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was in it.

tirciy consumed, together with al- clothes catching fire, that she died most every article of value in the in the course of three hours after. premises.

MAY. (s] Murderer executed. Ann [3] Humanity and Intrepidity:-Arnold was capitally.convicted of Last week a child fell into the the wilful murder of her bastard Clyde, above Stone-byres linn, and child, a boy between four and five alihough many pes ple were preyears old. She was executed on sent, nicne ventured to lend assiste Friday last, and her body delivered ance except a French Surgeon, to the surgeors to be dissected who leapt in!o the river and its and anatomized.

cued the child just as it was about [s] Another mur derir executed. to be carried by the torient over This morning Sarah Fletcher, for the precipice. the murder of her new-born infant [3] Accident by folding up a at Wandswoith was, pursuant to bed. Last week a' child that was her sentence, executed on a temlying in a house in the neighbour. porary scaffold, upon the top of ihe hood of Minyhive, wis suffocated rew prison, Horsemonger lare, and in co1. sequence of a person folding her body, after having been sus- up the bed, not knowing the child pended the us:al time, was cut dovn and delivered over for d.ssica [3] Accident from wild beasts, tior.

At Sleaford fan on Minday, a ôre [s] Caution to Farriers.--A girl about 12 years of age, while few days ago, as Mr Pearcy of witnessing an exhibition of will Starfild Park, blacksmith, was beasts, having incautior:sly venture biceing an ass which was affected ed too near the cage in which a with the glanders, some of the licn was confined, he ferocious moisture having got into a green animal suddenly darted his faw wound in his hand, occasioned his through the wires of his prison, death three days afterwards. and fixing his talons in her skull,

[12] Inquisition abolished.--. lacerated her in a most stockCadiz, March 28. The c!ergy ing manner. have at length read in their church- [] Murderer executed.-On es the decree for the abolition of Friday se'eunight, at 12 o'cock, the It qu'sition.

Edith Morrey was delivered by [21] A noble act of charity.- Mr Hudson, constable of.he Castle Last week Mr Thomson of the of Chester, into the hands of Mes, bank of Scotland's office, Aber. Thomas ard Beunet the city sker. deen, received a leitcr dated travel. riffs, for execution, She was very ler's-room, Ronald's tavern, incluso much conru'sed for four minutes, ing L.Il. Is. as a contribution frim when her pangs ceased. After the gentlemen who occasionally hanging the usual time, her body occupy that room, for the familie's was deliveret to the surgeons for of the sufferers on board the Oscar. dissection, and was open to public

(28] Efects of intoxication.- ir.spection during all Saturday, On Surday between three and four [17] Accident by fire.--Died at o'clock, a woman in a state of ir- Elenham, Mrs Cocdwir, far adtoxication, while sitting by the fire vapced in years.—Her death is in her house in Blackfriar's-wynd, occaz'oned by her clothes takitz was so dreadfully scorched by her fire on the Tuesday preceding,


from a spark flying from the fire about five years of age, was sent into her handkerchief.

by his nurse to a well for a cup full [19] Honesty:— The L.100 note of water, when he unfortunately of the British Linen Company, slipt into it and was drowned. which was dropped upon the High- [22] Benevolence.-- The bene. street, Edinburgh. by a gentlenian volent Mr Webb, who commenced. on Thursday morning, was found his charitable career at Norwich by Mrs DAVIDSON, wife of John some time ago, lately distributed Davidson, Tailor, Advocate-close, 12501. in Sarewsbury, 670'. of who much to her credit, ordered which is appsopriated to the apthe saine to be cried through the prenticing of friendless and orphan city, in consequence of which it children. It is said that Mr.Webb's was restored to the owner, who income amounts to 12,000!. of rewarded her liberaliy.

which he annually disperses [19] A child falls into a boiler. 10,000l. in charities. On Saturday last, a child of about [21] Fire-by a candle under a seven years of age fell into a copper bed. Tues lay, a fire broke out in boiler for dying hats, in Dumfries, the second story of a dwellingand after languishing for about house, occupied by Mrs Adams, in two hours, expired in the greatest Angel-court, Strand. The acciagony:

dent was occasioned by a boy [28] Effects of Gambling --The whilst holding a lighted candle unnephew of a great law-lord, was

der the bedstead to look for a piece executed at Lisbon, on the 7th --He of inorey which lie had dropped. had involved himself by gambling, (28) Fatal inebriety.-On Tuesand being deteated in the act of day evening a servant of Mr robbing the liouse of his English Bay of Diss Common, returning friend, by a Portuguese servant, he from Ipswich with the care of a shot him to prevent discovery. loaded waggon, imprudently got After execution his head was se- much intoxicated, and in conseVered from his body, and fixed on quence thereof, forgot the necesa pole opposite the house in which sary precaution of clogging the the murder and robbery were com- wheels when coming down a steep mitted.

part of the road whereby he lost [31] Boat upsetting.–Sunday the command of the horses, in tryafternoon, a peter-boat, belonging ing to regain which, his foot slipto Moore, a fisherman, in which ped, and falling under the wheels were ten persons, going down the his head was literaliy crushed to river, was upset at

Woolwich, piecce. through the unskilfulness of the (30) Hunare exertions of a party in managing the sail. man of colour.---Saturday afterJUNE.

noon, a young man a baker from 17] Fatal gambling.--Mr Bro. the country, was drowned while grave, brother to Sir G. Brugrave, bathing in the Clyde at Peat Bog having lost a considerable sum at Glasgow; by the spirited exertions the last Newmarket meeting, and of a man of colour, he was got out above 10,100 more at the Epsom in about 10 minutes, ani tlie usual races, shot himself yesterday. means for restoring animation per

L] A child falls into a well. severed in a considerable time On Tuesday á boy at Hamilton without effict. The body of the

E E E 3


unfortunate youth was afterwards [12] Boy run over in the street. opened, when it was found he had A boy was run over in Pall-Mall burst a blood vessel.

by a gewleman's carriage. The JULY

fore-wheel went over his chest, and (3) Boy falls from a precipice, he was removed to the hospital O: Thursday å fine boy, who had where he died. gore too rear the edge of the pre- (16) Men ftruck down by cipice of Salisbury Craig, Edin- lightning nigh iron.-On Sunday burgh, nearly opposite the Abbey, the 27th ult, during a dreadful fell down and was killed on the storm of thunder and lightningspct.

four men, in the parish of Crathy, [5] Murderer convicted. An standing near a house where some inquisition was held in Spitalfieles bars of ison had been set up a. on Wednesday, on the body of gainst the wall, were all struck Mary Relph, (before J.W. Unwin, down ly the lightning. Esq. Coroner for Middlesex); when [21] A boy drowned.-Qa Sun. the jury, after a patient investiga. day se'enight, a boy about three tion of several hours, returned a years of age, having gone from his verdict of wilful muriler against parents at Porto Bello, fell into Richard Reiph, her husband, for the water a little below the bridge strangling the deceased with his and was uvfortunately drowned. ovn hands, on the night of Sunday [21] Murderersexecuted.-On last.

Wednesday last John M'Donald, [7] A bull turns on its tormer- painter, and James Williamson ter.-On Monday in Albion-street Black, s'ater, who were convicted Glasgow, a bull' which had been before the High Court of Justiciary cruelly torn by dogs, turned upon of the murder and robbery of us one of the persons concerned in Muirhead, near Coltbridge, were the torture, and gored him so executed upon the spot where dreadfully that his life is despaired the murder was committed. of.

[23] A friend in need.Thurs! 17] Accident from a tea-pot.- day last, the goods of a cottager, On Tuesday morning last, a little whó lives on the borders of Nor. girl, daughter of a labouring man wood, and has a wife with eight in Marypor:, took a draught from small children, were seized on for the spout of a tea-pot of boiling rent; and whilst the woman was water, which occasioned death. imploring the mercy of the officer,

[7] Fourteen persons saved by a gentleman came riding along, the Humane Society of Glasgow.. and perceiving her distress, esDuring the last year, fourteen per- quired into the cause, and imsons were rescued from a watery mediately discharged the demond, grave, hy the exertions of the Hu- by giving an order for the pay. mane Society of Glasgow, for ment of the money, at a banker's, which suitable rewards were given in Lombard-street. The sum dto the persons by whose means mounted to 15l. ros. 4d. They were taken out of the river; [28] Tree struck by lightning. and there were only two unsucces- During one of the late thun:ler ful cases, in which, from thegnfor- storms a large ash tree at Burochmation being too late, the assist- an, Renfrewshire, was struck by ance which was given was conse- lightning, the bark torn off and guently of no avail.

the free spilt to the ground.

28] Death by excessive drink- hurt, that he died shortly after he

--A few days ago a diserter was carried to the Royal Infirmary. nihe 21st regiment was appre- [4] Intoxication.-On Wedness ided and lodged in Hamilton jail; dayafternoon, a maimed soldier beI on Wednesday he died in pri- ing intoxicated jumped inio the

in consequence of excessive Giyde at Glasgow and arowned nking.

himself--his lady was soon after [28] Rage and Intoxication. - found, but all attempts to restore

Atonday night, or early on animation proveu ineffectual. He nesday morning, some altercation has left a wife and three children. Eving arisen betwixt Sergt. An- [4] Flaying with a chaise. ew Cullin, or Cullins, of the 21st On Sunday se'ennight as some giment now lying at Fort George, children were at play about a nd his wife, he seized a chisel chaise standing in Shakespeare's ith which he stabbed her in dif- square, Damfries, one of thein unrent parts of the body and there- luckily removed a stone which was y occasioned her death: he after- fixed behind one of the wheels, 'ard inflicted several wounds on when the vehicle was hurried imself, from which he is not ex- down the declivity, and passing opected to recover, Cullins it is

ver a boy, broke his arm and thigh aid had been more or less intoxi

in a shocking manner. Cated for several days, and in this (4) Aceident by the kick of a phrenzied state committed these horse. -- An unfortunate accident dreadful acts from which the mind happened on nionday last to a man Yevelts with horror.

of the name of Welsh, servant to AUGUST.

Mr Gordon of Corrory, in the par. [4] Swinging on a cart.-On ish of Kirkbean. He had been Thursday, in Ponton-street, Foun- ploughing, and one of the horses tain-bridge, the tram of a cart upon becoming rather restive from the which some children were swing- fies and beat of the day entangled sing, fell upon the head of a fine his legs in the reins, and the seryoung boy, and instantly crushed vant going rourd to relieve them him to death.

received a kick from the horse on [4] Robbing Children.—Yester- the belly, which so injured the ins, day a woman was charged at Mal- testines as to occasion his death. borough-street-office with robbing 19) Accident by fire damp and stripping children.

Saturday se'enight, a dreadful accichild carrying an unfinished frock dent happened at Collingwoodto school, she gave a halfpenny to main colliery, near North-Shields, buy fruit-took the frock under by an explosion of a fire damp; the pretence of keeping it for her eight of the men were killed, and till her return, and absconded with two severely burnt. it as soon as the child was gone [6] A child falls into a well for the fruit. Another child she Friday se'ennight, a child of Mr decoyed into a by-place and strip. R. Knight's of Creech St. Michael, ped her nearly naked.

near Taunton, abont 19 months [4] A fall from a tree-On old, having walked to a neighboui's Sunday night, a boy fell from a house, unperceived, was at length tree in the Green, Glasgow, and missed, and was found in the well received a severe contusion in the which was 18 feet deep from the head, and was otherwise so much top to the surface of the water.

To one

[9] Child stripping. An elder. a building in the Castle-yard for ly iniserable looking woman, was

dissection. charged with having stollen an (16) Murderer executed.--Anunfinished frock from a child on tonie Tardit, the French prisuneri Lisson Greeo, Paddington, and who was condemned at Winchester with stripping another child near assizcs, was on Monday se'ensight the same spot.

executed at Porchester, pursuant to () Murderer convicted. At his sentence. the assizes at Chelmsford, August [20] Accident by a bite of Oth, William Cornewall, a horse horse.—Last week, in the parish keeper, was convicted of the mur. of Methluck, a man driving a curt, der of Mrs Stevens, at Woodford, heavily loaded with wood, when on the sth June, and sentenced to at the top of a rising ground, un death.

yoked the horse for the purpose of [] Fire arms.--Last week at of allowing him some rest, whes Wainfleet All Saints, a boy took the animal seized the driver with up a gun which happened to be his teeth, and nearly laid open one loaded, and sportively presenting side of his hcad,by which the upit at his grandmother, shot her in. fortunate man was thrown to the stantly dead.

ground, and immediately transpled [14] Dreadful accident. -Tues. to death. day morning, the vedermined [23] Excessive passion - Lateworks of a colliery at Bradley, ly in a post chaise, Capt. O Bryge, Staffordshire, fell in, and complete his death was occasioned by the ly buried seven men Anıl tiiree boys. burs:ing of a blood vessel in exces

[16] Suspended animation re. of rage with a postilion who oftende stored~ Tuesday morning, about, ed hiin by slov driving o'clock, a young man, a caulker, [25] Murterer executed.at work on the side of a ship, at Nicolson, the murderer of Mr and Rotherhithe, by some accident, fell. Mrs Bonar, was exccuted yesterday from the machine into the stream morning, on Pennenden Heah. and immediately sunk. He was [25] A bank gives way - On dragged for, and after lying in the Saturday while two of the labourwater about fittcen minutes, the ers were employed in levelling the body was taken up, and conveyed ground for the new depor, Greene to a house on shore, in appareotly law, a large bank of earth which a lifeless state. After the means for had been undermined gave way, the recovery of suspended anima- and nearly buried thein alive. They tion had been used a short time, were dug out and carried to Peony. symptoms of life were visible, and cuik for medical assistance, but ia less than an hour he was so far one of them died before it could be recovereri as to be able to speak, procured. and is in a fair way of doing well. [25] Accident by a fall from a

(16) Murderers executed.On window on Friday. ias: while a Friday se'ennight, Azabah Foun- servant girl was cleaning one of {ain and G. T. Rowell, convicted the windows in Dunlop-house

. at the Lincoln assizes of the mur. parish of Dunlop, Ayrshire, ste der of the husband of the former unfortunately let go her hald, and by po sur., were launched into eter- fell to the ground, by which she niiy. After hanging the usuai was so shockingly bruised, that time, the bodies were removed to though medical aid was brought,

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