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The Boy's Own Book: A Complete Encyclopaedia of all

the Diversions, Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth. "With many Hundred Woodcuts, and Ten Vignette Titles, beautifully printed in Gold. New Edition,'greatly enlarged and improved, price 8s. 6d. handsomely bound in cloth.

N.B.—This is the original and genuine ' Boy's Own Book,* formerly published by Mr. Bogus, and more recently by Messrs. Kent and Co. Care should be taken, in ordering the above, to give the name of either the former or present publishers, otherwise some inferior book, with a nearly similar title, may be supplied.

The Little Boy's Own Book of Sports and Pastimes.

With numerous Engravings. Abridged from the above. l6mo. price 3s. 6d. cloth,

'Many Happy Returns of the Day!' A Birthday

Book. By Charles and Mary Cowdeu Clarre, Authors of ' The Concordance to Shakespeare, ' &c. Beautifully illustrated by the Brothers Dalziel. Small post 8vo. price 6s. cloth elegant, gilt edges.

'Since the renowned volumes of " Peter Parley," we know of no book more likely to become popular among the young.'—Critic.

'It will be as acceptable to the young aa " Sand ford and Merton" was wont to be half a century since. The authors will henceforth share the affections of the young with Hans Andersen, Peter Parley, and the Brothers Grimm.'—Plymouth Journal.

* Sure to be a favourite with the boys.'—Leads R.

'The best book that can be found for a birthday present.'—Court Journal.

'An unobjectionable child's book is the rarest of all books. "Many Happy Returns of the Day " is not only this, but may rely, without shrinking, upon its positive excellencies for a long and deserved popularity.'—Westminster Review.

Victorian Enigmas; being a Series of Enigmatical

Acrostics on Historical, Biographical, Geographical, and Miscellaneous Subjects; combining Amusement with Exercise in the Attainment of Knowledge. Promoted and encouraged by Royal Example. By Charlotte Eliza Capel. Royal 16mo. cloth, elegantly printed, price 2s. 6d.

tfgf The idea for this entirely original style of Enigmas Is taken from one said to have been written by Her Majesty for the Royal children, which, with its Solution, is given.

* A capital game, and one of the very best of those commendable mental exercises which test knowledge and stimulate study. To the Queen's loyal subjects it comes, moreover, additionally recommended by the hint in the title-page and the statement in the preface, that it is a game practised by Her Majesty and the Royal children, if, indeed, it were not invented by the Queen herself.'—Critic.

1 A good book for family circles in the long and dreary winter'evenings, inasmuch ob it will enable the young to pass them away both pleasantly and profitably.'

Citv Press.


1 Any one who reads and remembers Mr. Timbs'8 encyclopaedic varieties should ever after be a good table talker, an excellent companion for children, a "wellread person," and a proficient lecturer; for Mr. Timbs has stored up in this little volume ["Things Not Generally Known"] more knowledge than is to be found in a hundred books thut might be named.'—Athenjeuu.

Things Not Generally Known Familiarly Explained.

A Book for Old and Young. By John Timrs, F.S.A. First Series.

Twenty-sixth Thousand. Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth. 'A remarkably pleasant and instructive little book; a book as full of information as a pomegranate is full of seed.'—Punch. 'A very amusing miscellany.'—Gentleman's Magazine. 1 And as instructive as it is amusing.'—Notus And Queries.

Things Not Generally Known Familiarly Explained.

By John Timrs, F.SA. Second Series. Tenth Thousand. Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth. Contents:—Old English Manners, Ceremonies, and Customs: Meals and Housewifery; Herbs and Fruit; Punch and Judy, Old Plays, Pageants, and Music; Laws, Legal Customs, Privileges, and Dignities; Money, Weights, and Measures; Home Proverbs, Sayings, and Phrases; Phenomena of Life and Death; Funeral Ceremonies; A Chapter of Weather- Wisdom, Pictures, and the Care of them; Domestic Science, &c. 'The Second Series is quite as good as the first.*—Critic.

Curiosities of Science, Past and Present. By John

Timrs, F.S.A. First Series. Second Edition {' Things Not Generally
Known' in Science.) Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Curiosities of Science, Past and Present. By John

Timrs, F.S.A. Second Series. (* Things Not Generally Known' in Science.) Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth.

1 Marked by the tact, care, and usefulness which characterise all Mr. Timbs's hooks.' -notes And Ql'rrtes.

'"Curiosities of Science" contains as much information in 250 pages as could otherwise be gleaned from reading elaborate treatises on physical phenomena, acoustics, optics, astronomy, geology, and palaeontology, meteorology, nautical geography, magnetism, the electric telegraph, &c.*—Mining Journal.

Curiosities of History. A Book for Old and Young.

('Things Not Generally Known' in History.) By John Timrs. F.S.A. Tenth Thousand. Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth.

This book is an extension of the design of its predecessor to ' Things Not Generally Known in History; * or, where known, but imperfectly understood: as, in the salient points of history; such historic incidents and classical quotations as are. often employed by public writers; and the Popular Errors of History, in the section of ' Historic Doubts.' By these means the work presents, in picturesque forms, many hundred Events and Incidents, Sayings and Origins, and noteworthy instances of Human Action.

'We can conceive no more amusing book for the drawing-room, or one more useful for the school-room.'—Art Journal.

Popular Errors Explained and Illustrated. By

John Timrs, F.S.A. Sixth Thousand. Fcap. 2s. 6d. cloth.

'We know of few better books for youn? persons; it is instructive, entertaining, and reliable. This book cannot but enhance the author's repute for curious research, and entertaining as well as instructive writing.'—Buildrr.

* A work which ninety-nine persons out of every hundred would take up whenever it came in their way, and would always learn something from.'

English Chot.chman.

Catalogue of Popular Works


School-days of Eminent Men. Containing Sketches

of the Progress of Education in England, from the reign of King Alfred to that of Queen Victoria; and School and College Lives of the most Celebrated British Authors, Poets, and Philosophers; Inventors and Discoverers; Divines, Heroes, Statesmen, and Legislators. By John Timrs, F.S.A. Second Edition, entirely Revised and partly Re-written. "With a Frontispiece by John Gilbert, 13 Views of Public Schools, and 20 Portraits by Harvey. Fcap. 5s. handsomely bound in cloth. AS?- This book is extensively used, and specially adapted for a Prize-Book at

Schools. 1 This is altogether a most amusing volume, and will be a most acceptable present

to any school-boy ambitions of figuring in a future edition as one of England's

"Eminent Men."'—Gentleman's Magazine.

* The idea is a happy one, and its execution equally so. It is a book to interest all boys, but more especially those of Westminster, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Winchester; for of these, as of many other schools of high repute, the accounts are full and interesting.'—Notes And Queries.

Stories of Inventors and Discoverers in Science and

Useful Arts. By Jonx Tijirs, F.S.A. With numerous Illustrations. Fcap. 5s. cloth.

* Another interesting and well-co] lee ted book, ranging from Archimedes and Roger Bacon to the Stephen sons.'—Athrn\eum.

'This last book is, we think, Mr. Timbs's best book.'—National Maoazixe. 1 These stories by Mr. Timbs are as marvellous as the Arabian Night*1 Entertainmenif, and are wrought into a volume of great interest and worth.'—Atlas.

Painting Popularly Explained, -with Historical Sketches

of the Progress of the Art. By Thomas John Gullick, Painter,

and John Timrs, F.S.A. "With a Frontispiece and Vignette, in

small 8vo. pp. 33tt, price 6s. cloth.

$£T This work has been adopted as a text-book in the Schools of Art at South

Kensington, in connection with the Science and Art Department of the Committee

of Council on Education.

1 This volume is one that we can heartily recommend to all who are desirous of understanding what they admire in a good painting.'—Daily News.

'This popular Manual of the Art of Painting deserves very wide diffusionMany young men ami women will find in it valuable aid to their efforts ut selfeducation. Every school library ought to contain it.'—Examinee.

'This is a book which all lovers of art will rejoice in, as containing, in small compos*, the very information which Exhibitions and Art Unions must have made No many thousands sensible of their want of.*—National. Maoazi.vr.

The Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art. Exhibiting the most important Improvements and Discoveries of the Past Year in Mechanics and the Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Electricity, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, Geology and Mineralogy, Meteorology and Astronomy. By John Timrs, F.S.A. With line Engraved Frontispiece and Vignette, fcap. 5s. cloth. jGt'4*"* This work, published annually, records the proceedings of the principal

Scientific Societies, and is indispensable for such a3 wish to possess a faithful picture

of the latest novelties of Science and the Arts. 'Ably and honestly compiled.'—At Iien.rum.

Just published, with a Coloured Title, post 8vo. 5s. cloth, pp. 320,

Something for Everybody; and a Garland for the

Year. By John Timrs, F.S.A., Author of'Things Not Generally
Known,*' Curiosities of London,' &c.


Truths Illustrated by Great Authors; A Dictionary

of nearly Four Thousand Aids to Reflection, Quotations of Maxims, Metaphors, Counsels, Cautions, Proverbs. Aphorisms, &c. &c. In Prose and Verse. Compiled from the Great Writers of all Ages and Countries. Eleventh Edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 568 pp. 6s. 'The quotations are perfect gems; their selection evinces sound judgment and an excellent taste.'Dispatch.

* We accept the treasure with profound gratitude—it should find its way to every home.'—Era.

* We know of no better book of its kind.'—Examinee.

The Philosophy of William Shakespeare; delineating,

in Seven Hundred and Fifty Passages selected from his Plays, the Multiform Phases of the Human Mind. With Index and References. Collated, Elucidated, and Alphabetically arranged, by the Editors of 'Truths Illustrated by Great Authors.' Second Edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, nearly 700 pages, with beautiful Vignette Title, price 6s.

i£z'/' A glance at this volume will at once show its superiority to Dodd's' Beauties,' or any other volume of Shakespearian selections.

Songs of the Soul during its Pilgrimage Heavenward: being a New Collection of Poetry, illustrative of the Power of the Christian Faith; selected from the "Works of the most eminent British, Foreign, and American Writers, Ancient and Modern, Original and Translated. By the Editors of 'Truths Illustrated by Great Authors,' &c. Second Edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 638 pages, with beautiful Frontispiece and Title, price 6s. $^° This elegaut volume will be appreciated by the admirers of * The Christian


The Beauty of Holiness; or, The Practical Christian's

Daily Companion: being a Collection of upwards of Two Thousand Reflective and Spiritual Passages, remarkable for their Sublimity, Beauty, and Practicability; selected from the Sacred Writings, and arranged in Eighty-two Sections, each com prising a different theme for meditation. By the Editors of * Truths Illustrated by Great Authors.' Third Edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 536 pp., Cs.

'Every part of the Sacred Writings deserves our deepest attention and research, but all, perhaps, may not be equally adapted to the purposes of meditation and reflection. Those, therefore, who are in the constant habit of consulting the Bible will not object to a selection of some of its most sublime and impressive passages, arranged aud classed ready at once to meet the eye.'—Extract From Pjmu■acj£.

Events to be Remembered in the History of England.

Forming a Series of interesting Narratives, extracted from the Pages of Contemporary Chronicles or Modern Historians, of the most P*emarkableOccurrences in each Reign; with Reviews of the Manners, Domestic Habits, Amusements, Costumes, &o. Ac., of the People, Chronological Table, Ac. By Charles Selbt. Twenty-fifth Edition, 12mo. fine paper, with Nine Beautiful Illustrations by Anelay, price 3s. (id. cloth, elegant, gilt edges. N.B.—A School Edition, without the Illustrations, 2s. 6d. cloth.

8^* Great care has been taken to render this book unobjectionable to the most fastidious, by excluding everything that could not be read aloud in schools and families, and by abstinence from all party spirit, alike in politics as in religion.

Catalogue of Popular Works


'In telling a simple story, and in the management of dialogue, the Author ia
excelled by few writers of the present day.'—L-itehart Gazette.

A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam. Thirty-fifth Edition,

price Is.

'The whimsical wish, expressed by a friend on a dark and wintry day, that it
were possible to set a trap to catch a sunbeam, originated the idea for this story.'

Author's Frrfacc.

'Aide toi, ct Je cirl t'aidf.ra, is the moral of this pleasant and interesting story, to
which we assign in this Gazette a place immediately after Charles Dickens, as its
due, for many passages not unworthy of him, and for a general scheme quite in
unison with his best feelings towards the lowly and depressed.'— Ln Erahy Gazstte.

Also, by the same Author,
'COMING HOME;' a New Tale for all Headers, price Is.
OLD JOLLIFFE; not a Goblin Story. Is.
The HOUSE on the BOCK. Is.
'ONLY ;' a Tale for Young and Old. Is.
The STAB in the DESERT. Is.

AMY'S KITCHEN, A Village Romance ; a New Story. Is.
The DREAM CHINTZ. With Illustrations by James Godwin.

2s. 6d. with a beautiful fancy cover.
SIBERT'S WOLD. Second Edition, 3s. «d. cloth.

Sunbeam Stories. A Selection of the Tales by the

Author of 'A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam,' Ac. Ac. In one volume,

Srice 5s. cloth elegant, or 5s. 6d. gilt edges. Illustrated by John
bsolon and Henry Anclay.

A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam. I The Star in the Desert.

OldJolliffe. 'Only.'

The Sequel to Old Jolliffe. | 'A Merry Christmas.'

Minnie's Love: a Novel. By the Author of 'A Trap

to Catch a Sunbeam.' In 1 vol. post 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth.

'An extremely pleasant sunshiny volume.'—Critic.

." Minnie's Love " adds to the reputation of the author of " A Trap to Catch a

1 We were first surprised, then pleased, next delighted, and finally enthralled by
the story.'—Morning Herald.

Little Sunshine: a Tale to be Bead to very Young

Children. By the Author of 'A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam.' In
square 16mo. coloured borders, engraved Frontispiece and Vig-
nette, fancy boards, price 2s.

'Young people will read it with avidity.'—Chri3tiaw Witness.

'Just the thing to rivet the attention of children."—STAStroRD Mercttrt.

. Printed in the sumptuous manner that children like best.'—Bradford Orserver.

1 As pleasing a child's book as we recollect seeing.'—Plymouth Herald.

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