3419. WORDS-passionate. 4. Things are often spoke that are not meant. 3420.

Words are not resolute but join'd with Deeds. 3421. CELERITY. A Wound being green, there is great hope of help.

3422. IRRITATION. A little Spark will proye a raging Fire, If Wind and Fuel be brought to feed it with.

3423. SHAMESENYY, 2. Shame be to those that wish to others Shame*. 3424. FEAR-unprincely.

[Breasts. 3. Pale Fear should have no place in Royal

3425. AMBITION-rapidity of it's thoughts. Faster than Spring-time Showers comes thought

on thought, And not a thought but thinks on Dignity.

3426. INGRATITUDE. § Ingratitude is but the starved Snake, Who, cherisht in the Breast, will sting the Heart.

3427. CONFIDENCE-rash, &o be avoided. $ Put not sharp. Weapons in a Madman's hands,

3428. JURISPRUDENCE-Criminal. § Proceed no straighter 'gainst a Man accus'd, Than from due Evidence, of good Esteem, He be approv'd in practice culpable.

3429. Far be it that any Malice should prevail That may condemn the faultless.

3430. DISSIMULATION. 4. Hide not a poisonous Act'with sugar'd Words.

3431. PRUDENCE. Seek pot a Scorpion's Nest,

• Hopi soit qui mal y pense.


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3432. JUDGMENT. 5. Judgment in Truth belongs to God alone.

3433. DEATH-violent ; INDICATIONS. See where the face is black and full of blood, His eye-balls farther out than when alive, Staring full ghastly like a strangled man: [gling; His hair upreard, his nostrils stretcht with strugHis hands abtoad display'd as one that grasp'd And tugg'd for Life, and was by strength subdued.

3434.-a natural. The Body from which Life is timely parted, Is of an ashy semblance; pale and bloodless, Being all descended to the laboring Heart, Which, in the conflict which it holds with Death, Attracts the same for aidance'gainst the Enemy, Which with the Heart there cools, and pe'er To blush and beautify the cheek again. (desceads

3435. SuspleION; 6. Suspicion thinks the least Signs probable. 3436.

strong. Who sees the Partridge in the Puttock's Nest, But may imagine how the Bird was kill'd, Although the Foe soar with unblondied beak.,

3437. INNOCENCE=un impenetrable Shield. What stronger Breast-plate than a Heart un3438. EXECRATIONS.

[tainted ? & Dire Execrations ---like the Sun 'gainst glass, o Or like an overcharged Gun, -recoil, And turu their force on those who utter them.

3439. HABITS-bad; not readily unlearnt., 7. Bad Habits taught are bid in vain to cease:

3440. ABSENCE: In presence Love imperfectly conceives


CENSURE-avoid rashi 10 3444. DRONES

The pang of Absence: howsoever dreaded, Like an imagin'd Famine, 3441. AFFECTION-more strong than the Love

$+ Friends condemn d,"[of Life, Embrace and také ten thousand tender leaves : More loth a hundred times to part than die. 3142. SURGERY.

desperate must be applied To an eise mortal Wound.

3443 Forbear to for we are Şinners all. Drones suck not Eagles' blood, but rob Bee-hives.

-3445. NOBILITY-FE True Nobility is exempt from Fear.

3446. DEATH of great Men. Great Men oft die by vile.

5217 VIRTUEPOOR. + Virtue is not regarded in the Poor As constantly and highly as it ought.

3448.. LABOUR: Labour in thy vocation. 3449.

: HARDSHIP FORTITUDE. § A hard Hand is no ill sign of a brave Mind

3450. 'BEGGARY. Beggary is valiantt.

Gon, our Hope, will succour us.
* Rusticorum mascula Militum

Proles, Sabellis docta ligonibus
Versare glebas. :

1 HOR.
+ Vehemens Lupus, & sibi & hosti
Iratus pariter,


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3451. 60


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3452. INNOCENCE. * Those who trust justly in their Innocence, With Reason may be firm and resolute.

3453. CLIMATE.. The Climate is not unfrequently very favorable Where the Inhabitants are bad*.

3454: IGNORANGE Ignorance is a Curse.

3455. KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is the Wings wherewith We fly to Heaven t.

3456. AEAT. Take heed lest by your heat you þurn yourselves.

26. Why are Men old yet want Experience ;
Or why do they abuse it if they have it.

3458. Onths bind not to Injustice.
It is great Sin to keep a sinful Oath,
Who can be bound by any solemn Vow
To do a murtherous Deed, to rob a Man,
To force a spotless Virgin's Chastity,
To 'reave the Orphay of his patrimony,
To wring

the Widow from her custom'd Right,
And have no other reason for this Wrong
But that he was bound by a solemn Oath!

A subtle Traitor needs no Sophister.

Bona Terra, mala Geng.
1 Σοι μεν εγω περ' εδωκα συν οις επ'

Γαιαν :
Πώληση, πολλων, κειμενος εν σομασιν.


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them, even with their Wings,


Fortitude as the Mountain Cedar shews, That keeps his leaves in spight of any Storm.

3461. END crowns the IVork. La Fin couronne les Euvres.

3462. FEAR - DISORDER. Feår frames Disorder: and Disorder woundt Where it should guard.

I:)? 3463. BEAUTY. Beauty the rage of Tyrants oft reclaims: 3464. OMNIPOTENCE-irresistible and inevitable. Can we out-run the Heavens*}

Heavens*?. 3465. ANGER.

(Anger. No Passion more betray'd by Looks than

HENRY VI, Part ITT. 3466. PATIENCE. 2. Patience is difficult in great Extremes.

3467. EXULTATION- indecent. *$ Ill it beseems presumptuously to triumph Upon their Woes whom Fortune captivates. 3468. HEART -nothing supplies, it in war Or.

any-where. 25, All is in va

vain to hope to win the day, Where is no Meart to fight. [courageous 3469. STORGE.COM

AFFECTION naturale Unreasonable Creatures feed their Young: And though Man's face be fearful to their Eyes, Yet in protection of their tender ones, Who hath not seen Which sometime they have usd in fearful light,

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