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Indemnity he now disdains 11 ;
As Scottish bluid flows in their veins,

Who'll vote them foreign troops ?

Herries and Sherri • shall collogue,
To twist their tongues to twang and brogue,

And Monsodd's hopes surpass :
I pledge myself that in fix weeks
An Ouran better English speaks,


To check religious zeal and quarrels,-
Let David Hume inculcate morals, .

Dalrymple pen their story!
And as their jabbering smacks of Erse,
Let them recite MAC-Ossian's verse,

To fire their souls to glory.

|| The opposition kindly offered an 48 of Indemnity' to Lord! North for employing Hessian troops in the British dominions; but as his lordihip thought our colonies were not comprehended within the meaning of the prohibition in the Act of Settlement relative to foreign troops, he thanked his opponents for the offer, but de: clined accepting it.

Messieurs Herries and Sheridan, Scotch and Irish professors of oratory, who modestly undertook to teach us the true enunciation « and pronunciation of the English language.


Honours, like fulphur, cure all stains;
Will fine the blood in OURAN's veins,

And dignify difgrace :
Then grant them titles, or a string,
They'll not betray a Brunswick king,

Though of a Scottish race.

Whatever Ouran catches LEE ,
Let him be ribbon'd with K, B,

And clap a blazing ítar on ;
To shine at court with Irwin's grace,
Or grin with sweet Sir John's + grimace,

A Nova Scotia Baron!

General Charles Lee.

+ Sir John Dalrymple.







Scriberis, Vario fortis, & hoftium

Vi&or, Mæonii carminis alite, Quam 1 em cumque

ferox navibus; aut equis Miles, te duce, geflerit.


SAM JOHNSON in the true fublime
Shall chaunt your Acts another time,

Your wisdom in taxation;
Though boston still, without remorse,
Would burn your ships, and starve your horfe,

She'll kiss your Proclamation.


Our power supreme shall Yankies own,
Since Jacobites before the throne

Lay down their lives and riches :
To raise recruits the Highlands join,
And Birmingham will furnish coin

To buy them--velvet breeches,

• Strong Addresses were presented by the iphabitants of Birna ingham and Manchester, to urge the continuance of the American war,

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My trembling muse can ne'er aspire
To tune an ode with Whitehead's fire,

Or fing these glorious days :
Befides, your ears, my Lord, are nice,
They hrink from flattery in a trice,

And scarce bear modest praise.


Elfe should I hail this lucky hour,
Lo, SAYRE committed to the Tower !

Britain fhall Pæans fing:
A meal-tub plot young Oates shall prove,
Since Kate Macaulay basely strove

To ravish George our King * !

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• Mr. Richardson, (the witness against Sayre, and therefore the Titus Oates of the Court) will produce undoubred evidence to prove this extraordinary falt.-The Lord Mayor elect, Mr. Sawbridge, encouraged his fister to this atrocious attempt, unparalle!ed even in her own history. ---Ms. Wilkis is also strongly surpected.


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The dust and sweat on Putnam's brow,
Who in the battle equals Howe,

But kneels to Madam Gage ?


Enough for me, if I rehearse
Some Whiggith maxim in my verse,

And prove my patriot zeal :
I've no fond wish to lose an ear:
(Or gain a pension, like Shebbeare,)

Though the King's touch might heal,

OCTOBER 27, 1775.

* To prevent malignant constructions, the author thinks him. self bound in honour to declare, that by Madam Gage he means Mrs. Gage, and not the General. At the same time he candidly owns a compliment was designed to the galant old wood-cutter, for his singular politeness to that lady.



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