La Bagatelle: Intended to introduce Children of Five

or Six Years old to some knowledge of the French Language.
Revised by Madame N. L. New and Cheaper Edition, much im-
proved, and embellished with entirely new cuts. 18mo. bound and
lettered, price 2s. (id.

* A well-known little book, revised, improved, and adorned with some very pretty
new pictures. It is, indeed, French mode very easy for very little children.'

Tue School And Thr Teaciirr.
1 A very nice book to be placed in the hands of children ; likely to command their
attention by its beautiful embellishments.'—Papehs For The Suuoolmastrr.

Chickseed without Chickweed: being very Easy and

Entertaining Lessons for Little Children. A book for every
Mother. New Edition, with Frontispiece by Anelay, 12mo. cloth, Is.

Peter Parley's Book of Poetry. With numerous En-
gravings. New Edition, 16mo. cloth. Is. 6d.

Cobwebs to Catch. Flies: or, Dialogues and Short

Sentences adapted for Children from Three to Eight Years of Age.
"With Woodcuts. New Edition, 12mo. cloth, 2s.; or in Two Parts,
Is. each.

Paet I. For Children from Three to Five Years of Age.

Paet II. For Children from Five to Eight Years of Age.


The Story of the Three Bears. 17th Edition. With

Illustrations, oblong, 6d. sewed.

The Great Bear's Story; or, The Vizier and the

Woodman. With Illustrations, oblong, 6d. sewed.

An Hour at Bearwood; or, The Wolf and the Seven

Kids. With Illustrations, oblong, 6d. sewed.

The Three Bears and their Stories; being the above

Stories in 1 vol. With numerous Illustrations, oblong, 2s. cloth,

The Ugly Duck. By Hans Andersen. Versified;

and dedicated to the Readers of 'The Three Bears.' Four Illustra-
tions by Wcigall, oblong, 6d. sewed.

Little Sunshine: a Tale to be read to very Young

Children. By the Author of ' A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam.' In
square 16mo. coloured borders, engraved Froutispiece and Vignette,
fancy boards, price 2s.

* Voung people will read it with avidity.'—Christian Witness.

1 Just the thing to rivet the attention of children.'—Stamford Mrrcdrt.

* Printed in the sumptuous manner that children like best.'—Bradford Orserver.
1 As pleasing a child's book as we recollect seeing.'—Plymouth Herald.

Catalogue of Popular Works

The Lessons of My Farm: A Book for Amateur

Agriculturists; being an Introduction to Farm Practice in the
Culture of Crops, the Feeding of Cattle, Management of the Dairy,
Poultry, Pigs, and in the Keeping of Far in-work Records. By
Rorert Scott Burn, one of the Authors of *Book of Farm
Buildings.' With numerous Illustrations, fcap. 6s. cloth.

The Fables of Babrius. Translated into English Verse from the Text of Sir G. Cornewall Lewis. By the Rev. James Davies, some time Scholar of Lincoln ColL Oxford. Fcap. cloth, antique, elegantly printed, price 6s.

." Who was Babrius?" The reply may not improbably startle the reader. Babriua was the real, original jEsop. Nothing is so fabulous about the fables of our childhood as their reputed authorship. . . Mr. Davies has succeeded, to a very remarkable degree, in retaining the simplicity and terseness which are requisite to enforce the point of an apologue.'—Daily Nbws.

* The £2sop of our boyhood is dethroned, and his sceptre taken from him, by no leu a disenchonter than Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department. . . Here stands the fact that jEsop was not the author of the world-famed fables, but that the real fabricator was one Babrius. . . So Babrius has been Anally set up to rule over the realm of early fables, and ^Esop passes into the category of myths or plagiarists, according to the evidence.'—Illustrated London Nrws.

'A fable-book which Is admirably adapted to take the place of the imperfect collections of .ZEsopian wisdom which have hitherto held the first place in our juvenile libraries.'—Hereford Times.

'Mr. Davies' version is close and faithful.'—Edinrurgh Review.

The Shadow in the House: a Novel. By John

Saundees, late Editor of the ' People's Journal,* Author of' Love's Martyrdom, ' Ac. One vol. post 8vo. 409 pages, price 10s. 6d. cloth.

'Refinement of taste, purity of moral tone, and poetical and dramatic talent in the conception and working out of character, are conspicuous throughout.'—Glore.

'Where properly appreciated, must achieve a success.'—Mousing Chronicle.

'Cook is a character as well worth studying as Mrs. Poyser.'—Dial.

1 This story will remain as one of the gems of English fiction.'—City Press.

'Mr. Saunders is destined ere long to assume a high position among the novelists of the day.'—Leader.

*** By the same Author, will be published immediately,

Abel Drake's Wife: a Tale. 1 vol. post 8vo. 10s. 6d. Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity; Illustrated

from the best and latest Authorities. By Hoeace Welry. "With an Emblematic Frontispiece, fcap. 5s. cloth.

Contents: — Life and Time; Nature of the Soul; Spiritual Life; Mental Operations; Belief and Scepticism; Premature Interment; Phenomena of Death; Sin and Punishment; The Crucifixion of Our Lord; The End of the World; Man after Death; The Intermediate State: The Great Resurrection; Recognition of the Blessed; The Day of Judgment; The Future States, Ac.

The Historical Finger-Post: a Handy Book of

Terms, Phrases, Epithets, Cognomens, Allusions, Ac., in connection with Universal History. By Edward Sheltox, Assistant Editor of ' The Dictionary of Daily Wants,' Ac. Ac. 1 voL crown 8vo. pp. 384,3s.6d. cloth.

* A. handy little volume, which will supply the place of " Haydn's Dictionary of Dates " to many persons who cannot afford that work. Moreover, it contains some things that Haydn's book does not.'—Bookseller.

1 It is to the historical student and antiquarian what" Enquire Within " is to the practical housewife—Volumteea Service Gazettr.



The Tongue of Time; or, The Language of a Church

Clock. By William Harrison, A.M. of Brazenose College, Oxford; Domestic Chaplain to H. R H. the Duke of Cambridge; Sector of Birch, Essex. Sixth Edition, with beautiful Frontispiece, fcp. 3s. cloth, gut edges.

The Shepherd and his Sheep; An Exposition of the

Twenty-third Psalm. Second Edition, enlarged, fcp. 2s. 8d. cloth.

Consecrated Thoughts; or, A Few Notes from a

Christian Harp. Second Edition, corrected, fcp. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Sermons on the Commandments; Preached in the

Chapel of the Magdalen Hospital. Second Edition, fcp. 4s. cloth.

Hours of Sadness; or, Instruction and Comfort for the Mourner: Consisting of a Selection of Devotional Meditations, Instructive and Consolatory Reflections, Letters, Prayers, Poetry, Ae., from various Authors, suitable for the bereaved Christian. Second Edition, fcp. 4s. 6d. cloth.

Sidney Grey; a Tale of School Life. By the Author

of ' Mia and Charlie.' Second Edition, with Six beautiful Illustrations. Fcap. 4s. (id. cloth.

Do you Give it Tip ? A Collection of the most Amusing

Conundrums, Riddles, &e., of the day. Fcap. price Is. cloth limp.

The Instant Reckoner. Showing the Value of any

Quantity of Goods, including Fractional Parts of a Pound Weight, at any price from One Farthing to Twenty Shillings; with an Introduction, embracing Copious Notes of Coins, "Weights, Measures, and other Commercial and Useful Information; and an Appendix, containing Tables of Interest, Salaries, Commission, &c. 24mo. Is. 6d. cloth, or 2s. strongly bound in leather. ijg- Indispensable to every housekeeper.

CHEAP AND POBTABLE LITEBATTJBE. The Pocket English Classics. 32mo. neatly printed,

in Illuminated Wrappers, price Sixpence each. The following are now ready :— The Vicae Op Warefield. Coleeidge's Ancient Marines.

Goldsmith's Poetical Woers. Walton's Complete Angles, Falconer's Shipweecr. Paet I.

Walton's Complete Angler,

Paet II.
Elizareth: Oe, The Exiles.
Cowper's Tasr.

Pope's Ess Ay And Blair's Grave
Gray And Collins.
Gay's Farles.
Paul And Virginia.

Sterne's Sentimental Journey.
Locre On The Understanding.
Thomson's Seasons,
Inchrald's Nature And Art.
Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy.
Scott's Lady Of The Lare.
Scott's Lay.

Catalogue of Educational Works



* A very useful series of Educational Works, of which Dr. Cornwell is author or editor. It (the " Geography for Beginners ") is an admirable introduction. There is vast difficulty in writing a good elementary book, and Dr. Cornwell haj shown himself possessed of that rare combination of faculties which is required for the task.'—John Bull.

Allen and Cornwell's School Grammar. 31st Edition, 2s. red; Is. 9d. cloth.

Grammar for Beginners. 36th Edit. Is. cloth; 9d. swd. Select English Poetry. Edited by the late Dr.

Allen. 11th Edition, 4s.

The Young Composer; or; Progressive Exercises in

English Composition. By J. Cogswell, Ph.D. 23rd Edition, Is. 6d,

Key to the Young Composer. 3s.

Dr. Allen's Eutropius. With a complete Dictionary,

an Index of Proper Names, and Chronological Tables, 3s.

Science of Arithmetic. By J. Cornwell, Ph.D.,

and J. G. Fitch, M.A. 7th Edition, 4s. 6d.

Arithmetic for Beginners. A First Book of Practical Arithmetic, with an Inductive Explanation of each Rule, and numerous Questions for Mental Calculation. By the Authors of the above. 4th Edition, Is. 6d.


School Geography. 29th Edition, 3s. 6d.; or with

Thirty Maps on Steel, 5s. 6d.

Geography for Beginners. 7th Edition, Is.

School Atlas. Consisting of Thirty Maps on Steel.

2s. 6d. plain, or 4s. coloured.

Map Book for Beginners. Consisting of Twelve

Plates of Maps, being a Companion Atlas to the 'Geography for
Beginners.* On Steel, Is. 6d. plain; 2s. 6d. coloured.

Book of Blank Maps. The above Maps, complete

in everything except the names, which are to be filled in by the learner. Is.

Book of Map Projections. Twelve Plates, consisting

of the Lines of Latitude and Longitude only to the above Maps. Is.


M. de Fivas1 Works for the Use of Colleges, Schools, and Private Students,

The attention of Schoolmasters and Heads of Colleges is respectfully requested to the following eminently useful series of French class books, which have enjoyed an unprecedented popularity. A detailed prospectus will be sent on application.

De Fivas* New Grammar of French Grammars;

comprising the substance of all the most approved French Grammars extant, but more especially of the standard work * La Grammaire des Grammaires,' sanctioned by the French Academy and the University of Paris. "With numerous Exercises and Examples illustrative of every Rule. By Dr. V. »E Fivas, M.A., F.E.I.S., Member of the Grammatical Society of Paris, &c. &c. 20th Edition, price 3s. 6d. handsomely bound. 'At once the simplest and most complete Grammar of the French language. To

the pupil the effect is almost as if he looked into a map, so well-defined is the course

of study as explained by M. de Fivas.'—Liteuauy Gazette.

*»* A Key to the above, price Ss. 6d.

De Fivas* New Guide to Modern French Conversation: or, the Student and Tourist's French Vade-Mecum : containing a Comprehensive Vocabulary, and Phrases and Dialogues on every useful or interesting topic ; together with Models of Letters, Notes, and Cards; and Comparative Tables of the British and French Coins, Weights, and Measures: the whole exhibiting, in a distinct manner, the true Pronunciation of the French Language.

'Voulez-vous un guide aussl sftr qu'Infallible pour apprendre la langue Francaise, prenez le Guide de M. de Fivas : e'est l'indispensable manuel de tout Granger."


De Fivas, Beautes des Ecrivains Francais, Anciens

et Modernes. Ouvrago Classique, a l'usage des Colleges et des Institutions. Dixieme Edition, augmented do Notes Historiques, Geographiques, Philosophiques, Litt6raires, Grammaticales,et Biographiques.

* An elegant volume, containing a selection of pieces both in prose and verse, which, while it furnishes a convenient reading book for the student of the French language, at the same time affords a pleasing and Interesting view of French lite rature.'—Odserveu.

De Fivas, Introduction a la Langue Francaise;

ou, Fables et Contes Choisis; Anecdotes Instructives, Faits M6morables, &c. Avec un Dictionnaire de tous les Mots traduits en Anglais. A l'usage de la jeunesse, et de ceux qui commencent a apprendre la langue Francaise.

* By far the best first French reading-book, whether for schools or adult pupils.'

Tait's Magazine.

De Fivas, Le Trlsor National; or, Guide to the

Translation of English into French at sight.

Bj§j* ]>' Trt'sor National * consists of idiomatical and conversational phrases, anecdotes told and untold, and scraps from various English writers, and is especially intended to produce by practice, in those who learn French, a facility of expressing themselves in that language.

%* A Key to the above. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

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