In earth's most lovely places,

In earth's most joyous hours, A brighter dream comes o'er us

Of thy far distant bowers: Shadows of angel pinions,

Thoughts of thy glory come Until we well nigh sadden,

To feel so far from home. And in the hours of anguish,

Drinking of Marah's spring, How fondly do we covet

The dove's unspotted wing,
To bear us thro' the darkness,

High up and far away,
Till we might see thy mansions

Bright with the endless day.
Oh vain and idle yearnings !

If when the path is steep, Forgetful of our calling,

We sit us down and weep.
The starless night is coming;

If we will linger so,
We shall not reach thy borders,

Before the sun is low.
The hireling's pace may slacken,

But we are children dear,
And often in the distance

Our Father's voice can hear. A holy dream is pleasant,

The dreamer is at rest; But they who sternly labour,

Are these not rather blest? How often in the vineyard

When most the sunbeams scorch, These unawares are standing

Hard by the Master's porch. Hard thy goodly borders,

Thou fair and pleasant land, They feel, although they see not

The glory nigh at hand.

They feel the wind that passeth

O'er thy unchanging flowers,
And with a quickened spirit

Toil through the burning hours.
For thee, O land of beauty !

How idly have we pined;
The paths of lowly duty

Nearest thy borders wind.

H. T.


(From a small Volume of Poems, just published by Hatchard,

London, entitled A Thousand Lines.")

Never give up! it is wiser and better

Always to hope than once to despair;
Fling off the load of Doubt's cankering fetter,

And break the dark spell of tyrannical care.
Never give up! or the burden may sink you,

Providence kindly has mingled the cup,
And, in all trials or troubles bethink you,

The watchword of life must be, Never give up.

Never give up! there are chances and changes

Helping the hopeful a hundred to one,
And through the chaos High Wisdom arranges

Ever success—if you'll only hope on;
Never give up! for the wisest is boldest,

Knowing that Providence mingles the cup,
And of all maxims the best as the oldest,

Is the true watchword of, Never give up!
Never give up! though the grape shot may rattle,

Or the full thunder-cloud over you burst,
Stand like a rock, -and the storm or the battle

Little shall harm you, though doing their worst;
Never give up! if adversity presses,

Providence wisely has mingled the cup,
And the best counsel, in all your distresses,

Is the stout watchword of, Never give up!


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Second Year. Portion to be Read.
Advent 1 Luke i. 1-38 Christ's birth and kingdom foretold

2 Luke i. 39-80 Birth of John the Baptist
3 Luke xvii. 20–37 State of the world at Christ's second coming

4 Luke xxi. 25-38 State of the Church at Christ's second coming Christmas D. Matt. i. 18-25 Birth of Jesus Christ Sunday aft. 1 Luke ii. 1-20 Birth of Jesus Christ

2 Luke ii. 21-40 Circumcision of Christ
Sun. af. Eph. Matt. ii. The wise men at Bethlehem

2 Luke ii. 41-52 Jesus in the temple with the doctors
3 Luke iii. 1-23 Jesus baptized by John
4 Luke iv.

Jesus tempted by the devil
5 John iii. . Jesus' discourse with Nicodemus
6 John iy.

Jesus with the woman of Samaria
Septuages... Luke v.

Several disciples are called
Sexagesima . Luke vi. Christ preaches to the people
Quinquages. Luke vii. Jesus heals the sick, and raises the dead
S. in Lent 1 Luke viii. Jesus teaches in parables

Luke ix. Christ's transfiguration
3 Luke xiv. Parable of the supper
4 Luke xv.xvi. 19-31 Parable of the prodigal son
5 John xi.

Christ raises Lazarus from the dead
6 Luke xxii. · Last supper. Christ betrayed and taken
Good Friday John xix. Christ's sufferings and crucifixion
Easter Day. John xx. 1-18 Christ's resurrection
S. aft. Easter Luke xxiv. 13-49 Christ with the disciples at Emmaus

2 John xx. 19-31 . Christ appears to Thomas and others
3 John xxi. . Christ's command to Peter
4 John xvi. Christ's promise to return

5 John xvii. Christ's prayer for his disciples S. aft. Ascen. Acts i.

Christ ascends into heaven Whit Sunday Acts ii.

Descent of the Holy Ghost
Trinity Sund. Ex. i. ii. Israel oppressed. Moses born
S. aft. Trin. 1 Ex. iii.

God appears to Moses in the bush
2 Ex. iv. 1-17. v.. Moses before Pharaoh
3 Ex. vii. viii. Plagues in Egypt
4 Ex. ix. x.

Plagues in Egypt, continued
5 Ex. xi. xii. The Passover instituted
6 Ex.xiii. 17-22. xiv. Israelites cross the Red Sea
7. Ex.xv. 20-27. xvi. Israelites murmur: God sends manna
8 Ex. xvii.

Israelites murmur: water from the rock 9 Ex. xix. xx. The law given from Mount Sinai 10 Ex. xxiv. xxxii. Moses on the mount. The molten calf

. 11 Ex. xl.

The tabernacle erected 12 Lev. viii. 1-13.ix. 22-24. Aaron consecrated to the priesthood . 13 Lev. xvi. The sin offering on the day of atonement 14 Lev. xxiii. The solemn feasts of the Jews 15 Lev. xxv. The year of jubilee 16 Num. xi. Israelites murmur: God sends quails 17 Num. xiii. xiv. . Spies are sent to search Canaan 18 Num. xvi. Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram 1. Num.xx.xxi. 4-9. Moses's sin. The brazen serpent 21 Num. xxii. xxiii. Balak seeks Balaam to curse Israel 21 Num. xxiv. Balaam's prophecy 22 Deut. xxxi. Moses's charge to Joshua 2: Deut. xxxii. 44-52. xxxiv. Death of Moses 24Joshua i. iii. . Joshua leads the people over Jordan 2: Joshua xxiv. Joshua's charge and death 26 Judges ii. God appoints Judges to deliver Israel



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Ps. cxxxii. 11. Prophecy of Christ having the throne of David.
Mal. iv. 5, 6 Prophecy of John the Baptist's office.
Jude 14, 15 Judgment of the wicked at Christ's second coming.
Isaiah xxv. 9 Joy of the righteous at Christ's coming.
1 John iv. 9 God's great love to man.
Romans i. 3 Jesus the promised seed of David.
Col. ii. 11 The spiritual nature of circumcision.
Isaiah xi. 10 Future seeking of Christ by the Gentiles.
Isaiah xi. 2, 3. Prophecy of Christ having the spirit of wisdom.
Isaiah xlii. 1 Prophecy of the Father's testimony to Christ.
Eph. vi. 11-17. How we may resist the devil.
Titus iii. 5 Regeneration by water and the spirit.
Isaiah lv. 1 Prophetic invitation to take the water of life.
John xii. 26 The duty and blessing of following Christ.
James i. 22 We must not only hear but do the will of God.
Acts x. 38 Jesus' power and tender mercy.
1 Thess. ii. 13. On rightly receiving Christ's word.
Phil. iii. 20, 21. Promise of a glorious body to believers.
Prov. i. 24, 28. The danger of neglecting God's invitations.
James iv. 4

Sin and danger of loving the world.
Isaiah xxvi. 19. Certainty of the resurrection.
Psalm ii. 2 Prophecy of Christ's apprehension.
Ps. Ixix. 20, 21 Prophecy of Christ's sufferings.
Ps. xvi. 9, 10 . Prophecy of Christ's resurrection.
Mal. jii. 16, 17. The blessing of holy conversation.
Hebrews xi. 1. The nature of faith.
Acts xx. 28

Pastors appointed to feed the flock of God.
Heb. x. 36, 37. Patient waiting for Christ.
Rom. viii. 34 . Christ in prayer for his people.
Ps. xxiv. 9, 10. Prophetic type of Christ's ascension.
Isaiah xliv. 3 . Prophetic promise of the spirit.
Hebrews xi. 23. Faith shewn by Moses's parents.'
John viii. 58

Jesus applies to himself the name “I AM."
Luke xxi. 15 Promise of God's support in difficulties.
Gen. xv. 13, 14 Prophecy of Israel in Egypt, and Egypt judged.
Romans ix. '17. God's power shewn in Pharaoh.
1 Cor. v. 7, 8. Christ the antitype of the paschal lamb.
Hebrews xi. 29. The Israelites' faith in crossing the Red Sea.
John vi. 48-50. Christ is the true manna.
1 Cor. x. 4

Christ is the rock.
Rom. v. 20, 21. The blessing of the Gospel above the law.
1 Cor. x. 7

The sin of idolatry:
Heb. ix. 1-3,9. The tabernacle typical of better things.
Heb. v. 1-4

The priesthood ordained by God.
Heb.ix. 11, 12. Christ our high priest and sacrifice.
Col. ii. 16, 17. In Christ we have the substance of all types.
Lukexxi. 27,28 The Christian's day ofredemption when Christcomes.
1 Cor. x. 6, 10. The sin of murmuring.
Heb. iii. 17-19. The sin and danger of unbelief.
Heb. xiii. 17 · The duty of submission to authority.
John iii. 14, 15. The brazen serpent, a type of Christ.
2 Pet. ii. 15, 16. The sin and consequence of the love of money.
Rev. xxii. 16 Christ acknowledges himself to be the Morning Star.
Psalm i. 1, 2

The right use of the book of God's law. Rev. xiv. 13

The righteous blessed in their death. Heb. iv. 8,9

Canaan a type of heaven.
Matt. vi. 24

We must be decided for God.
Heb. xi. 32-34. The faith of many Judges of Israel.


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CORRESPONDENCE. INSTRUCTION FOR HIGHER CLASSES. DEAR SIR,-Will you allow me to bring before your notice a subject which I have long considered one of great importance, but which I have regretted to find so little esteemed as such by those who have the education of children of the lower classes in a Sundayschool so much at heart; I mean a similar method of instruction for those of the upper and middle classes. It is generally taken for granted, that the situation and circumstances of such render this unnecessary. Experience, however, has proved the contrary; and where a system of Sunday-school education for all classes has been adopted, it has been found of incalculable benefit. In those congregations where this plan has been carried out, and which have come immediately under my notice, it is impossible to describe the good results which have followed. The church (where, between morning and evening services, children of all ranks and ages

flocked with eager interest,) presented an animating scene; each, according to station and ability, ranged around their accustomed Teachers, and receiving, with deep attention, the instruction that alone maketh wise unto salvation." None were excluded. Adult classes, some composed of aged members of the congregation, others of young persons in the rank of servants, and many others, were scattered through the different aisles and pews, and a spirit of life and energy seemed to prevail throughout.

It may be objected hy some, that among the higher classes the duty of instructing the young would, with more propriety, be carried on at home, under a parent's eye, and enforced by a parent's influ. ence; but is this duty thus attended to ? Were it so, the necessity for other instruction would be obviated. But I fear (and I speak from personal knowledge) that the number of those who fulfil the injunction in Deuteronomy vi. 6, 7—“These words which I command thee thou shalt teach diligently to thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down and when thou risest up”-is comparatively few, and in too many instances this duty is lamentably neglected. Where the parents are themselves careless on the subject of religion, it follows, as a necessary result, that that in which they feel no interest will form little or no part in their scheme of education for their children. It is much to be desired that those who devote themselves to the Christian labour of leading the lambs of Christ's flock into the “ “green pastures" of the word of God, would seriously consider this.

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