miracle; and the viceroy passed the night without reserve, the prayer of the most in agonies of uncertainty and trepidation. faithful people.

While the duke was quaking in the cas- The populace received the news with tle, Masaniello's power was rising higher raptures of delight. It was rapidly arevery hour. He was already, indeed, iu ranged that the viceroy, with the chief everything but name, the governor of officers of state, should meet the people Naples. The proud and beautiful city on the morrow in the Carmine Church, was at his feet. The haughty cavaliers of when the treaty should be ratified on oath, Spain durst not wag their fingers; for the and a solemn service held in celebration. number of his followers was now at least The insurgents were still kept under arms. a hundred thousand. His throne of tim- But to all appearance the revolt was at an ber in the market-place was surrounded end. The remainder of the day passed by battalions of armed men, ready to carry quietly. All the city, in joyful anticipaout his slightest orders. Beside him, at tion, looked forward to the morrow. a table, six clerks were constantly em- But this spirit of contentment was des. ployed in writing out his edicts. One of tined to be roughly broken. • Masaniello's these proclamations, which is recorded, chief subalterns were Genovino, a fierce shows that Masaniello possessed, like all old monk, and Perrone, the captain of a born leaders, a falcon's eye for details. crew of bandits who had their dens among The nobility were ordered to walk out the gorges of Vesuvius. The latter, who without their cloaks, monks to put off had joined the cause in the confident betheir cassocks, and ladies to wear no skirts lief that his five hundred desperadoes that swept the ground; for in all such would enjoy a thieves' paradise among the garments arms might be concealed. The treasures of the palaces, had been bitterly law courts were shut up. Criminals of deceived, and was at heart a traitor. His every rank and station were dragged be-opportunity was soon to come. That fore that strange tribunal at which Masa- night he had an interview with the duke niello was both judge and jury. In one of Maddaloni and his brother, Don Carafa. corner of the market-place a gibbet was From that meeting the bandit carried off set up; and the course of justice was of a heavy bag of gold. Nor was the treas. the admirably swift and ready kind which ure paid for nothing. Judas had received characterized the judgment-seat of Minos. the price of blood. It was agreed that Sempre dinanzi a lui ne stanno molte;

on the morrow, during the ceremony in the Vanno a vicenda ciascuna al giudizio ;

church, and in full view of the spectators, Dicono e odono, e poi son giù volte.

Masaniello should be shot dead.

The morrow cane. At noon the great So vast was the first change in Masa- Church of Our Lady was crowded to the niello's fortune! Two days had sufficed doors. Perrone's bravos, to the number to raise him from the task of mending of three hundred, were scattered here and nets and hawking mullets, to a throne as there among the crowd. A gorgeous canabsolute as Zim-Zizimi's.

opy had been set up before the altar, above The viceroy was secure within the cas- the crimson cushions of the viceroy and tle; but the castle was kept in a close the bishop. Masaniello was standing on stage of siege. No provisions could pass the altar steps, a bare sword in his right in; and the duke, and the scores of lords hand, surrounded by a host of lords and and ladies who had found refuge with cardinals, conspicuous, among robes of him, were beginning to feel miserably in scarlet and tunics laced with silver, by his want of meat and poultry, fruit and wine fisherman's shirt and his cap without a and snow. A spy brought word that feather. The viceroy had not yet arrived; Masaniello was preparing a new list of but the music of his bugles could be heard palaces to be set in flames that night. approaching. This was the moment on The duke's mind had been wavering; he which the conspirators had fixed. Pero saw no hope in holding out; these tidings rone suddenly held up his hand; and from turned the scale; and he gave way.

different parts of the church seven car. It was the afternoon of Tuesday ; Masa. bines were instantly fired point-blank at niello was sitting on his bench of judg- Masaniello. Two of these were so near ment, when a packet from the viceroy him that the flash of the explosion singed

put into his hand. He tore it open his blouse. The others struck the altar vre the crowd. It contained the true at his side. Yet, wonderful to state, not

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accompanied the parchment, the him.
pressed his willingness to grant, The bandits had relied with confidence

on the fall of Masaniello, and the confu- | to the market square and set up in its sion and dismay of his adherents. Their place ; his right foot, enclosed in a kind of error cost them dear. When the smoke iron cage, was fixed beneath it; and uncleared off and he was seen still standing der the ghastly effigy was written this in. on the altar-steps, their hearts misgave scription : “This is the head and foot of them. _And they had good cause for ter. Don Carafa, traitor to the most faithfui ror. The crowd, raging with fury, turned people.” upon them; and in a moment the church A more terrific spectacle of warning was ringing with the din of battle. The has seldom made the blood of men run desperadoes, men whose whole lives had chill. been passed in fighting, now_fought like The plot had failed; Masaniello was wild beasts brought to bay. But the con- stronger than ever. His escape was retest was not equal; and they fought in garded by the people as a miracle. At vain. Soon, above the roar of voices and the time of the attempt he had happened the clash of arms, were heard the yells of to be wearing, suspended by a ribbon from wretches being torn in pieces in front of his neck, a coin, on which was stamped the the great altar. A part escaped into the image of the Virgin. It was plainly to adjoining convent; but these were quickly this talisman that his life was owing. hunted out and butchered. A few got Henceforth he was regarded with a double clear away into the mountains and plunged honor, as the champion of the people and into the darkness of their dens. Perrone, as the favorite of Heaven. who was seized alive, but covered with All thought of the privilege had, for the wounds, was dragged into the square, and time, been driven from men's minds. It impelled by threats of torture to reveal the was evening when the viceroy, who had authors of the plot. He had just gasped shut himself up again in Castel Nuovo, out the names of Maddaloni and Carafa sent out a letter to disclaim all knowledge when be fell back dead.

of the plot. He was probably sincere ; Two hundred poles were set up in a cir- for the duke, had he conspired against an cle about Masaniello's throne; the corpses eneiny, was more likely to have planted a of the traitors were beheaded ; and soon stiletto in his back than to have shot him the fierce head of a bandit grinned on in the open. His protest was accepted. every pole. Two poles, higher than the Masaniello returned word that he prorest, were placed before the platform, and posed to ride next morning to the castle, left vacant. One of these waited for the and to have some private conference with head of Maddaloni; the other, for the his Grace about the public weal. head of Don Carafa.

That day marked the height of MasaThe duke bad taken refuge in the Mon- niello's power. As soon as it was known astery of St. Efrem. A spy warned him that he proposed to ride in public through that his hiding place was discovered. He the city the people prepared for an ovastole out of the convent in a monk's gown tion. The houses were decked as for a and cowl, mounted a swift horse, struck day of festival. Garlands of flowers and the spurs up to the rowels, and galloped myrtle branches strewed the streets, and for his life to Benevento. He was just in twined round every balcony and doorway. time. The crowd, failing to find him in Gorgeous arras, tapestries, and banners the convent, burnt his palace to the of rich stuffs, hung out of all the windows; ground, and turned in search of Don Ca- and every point of outlook, on window, raia.

roof, and balcony, was alive with eager The don was less lucky than his broth- gazers. The procession started from the er. A monk from the convent of Zocco. Carmine Church. First came a band of lanti was seen stealing towards the gates heralds, waving flags and blowing silver of Castel Nuovo. He was seized, and a bugles; then troops of mounted soldiers, note found sewn into his sandal. It was glittering in coats of mail; and then a from Carafa to the viceroy; he was hiding company of boys and young girls, gaily in the convent; and he implored the duke dressed, with baskets in their hands, tossto send a guard, with cannon, to protecting a shower of flowers before the hero's him. The convent was instantly attacked. horse. Masaniello had, that day, put off Carafa, in a friar's frock, sprang out of a his humble garb; and the people with window, rushed into a cottage, and crawled delight beheld their leader in a suit of under a bed. The woman of the cottage silver satin, a hat with a gay plume, and made a signal to the crowd; and in a mo. a sword bestarred with jewels, prancing ment Carafa was dragged out, and hacked upon a steed as white as snow equipped in in pieces. His head was borne in triumph | gold and azure. Behind him came the

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carriage of the cardinal, and the sedan of The cardinal had invited Masaniello to his chief counsellor ; and the cavalcade reside in his own palace; and, in the moved slowly to the castle, with the splen- cardinal's carriage, he drove thither from dor of the pageant of a king.

the castle. Throughout that night the Masaniello was received at the castle bonfires blazed, the guns thundered, and gates by the captain of the duke's guard. the bells pealed merrily in all the steeples. He alighted, and attended by the cardinal And Masaniello's power was at its height. ascended the steps towards the entrance. At its height, during two days, it reIn front of the portico he turned, and in a mained. His men were kept in arms; loud voice charged his followers, that if and he ruled the city like a conqueror. he failed to reappear within an hour, they It had been arranged that the ceremony should burst with fire and sword into the which Perrone's plot had broken off should castle, and demand the reason. At this be renewed on Saturday, the 15th of July; hint of treachery the people shouted and on that day, amidst a scene of pomp fiercely. Masaniello, as he turned away, and splendor, the privilege was ratified drew out of his breast a scroll of writing. on oath before the altar of the great It was the parchment of the privilege. cathedral. And at that sight, more eloquent than And now the old monk's oracle was half words, the great crowd roared again. fulfilled. Masaniello “had attained to

Whatever treason Ponce de Leon might kingly power.” Was the latter half of the be hatching and the suspicion did him prediction now to come to pass ? - was no injustice — he received his visitor with his empire to be brief, and his fall sudthe most gracious smiles. It was agreed, den”? A strange and awful answer was without a word of cavil, not only that all at hand. taxes should be taken off, and that a free The Duke of Arcos was nursing in his pardon should be granted to all rebels, but brain a scheme of vengeance which, for that Masaniello should maintain his men ingenious and inhuman villany, would in arms until assent to the agreement could have been heard with rapture by a crew of arrive from Spain. Finally, with many Dante's fiends. This scheme was now assurances of his esteem, the viceroy mature. That night, after the proceedings pressed his enemy to accept the rank of in the church, he arranged a splendid supDuke St. George, at the same time hang- per at the castle, at which Masaniello and ing round his neck, with his own hands, bis wife were the chief guests. There, a chain of massive links of gold. Masa. either in a glass of wine, or, as others say, niello, having gained his ends, professed in a ripe fig, Masaniello swallowed a himself the duke's most humble servant; strange poison, which had been comand in this pleasant comedy the time pounded by the duke's physician, Don slipped fast away. Presently a roar was Majella. This drug was not intended to heard outside the castle. The hour was také life; its effect was more terrific; it over; and the people, mindful of their was of the nature of “the insane root, pledge, were preparing, without more ado, which takes the reason prisoner.” The to burst in at the gates.

victim, when he sat down to the banquet Masaniello, with the duke beside him, table, was a man of great and striking came out into a balcony before the palace. powers of mind, pre-eminently cool, wary, At the sight of their leader safe and sound resolute, and sagacious. When he rose the people broke forth into long and loud up from it he was a madman. huzzas. The sight was one which might The effect of this atrocious scheme was have swelled with pride the heart of any soon apparent. The supper ended; the king: Masaniello was not loth to show guests departed; and nothing unusual was the duke some token of his power. He observed. But early the next morning the called for cheers; and the vast sea of people in the streets were startled at the heads below them roared in succession at spectacle of Masaniello, in a ragged shirt, the names of Our Lady, of the king, of the and with a stocking on one leg, running at Duke of Arcos, of the cardinal, and of the full speed towards the castle. At the most faithful people. When the shouting entrance, he demanded audience of the was at the loudest, Masaniello laid his viceroy; the guards, who knew him, durst finger on his lips ; and in an instant there not bar his passage ; and he made his way was the silence of the grave. Finally, he into the duke's presence, crying aloud bade the crowd disperse; and forthwith, that he was starving. The false and smil. as if by miracle, the Largo was left empty. ing Ponce de Leon looked upon his handiThe duke could hardly trust his eyes as work with glistening eyes.

Food was he surveyed the scene.

brought; but the wretched man would now touch nothing. A new whim had Several hours were spent in fruitless seized him; they would go, the duke and search. All traces of the fugitive had he together, to Posilippo, and spend the vanished. Nor was it till late in the afterday in pleasure. The duke eluded the noon that he was seen again. proposal on the score of pressing busi- It was about five o'clock; the service in ness; and Masaniello sailed alone in the the cathedral was drawing to a close; the duke's gondola. Forty boats of minstrels cardinal was preaching to a vast assemcame behind him. Crowds of gazers, lost bly; when a ghastly, ragged figure, with in wonder, watched his progress from the wild eyes and matted hair, was descried shore. During the voyage he amused upon the steps of the great altar. The himself by Alinging handfuls of gold coins figure carried in its hand a crucifix, to into the water, and shouted with laughter, which, at intervals, it muttered and gesticas the sailors dived to fetch them. At ulated. It was some time before the Posilippo, he ordered a rich feast to be ghost was recognized. But it was Masaset out; and it is said that before the niello, boat's head turned at evening towards The cardinal went up to the intruder, Naples, he had drunk twelve bottles of and, with great tact and management, inlacryma Christi, the rich and giddy wine duced him

to be led away into the adjoinwhich ripens only on the ranges of Vesu-ing convent. He went calmly; for his vius. Reeling with the effects of wine violent humor had given way to a strange and poison, he was taken to his bed. The apathy, and he was now as docile as a next morning he was raving. He called child. He had not many minutes left the for a horse, and with a bare sword in his church when the four assassins entered it hand, rode furiously about the streets, together. They soon learned what had slashing at all who ventured to oppose occurred. Attended by a small band of him. At length, he found his way to the their own party, they followed the track seashore. At sight of the sea he threw of their prey into the convent. himself from the saddle, and shrieking

Masaniello had retired alone into a quiet out that he was in flames, rushed, dressed quarter of the cloisters. He was leaning as he was, into the waves. But all the from a window, and looking out across the waters of the ocean could not quench the waters of the lovely bay, over which the fire that burnt him up. As soon as he wind of evening was now beginning to emerged, he broke into fresh freaks of vio- blow coolly. The sound of footsteps lence. He swore that he would fire the roused him. He turned round quickly, city; be hurled himself, sword in hand, with the words, “Who wants me? I am upon the bystanders. His own friends here.” Before he had time to speak were forced to seize and overpower him, again, or to make any movement of deto bind him with a chain, and to lead him fence, the four assassins raised their to his house, where he was placed under pieces and fired upon him in a volley. a guard.

All four shots took effect. He fell back, The plot had been most cunningly con- dying, against the stonework of the wintrived. There was nothing to excite sus- dow, and sank thence to the ground, with picion ; for the madness of the victim was the faint cry, “Ah, ungrateful traitors !” easily ascribed to overstrain of mind and Almost before the words were spoken, the body, to days of ceaseless vigilance, and rattle was in his throat. In another monights without repose. Masaniello mightment he was dead. now be murdered almost with impunity; Salvator Cattaneo threw himself upon not as a rebel to the State, but as a dan- the body, and severed the head from the gerous madman.

shoulders with a knife. A spear was Four hired men were ready to put a brought, the head was fixed upon it, and finish to the work of treason. Their names the band of conspirators, bearing it aloft, were Michael Angelo Aidozzone, Andrea rushed out into the streets. Rama, and Carlos and Salvator Cattaneo; Nothing could illustrate more strikingly the last two, brothers. Early on Sunday the tremendous power which the dead man morning these four men repaired, with had wielded than the sensation which was carbines in their hands, to Masaniello's excited by the tidings of his death. The house. They looked in at the door; but, news spread like wildfire through the city. to their surprise, the object of their search His own followers seemed struck with was nowhere to be seen. His guards stupor; his enemies went wild with fierce were asleep; his chain lay on the floor. delight. One band rushed forth into the The madman, by whatever means, had market-place, and took down from their gained his liberty, and disappeared. place of infamy Carafa's head and foot.


Another hastened to the convent, sought the bier was placed upon a lofty car, and out the headless body of their enemy, and drawn by coal-black horses through the haled it by a rope out of the cloisters. sireets. Five days before, along that very The viceroy left the castle and rode to the road, the hero of the hour had passed in cathedral, where doubtless he gave thanks triumph, ainid the blaze of banners and to St. Gennaro for having blessed his the shouting of the crowd. Now, black plot. Soon all the horde of smaller tyrants hangings drooped from every window; and oppressors began to crawl in swarms faces dark with sorrow crowded both sides out of their cellars, caves, and convent of the way. Before the hearse a thousand cells, to feast their eyes upon the sight of priests, in stoles of white, walked with the head of the terrible fisherman going censers in their hands and crosses lifted; up and down the city on a pole, and to behind it, muffled drums and trumpets have a kick at his carcase as it was dragged played a solemn march. Then came a along the kennels. At length the head company of men-at-arms, with spears rewas fixed upon a spike above the gateway versed and colors drooping; and then of the Holy Spirit; and the body was thousands, and tens of thousands, of the hurled into a ditch near the Nolana gate. people.

Such was the fall of Masaniello. But it The solemn pageant wound its way was his fate to illustrate, beyond example, through all the quarters of the city. At the mutability of human things. And the length it turned again towards the church. last scene of the strange drama was not the organ broke forth into the last ma

jestic service of the dead. A stone was The great mass of the people still re- lifted in the marble pavement; and there, vered the name of their deliverer. The with more than royal splendor, amidst the savage violence of his madness had trou- blaze of torches and the strains of solemn bled and estranged them. But his death music, the dark house closed forever struck them with consternation; and in a above the dust of Masaniello. few hours nothing was recollected but his greatness. Night had not come before tens of thousands were murmuring his name with blessings, and calling, upon each other, with tears of shame and rage,

From The English Illustrated Magazine. to remember all they owed to Masaniello. A SECRET INHERITANCE. The hearts of his enemies, which had

BY B. L. FARJEON. been thrilling with delight, began to feel a chill; and soon their bands, which had

BOOK THE SECOND. been going up and down so gaily, vanished like mist before the gathering of the multitude. That night, preparations It was not till at least an hour after. were set on foot for a burial worthy of a wards that I remembered the promise I people's hero ; and before morning all was had given to Emilius. Carew still slept, ready.

and had not stirred from the position in The corpse was taken from the ditch which I had found him. Two or three into which it had been thrown. The head times I made a gentle effort to remove was brought down from the pinnacle above from beneath his hand the papers I had the gate, and fastened to the shoulders by found in the secret drawer, but as my dea thread of silver. The body, washed and sign could not be accomplished without drenched with perfumes, was laid, clothed violence, I abandoned it. There was no in a vestment of white linen, upon an doubt in my mind that he had read them, open bier, and carried to the Chapel of and his tenacious hold upon them denoted Our Lady, where it was placed in front of that he had formed some strong resolution the great altar. A crown was fixed upon with respect to them. With the intention the head, and a sceptre set in the right of fulfilling my promise to Emilius, I softly hand ; and thus, in pomp and splendor, as left the room. at the burial of a king, the corpse of Ma- Mrs. Carew, sitting in a room above saniello lay in state. For many hours the with Mildred, heard my movements, and crowd continued to stream past the spot; swiftly and noiselessly glided down the a rain of flowers fell ceaselessly upon the stairs. In a low tone I made her acbody; and the tolling of the bell, and the quainted with what had passed between mournful music of the organ, were mingled me and Emilius, and I perceived that she with the constant sound of weeping. was not unprepared for Emilius's demand

At length, when the sun was sinking, I for an interview. When I repeated to


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