Rev. Jonathan Edwards, President of Nassau Hall, died of the small pox, March 22, 1748, and was buried March 24th.

Esther Burr, wife of Rev. Aaron Burr, died at Princeton, April 7, 1758, of a short illness, aged 26.

Sarah Edwards, wife of Jonathan Edwards, died Oct. 2, 1758, about 12 o'clock, and was buried at Princeton the day following.

Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah, died at Northampton, Jan. 1, 1762, aged 14.


Lucy Woodbridge died at Stockbridge in Oct. 1786, aged 50.

Rev. Jonathan Edwards, D. D. died at Schenectady, Aug. 1, 1801, aged

Susannah Porter died at Hadley, in the spring of 1802, aged 61.
Sarah Parsons died at Goshen, Mass. May 15, 1805, aged 76.
Mary Dwight died at Northampton, Feb. 1807, aged 72.
Timothy Edwards died at Stockbridge in the autumn of 1813, aged 75.
Eunice Hunt died at Newbern, N. Č. in the autumn of 1822, aged 79.
Pierrepont Edwards died at Bridgeport, April 14, 1826, aged 76.

[blocks in formation]

2. Esther, born May 17, 1752, died at Stockbridge, Nov. 17, 1774.
3. Elihu, born Dec. 9, 1753, married Rhoda Hinsdale of Lenox. He
died at Goshen in Aug. 1804. They had 6 children.

4. Eliphalet, born Jan. 1756; married Martha Young of Long Island.
He died at Chenango, N. Y. in Jan. 1813. They had 5 children.

5. Lydia, born Jan. 15, 1757; married Aaron Ingersoll of Lee. They had 4 children.

6. Lucretia, born Aug. 3, 1759; married Rev. Justin Parsons of Pittsfield, Vt. She died at Goshen in Dec. 1786. They had 1 child.

7. Sarah, born Sept. 8, 1760; married David Ingersoll of Lee, Dec. 13, 1781. They had 13 children.

8. Lucy, born Oct. 14, 1762; married Joshua Ketchum. They had 3 children.

[blocks in formation]

11. Jerusha, born May, 1766; married Ira Seymour of Victor, N. Y. They have had 5 children.

11. Jerusha, died unmarried, at the age of 17.

Rev. Aaron Burr, married June 29, 1752. They lived at Newark, III. {Esther Edwards, and Princeton.


1. Sarah, born May 3, 1754; married Hon. Tapping Reeve of Litch-
field, Conn. They had 1 child, Aaron Burr Reeve.

2. Hon. Aaron Burr, Vice President of the Uuited States, born Feb. 6,
1756; married Mrs. Theodosia Prevost. They had one daughter.
(Timothy Dwight, Esq. married Nov. 8, 1750. They lived at
Mary Edwards,
Northampton. He died at Natchez, in


1776; and she, in Feb. 1807, at Northampton.

Children 13.

1. Rev. Timothy Dwight, DD., LL. D., President of Yale College, born May 14, 1752; married Mary, the daughter of Benjamin Wool


sey, Esq. of Dorsous, L. I. They had 7 children. He died at New Haven, Jan. 11, 1817.

2. Sereno Edwards Dwight, M. D., born 1753; married Miss Lyman. They had 2 children. He was lost at sea, on the coast of Nova Scotia, in 1779.

3. Jonathan Dwight, born 1755; married Miss Wright. They had 2 children. He died in 180-.

4. Erastus Dwight, born 1756; died, unmarried, in 1825.

5. Maurice William Dwight, M. D., born in 1758; married Margaret Dewitt. They had 2 children.

6. Sarah, born May 29, 1760; married Seth Storrs of Northampton. She died at Northampton, in 1805.

7. Hon. Theodore Dwight, born in 1762; married Abbey Alsop. They have 3 children.

8. Mary, born in 1764; married Lewis R. Morris. They had 1 child. 9. Delia, born in 1766; married Jonathan Edwards Porter, Esq. They had 3 children.

10. Nathaniel Dwight, M. D., born in 1769; married Miss Robbins. They have 4 children.

11. Elizabeth, born in 1771; married William W. Woolsey, Esq. They had 8 children. She died at New-Haven in the autumn of 1812. 12. Cecil Dwight, born June 10, 1774; married Mary Clap. They have had 11 children.

13. Henry Edwin Dwight, born in 1776; married Electa Keyes. They had 6 children.

{Lahleel Woodbridge, Esq. married June 1764. They lived at Stock

V. Lucy Edwards,

Children, 7.


1. Jonathan Woodbridge, Esq., born 1766; married Sarah Meach. They had 8 children.

2. Stephen, born 1778, and had several children.

3. Joseph Woodbridge, Esq., born in 1770; married Louisa Hopkins. They had 4 children.

4. Lucy, born in 1772; married Henry Brown. They had 9 or 10 children.

5. John Woodbridge, Esq.

6. Sarah, married a Mr. Leicester of Griswold, Conn. children.

7. Rey Timothy Woodbridge, of Green River, N. Y.

They had 5

Hon. Timothy Edwards, married Sept. 25, 1760. They lived ai

VI. Rhoda Ogden,

Children 15. Two died young. 1. Sarah. 2. Edward. 3. Jonathan. 4. Richard. 5. Phebe. 6. William. 7. Robert Ogden. 8. Timothy. 9. Mary Qgden. 10. Rhoda. 11. Mary. 12. Anna. 13. Robert. S Eleazar Porter, Esq. VII. {Susannah Edwards,

Children 5.

1. Eleazar. 2. William. 3. Thomas Pollock, Esq. Eunice Edwards,


Children 5.

1. Elizabeth, married

2. Hester, died unmarried.

3. Thomas Pollock, Esq.

married Sept. 1761. They lived at Hadley.

Jonathan Edwards. 4. Moses. 5. Pierrepont married Jan. 1764. They lived at ElizSabethtown, N. J.

Williams Esq.

4. Frances, married John Deveraux, Esq. They have 3 children.

5. George Pollock, Esq.


(Rev. Jonathan Edwards, DD.

President of Union College,
Sarah Porter,

Children 4. One died young.

married in 1770. They lived at New-Haven, and Schenectady.

1. Mary, married Mr. Hoit, of Schenectady.

2. Jonathan Walter Edwards, Esq. Married Elizabeth Tryon. 3. Jerusha, married Rev. Calvin Chapin D. D. of Stepney.

X. Elizabeth. Died unmarried, at the age of 14.


(Hon. Pierrepont Edwards, married May, 1769. They lived at
Frances Ogden,

Children 10. Of whom 4 died in infancy.

1. Susan, married Samuel W. Johnson, Esq. They have had 6 children. 2. Hon. John Starkes Edwards, married Louisa Morris. They had 3 children.

3. Hon. Henry Waggerman Edwards, married Lydia Miller. They have had 8 children.

4. Hon. Ogden Edwards, married Harriet Penfield. They had 10 children.

5. Alfred Edwards, married Deborah Glover.

6. Henrietta Frances, married Eli Whitney, Esq. They had 4 children.



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1752. True Grace distinguished from the Experience of Devils; A Sermon on James ii. 19, before the Synod of Newark. New York.

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1765. Eighteen Sermons, annexed to the Life by Dr. Hopkins. Boston. 1177. The History of Redemption. Edinburgh.

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1788. God's Last End in the Creation. In the same pamphlet as the preceding.

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1789. Twenty Sermons. Edinburgh.

1793. Miscellaneous Observations. Edinburgh.

1796. Miscellaneous Remarks. Edinburgh.

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