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sistent with an alliance which would be patience must appeal to him as much in the alarmiug to Germany, and almost openly interest of society as in his own interest; hostile to England. The squabbles of the and the interest of society is a motive which tribes of the Lebanon concern the Govern- it requires some education and intelligence, ments of the continent far less nearly than and, perhaps, also, some degree of affluence

, the restless intrigues of France ; nor is any to feel. But the Belgian press has done its statesman deluded by the sympathy which duty well in setting before the people the looks for objects at Damasc while robbery real character of that socialism which reigns and murder perpetrated by the pious Chris- at the Tuileries ; and the result is, that, if tians of Montenegro are habitually counte- the French government means to annex Belnanced and protected. If Russia and France gium, it must evidently be done by the prohave determined on a joint robbery of Tur- cess which, in these days, is distastekey, any other power which joins in the un- ful - of open rapine, not by “universal dertaking deserves the reward which will in- suffrage." It was somewhat disturbing to eritably follow on its dishonesty and folly. read confident assertions in the French pro

The barbarism of Syria and the miserable pagandist press that the loyalty shown to weakness of the Turkish government unfor- King Leopold was only that " of official cirtunately furnish a color of justification for cles ; " that the king's consciousness of the French interference. It would have been fact rendered his tone “rather one of resigdifficult to oppose in the first instance a pre- nation than of hope ;” and that, if the Bel. tended act of generosity, which must never- gian people could be polled, it would protheless affect all serious English politicians nounce, by a great majority, for annexation with grave uneasiness. As the French pol- to France. Now these assertions are anicy develops itself, the pretence of sentiment swered. It is only a pity that the Belgian will be gradually laid aside, and it will be operatives cannot send a deputation, first to come evident that the question turns on the Compiègne, to see the socialist emperor in expediency of creating a French province his blouse amidst his simple household of on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. prolétaires, and then to Cayenne, to see the The expedition which has been prepared so leaders of the French operatives in the enquickly was either organized beforehand, or joyment of their socialist elysium. has been rendered feasible by the chronic Belgium cannot have to fear an odious readiness of the French army and navy for attack on the independence of a free peo

On either supposition, the suddenness ple. It must regard as impossible the very with which an unexpected military enterprise thought of an attempt the iniquity of which can be commenced ought to shame even the would be denounced by indignant Europe." obstinate relics of the peace party into salu- These words of the Belgian Chamber are tary and necessary vigilance.

not merely a convenient mode of deprecating

an apprehended crime they are an appeal From The Saturday Review, 28 July.

to the morality of Europe, which Europe

must answer if it would not have all moral. THE BELGIAN DEMONSTRATION.

ity trodden under foot by violence. And The best feature in the demonstration Europe will not have all 'morality trodden with which the Belgian people have met the under foot. The force of opinion in interappeals and rebuked the intrigues of French national affairs is not so great as it ought to annexationists is the enthusiasm displayed be; nor, thanks to technical diplomacy, are by the working men. The excitement of international ethics so sound as those of discontent among the working classes in the common life. But even among diplomatists adjoining states is the great instrument by there is now a feeling that it is better, in the which Louis Napoleon and his confederates long run, to have the heart of the world hope to pave the way for their aggressions. upon your side. France herself would have That the Frankenstein they are thus rais- to think twice before she murdered a nation ing would in the end destroy their own gov- Perhaps even among Frenchmen there are ernment too, and make Europe, not one vast not a few who, when the dagger was uplifted

, French Empire, but one vast Jacquerie, is would remember, in a manner inconvenient a matter of little consequence to them. They to their government, that France in her hap, live for the day. The morrow may take care pier hour had contributed, and been proud of itself. To their neighbors,

Imperial So- of contributing, to give Belgium life. The cialism is a weapon almost as formidable as fear was that Belgium, prepared for self-ber it is diabolical. There is too much in the trayal by the arts of French agents

, and lot of the working man in every country to Gallicizing priests, might protest so faintly make him an apt listener to any devil of rev- and succumb so easily as to give the mur. olution that whispers into his ear. Every- der the appearance of a suicide. That fear where those who exhort him to order and is now past, and with it the real danger.



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Exposed as Belgium lies to the overpower-out its use. But rare indeed are the ining military force of France, it is impossible stances of a European population in the to say that, if the struggle should begin, the present day to whom French conquest or octide of conquest might not for a moment cupation would be any thing but a manifest sweep over her, as it often swept over her curse. in those centuries during which she was the Nor must it be supposed that Belgian battle-field of Europe. King Leopold's ex- nationality is merely the artificial creation pressions show that the possible recurrence of diplomatic convenience, and that Belgium of such disasters is painfully present to his is a portion of France partitioned off by the mind. But a people resolutely bent on be- paper wall of a treaty. If this were so, we ing a nation may be conquered, not once, might doubt whether, in struggling to mainbut many times, without being destroyed. tain Belgian independence, we were not strug

Perhaps, indeed, the fear that Belgium gling against natural tendencies as strong as would commit suicide was always chimeri- fate. Such, of course, is the aspect which cal. The Belgians have certain reminiscen- French propagandists would fain give the ces pretty fresh in their minds. The sweets question. According to their eflusions, the of French domination are not to them un- separate existence of Belgium is a mere bubtasted. They know the bliss of which peo- ble inflated by diplomátic breath, which, ple become partakers when embraced by the having floated for its appointed time, is now Tardent fraternity” of the great “Chris- about to burst, and be lost in the great sea tian” nation. Among them, as in other of French unity and fraternity. Nothing countries over which it spread, French an- can be more erroneous. It is true that Be! nexation, in return for what it took away gium is not separated from France by any in cash and blood, has left one invaluable clear geographical frontier; but neither is it lesson. “Belgium,” says a Belgian journal, separated by any clear geographical frontier

was confiscated in its own despite by the from Holland. If Europe is to be rectified French R-public, which had promised it a on these principles, geography will indeed fraternal alliance, absorbed in a great em- become an important science; but to prevent pire, and condemned by the right of the misadventures, France must have the superstrongest to sacrifice its interests and treas- vision of the atlas. It is true, also, that the ures to interests not its own." Force may Flemish language having, unfortunately, no of course be used twice to do the same literature, French is the language of the wrong; but treachery'leaves its life in the Belgian cities, and will probably become, in first sting. Besides, when the “fraternal a short time, the language of the whole counalliance” of the French republic was offered try. But if identity of language is necessaand accepted, Belgium was, and had been rily to involve identity of government, the for three hundred years, under alien domin- pretensions of England, as time goes on, will ation. She has now known thirty years of become absolutely terrific. The philological freedom. The game of Danton and “mon test, like the geographical will require to be oncle,” is being played over again at a double regulated in the interest of the “sun of nadisadvantage - first, because it has been tions.”. It is true, again, that there is a sufound out; and secondly, because the cir- perficial community of religion between Belcumstances are altered. Some military ob- gium and France; but the Belgian Catholics servers have pronounced that the defences are sincerely religious, while the powers that of Cherbourg are calculated for the art of rule France are atheist, using religion merewar as it was in the time of the first Napo- ly as the degraded instrument of conquest. leon, and not for the art of war as it is now. The Belgians have a separate government In the same way, the propagandist machin- and institutions of their own to which they ery of the second empire is calculated for wish to adhere—this is the cardinal point of Europe as it was in the time of the first em- nationality and the root of the whole matter. pire rather than for Europe in its present They are, in the main, of a different race state. An army of seven hundred thousand from the French, and in their short period men is never obsolete ; but the political of freedom have shown superior self-comcauses which carried the flood of revolution- mand, vigor, and perseverance. Indeed, one ary conquest over the surrounding countries of the reasons alleged for incorporating them as the tide runs in over a flat, are past and by the imperial pamphleteer is, that their gone. There is much that is unsound, and peculiar qualities are required to temper the much that ought to be altered, in the rela- national character of France. They have tions between continental rulers and their also a history of their own, though it has subjects; and even the threat of French been much overlaid by Burgundian, Spanish, aggression, appealing to hearts hardened Austrian, French, and Dutch domination. against justice, may be an agency not with- The core of their state consists of those great

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cities of Flanders and Brabant-the rivals contributing to the store of human enlightenof the Italian cities as early abodes of liberty, ment, to be merged and lost in a mass of commercial wealth, and the attendant arts population already too large for the interests --which stand in the annals of human prog- of humanity? Why are those who have not ress above any thing that the French Celt shared the crimes and errors of French pol. has had energy to produce. Why is all this iticians to share the present political punishto be tied up in a bundle and put under the ishment of France, and be committed with feet of French vanity? Why is Brussels, her to the dark chances of her uncertain and now a distinct centre of political life, to be louring future? No answer can be giren thrust into the long schedule of mediæval to these questions but that the annexation capitals which Parisian “unity” exults in would please the Parisians, and, by turning having extinguished? Why are all the their minds from their political degradation, public men to whom independence has given help to secure the emperor and his associates birth in Belgium to be superseded by a in the enjoyments of Compiègne. This is French prefect? Why is the independent an answer which the Belgians do not deem experience, political, economical, and educa- sufficient, as they have given France and tional, which Belgium as a separate state the world clearly to understand.

BAPTISMAL NAMES.—There is a family ex- | any question of the word, either in any numbers isting in this neighborhood, two sons of whom yei issued or in the indices. Under the circom. were called Thankful and Tranquil (Joy), ---the stances I have, at the risk of troubling you with former still living, I be'ieve; and in the adjoin: a matter which has very possibly already como ing county (Dorset) 114. triad, Faith, Hope, and under your notice, to ask of your correspondCharity are not uncommon. Much of the pecu- ents the origin of the expression, or how it first liarity of choice in selecting such names is due, came in use. I conceive, to the veneration observable in coun- Arbroath.,

K. try districts for Scriptural names, and not to the lingering remains of Puritanical customs, as is it may of many other vernacular expressions),

[It may be said of the term “henpecked” (as sometimes supposed. Two at least of the names that though it Þe deemed trivial it is grounded on of Job's three daughters may be occasionally actual observation, and is true to nature and to seen. I have a faint recollection of once meet- fact. The ordinary cock of the farm-yard, bow. ing with the third. (Job xlii. 14.)

ever bold and fightful in his bearing towards Portswood Park. HENRY W. S. TAYLOR. other barn-door cocks, will sometimes submit to - Notes and Queries.

be pceked by his hens without resistance. Reau.

mur relates how two hens being shut up with a Urchin.-Allow me to submit to your corrc-cock, they both together attacked him, and spondent the following derivation of the word finally succeeded in killing him. Several cocks urchin. Urchin is derived from the Armoric were afterwards shut up successively with the Heureuchin, and appears to have been applied to

same two hens, and would have experienced the a boy in the same manner as the word hog to a fate of the first, if not withdrawn in time. “The man; that is, as a designation of his disagree extraordinary part of this case was, that the able, uncivilized propensities. The word, I think, cocks were strong and bold, and would casily is seldom, if ever, employed as the cognomen of have governed thirty rebel hens at large, yei

, a little boy without some idea of aversion, al- cooped up, did not attempt either to defend them. though it indeed sometimes amounts only to selves, or even to avoid the attack of the furies, mere contempt.

their wives." (Mowbray's Practical Treatise

, -Notes and Queries.

W. B.

1830, p. 93. See also D'Orbigny's Dictionnaire, 1844, iv. 208.) Hence the peculiar import and

significance of the term "henpecked." Cf. HENPECKED.-I am not fortunate enough to

Swift's “ Cudgell’d husband :". possess a copy of the First Series of “N. & Q.,' and am unable to say if the phraso “ henpecked” “ Tom fought with threo men, thrice ventured has at any time been discussed in it. I have

his life, also carefully examined each number of the sec- Then went home, and was cudgelled again by ond series of the samo work, but have not found his wife.")

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POETRY.—The Volunteer on July 14th, 642. Ozone, 642. At Night, 703. The Unfinished Poem, 703. The River Path, 703. Flora, 704. Where the Greenwoods Grow, 704.

SHORT ARTICLES.-Ride v. Drive, 651. Lines on a Pigeon, 651. A Curious Jewish Custom, 655. The Atlantic Cable, 655. A Novel Weather Indicator, 672. Junius, Boyd, and Lord Macaulay, 691. Lord Hailes, 691. Mottoes on Sun-Dials, 695. Apollo Belvedere Statuette, 695.


“The mills of the gods grind

NEMESIS. By Marion Harland. Author of “ Alone,” etc.

slowly." Derby and Jackson, New York.


For Six Dollars a year, in advanco, remitted directly to the Publishers, the LIVING Age will be punctually for warded free of postage.

Complete sets of the First Scrics, in thirty-six volumes, and of the Second Series, in twenty volumes, handsomely bound, packed in neat boxes, and delivered in all the principal cities, free of expense of freight, are for sale at two dollars a volume.

ANY VOLUME may be had separately, at two dollars, bound, or a dollar and a half in numbers.

ANY NUMDEE may be hnd for 13 cents; and it is well worth while for subscribers or purchasers to completo any broken voluines they may have, and thus greatly enhance their value.


to say:

THE VOLUNTEER ON JULY 14th. And in Regent's Park and on Putney Heath You must wake and call me early, when the

spent cartridges dot the grass : early birds appear,

And there's a sulphury, choky smell of gun. Tomorrow will be a glorious day for each Lon- powder hangs all day don volunteer :

In the suburbs, that quite overpowers the breath For cach London volunteer by far the hottest,

of the new-mown bay. heaviest dayFor we're to shain fight at Chiselhurst, four And then when we've done our fighting, our thousand strong, they say.

empty stomachs to fill,

There's to be Grant's cooking wagon, to find There's many a crack, crack corps I know, but dinner for all who will: nono so crack as mine,

And the moderate sum of two shillings is all There's the queen's and artillery company, al- one will have to pay, most equal to the line,

Which, considering what we're likely to eat, is But none can beat our local corps, whether red, a trifle, I must say.

or green, or gray, And so we shall prove at Chiselhurst in to-mor. So you must wake and call me carly, when the row's tremendous fray.

carly birds appear, I sleep so sound after evening drill, that I shall To-morrow's to be a glorious day for each Lon.

don volunteer: never wake, If the maid docsn't knock extremely loud when For each London volunteer about the hottest,

heaviest daymy boots she comes to take ;

For we've to fight at Chiselhurst, four thousand And you'll have to cut me some sandwiches,and cut them substantial, pray

strong, they say!

-Punch. We shall all have desperate appetites at Chiselhurst, I daro say.

OZONE. As I came up to our private parade, whom think The summer is come — with dire comets, ye I should see,

eclipses, But that ass, Smivens—a coming it as cheeky And sky-painted sunsets of wonderful tone; as could be :

And whoever is wise (and has cash enough) dips He gave a look at my uniform, as if he meant


Tired limbs in the sea and inhales the ozone. “How can you make such a guy of yourself, old chap, at your time of day?

Ozone? Why there's none wherein Westmin.

stor Palace He thought I should be offended, but I guess I

Debates to a terrible nuisance have grown; sold him quite; For I passed, and no more gave him a look than If old Father Thames comes ashore with a chal

ice, if he'd been out of sight;

He fills it with any thing else but ozone. You may tell mo it's snobbish to cut a man, but this is what I say ;

John Russell's Reform Bill, a triumph of crassiThat the chap who don't join a volunteer corps

tude, has thrown his manhood away.

Mr. Gladstone's rash Budget, the silliest c'er They say we shall fire thirty rounds, I don't

known, know how that may be;

Could scarce have existed, except for the lassi.

tude I've not fired more than ten rounds yet, and that was enough for me.

Produced by an atmosphere void of ozone. For what with biting the cartridges, and what The want of it carried stoat White down at with blazing away,

Brighton, I'd a taste in my mouth, and a buzz in my ears, Made Collier a sour oratorical drone; for all the rest of the day.

But old Palmerston surely, whom nothing can Lord Ranelagh as. Commander-in-Chief to-mor

frighton, row will be seen,

He found out the secret of pocket ozone. And as his uniform is gray, let us hope he wont Soon Commons and Lords will wear border turn out green;

apparel, I trust he'll remember which is attack, and

Nor in dull dens at Westminster grumblo and which is detence, in the fray,

groan; Or we certainly shall have a difficulty about who For August will come with the good double is to give way.

barrelThe war office has issued no end of rounds and Hurrah for the moors and the grouse and

ozone ! I hope there'll be surgcons enough on the ground, The political air will next session grow purer;

in caso of little mishaps. For novices have a habit-at least so veterans

Earl Derby the time-serving Whigs will de.

throne. sayWhen they get a little excited, of firing their So long live the Queen! may our rifles secure

her! ramrods away.

May the Tories get power, and the air get Detachments through the streets and squares to their firing practice pass,

-The Press, 21 July.



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