ruin. Prote&t me, I beseech thee, from all the perils - of this night, and finally bring me to everlasting

rest, for Jesus Christ his fake. Amen.

8. For Fidelity in Service. Lord, the righteous judge of men, let thy fear be

always before mine eyes, that I may faithfully discharge my duty, and my conduct towards my master * express my gratitude, for all the mercies which thou hast vouchsafed unto me. Inspire my heart with an abhorrence of indolence, falsehood, or evasion, that I may always confess the truth, to whomsoever has a right to demand it. Thy all-piercing eye, O Lord, can see my inmost thoughts, and minutest actions ! Let my fidelity and respect for my master be apparent in his fight, that I may delight in promoting his prosperity ; and let our united endevors advance thy glory, and the happiness of mankind. Give him, O Lord, a just sense of his obligations to Justice, Piety, Temperance, and every other virtue, that his example may be a perpetual admonition to me, and render my sincerity acceptable to thee. This I beg, O merciful Father, for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen.

* This prayer is equally calculated for any person in serviCude of either sex, and as such recommended.

9. For


9. For Obedience in Service. Almighty God, who delightest in the obedience

of thy creatures, give me a meek and contrite Spirit, that imitating the humility of my Lord and Saviour, I may obtain that peace of mind, which is far beyond what the world can give. Make me patient under reproof, and diligent in performing my duty : that my obedience to my master may be acceptable to thee. Remove far from me all pride and haughtiness of spirit, that I may learn how to support myself under all circumstances, and with patience and resolution, and singleness of heart, subdue evil with good, and ever possess my soul in tranquility. Let my conscience be always void of offence towards thee and my fellow creatures, that amidst all the follies and iniquities which surround me, I may acquit myself with integrity in thy sight, and receive the great reward which thou hast promised to those who serve thee, in Jesus Christ, my blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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made easy to the meanest Capacity;

for not receiving the SACRAMENT answered.
By the late Moft Reverend Dr. SYNGE,

Lord Archbishop of Tuam.

Follow Righteousness, Faith, Charity, Peace, with them that

call on the Lord out of a pure heart. But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strife.

2 Tim. ii. 22, 23.

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