University of California (California, U.S.A.): Various Re

ports ; University Chronicle, vol. i, No. 1; Report, 1896;

Register of University, 1896–97. Zoological Society of Philadelphia (U.S.A.): 26th Annual


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To Balance from 1895–96 .........
„ Subscriptions :-

142 at £1 1 0 ........ £149 2 0
19 at 0 10 6 ............ 9 19 6
1 at 10 10 0 .......

10 10 0
Arrears .....

..... 2 2 0


£ s. d.
By Royal Institution, One Year's Rent ............ 20 0 0
, Printing and Stationery .......

ptationery ................................ 29 12 0
,, Printers, Balance of Annual Volume, 1895–96 72 5 6
, Printers, on Account of

1896–97 50 00
Refreshments ..........

21 8 3
,, Lime Light..............

5 3 0
, Secretary's Expenses .........

1 5 9 ,, Librarian's


2 15 6
, Treasurer's

4 9 11
, Balance, Cash in Bank .......

43 3 3

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Annual Meeting, October 4, 1897. The President, R. J. Lloyd, D.Lit., M.A., F.R.S.E., in the chair. The following Report was read and passed.

REPORT. The Council have much pleasure in reporting that the Eighty-sixth Session of the Literary and Philososphical Society has been a successful one.

Fifteen meetings have been held during the Session.

The Papers read have been of great variety and interest, as evidenced by the large attendance, which reached an average of 94. Several of the lectures were admirably illustrated by lantern views and other pictures. The volume of Proceedings, being the fifty-first of the series, will, it is hoped, be found as interesting as its predecessors.

During the Session ten ordinary members have been elected; twenty-four have resigned, and three have died. The total number is now 184.

The Council regret to notice this falling off in the number of members elected; and trust that the members generally will endeavour to help the Society by bringing forward suitable candidates for membership, to supply the losses by death, removal, or otherwise, which must inevitably occur. The Council would draw attention to the rule by which Ladies are now eligible at half the ordinary subscription.

Two of the members, whose removal by death the Council deplore, were the oldest ordinary members of the Society. Dr. Turnbull was elected so far back as as 1844, and a paper by him appeared in the Society's first volume. Mr. Isaac Byerley was elected in 1848, was Honorary Treasurer for several years, and contributed papers to the early volumes of the Transactions. He was well known as an enthusiastic naturalist.

During the year, a distinguished astronomer, Dr. Isaac Roberts, F.R.S., formerly Vice-President, and Mr. H. L. Higgins, late Honorary Secretary, having removed permanently to the South of England, were elected honorary members.

During the past year the altered law by which a President holds office for one year only has been in operation. The Council trust that the change which relieves the President from the strain of a prolonged term of office will prove to be to the general advantage of the Society.

The Treasurer's Statement of Accounts was read and


The annual election of Office Bearers and Members of the Council, and the re-election of Associates, took place.

The President delivered his Inaugural Address entitled “William Watson.”

ORDINARY MEETINGS. I. October 18, 1897. The President, Dr. R. J. Lloyd, in the chair. Paper by Percy Fitzgerald, Esq., M.A.,

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