Advice to Apollo.

On Lord Rochester's penitenç On D.' of York's Voyage 1678. 'Death, The 'Barrel Royal, a Dream. The Roundheads. Clarendon's House-warming. Rochester's Ghost. On Lord Chancellor Hyde's Ba Consolatory Epistle to Julian,' nishinent.

The Female Laureat. Answer to Dryden's Essay on The Lovers Session. Siyr.

Dr. Wild's Ghost..
All the Latin Poems on 0. The Renegado Poet.

Cromwel, besides fome of the Toland's Clito.

Commons Petition to the King, The Giints Wars.

by the E. of Rocheller. On the Stacue in Stocks-Market. A Sacyr by the same, which K. Sacyr, beginning, Of all the Ch. took out of his Pocker,

Wonders since the World began. The Twin-Shams. .: The Royal Bufs, on Dutch. of On the E. of Rocers being Portjinouth.

dismist the Treasury, by Id Stafford's Ghost, 1682. Dryden. Epicaph on Card. Magarine. Prologue to Sir Fohn Falstaff. The Hind and Pancher trans- On Dryden's turning Roman Ca.

vers’d, by my Ld Halm-X. tholick, The Laureat. A Satyr on Mr. On the D. of Glocester's Death, Dryden..

On Mr. Neal's Projects. On the Bishops Confinement. On some Vores against the Ld Harry Carres last will and Sum--rs. Testament.

The Confederates, or first Encomium on the ; Bishops. happy day of the Island Prorestantism reviv'd.

Epistle to Mr. Dryden. By Mr. A Song on the Taxes.

On the Lord Lovelace's coming The Metamorphosis, on the to Oxford from Glocester Plors.

Goal. Congratulatory Poem on the P. Verses found in the Ruins of of 0. 1688.

the Privy-Garden. -On QMary. The Life of General Blake. The Observator. Satyr 'on Le Prologue for Tamerlane, by Dr. · Strange.

| G tb. The Pleasures of Tunbridg. K. Charles the Second's Ghoste The Deliverance,

The House of Naljaw, by Mr. · Of Solitude. !

Hughes. Prologue spoken by Mr. Moun- On the promoted Bishopsa

fort on leaving the Army. Several Copys of Verses on the o úth's Poem on K. Charles's Queen and Prince's coming S Restoration, Latin and Eng- to Oxford, by Mr. Harcourt ilh.

Mr. Finch, &c.
To Epitaphs on Fleet Shepardo A Lenten Litany,


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Club of unanimous Vorers. Bill on H. of Commons Door. On K. Charles the FirAt's Statue The Respondent, or Litany at Charingcross. '

for Lirary. The Haymarker Hectors. City's Advice to the King. Queries and Answers from Gare Sunday-morning's Ramble.

raway's Coffee-house.. Stanza on Westminster-Hall Sale of choice Goods.

Gare.' . .

. Catalogue of Books to be sold Dangerfield's Ghost to Jefferies. ac Mr. Ogilby's."

On the D. of Gloce ter's Death, Satyr on old Rowly. . by Dr. Bentley and Ld JefEncomium on two whiggish feries. Walloons.

Occasional. Conformity, by a Assembly of moderare Divines. Weft-Saxon. On Wi. Williams.

Prologue to the Musick.weeco, On Sir W. Jones.

ing, by Dr. G-tb. On Id Lincoln's Brother turn- Catalogue of Books at St. * ing Roman Catholick.

Jame's. On E. D_by's Impeachment. . Another aç. the City Godmo. The D. of Tork's last Farewel. thers. With 200 more.

The Genuine and Correct Edition of State-Poems is now in four Volumes; The First Volume is the fifth Edition, princed, 1703. The Second Volume is printed, 1703. The Third, 1704. And this Fourth, 1707.



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Fire and Fagyot, or the City Bonefire,

Mully of Mountown. Á Poem. By tbe Autbor of
: the Tale of a Tub,

Illuminations at Rome, made by Pasquin, upon the

raising the Siege of Barcelona, confifting of eight
Figures, big as the Life, with the following Motto's,

A Letter to Mareschal Tallard. Made English out

of French. By J. Br. 1705.
An Ode occasiond by the Battle of Ramillies, by Mr.
The Benefits of a Theatre,

A Simile,
The Jubilee Necklace ; or a Present from C. 111. te

the D. of M. a Satyr,
The Quietus,

Epilogue Spoken by Mrs. Mountfort at the Theatre

Royal in Drury Lane, 1705. .
A Dialogue betsreen Pasquin and Morforio, two Sta.

tues in Rome,
The Nine

K S.
Tbe Prophecy, 1703.
The Country Parson's Advice to those little Scriblers,

wbo pretend to write better Sense than Grçat Secreta-
rics : Or, Mr. Stephens's Triumph over the Pillory,

A New Prologue spoken at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-

Fields, on Saturday, July the 8th, 1704. in Praise

of the Wells,
Upon the first fit of the Gout.
Upon Dr. B's Suit to the E. of N. for a B
The Address, 1704.

To bis Grace the Duke of Marlborough on his late
Successes in Flanders, 1706,

- 77
Faltion display'd, a Poem, 1704.

. 79
Moderation display'd, A Poem, 1705. By the Áua
thor of faction display'd, is




poprock, 60



The French King's Lamentation for the Loss of the
Occasional Bill, 1705.

On the Sea Fight between Sir G. R. and Tolouse,

SA Song on the same,

On the Colours in Westminster-Hall, 1704. ibid.
A New Ballad to the Tune, which no body can deny,

The Down-Cast, 1705.

Sir S. G's Petition to the good People of Ag-ham,

The Lamentation of High-Church, 1704. 119
The Royal Gamesters, or the old Cards nei fuffled
. for the conquering Game,

Advice to a Painter, 1701.
The Rook,

On K. Charles's Voyage to Spain, 1704. 128
Britannia's Prayer for the Queen, 1706. By Mr.
.: Taté, Poet Laureat to her Majesty

The Miseries of England, from the Growing Power of
: her Domestick Enemies, 1701.

The Rape of Lucrece. Written by Mr. William

Shakespeare, and dedicated to the Right Honourable

the Earl of Southampton, gud. 143
Venus and Adonis. Written by. Mr. Shakespeare

The first Anniversary of tbe Government under bis

Highness the Lord Protector : supposd to be written.
by Edmond Waller of Becconsfield Efq; and

printed in 1655. 1 . ' . . 245
rir ANTOM A x 1 A, Or a full and true

Relation of the Great and Bloody Fight between
three Pagan Knights and a Christian Giant, 1682.

Bacchanalia : Or a Description of a Drunken Club,
. 1683.

, 268
"A Poem, occasiond by the late Discontents and Distura


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