Burke's Speech on Conciliation. Edited by Sidney C. Newsom.

Bryce on American Democracy. Edited by Maurice Garland Fulton.

Early American Orations. Edited by Louie R. Heller.

Epoch-Making Papers in United States History. Edited by Marshall S. Brown.

Hale’s Man Without a Country. Edited by Samuel M. Tucker.

Lincoln's Addresses, Inaugurals, and Letters. Edited by Percival Chubb.

Select Orations. Edited by Archibald M. Hall.

Selections from American Poetry. Edited by Margaret S. Carhart.

Southern Poets. Edited by William L. Weber. Southern Orators. Edited by Joseph M. McConnell.

Washington's Farewell Address and Webster's Bunker Hill Orations. Edited by William T. Peck.

American Democracy from Washington to Wilson. Edited by John H. Finley and James Sullivan.

American Patriotism in Prose and Verse. Edited by J. Madison Gathany.

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Uniform price, twenty-eight cents a volume


BY WILLIAM B. CAIRNS Assistant Professor of American Literature, University of Wisconsin

Cloth, 12°, ill., 341 pages, $1.00

This is a brief treatment of American Literature written expressly for the high school course, and with its limitations in mind. It deals rather fully with the big figures, biographically and critically, and it shows also the place and influence of the lesser writers in each period. The book is conveniently divided into chronological periods wherein the writers are grouped according to locality whenever this relation has a special signifi


Another very valuable feature of the book is the material placed at the end of each chapter: General Suggestions for studying the period as a whole, Suggestions for Reading, and Suggestions for Papers and Topics. These helps are so abundant and so carefully arranged that they will introduce much variety and vital suggestion into the class discussion. The book is very fully illustrated with pictures that really illustrate, and in other details the make-up of the text is designed to assist as well as to please both student and teacher.



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New York

Oral English for Secondary Schools. By William Palmer Smith.

List Price, $1.00

It is the purpose of this volume to outline graded lessons in enunciation and pronunciation; to indicate how the speaking voice may be improved by appropriate exercise and proper use; to explain and illustrate the most important principles of expression.

Manual of Argumentation for High Schools and Academies. By Craven Laycock and A. Keith Spofford.

List Price, 50 cents This compact little manual was made to meet the needs of high school students of argument and debate.

The Principles of Oral English. By Erastus Palmer and L. Walter Sammis.

List Price, 60 cents A stimulating presentation of the principles underlying effective speaking, built on the idea that if a student understands the thought content of a sentence and the emotion which accompanies it, he will give an accurate and just expression of both.

Oral Composition. By Cornelia Carhart Ward.

List Price, $1.00 Emphasizes especially the content of spoken English and outlines a method for securing in the recitation and the oral report a use of English that indicates mastery of subject matter, correct arrangement of thought, and expressive delivery.





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