt. -- Physicians in Ordinary, Douglas-Hered. Royal Standard Bearer, W. P. Alison, M.D., Robert Christison, H. S. Wedderburn--Lord Privy Seal, M.D., John Scott, M.D.-Deans of Chapel Visc. Melville--Keeper of the Great Scal, Royal, John Lee, D.D., Norman M‘Leod, Earl of Stair-Lord Clerk Register, Earl D.D., Robt. Lee, D.D.-Dean of the Thistle, of Dalhousie --- Lord Justice Clerk, Right William Muir, D.D.—Captain-General of Hon. John Hope-Lord Advocate, An- Queen's Body Guard, Duke of Buccleuch. drew Rutherfurd-Hereditary Master of Commander of the Forces, Maj. Gen. Henry Household, Duke of Argyll

- Hered. James Riddell.

ston *0

Abercorn, Earl of, 1606, | Elgin, E. of, 1633, and Kin- | Napier, Lord, 1627
Hamilton *o

cardine, 1647, Bruce* Newburgh, Earl of, 1660, Aberdeen, Earl of, 1682, Elibank, L. 1643, Murray

Livingstone Gordon*

Elphinstone, Lord, 1509 a Northesk, E. 1647, Carnegie Airlie, E. of, 1639, Ogilvy Erroll, E. of, 1452, Hay * Orkney, Earl of, 1696, FitzArbuthnott, Visc. 1641 Fairfax, L. 1627

maurice, a Argyll, D. of, 1701, Camp- Falkland, l'isc. 1620, Cary* Polwarth, Lord,1690, Scott,a bell* Forbes, Ld. 1442

Queensberry, Mar.of, 1682, Atholl, D. of, 1703, Murray* Forrester, Ld. 1633, Grim. Douglas Belhaven and Stenton, L.

[Stewart* Reay, Lord, 1628, Mackay 1647, Hamilton*

Galloway, Earl of, 1623, Rollo, Lord, 1651 a
Blantyre, Ld. 1606, Stuart Glasgow, Earl of, 1703, Rosebery, Earl of, 1703,
Breadalbane, Earl of, 1677, Boyle*

Gray, Lord, 1445, a

Rothes, E. of, 1457, Leslie Buccleuch, Duke Dou- Haddington, Earl of, 1619, Roxburghe, D. of, 1707, Ker* of, 1663, and glas,

Hamilton *

Ruthven, L. 1651 Queensberry, 1684 ) Scott* Hamilton, Duke of, 1643, Saltoun, Ld. 1445, Fraser, a Buchan, E.of, 1469, Erskine Douglas*

Seafield, E, of, 1701, Grant Caithness, Earl of, 1455, Home, E. of, 1605, a

Ogilvie, a Sinclair

Hopetoun, Earl of, 1703, Selkirk, Earlof, 1646, Doug. Carnwath, Earl of, 1639, Hope*

las, a Dalzell

Huntly, M. of, 1599, Gordon* Sempill, Baroness, 1489 Cassilis, Earl of, 1510, Ken- Kinnaird, Lord, 1682* Sinclair, L. 1489, 6 nedy *

Kinnoull, E. of, 1633, Hay* Somerville, L. 1424 Cathcart, L. 1447 *

Kintore, E. of, 1677, Keith- Stair, E. Q, 1703, DalrymColville,of Culross, L. 1604, a Falconer*

ple* Cranstoun, L. 1609

Lauderdale, Earl of, 1624, Stormont, V. 1621, Murray* Crawfurd, 1398, & Balcarres, Maitland.*

Strathallan, V. 1686, Drum. 1651, Earl of, Lindsay * Lennox, Duke of, 1675*

mond, a Dalhousie, Earl of, 1633, Leven, E.of,1641) Leslic. Strathmore, Earl of, 1606, Ramsay*

& Melville, 1690 ) Melville, a Bowes Dumfries, E.


Lothian, Mar.of, 1701, Ker* Sutherland, Earl of, 1228, of, 1633, and Stuart*

Gower *
Loudon, Earl of, 1633, Raw-
Bute, E. 1703


Torphichen, Ld. 1564, SandiDunblane, V.1673, Osborne* Mar, E.of, 1457,and) Er- lands Dundonald, Earl of, 1669, Kellie, E.of, 1619 ) skine Traquair, Earl of, 1633,

Cochrane [Murray* Montrose, Duke of, 1707, Stuart Dunmore, Earl of, 1686, Graham *

Tweeddale, Marq. of, 1694, Dysart, E. of, 1643, Talmash Moray, E. of, 1562, Stuart* Hay, a Eglinton, Earl of, 1508, Morton, Earl of, 1458, Dou- Wemyss and March, E. of, Monigomerie* glas, a

1633, Charteris-Douglas * * Marked thus are Peers of the United Kingdom. 'o Marked thus are Peers of Ireland.

a Marked thus are Representative Peers, of whom one, in the place of the late Earl of Airlie, is at present (Nov. 9) unchosen.



Inner House-First Division. +The Lord President-Rt. Hon. Dav. Boyle. #J. H. Mackenzie, Lord Mackenzie; J.

Fullerton, Lord Fullerton; Francis Jef. frey, Lord Jeffrey.

Principal Clerks, James Walker and J. M.
Lindsay--Process Clerk, H. S. Bringloe.

Second Division.
+The Lord Justice Clerk-Rt. Hon. John

J. H. Forbes, Lord Medwyn; tSir J. W.
Moncreiff, Bart., Lord Moncreiff; +H.
Cockburn, Lord Cockburn,

Outer House--Permanent Ordinaries at- Advocates-Depute, Gico. Deas, John M. Bell,

tached equally to both Divisions of the E. F. Maitland, G. Young.
Court - J. Cuninghame, Lord Cuning- Crown Agent, J. C. Brodie.
hame; Sir J. A. Murray, Lord Murray; Clerk of Justiciary, Patrick Boyle.
+James Ivory, Lord Ivory; +Alex. Wood,
Lord Wood; Patrick Robertson, Lord

Scotland is divided into three Circuits Principal Clerks, Thomas Thomson, John ---namely, the South, West, and North, Russell.

which take place in spring and autumn, The Judges marked thust are Lords of the and an additional West Circuit at Christ. Justiciary, or chief criminal court.



The CHURCH OF SCOTLAND is governed Judges from 12th Aug. 1849, to 12th Aug. | by one General Assembly, 16 Synods, and 1850—— Lords Fullerton and Robertson ;

83 Presbyteries. from 12th Aug. 1850, to 12th Aug 1851 Lords Medwyn and Murray.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE CHURCH OF Queen's Remembrancer-J. Henderson SCOTLAND.---Lord Belhaven, Iligh Com

missioner; A. L. Simpson, D.D., ModeLAW OFFICERS.

rator; Robt. Bell, Procurator and Cashier

for the Church.. Lord Advocate, Andrew Rutherfurd.

Agent in Edinburgh, William Young. Solicitor-General, T. Maitland.

Agent in London, John Spottiswoode.

Lord Lieutenant.

Sheriff Depute.
Earl of Aberdeen..

Archibald Davidson
Marquess of Breadalbane

Robert Bruce
Earl of Eglinton

Archibald Bell
Earl of Fife

Alex. Currie
Earl of Lauderdale

Robert Bell
Lord P. J. H. C. Stuart

Robert Hunter
Earl of Caithness..

Robert Thomson
Lord Abercromby

John Tait
Roderick M‘Leod..

John Jardine
Sir James Colquhoun, Bart.

J. C. Colquhoun
Marquess of Queensberry

Mark Napier.
Duke of Buccleuch

John Thomson Gordon Elgin or Moray. Hon. Sir Alex. Duff..

Cosmo Innes
Capt. J. E. Wemyss, R.N.

Alexander Earl Monteith
Rt. Hon. Fox Maule..

James L'Amy
Marquess of Tweeddale..

William Horne
Earl of Seafield...

W. F. Tytler
Sir James Carnegie, Bart.

John Cowan
Sir Charles Adam

John Tait
Earl of Selkirk ...

Erskine Douglas Sandford
Duke of Hamilton

Archibald Alison
Earl of Rosebery

John Cay
William Brodie, of Brodie

Cosmo Innes
Orkney and Zetland.. Hon. J. C. Dundas ..

Charles Neaves
Earl of Wemyss and March

George Napier
Earl of Kinnoull

James Crawfurd
Earl of Glasgow

Hercules J. Robertson
Col. Hugh Duncan Baillie

John Jardine
Duke of Buccleuch

Wm. Oliver Ruthcrfurd
Lord Polwarth

George Dundas
Duke of Montrose

Robert Handyside
Duke of Sutherland..

Hugh Lumsden
Earl of Galloway

Adam Urquhart


Private Secretarics, C. Connellan and Hon. Lord Lieutenant, Earl of Clarendon.

Gerald Ponsonby
Lord High Chancellor, Rt. Hon. Maziere

OFFICERS OF STATE AND HOUSEHOLD, Chief Secretary and Kecper of Privy Seal, Lord Almoner, Archbishop of Armagh. Sir Wm. Somerville, Bart.

State Stoward, Earl of Mountcharles. Under Scc., Sir T. N. Redington.

Comptroller, Capt. Williams.

Chamberlain, Matthew Fortescue
Gentleman Usher, Fred. Willis
Keeper of Records and Ulster King at

Arms, Sir W. Betham
Dean of the Chapel, Rev. H. U. Tighe
Master of the Horse, Sir Wm. Russell

Commander of the Forces, Rt. Hon. Lt.

Gen. Sir Edward Blakeney, K.C.B. Military Secretary, Lieut.-Col. Greaves Commander of the Artillery, Col. Turner Commander of the Engineers, Col. Vava



mour **

son *

Aldborough, Earl, 1777, Clive, Lord, 1762 *

Fitzgerald & Vesey, L.1826 Stratford

Clogher, Bishop of, 1822, Fitzwilliam, Earl, 1716 * Annesley, Earl, 1789

Lord R. P. Tottenham,

Frankfort De Montmorency Antrim, Earlof, 1785, Mac- Clonbrock, L. 1790, Dillon b V. 1816, De Montmorency donnell

Cloncurry,L. 1789, Lawless * Gage, Viscount, 1720 * Armagh, Arch. 1822,Lord J. Clonmel, E. of, 1793, Scott Galway, V., 1727, Arundel

G. de la Poer Beresford, Conway, Lord, 1703, Sey- Moncton Armagh, Earl of, 1799,

Gardner, Lord, 1800 * King of Hanover * Conyngham, Mar. 1816* Garvagh, I., 1818, Canning Arran, Earl, 1762, Gore Cork and Orrery, Earl of, Glengall, E.of,1816, Butler Ashbrook, V., 1751, Flower- 1620, Boyle *

Gormanston, Vis., 1478, Walker

Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, B. Preston Ashtown, Ld., 1800, Trench of, 1830, s. Kyle [ford * Gort, Vis., 1816, Vereker Auckland, L., 1789, Eden * Courtoun, E. of, 1762, Stop- Gosford, E. of, 1806, AcheAvonmore, Vis., 1800, Yel. Cremorne, L. 1797, Dawson* verton

Crofton, Lord, 1797 b Granard, E.of, 1684, Forbes* Aylmer, Ld., 1718

Darnley, E. of, 1725, Bligh * Grandison, V.1620, Villiers * Bandon, Earl of, 1800, Ber. De Blaquiere, Lord, 1800 Graves, Lord, 1794 nard b

Decies, L. 1812, Beresford Grimston, Viscount, 1719 ** Bangor, Vis. 1781, Ward Derry and Raphoe, B. of, Guillamore, l'iscount, 1831, Bantry, E. of, 1816, White 1831, Hon. R. Ponsonbyb O'Grady Barrington, Vis. 1720 Desart, E. of, 1793, Cuffe b Harberton, V.1791, Pomeroy Beilew, Lord, 1848

Desmond, Earl of, 1622, Hawarden, V.1793, Maudeb Belmore, E. of, 1797, Corry Fielding

Headfort, M. of, 1800, Tay. Bessborough, Earl of, 1730, De Vesci, Vis. 1776, Vesey b

lor * Ponsonby * Digby, Lord, 1620 *

Headley, Lord, 1797, Winn Blayney, Lord, 1621 b Dillon, Vis. 1622, Dillon Lee Henley, Lord, 1799, Eden Bloomfield, Lord, 1825 Donegal, Marquess of, 1791, Henniker, Lord, 1800, Hen. Boyne, l'is. 1717, Hamilton Chichester *

niker-Major Bridport, Ld., 1794, Hood Doneraile, Vis., 1785, St. Hood, Lord, 1782 * Caledon, Earl of, 1800, Leger b

Hotham, Lord, 1797 Alexander 6 [Freke Donoughmore, E. of, 1800, Howdon, L. 1819, Caradoc* Carbery, Ld. 1715, Evans- Hutchinson *

Howth, Earl of, 1767, St. Carew, Ld. 1834 * Down, &c., Bishop of, 1849,

Lawrence (Vanneck Carrick, E. of, 1748, Butler R. Knox b

Huntingfield, Lord, 1796, Carrington, Lord, 1796, Downe, Vis. 1680, Dawnay Keith, L. 1797, ElphinstoneSmith *

Downes, 1822, Burgh 6 Flahault*
C:rysfort, E. of, 1789, Proby Downshire, Marq. of, 1789, Kenmare, E. of,

1800, Cashel, Emly, Waterford,

Hill *

Browne* and Lismore, B. of, 1842, Drogheda, Marq. of, 1791, Kensington, Lord, 1776, Robt. Daly Moore *

Edwardes Castlemaine, L., 1822, Dublin, Archb. of, 1831, R. Kerry, Earl of, 1723, FitzHandcock 6 Whately 0

Maurice Petty * Castle Stuart, E. of, 1800, Dufferin, Lord, 1800, Black- Killaloe, Kilfenora, Clon. Stuart wood

fert, and Kilmacduagh, Cavan, E.of, 1647, Lambart Dunally, L. 1800, Prittie 6 Bp. of, 1839, Ludlow TonCharlemont, Earl of, 1763, Dunboyne, Ld. 1541, Butler son, Lord Riversdale Caulfield * 1

Dungannon, V., 1766, Tre- Kilmaine, L. 1789, Browne b Charleville, Earl of, 1806, vor

[Quinb Kilmore, Ardagh, and El. Bury 1

[wynd Dunraven, E. of, 1822, phin, B.of,1819,J.Leslie, Chetwynd, V., 1717, Chet. Dunsany, Ld., 1461, Plun- Kilmorey, Earl of, 1822, Cholmondeley, Vis., 1661 * kett

Needham Claincarty, E. of, 1803,

Dunsandle and Clanconal, Kingston, E.of, 1768, King* Trench *

Lord, 1845, Daly [ceval * Kinsale, L. 1181,De Courcy Clanmorris, Lord, 1800, Egmont, Earl of, 1733, Per- Langford, L. 1800, Rowley Bingham

Ely, Mar. of, 1800, Loftus * Lanesborough, E. of, 1756, Clanricarde, Mar. of, 1825, Enniskillen, Earl of, 1789,

Butler 6 De Burgh *

Cole *

Leinster, Duke of, 1766, Clanwilliam, E. of, 1776, Erne, E. of, 1789, Creighton b Fitzgerald *

Meade * [gibbon * Farnham, L., 1756, Max- Leitrim, E.1795, Clements* Clare, E. of, 1795, Fitz- Ffrench, Ld., 1798 [well Lifford, Vis. 1781, Hewitt Clarina, L. 1800, Massey b Fife, Earl of, 1759, Duff * Limerick, &c., Bishop of, Clifden, Vis., 1781, Ellis * Fingall, E. 1628, Plunkett * 1849, Wm. Higgin b

Limerick, E. of, 1803, Pery* | Mountmorres, Vis. 1763,De Sefton, Earl of, 1771, MolyLisburne, Earl of, 1776, Montmorency

neux * Vaughan

Mulgrave, L. 1768, Phipps* Shannon ,E.of, 1756, Boyle* Lisle, Ld. 1758, Lysaght Muncaster, Lord, 1783, Pen- Sheffield, Earl of, 1816, Lismore, Viscount, 1806, nington

Holroyd* O'Callaghan *

Muskerry, L. 1781, Deane Sherard, Lord, 1627 * Listowel, E. of, 1822, Hare Netterville, V. 1622, Net. Sligo, Marquess of, 1800, Londonderry, Mar.of, 1816, terville

Browne * Stewart *

Newborough,L.1776, Wynn Strabane, V, 1701, Hamil. Longford, Earl of, 1785, Norbury, E. of, 1827, Toler ton * Pakenham*

Normanton, E.of, 1806, Agar Southwell, V1776, Southwell Lorton, Vis., 1806, King 6 Nugent, E. 1776, Grenvilles Strangford, V.1628,Smythe* Louth, Lord, 1541, Plunkett Nugent Temple, L. 1800, Taaffe, Vis. 1628 Lucan, E. of, 1795, Bing- Grenville

Talbot de Malahide, L. ham 6

O'Neill, Vis. 1795, O'Neill *b 1831, Talbot * Lumley, Vis.1 628, Lumley- Ongley, Lord, 1776

Teignmouth, L. 1797, Shore Saunderson *

Oranmore, L. 1836, Browne Templetown, V. 1806, Upton Macdonald, Lord, 1776 Ormonde, Mof, 1825,Butler* Thomond, Mar. of, 1800, Massareene and Ferrard, * Ossory, &c., Bp. of, J. T. O'Bryen

[wall Vis., 1660, Skeffington- O'Brien, 1842

Trimlestown, 1641, BarneFoster *

Palmerston, V.1722, Temple | Tuam, &c., Bp. of, Hon. Massy, Lord, 1776

Portarlington, E. of, 1785, Thos. Plunket, 1839 Mayo, E. of, 1785, Bourke b Dawson Damer

Tyrconnell, Earl of, 1761, Meath, E. of, 1627, Braba. Powerscourt, V.1743, Wing- Carpenter [ford, 1842 field

Valentia, V. 1662, Annesley Meath, Bp. of, Edw. Stop- Radstock, Lord, 1800, Wal. Ventry, Lord, 1800, Mullins Melbourne, V. 1781, Lamb* degrave

Wallscourt, L. 1800, Blake Mexborough, E. of, 1766, Rancliffe, L. 1795, Parkyns Waterford and Wexford, Saville

Ranelagh, V. 1628, Jones Earl of, 1446, Talbot * Midleton, V.1717, Brodrick* Ranfurly, E. 1831, Knox * Waterford, Mar. of, 1789, Milltown, E.of, 1763, Leeson Rendlesham, Lord, 1806, Beresford * [Cavendish Moira, E.of, 1761, Hastings* Thellusson

Waterpark, Lord, 1792, Molesworth, Viscount, 1716 Riversdale, L. 1783, Tonson Westcote, Lord, 1776, LytMonck, Viscount, 1800 Roden, E. of,1771, Jocelyn*

telton * Mornington, E. of, 1760, Rokeby, L. 1777, Montagu Westmeath, Mar. of, 1822, Wellesley *

Roscommon, Earl of, 1662, Nugentb Mountcashel, Earl of, 1781, Dillon

Wicklow, Earl of, 1793, Moore b

Rosse, E.of, 1806,Parsons b Howard Mountgarrett, Vis. . 1550, Rossmore, Lord, 1796, Wes- Winterton, Earl of, 1766, Butler tenra *

Turnour * Marked thus are Peers of the United Kingdom. + Marked thus are Peers of

Scotland. b Marked thus are Representative Peers.

zon *



Vicar-Gen. of the Consistorial Courts, Jos. Lord Chancellor, Rt. Hon. Maziere Brady.

Radcliffe, LL.D. Secretary, F. W. Brady

Judge of the Prerogative Court, Rt. Hon. Master of the Rolls, Rt. Hon. T. B. C.

R. Keatinge, LL.D. Smith

Registrar of the Consistoriai Court, Rev. Deputy, Robert Wogan

C. C. Beresford, A.M. Masters in Chancery, W. Henn, Edward Registrar of the Prerogative Court, W.

Litton, Wm. Brooke, and J. J. Murphy Stuart Accountant-Gen., Samuel Barrington

COURT OF ADMIRALTY. Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper, C. Fitz- Judge, Joseph Stock, LL.D. simon

Surrogate, Joseph Radcliffe, LL.D. Court of Queen's Bench. Queen's Advocate Gen., Sir T.Staples, bart. Lord Chief Justice, Rt. Hon. F. Black- Registrar, John Anster, LL.D.

burne.-Judges, P.C.Crampton, Rt. Hon. Louis Perrin, Rt. Hon. Richard Moore

INSOLVENT DEBTORS' COURT. Clerk of the Crown, Pierce Mahoney Commissioners, Richard Farrell, Q.C., and COURT OF COMMON Pleas.

W.H. Curran.-Chief Clerk, J. T. Lloyd Lord Chief Justice, Rt. Hon. John Do

BANKRUPT COURT. herty.-Judges, Robert Torrens, Rt. Hon. Nicholas Ball, J. D. Jackson

Commissioners, John Macan, Q.C., and

Hon. P. Plunket.--Registrars, Barry

Collins and Thomas Batley
Lord Chief Baron, Rt. Hon. David R.Pigot
Barons, R. Pennefather, Rt. Hon. John

Richards, Rt. Hon. Thos. Lefroy

Attorney-Gen., Jas. Henry Monahan Chief Remembrancer, A. Lyle

Solicitor-Gen., John Hatchell Second Remembrancer, W. T. Hamilton Serjeants, Joseph Stock, LL.D., John Accountant-Gen., P. K. Mahony

Howley, and James O'Brien

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