whereof, the necessary orders shall be fent by of in all the copies of the present Treaty, each of the high contracting, parties, with shall not form an example which may be alseciprocal pastporis for the thins which shall ledged or quoted as a precedent, or in any carry them, immediately after the ratifica- manner prejudice cither of the contracting eion of the present Treaty.

powers; and that they shall conform, for Art. XXI. The decision of the prizes and the future, to what has been obferved, and Seizures made prior to the hoftilities fall what ought to be observed, with regard to, be referred to the respective courts of juf- and on the part of, powers who are in the rice; so that the legality of the said prizes practice and poffefsion of giving and receive and seizures fhall be decided according to ing copies of like Treaties in a different lanthe law of nations and to Treaties, in the guage from the French; the present Treacourts of justice of the nation which thall ty having, nevertheless, the same force and have made the capture or ordered the fei. virtue as if the aforesaid practice had been

therein observed. Art. XXII. For preventing the revival of In witness whereof, we, the under-written the law.suits which have been ended in the ambassador extraordinary, and minifters plefunds conquered by either of the high con. nipotentiary, of their Britannic and moft eracting parties, it is agreed that the judg- 'chriftian majestics, have signed the present sents pronounced in the last resort, and Separate Articles, and have caused the seals which have acquired the force of matters de- of our arms to be affixed thereto. termined, mhall be confirmed and executed Dane at Versailles, the third of Septemaccording to their form and tenor.

ber, One choufand seven hundred and Art. XXIII. Their Britannic and moft eighty-three. Christian majesties promise to observe fine (L. S.) MANCHESTIR. cerely, and borâ fide, all the articles con- (L. S.) GRAVIER DE VERGINNIS. tained and establifhed in the present Trea- The Déclaration and Counter Declaration, ty; and they will not fuffer the same to be &c. &c. in caer next. infringed, directly or indirectly, by their seffective fubjects : And the said high con. tracting parties guaranty to each other, ge- THEATRICAL REGISTER. nerally and reciprocally, all the ftipulations

Hay.MARKET. of the present Treaty.

Sept. 1. Sceing is Believing The Agree: Art. XXIV. The folemn ratifications of able Surprise-Harlequin Teague. the prefert Treaty, prepared in good and 2. The Young Quaker---Gretna Green. dere form, fhall be exchanged in this city of 3. Love in a Village-Harlequin Teague. Verfailes, between the high contracting 4. The Young Quaker-Gretna Green. parries, in the space of a month, or fooner if Ś. Seeing is Believing—The Suicide-The posible, to be computed from the day of the Agreeable Surprize. fgnature of the prefent Treaty.

6. The Young Quaker--Gretna Grcen. in witpefs whereof, we, the under-writ. . 8. The Spanilh Barber-Seeing is Believe len ambailador extraordinary, and ministers ing-Gretna Green. plenipotentiary, have figned with our hands, 9. The Young Quaker--Gretna Green. in their names, and in virtue of our respec- 10. Separate Maintenance~Seeing is Bes tive full powers, the present Definitive lieving--The Agreeable Surprise. Treaty, and have caused the seals of our 11. The Young Quaker-Gretva Green. arms to be affixed thereto.

12. The Fox-The Son-in-Law. Done at l'enfailles, the third day of Sep- 13. The Fox.--Gretna Green.

tember, One thousand feven hundred 15. The Young Quaker-Gretna Green, and eighty-three.


16 The Busy Body-The Quaker. (L. S.) GRAVIER DE VERCENSES. 13. The Maid of the Mill--The Lyar.'

20. The Tender Husband-Gentle Shepherd. SEPARATE ARTICLES. 23. King Richard 111 - Robinson Crusoe.

Art. I. Some of the cities made use of hy 25. Love in a Village--The Alchymit. the coorrading parties, whether in the full 27. The Fair Quaker.-Gencle Shepherd. powers and other inftrumenis, during the 30. Hamlet.—The Quaker. course of the negotiation, or in the pream

COVENT-GARDEN. ble of the present treaty, not being gene- 17. Love in a Village-Tristram Shandy. wally acknowledged, it has been agreed that · 19. The Recruiting Officer The Padlock. no prejudice hould ever result therefrom to 22. Romeo and Juliet-The Choice of the said contracting parties; and that the Harlequin. titles taken or omitted on either fide, upon 24. Othello~The Quaker. eccafion of the said negotiation, and of the 26. The New Way to Pay Old Debesma present treaty, shall not be cited or quotcd as Tom Thumb. a precedent.

29. Othello.--Choice of Harlequin. Art. II. It has been agreed and decer. 08. 1. She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not. mined, thar the French language, made use Flitch of Bacon.



Conftantinople, Sept. 10.

happened at Meflina, alarm the Turks very Visible decreale in the havock made much.

by the contagion, joined 10 fome From Carlferone in Sweden, that on the favourable fymptoms which had been ob 2d of Sept. were launched there a thip of 6o frrved amongtt the infected patients in the and a frigate of 40 guns, which had been pus Chriftian hospitals, gave reason 10 hope that on the trocks on the 19th of July laft; la tbe peftilential disorder was drawing 10 a that their confiru&tion was compleated in fiss conclusion: But on the 26th of last month weeks and two days. In 10 months have be mortality again increased to an alarm- been built in the yards of Srock holtn four ing height, particularly at the Porte; and thips of 60, and four frigates of 40 guas; this unfavourable alieration was attribuied one of the latter is already ar fea, and some to a succession of unseasonable and variable more thips of the line and frigates are getting Weather.

ready with the utaio cxpedition. Other advices from Conftantinople say, Hamburgb, o&. 3. The differences bethe preparajions for war fill continue with tween the Dantzickers and the King of activity. The Turkish miniftry seemed at Pruffia, fee vol. XLIII. p. 620) have lale'y firkt but little concerned at what had takea been renewed; and the very ill-imed firmplace in the Crimea, but it is apparent they nels thewn by the former seems now to now think differently on that subject. All prelage fome alarming consequences, as we depends on the answer which Ruitia makes find ihe Pruflian troops have surrounded thac to the offer of the mediation of the Court of place in such a manner as to cus off all theis France. If that mediation be rejected, war trade outwards. will inevitably take place; the Turks can- Dantz'ck, 027. 10. In consequence of the not consent to the occupation of Crimea, difference arisen between the Court of Bero which is considered as the barrier of the Océ lin and the inhabitants of this city, the toman empire.

latter has been entirely blocked up for three Paris, Ol. 2. The last courier from days past. All communication is forbid, Rufia has, as was expected, brought the den; and nothing is fuffered to go out, exanswer of the Court of St. Petersburg to the copt Prusian and Ruffian effe&s, those be offer of mediation made by our Court, to pre- longing to foreigners refident here, and the veot a rupture with the Porte; the fubitance apparel of travellers. of which answer is, " That the Empress Paris, Safs, 27. The adminiftrators oE has not given the l'orte any cause of com- the Caille d'Escompte having represented plaint, wherefore then thould they fear a to the King, that in consequence of she ropture? Crimea, the Cuban, &c. which scarcity of cash in their hands, occafioned her Majesty has united to her empire, were by the circumitances of the war, which have free and independent countries, therefore all prevented the annual and regular importatipa mediation on that subject is superfluous. If of gold and silver, at the same time that her Imperial Majesi ý thould by any unjust specie has been exported, they, in order 19 aggravation be obliged to maintain her support commerce, and, above all, that of rights by attacking the Grand Signior in his the city of Paris, where the scareity has own, dominions, the would then gladly ac- becu particularly felt, have recurred io the cept the mediation of the King of France, as resource which Government allowed theca

fure method to prevent the effofion of in authoriting the establishment of the Cailla blood, and to conciliate the intereits of the d'Escomple—That their zeal to alatt com. two empires." This amicable answer does merce has induced them to discount such not, however, put a stop to the armaments bills of exchange, and good deeds oa indivi. at Toulon.

duals, as have been presented to them, and Tripoli in Syria, July 30. On the 20th have paid those bills of exchange in carb, op of this month two thocks of earthquakes in noies of their bank payable to the bearer. were felt here, both of which together only That the contideace of the public in this lafted cight or ten seconds, and were pre- bank has led them to augaens the number ceded by a rembling noise : On the evering of these notes, ic proportion to the wants of before, a very violent rain had fallen, which commerce; but the resource by wbich trade is very extraordinary at this season. For bas beca lo greatly benefied, ond (pecie bas this month paft, both land and íra have been beeo thrown into circulaiion, being retarded covered with a thick fog, and the winds ja its effects, the Caille d'Escompre will be bave beca as violent as during winter ; the prevenied, for a time, from continuing to fun appears but rarely, and when it does the public the facility of discount, by the im. tooks very red Thele phænomena were posibil syof ifuing specie, and even of vaheard of before in Syria. The fame caribae being able to give call for their potes, when quake was fels at Libaulus, and a whole vile they are prelerged in too great quancicies, lage cear Napov louíia was buried under a unders provision is made by his Majesty. Ir rock which fell upon it. These events, to- does not appear, however, that any farther gether with the recollection of what has Ericacs are aming, chia watil chs ift of LENT. Mac, 08. 178;.


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January next, a period when it is known Qfend, CA. 3. Entered lately at this part Thas the circulation of fiecie will be per. the Lady Sophia-Maria Imperial East-lu. feétly re eftablished; they therefore pray diaman, from China, on accennt of the merhis Majefty's prote&t:on. In consequence chants of this port: She has about 120 trs whereof, the King ordains that all the notes of goods from Batavia, on account of the of the faid bank ihall have circulation till Dutch, which the will carry to Amfterdam that time in the city of Paris only, and be as soon as the remainder of her cargo bas received in payment as before, and that no been taken cut. According to the accounts prosecution's shall take place on account of by this thip, the Dutch had five thips at their non-payment at the said bank.. At Batavia, with cargoes on board for Europe, the same time a severe edi&t is isrued to having heard nothing of a cellation of bofprevent thie exportation of gold and álver tilitics." specie for a limiied time.

Extrad of a letter from Paris, oåt. 10. A new edi&t of the King of France has

“ We have had occalion before to observe, appeared, dated the 4th inft. opening a loan

that ttorms have been mostly geoeral ou the of

millions of livres, for which his Ma. 3d of August laft, but no part of the kingo jesty's offers 60,000 tickets of a new lottery, dom seems to have suffered so much

as the price 4co livre's eaclı, which makes in all countries adjacent to Orleans. flie 24 millions wanted. The purchasers of above day a storm arose, whịch taking its

On the the said tickets have the option of paying direction from S.W. to N. E. over-san, in half the 4c0 livres in noies, iffued from the less than half an hour, a fpase of 20 leagues late Caille d'Escompte : The lottery is to in length and one in breadth. By its dreado be drawn during the space of eight years, ful and rapid effects 20 parishes have lost and the adventurers are to roono risque, as the holders of blanks will be allowed the every hope of a crop, which was the mon

promising ever known. The hamlet of St. principal and interest of their money.

Bohaire suffered moft; all the irres were Extraat of a letter from Paris, Septi 28.

torn up by the roots, the chimneys beat " M. Gerrard de Rayneval, who was en.

down, and every house, mill, and bam un. gaged with the Chevalier de Heredia in

roolod. The timber work of the church, bringing the peace to a conclufion, has been honoured by the King of Spain with the height, whick, though built in the year

56 feet in length, 24 in breadth, and 19 in crofs of the order of Charles 114. and prefented with a gold boy, adorned with his 1455, was as good as new, gave way during

the evening service. Luckily only one life Majelty's picture set in diamonds of confi. derable value. The same gentleman has also reftowed their lives to the frong ceiling that

was loft, and about 40 were wounded; the received from M. de Vergeones a present of

supported elie timber frame." 30,000 crowns, and a penfion of 3000 livres ; we do not know as yet what presents are in- Extract of a Letter from Paris, Oa. 11. paded for the Ministers of the mediating

“ A report is very prevalent here, that Courts, nor will they; we are assured, be Tippoo Saib, the son and fucceffor of Hyder conferred on the parties until the ratifications Ally, after the taking of Mungalore, retired iball have been interchanged.

in great precipitation to his capital, front “ The Royal Academy of Nismes have whence he has made a formal offer of con. proposed a prize of a gold medal, worth 600 cluding peace with the English immediately. livres, for the best Estay in Latin or French, These accounts are not oficial, but they 09. the following queftion, viz. “ What come from a quarter that render their ads inflaence has the tafie, introduced by the thority indubitable. writings of Mons. Boileau, had upon the “ This ciry is the seat of monfusion among literature of France ?" The ErTays must be the mercantile people, on account of the sent to the Secretary of the Royal Academy

numerous, failures which' have. happened before the 31st of March, 1784, and the lately, and which even the measures which prize will be adjudged the May following." the government have adopted are not likely

From Vincennes, that a naturalist, having to prevent becoming fill (wc fear) more cxamined into the nature of the lara of fome general. extinguished volcanos io that province, hath *** The Duke De Vauguyon set off yesterdiscovered the secret of employing it in day for the Hague, from whence tie has making boules of an extreme thíoncs, and beco abfent near four months. He carries, which weigh no more than four ounces; as we hear, a very particular message to the though those of glafs weigh from fixteen tó States Gederal, which the King would not seventeen. The bottles made of the lava are entrust 10 any other than the Ambasador leis transparent and more brittle than the himself; it is supposed to relate to the ordinary unos; but if their price is less, payment certain furns of money immethey may yet be useful; and there is rcafon diately." to think that other vesels may be formed of From Stockholm, that on the 27th of Seps that lava, and, by new combinations, a lo- tember the King of Sweden let out from lidity given to them which did not occur ch Drottingholm on his travels, to make what is the fira experiment."

called The Grand Tour.

“ Sir,

AUVICES FROM THE EAST INDIES. Great Britain, his Majesty's frigate Su.cess,

Letter from Madras, dated March 21, Capt. Pole, was ordered for that purpose, and "I am happy to inform you, that Govern- to lail as soon as poffible, meat bere have received letters from Colonel Lang, containing intelligence the most fa- AMERICAN INTELLIGENCI. voerable that could be withed. Col. Lang Copy of a Letter froin bis Ex:elency Sir Guy says, that he had received authentic accounts CARLETON, Burt. & c. 10 ibe Presid nt of from Mr. Hutchinson, Chief of Anjango, of sbe Anerican Congress a complete revolution in the Mysore. The

New York, Aug. 17, partizans of the old Rajah's family had “The Juao packet, lately arrived, bro'ght formed a conspiracy against Tippoo Saib, me final orders for the evacuation of inis and, taking a favourable opportunity, bad, place. Be pleased, Sir, to inform Congress seized Seringapatam, and released aļl the of this proof of the perseverance of the Court English prilouers.The gallant but unfare of Great Britain in ihc pacific syftem expreso tunate Col. Baillie, who was a prisoner at sed by the Provisional articles, and that I Seringapatam, is faid to have died three days hall lose no cime, as far as depends vpon me, before the revolution took place.”

'in fulfilling his Majesty's com aands. On March 17, between the hours of three .“ .But, notwithstanding my orders are uso and four in the afternoon, it blew the feverest gent to accelerate the toral evacuation, the Squall from the N. W, ever remembered in difficulty of atizoing the precise period for Calcutta. It came on fo fuddenly, that the > this event is of late gratis increased, people on board the ships in the river had not “My correspondence wih Gen, W'achingtime to take measures for the safety of their ton, Gov. Clinton, and Mr. Livingro: (vour vesels, and almost every one of them parted late fecretary for foreign affairs), early lugo from their anchors. The following vellets gefted the impediments tending to retard this were irrecoverably loft: The Eagle snow, service. A letter to Mr. Living on, of the a Bombay cruizer, lunk abreast of the New 6th of April, two more to Gen. Wantington, Fort; one of her anchors gave way, and, in of the soch of May and roh of June, w : fwinging round, the tript upon the other, and several to Gov. Od nton, ftating many hostile

was overset. The first lieutenant and forty- proceedings within the Iphere of his authoa five men, many of them Earopeans, were un- pity, are those to which I reler. Copies of fortunately drowned. The Reformation, a some of these letters i inclore, though I am snow (late a privateer), was overser. She had doubtless so presume the Congrets to be inbeen sold to the Portuguese che day before. formed of all srantaet ons material to the geThe Company's ketch, Fly, Capt. Tho. For- neral direction of their affairs. Teft, diove from her anchors, and was lost a- “ The violence in the Americans, which breast of the Old Fort. Many bodgerows, broke out soon after che cessation of hoftilibuts, and a great number of country boats, ties, increased the number of their country, several of them full of people, were loft.- med to look'in me for cfcape from threatened When the wind had blown aboot half an deftruction ;, but there Kerrors have of lare hour from the Ņ. W. it suddenly shified to been fo.considerably augmenied, cliat almost the Eati ward, and blew from that quarter all within these lines conceive the latety, with great violence. The damage done by both of their property and lives, depend upon this itorm on land is also very confiderable. their being removed by me, which readers it The cavalry encampment at Cowgetchy was impoinble to lay when the evacuation can be almost entirely levelled to the ground, and compleated. Whetheribey have just ground the cantonments at Barrackpore sustained to affert, that there is either no goveru nent some damage. Many large trees, in the within your limits fur common protection, or Deighbourhood of Calcutta, were toro or, that is decretly favours the committees in the and an incredible number qf Iman firaw- fovereignty they allume, and are actually exhouses defroyed.

crcising, I fhall not pretend to determine :

but, as the daily Gazettes and publicationis ADVICES FROM THE WEST INDIES. furnish repeared proofs, not oniy of a difre

Kingfian inefamaica, Aug. 16. In bis Ma- gard to the Articles of Peace, but as barbajefy's doop Keppel, from New Orleans, are rous menaces from committees formed in vaarrived the prisoners who had been condemn- rious towns, cities, and distries, and even at ed to suffer deach for the revole at the Nat. Piniladelphia, the very place which the Conchez, whole țives Gen. Galvez was pleased to gress had chosen for their residence, I should {pare as a mark of respect for his fogal. thew an indifference to the feeliegs of huHighness Prince William Henry. See p.702. manity, as well as to the honour and interest

Kingston, Aug. 2. On the 21it alt. arrived of the nation whom I terve, so lewe any of a Montego Bay the brig Lucy, Capt. Law- the Loyalists, that are desireus to quit the less, a bag of cruce from the Havannab and country, a prey to the violence they con eive Trinidad, with the families that were carried they have fo much cause to apprehend. off the Grand Caymanas by the Spaniards in " The Congress will hence difcern how May last year.

much it will depend on them.clves and the Our merchants having applied to Admiral subordinate legislatures to facilite tie lepe Rowley for a thig of war to carry fece to vice I am commanded to perform. By abar.

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ing the fears, they will here hy diminish the lency, foliciting a recommendation for tpacts - number ef the emigrants. But, thould these of lands in that province, amounting toge: fears continue, and compel such multitudes ther to 275,000 acres; and that they have to remora, 1 thall hold myself acquitted from fent forward agents to furvey the unlocated every delay in the fulblling my orders, and londs, and felect the moft fertile spots adid the consequences which may relult there we fireable fituacions." from. And I cannot avoid adding, tharit The memorial was figned by 630 persons, makes no small part of any concern, that the His Excellency returued an apfwer to the Congress' have thought proper to fufpend to following effect : this late hour recommendations ftipulated by “ Thai his Excellency, within these few the Treaty, and in the puu&tual performance days, has had reason' to believe that no pero of which the King and his Ministers have fou will obtain a larger grant of land in expreffed such entire confidence. I am, Şir, Nova-Scotia than 1000 actes That the your Excellency's mos obedient and humble power of ifluing parents for lands there, reiervant,

Guy CARLETON," lides only in the Governor, to whom his EsA gentleman iately arrived from Philadel- cellency will immediately forward the me. phia reports, that the people there are in the morial; which, lie apprehends, 'will arrive greatest ferment, occasioned by the foregoing before patenis can be made out for the tract letter, and the proclamation or order of coun- of land mentioned in it. And that it was 'cil reftri&ting to Briiiih subjects and Brith his opinion, no persons should be allowed to boitoms only, the carriage of all American take up lands in that province but those who produce from the Thirteen States to the Brin mean to refide there, till the Loyal As ofc tish Wen. India Itlands. Some talked of or- firfi served: and tllat his Excellency wiil do dering every British thip out of port, but there every thing in his power lorthe memorialifts, can only be a few mad people, though indeed and believes they will have no cause to come grcat part of the inhabitants of the new na- plain.” tion feem to be in a tale of intoxication. Extra&t of a Letter from Bolon, Nero Enge Exirdil of ibe Procedings of the Atomhly of land, Aug. 16.

tbc State of New York, a: Peek's Kill, the “ The General Court, in their late feffion, 2.416 of Anguja, 1983.

ordered a congratulatory address to be to ans. " Whereas the following natives and citi. mitted to his Excellency Gen. Washington ; zens of New York have not only given every of which the following is a true cory: aid and afinance to the enerries' pf their “SIR, The Senate and House of Reprecountry, but have put themselves in arms to sentatives of the Commonwealth of Maffaemirave the fame, and, in consequence, have chulett's, in Gencral Court allembled, take been guilty of felony, murder, and very this opportunity of congratulating you on the other set of high ercafon against these United · happy return of peace. States :--Il isikerefore hereby declared. That " Your Excellency, we are a fured, will Oliver Delancy, James Delaney, Jn. Waris, join us in the warmelt cxpreffions of gratitude

Ludlow, Frederick Phillipse, Henry to the Supreme Ruler of ihe univerfe, under White, Harry Croger, William Smiid, Hugh whore influence and direction the struggles of Wallace, Willard Apthorpe, John Johnson, a virtuous and free people have terminated in being enemics of their country, be, and are, a revolution wbich excites the admiration of for ever, outlawed from the United States; the world. and their property, real and perronal, be seized “Quided by the all-wise Providence, your and confiicated for the use of these States.?' country early fixed her eyes upon you, and;

The laft accounts from America Tay, that confiding thore eminent qualities which Yeveral gentlemen, on the sth of Avgull, you pofleffed, appointed you in the command waited on his Excellency Sir Guy Carleton, of her armies. with. a memorial, in which are'rhe following “The wisdom of your condra in i he dira passages :

charge of that important trull, bas given a “That your memorialifts, having been de- complete satisfaction to the appointment; prived of very valua'le landed estates, and and crowned the most heightened expectaconfiderable perfonal properties without the tion. In every tage of the 'ardoous condict Jines; and being also obliged to abandon what trying scenes have you passed through! Their poflefTions in this city, 50 account of whai hardships have you not endured! what their loyalty to their Sovereign, and attache dangers hate you not encountered! May you ment Puthe British Cor.tituc on; and seeing long live, beloved by a grateful country, and 110 prospect of their being reinfiaied, had do- pariaking largly in the enjoymeot of those tymined to remove, with their families, and ineftimable bieftings which you have been fo Se sle in his Majesty's province of Nova-sio. eminently inftrumental in securing for os ! tir, or the terms which, they understood, While patriot shall not cease co applaud that were held out equally to all tais Majesty's fired artachment which you have conftanıly pusfecuted lutjects.

Tanifefted to the right of citizens too oftea “Thar your inemorialints are mic! alarm- Viested by men in arms, your military vir. wat an application which, they are informe wes and achievements will be deeply re. Ce, 5 porino ba e joined in to your Excci- eorued to be brcatis o: your countrymen,


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