In many

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wailing, lamentation, and fear.

fulness of the heart the mouth speaketh, or instances where it enters a house, it makes an the pen writeth. Such things have occupied end of the family, except, perhaps, a slave or and do occupy mucb of our thoughts, and of a dependent, apparently mocking the strength our commiseration. I have in all reason very of the healthy, the well fed, and the noblest. little room for much more. We have two In one family in Boxybazaar, Cuttack, it very prominent circumstances much agitated entered and carried off in two days the mo. just now, nearly connected with the progress ther, the son, and the daughter-in-law, and an and success of the good cause in this great unmarried youth, leaving a grandchild only. land,- the liberty of conscience act, and the In another family, at Singsarala, it entered a final abolition of the government donation. land ho!der's house, and carried off all, except The former has passed into law, and has ala slave girl, there remaining none to carry out ready produced many important results. Naand burn the dead! In the little village of tive christians at Calcutta, Madras, and Bhogerpoore, its ravages have been going on Bombay, are obtaining their wives, chil. for two months, and it seems as though it dren, and property, under its sanction and would depopulate the place. Our native protection. One very important result of christian friend Boleram lives in the midst of it is, that the orthodox Datives in and the village, as yet untouched, though held in about Calcutta, have had a large meeting or constant fear.

two for the purpose of lowering the penalty I might give you many more of these of forfeiture oi caste, by the profession of woeful statistics, but let these suffice. christianity, to admit of converts returning to pect the scourge will visit us at Cuttack with caste and condition, after they are tired of the more awful prevalence and power; and the gospel, as the orthodox suppose all soon will scene at Pooree, where many thousands of be. This is a grand more, chiefly as it india wretched Bengallee women, widows, are col- cates how seriously they think the aggression lected, will be awful in the extreme, and pes- and iproads christianity is making on Hindoo. tilence will travel in their train as they retire. | ism. The beams of light have entered into It is as though the last Ruth Jatra, under the the very centre of the system, and the congovernment donation, shall be marked by servators idolatry are terribly alarmed for terrible wrath. Yet I fear there is little hope the consequences, Petitions are being got up that the people will learn righteousness. among the natives in town and country, to be What has, however, most contributed to the laid before the Parliament at home for the depression of our own minds amidst the gene- repeal of this liberty of conscience act. Sig. is the severe and continued sickness

natures are at this time being collected at of brother Wilkinson. The scenes and Cuttack. Of course this petition will share events, sad and sickening, which have occur. the fate of the anti abolition suttee-rite peti. red, and are still occurring around him, are too tion, even though it may find a Lushington to much for his nerves and physical strength. advocate it. There is, for once, a real and a He is ill; and it appears a change is needful very extensive stir among the people. Yet to his restoration. I doubt whether a change the ordinary feeling of the people is for the less radical than to Europe, will be of any law; and nothing is more common than for lasting benefit to bim. Our confidence is in the people to say, “The religion of Christ is God. He will, amidst the dark dispensations the truth, and it will prevail; what is the use of his providence, no doubt, in the end, pro- of opposing it? It would be a good thing if mote the advancement of his kingdom. Mean. the Sircal, (the goat) would order its estabtime we are driven to live by faith on his lishment. Such are the sentiments of the word — we are driven to what is best for us, millions, but the brahmins and devotees, and and most honourable and acceptable to God. others who fatten on the gains of idolatry, We feel increasing nearness to him, and de- wbince and grin, and would put a damper pendence upon him; and lessons which teach over the sun. In the meantime the readers us such knowledge, though they may be pain. among the people more generally, and with ful in the acquisition, are most beneficial in more earnestness, are reading and studying themselves and in their results. We go about christian publications. our work with our lives in our hands, taking In six days hence the act for repealing the consolation from the persuasion that God obnoxious donation to Jagannath will be condoes and will infallibly dispose of us, our sidered, preparatory to its passing into law. work, and all our interests, so as to subserve The way the pupdahs and people at Pooree his own glory; and than this, we have no are meeting the crisis is characteristic, and greater, no other desire. Living, I live unto infinitely amusing. I give you an account of the Lord; and dying, I wish to die unto the it, which was repeated the other day. While Lord, that whether living or dying, I would be the raja of Kboorda was fast asleep and snor. the Lord's. This the best and the only end ing at twelve o'clock of the night, he was of life. After perusing what I have written, I favoured with a vision of the god. Jaganfind all very miscellaneous, and I fear all will nath appeared and called out, Raja ! raja! Tbe be very upinteresting; however, from the raja's sleep was broken, and with a wild and

ral woe,

surprised stare he perceived his jocose but LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. awful visitant. The raja made his pronam, (his prostrations) and his namaskar, (his The death of Rev. Jos. John Freeman, Home salutations,) and with joined hands and with Secretary of this Society, in September last, his robes round his neck, waited the bookum, (the 8th) which took place in Flornberg in (the orders.) “Raja,' says Jaganath, 'these Germany, where he had gone for the benefit English people are monstrous chandals, (un. of the Medicinal waters, has been followed by clean, barbarous, of bad caste.) I'll tell you intelligence of a series of others wbich will be how it is raja, I wont bave any more of their equally felt by the Society and the religious rupees.' Thus saying, Jagannath became public. We copy the following from "The untirhete, (invisible) and the raja next morn- Missionary Magazine.'-— ing propagated the news of his wonderful

Death of the Rev. Dr. Philip.– When just vision, and issued the great pretext for stop

on the eve of going to press, we have received ping the donation. Was not this very native?

the affecting intelligence of the decease of and was it not very rich ? So this has been that eminent servant of God, and most able industriously propagated among the people. and efficient advocate of the rights of the coSome will believe it, and others will at once

loured races, the Rev. John Philip, D.D., see through the trick, and be disgusted.

for upwards of thirty years superintendent of And now, dear brother, I must close. We

the Society's Missions in South Africa. On are tolerably well, except Miss Collins, who

account of his advanced age and physical in. has almost lost her voice, and is going to

firmities, our revered friend and brother was Pooree to try the effect of a change. She is induced to relinquish his important office two rather too late in the season. We have a few

years since ; and he thereupon retired from at Cuttack who are enquiriog after their soul's Cape Town, and took up his residence at salvation; and the fearful time passing over

Hankey Institution, in the interior, where, us, adds seriousness to religious impressions. surrounded by his affectionate family, bis May the Lord preserve us, often again to

laborious, useful, and honoured life was writo to you, and to hear from you. 'Tis

brought to a close, on the 27th of August ult. long since I heard from you. Please remem.

and he entered upon the rest that remaineth ber me to my old friends at Loughborough. for the people of God. Yours in the gospel,


Death of the Rev. R. Hamilton.-By the same mail that brought the intelligence of

Dr. Philip's decease, we learn that another RECENT BAPTISMS IN ORISSA aged and devoted servant of God has been On Lord's day, Aug. 3rd, two young per

remored from the scene of toil. The Rev, sons were baptized at Cuttack, one of whom

Robert Hamilton, a faithful missionary of was the sister of Makunda, the natire the Society in South Africa for thirty-fire preachor, and the other the eldest daughter years, during thirty-four of which he had of our late valued brother, Buna Mallee. Mr. been associated with the Kuruman Mission, Buckley preached on the occasion, and re- departed this lifo in the faith and hope of ceived them into the church in the afternoon.

the Gospel, at Kuruman, on the Ilth July Mr. Lacey baptized them. Aug. 10th, Mr. Lacey baptized a young

Death of the Rev. D. Kenyon.-It is our man at Choga. It is intoresting to remark

further solemn duty to announce the decease that Narayan Saho—the young man bap- of the Rer. Daniel Kenyon, of Albion Chapel tized on this occasion is the son of Bearer Station, Berbice, on Sunday, the 17th of Padban, 'the old Persecutor,' of whom an August ult., from an attack of dysentry. account is given in the quarterly paper for December, 1850. His father said a short

MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY. time before his death, I have served Jug. gernaut all my life; and I will not forsake MELBOURNE, Derbyshire.-On Lord's.day, bim now. Come heaven, or come hell, I Oct. 12th, two sermons were preached by will die a rotary of Juggernaut.' The fa. Rev. T. Yates, of Hugglescote, on behalf of ther's melancholy end reminds us of the the Foreign Missions. On the following awful lines

evening a spirited meeting was held; Mr. Gill Behold the aged sinner goes,

in the chair. Addresses were delivered by Laden with guilt and heavy woes,

Revds. J. Preston, J. J. Owen, Josiah Pike, Down to the regions of the dead,

J. Lethbridge, (Indep.) T. Yates, and our With endless curses on his head.'

worthy Foreign Mission Secretary. The Let us hope that the son's path will as the friends at Melbourne and Ticknall have shining light, shine more and more onto the raised this year £44 for the Mission. perfect day.


W. H.'Burton, Printer, Northampton-street, Leicester.

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