cal learning, combined with any measure of candor and fairness, would suffice, either to settle most of the controversies in existence, or to demonstrate that it is of little importance which way they are decided.

I have only to request that those who read these lectures will do so with the Bible in their hands, and turn to the passages which are cited. By connecting these quotations with the context, they will be enabled to judge whether I have given them the true interpretation.

I invite particular attention to the concluding lecture, as it embodies in few words the results of years of laborious investigation. The view which is there given, combines the conclusions of many independent inquirers. It will bear, I believe, the test of reason, of learning, and of time, and presents the results to which research on all sides is gradually, though inevitably tending. That the positions I have advanced in these lectures will commend themselves to the mere sectarian, into whose hands they may chance to fall, I have no reason to expect, and I shall not be disappointed if I meet with entire approbation no where. I only ask a candid hearing, and to be met by arguments drawn from the facts of the case,

and not by appeals to traditionary opinion, and partizan prejudice.

In quoting from the Scriptures, I have used the common translation, in all cases in which the meaning of the original is fully represented, and have varied from it only where the sense could be more accurately expressed.


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