To Edmund Lodge, Esq. Lancaster Herald, if he has not broken in on his time by requests of written assistance which might perhaps have too much intruded on his own views, (since Mr. L. himself is believed to have had in contemplation an original Baronage, to which his own admirable pen is capable of giving the highest interest), the Editor is yet indebted for the instruction of his conversation, and perhaps many hints and much light which he would not otherwise have possessed.

A brief account of the Extinct and Dormant Peerages, from the accession of King Henry VII. is appended to the ninth volume. For a more detailed history of them, the reader is referred to Banks's Dormant and Extinct Peerage, in three vols. 4to. published by White and Cochrane.

Whoever wishes to be acquainted with the law of the Peerage, will do well to procure Cruise's 8vo. volume On Dignities, in which he will find the subject treated with admirable perspicuity and brevity; and all the legal points which have arisen in the investigation of claims, clearly stated and discussed.

In the progress of printing this work, the necessity of a regular attention to some technical arrangements, which at first had been sometimes neglected, enforced itself on the Editor's mind. Every Peer on his succession is, with these exceptions, distinguished by his name and title being printed in capitals; so also is, or should be, the Christian name of his eldest son, whose courtesy title is printed in italics; by which also the Scotch and Irish titles are distinguished. Every child of a Peer is likewise, at least in the latter volumes, marked out by a separate paragraph. On the whole it is hoped, that in all such points this Edition will be found to be a material improvement on the former.


Some years having been consuined in compiling and printing so voluminous a Work, many deaths, marriages, and births have occurred, after the articles to which they belong were printed off. These of necessity could only find a place in the ADDENDA.

With these explanations, it only remains to submit the Work to its fate; not in confidence and exultation, but in the mild and gentle hope, that not merely genealogists and antiquaries, but readers of almost every class, and more especially all who are fond of biography and history, will find extensive interest in these full volumes,

July 20, 1812.



Contains the Blood Royal, and part of the Dukes.

Contains the rest of the Dukes, and all the Marquises.

Contains all the Viscounts; and those Barons, whose honours ex-

isted prior to the death of Queen Elizabeth.


Contains the Barons from the accession of King James I. to the

termination of the Coalition Ministry in 1783.


Contains the Barons from the commencement of Mr. Pitt's Ministry

1784, to the termination of the eighteenth century.


Contains the Barons from the commencement of the nineteenth cen-

tury and the Union of Ireland; and also a short Extinct
Peerage from the accession of King Henry VII. with an ac-
count of Peerage claims.



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