A record of crime from the earliest to the present day; containing the

Trials and Confessions of the most eelebrated Criminals of this
and foreign countries, with biographical sketches of the most
cold-blooded murderers who have been tried and executed
in this country. Fully Illustrated with numerous

Engravings and Portraits from life. Among the many interesting and thrilling narratives found in this book are : The Trial of the British Soldiers of the 29th Regiment of foot, for the murder of five citizens of Boston, on Monday Evening, March 5th, 1770, commonly known as the Boston Massacre. The only account of this trial ever published, and especially interesting as one of the exciting causes of the American Revolution. The murder of Miss Jane McCrea by the Indians. The wonderful life and remarkable trial of Mary Bateman, who was condemned for the murder of Mrs. Perigo. The murder of the family of Logan; the celebrated Indian Chief. Indian outrages and Captivities. The horrible murder of Nathaniel Sewell. The trial and execution of Fairbanks, for the murder of Elizabeth Fales. The murder of Anna Ayer, at Goffstown, New Hampshire, by Daniel Farmer. The Life and adventures of Samuel Green, the Murderer and Robber. The case of John Calas, broken on the wheel, for the murder of his own son, afterwards proved innocent. The Life of Madam Figuet, the poisoner. The Life of the beautiful Spanish Girl, Carolina Estradas De Mina, executed for poisoning. The life, trial, and confession of Simon L. Crocket, the Incendiary. The trial and confession of Amos Miner, the murderer. The career of Gibbs, the Pirate, in connection with his companion, Thos. Wansley. The remarkable and horrible career of the seven cannibal brothers, with their trial, confession, and execution. Cæsar Reynolds, the black fiend. Matthias, the impostor and murderer. The life and adventures of John Washburn, the great Western robber, who committed upwards of thirty murders, with an account of his execution. The murder of Miss Reay. The Convent Riot at Charlestown, Massachusetts. The Girl of Liege.

The Beauchamp Tragedy in Kentucky. Mutiny on board U. S. Brig Somers, with many other narratives of startling interest, the whole fully and completely illustrated, and a Splendidly, Engraved Vignette in Colors. Large 12mo., cloth, $1.25.



The Young Artist.



12mo. Cloth. $1.00.

“It is s beautiful and ably written story."--Churchman.

“The scenes of this work are portrayed with a delicacy and a natural pathos, that gives to them an irresistible attraction.” Courier & Enquirer.

“It deserves, and will doubtless receive, an extended circulation, and will do good wherever it may go." --Newark Ado.

“ It is a roinance that the most fastidious ohjector to novel reading might peruse with advantage as well as with pleasure.” – Worcester Palladium.

“We are disposed to rank this work, in point of talent, inore highly than any of Miss Drury's previous volumes.

" It is pleasant to recommend a volume like this, which every mother can place in her daughter's hand, with the certainty that the lessons it teaches must strengthen within her every virtuous thought, and better prepare her to pass worthily through the conflict of life. We cannot do the realing public a better service than to recommend the circulation of this work."--Albany State Register.

A book of high order and rare interest, and worthy to rank among the foremost works of that class of fiction, which invigorates but does not intoxicate."--Com. Advertiser.

" A charming novel from the pen of that pleasantest and sprightliest of writers, Miss Drury. The story is one of touching pathos and absorbing interest, carrying with it a moral worthy to be inculcated. The character of the story is one of the most beautiful specimens of portraiture we have ever metin which all the elements that ennoble and render lovely the female character, are most happily combined. We recommend this book to our lady readers." - Savannah Daily News.

“A new work by Miss Drury, will need no recommendation to those who have been delighted by her previous works. 'Light and Shade,' is written in a pure and elegant style, the plot is simple, though sufficiently intricate to excite and sustain the interest of the reader, and the moral unexcep.ionable. It will find an unexceptionable welcome.”- Northern Budget.




The Coming Man .





One vol., 12mo., pp. 443, Cloth, $1.00.

“A most entertaining story by the author of the Bachelor of Albany. It is full of life and character, and is written sensibly, humorously, and often satirically.”N. Y. Courier,

“The story is well told, and the moral a most instructive one.”—Daily Standard.

“The narrative is remarkably lively and amusing, and the varied characters are depicted in a graphic and sparkling manner.”—Chr. Messenger.

The story is very skillfully and yet naturally wrought out, and he will be a fortunate reader who does not find parts of it bearing closely upon passages in his own life.” -Albany Register.

"A satirical novel, written in a style of high art, and careless carefulness rarely excelled. We have seen nothing more lively, polished and piquant for many a day.”—N. 7. Post.

It is written in a dazzling and joyous style, which certainly recommends it.” —— Troy Whig.


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