forth their lots : and the lot fell upon

derision unto others. Hereupon St. Peter stands up

and in a most excellent sermon defends the aps& Matthias ; and he was numbered with convicts the Jews of crucifying the Lord of life, and

exhorts them to believe on him whom they hau ide the eleven apostles.

miniously put to death; and the Holy Spirit crowned

his endeavours with a desirable success. Judas having in the forementioned man

A ner made void his office, and being gone

ND when the day of Pentecost to his own place, St. Peter moves the com

was fully come, they were all pany, that another person may be chosen with one accord in one place. 2 And to fill up the place. Where note, 1. The suddenly there came a sound from electors, or persons choosing; namely, heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, the hundred and twenty: these were the and it filled all the house where they eleven apostles, the seventy disciples, and were sitting. 3 And there appeared about thirty-eight more, all of Christ's own kindred, country, or converse; not that unto them cloven tongues like as of these were all the believers that were fire, and it sat upon each of them: found in Jerusalem, for he appeared to five 4 And they were all filled with the hundred brethren at once. But these fol- Holy Ghost, and began to speak with lowed him continually, were of his family other tongues, as the Spirit gave them and society, and of his immediate train

utterance. and retinue, and appointed by him for the ministry: these therefore make the choice; In this extraordinary and miraculous and of one among themselves is the choice descent of the Holy Ghost upon the aposmade. Note, 2. The qualification of the tles, observe, 1. The time when, When the person which St. Peter directs the com- day of Pentecost was fully come ; that is, pany to observe in the choice they make fifly days after Christ's resurrection. The of this new apostle: One that had compa- day of Pentecost is probably believed to nied with them all the time that the Lord have fallen then upon the Lord's day; it is Jesus went in and out among them. That certain from Acts i. that the Spirit descendis, one that had followed Christ from his ed when the apostles were unanimously baptism to his ascension, to the intent he | assembled for his worship, and continued might be an authentic witness, both of the with one accord in prayer and supplicadoctrine and miracles, but particularly of tion. There is no way to obtain the Holy the resurrection of the Lord Jesus : for Spirit from heaven, both as a sanctifier the article of the resurrection includes and as a comforter, like fervent prayer, many other articles of faith in it; for if he assiduity and perseverance in our devoarose from the grave he was buried; if he tions, especially in the public assemblies was buried, he died; if he died, he was of the saints. Observe, 2. The place born. Therefore the person whom they where: at Jerusalem, the more general choose, was to be one that had companied place, where our Lord had undergone his with them. Note, 3. That the apostles ignominy and reproach, there he manidid not presume to ordain an apostle by tests forth his glory and dignity: First, by imposition of hands; but the other apos- his triumphant ascension, and afterwards tles being chosen of God immediately, it by his miraculous mission of the Holy was necessary that he who was to act in Spirit. The more particular place was the same office should be chosen after the the upper room, where they were assem

Accordingly they cast bled and constantly prayed. This upper lots, and leave the determination to God; chamber was most raised towards heaven, who devolving it upon Matthias, he was most remote from noise and company, thereupon numbered with the eleven apos- and worldly distractions. The Spirit of tles. Lots were used among the Jews for God descends upon, and rests with, soch dividing inheritances, for determining | as have raised affections above the world, elections, &c. and how casual soever it and are nearest unto heaven; not upon seemed, God was the undoubted determi- such as are buried alive in worldly businer of it. Therefore to cast lots upon tri-| ness. Earth will extinguish fire as well vial occasions, and solemnly to appeal to as water, and some say sooner; not only God's determination in ludicrous matters, sensual lust, but an excess of earthly busiis profanely to take the name of God in ness and worldly drudgery, will quench

the Holy Spirit, and cause him to depart CHAP. II.

and go away aggrieved from us. Obserre,

3. The persons on whom the Holy Ghost The second chapter gives us an account of the miracu. thus descended; namely, the apostles;

lous effusion of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles al not that they were without the Holy Spirit the feast of Pepiecast. This was matter of wonder and amazement to some, but of scorn aud mocking until now, they had him before in his sanc

same manner.


tifying graces; here they receive him in 5 And there were dwelling at Jeru

his extraordinary gifts, to fit them for ex- salem Jews, devout men, out of every **** traordinary services. When God extraor-nation under heaven. 6 Now when

dinarily calls any of his servants to more this was noised abroad, the multitude than ordinary service, they may expect

more than ordinary assistance. The Holy came together, and were confounded, 125.2: Spirit now descended upon the apostles in because that every man heard them 1 STE D'Incar his miraculous gifts, and if we be not speak in his own language. 7 And

wanting to ourselves, he will descend upon they were all amazed, and marvelled, our souls and bodies a temple and fit habi, saying one to another, Behold, are not

tation for himself to dwell in, by his sanc- all these which speak Galileans ? 8 E' titying impressions, by his powerful as- And how hear we every man in our

sistances, by his quickening influences; own tongue, wherein we were born ? pouring in both the oil of grace, and also 9 Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, the oil of joy and gladness, into our hearts. and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and

Observe, 4. The manner how the Holy in Judea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, Grat

Ghost at this time descended on the apostatles : 1. Suddenly, like the wind; a rushing and Asia, 10 Phrygia, and Pamphy

mighty wind from heaven; insinuating, lia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Lib-
that it was not the apostles prayer that ya about Cyrene, and strangers of
brought, but Christ's promise and power Rome, Jews and proselytes, 11
that sent, the Holy Ghost thus miracu- Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them
Jously down upon them. This rushing
wind did also represent the mighty effi- speak in our tongues the wonderful
cacy of the Holy Spirit now descending. works of God. 12 And they were
2. In the appearance of fiery cloven all amazed, and were in doubt, saying
tongnes; cloven, to signify the variety of one to another, What meaneth this?
languages which the apostles should be 13 Others mocking, said, These men
enabled to speak, and to qualify them to

are full of new wine.
preach the gospel unto all nations; and
fiery, to represent that fervent heat and The fame of the foregoing miraculous
zeal they should be endued with them- operation of the Holy Spirit being instant-
selves; that divine light they should im- ly spread abroad in Jerusalem, and ihere
part to others, as also that purity and being present at that time great multitudes
holiness which they and all succeeding of Jews, who had come from all parts of
ministers of the gospel ought to appear Judea, to the feast of Pentecost, and also
beautified and adorned with. Finally, As many other Jews and proselytes born in
fire dissipateth and disperseth, multiplieth other nations, in Mesopotamia, Cappado-
and increaseth; even so the gifts and cia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, who were
graces of the Holy Spirit, the more they now come up to worship the true God at
are diffused and well employed, the more Jerusalem; when they heard the apostles
will they be increased; by imparting to speak in their own language, which they
our people, we shall gather to ourselves. never understood before, the wonderful
Thus was our Lord's promise fulfilled to works of God, in the death, resurrection,
his apostles, in sending down the Holy and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ;
Ghost upon them, but not upon them only; some of them wondered to hear illiterate
the private Christian, no doubt, as well as men speaking all languages; others de.
the public apostle, did receive the Holy Spi- rided the miracle, and imputed it to drunk.
rit according to his measure: to enlighten, enness. Here note, 1. 'The wisdom and
as a spirit of knowledge; to enliven, as a providence of Almighty God, in so order-
spirit of life ; to warm and heat, as a spirit ing the first publication of the gospel, that
of zeal; to mollify and soften, as a spirit the fame thereof, and of that convincing
of holy fear; to quicken and strengthen, miracle which gave authority thereunto,
as a spirit of power; to guide and direct, might be carried unto all nations by só
as a spirit of wisdom and counsel; to many eye and ear-witnesses, as
unite and knit their hearts together, as a worshipping at Jerusalem at this time:
spirit of love. And blessed be God for for there were now sojourning at Jerusalem
the promise of the same Holy Spirit to men out of every nation under heaven; that
abide with all believers, though not in his is, of every nation where any Jews were
miraculous gitis, yet in his sanctifying scattered at this time throughout the world,
operations and saving graces, to the end there were some particular persons come
of the world.

up now to Jerusalem to worship God.


Note, 2. The commendatory character | apostles, and confuting the calumny of given of those persons, who from their drunkenness, which was now cast upon several countries came up to the house of himself and them: These men are not God in Jerusalem, to worship him there : drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the they are styled devout men; and they re-third hour of the day. Where note, l. ceived from God the reward of their piety How he argues negatively from the time and devotion. Had they staid at home, as of the day: it was but the third hour of many of their brethren no doubt did, they the day, that is nine o'clock in the mora. had not been witnesses of so wonderful ing, which was the hour for the morning a miracle for the confirmation of their sacrifice and prayer; and the worshippers faith as now they were. Yet note, 3. The of God (at the great feast especially) different influence and effect which this were never wont to eat or drink before miracle of the Holy Spirit's descent in those holy services were performed. In fiery cloven tongues, had upon the minds those times they went to their pubhc deroof the people in Jerusalem. Some were tions fasting; they served God before they struck in an ecstacy of admiration and served their bellies. The first fruits of awful wonder; others (the Scribes and the day were offered in the temple iben; Pharisees probably) scornfully deride, and in the tavern now: ten morning and eveimpute the miracle to drunkenness, say- ning visits are made by some to the latter, ing, These men are full of new wine. A for one to the former. Note farther, How senseless slander; for though excess of he argues positively : 'he assures them, wine may give a man more tongue, yet that the apostles were full of the Holy not more tongues. O! how have the holy Ghost, and not full of wine; filled with operations of the blessed Spirit from the the Spirit of God; and what was dow beginning been slandered and blasphemed! done, was the completion of a prophecy accounted the effects of drunkenness then, uttered by Joel : That in the last days, that of enthusiasm or melancholy now! is, in the days of the Messias, there should 14 But Peter, standing up with the Spirit upon all fiesh : that is, upon Jews

be a most plentiful effusion of the Holy eleven, lifted up his voice, and said and Gentiles, and upon all sorts of persons unto them, Ye men of Judea, and all without distinctiori, old and young, sons ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this and daughters, bond and free. Learn known unto you, and hearken to my thence, That the Spirit of God is a free words: 15 For these are not drunk- spirit, not confined to any party, to any

order or degrees of men, but plentifully en, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the and abundantly poured forth under the third hour of the day. 16 But this is gospel dispensation upon all believers. that which was spoken by the prophet It is one of the great cheats which the Joel; 17 And it shall come to pass pope has imposed upon the world, to perin the last days, (saith God,) I will suade them to believe the Spirit of God is pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and his cardinals, have monopolized the

tied to the pommel of his chair; that he, and your sons and your daughters Holy Ghost. But, blessed be God, he has shall prophesy, and your young men promised to pour out his Spirit upon all shall see visions, and your old men flesh, even upon servants and handmaids, shall dream dreams: 18 And on my

to show, that he doth not despise persons servants, and on my handmaidens 1 of the lowest rank and condition in this will pour out, in those days, of my made unto them also.

world, but that the promise of the Spirit is

Observe lastly, Spirit; and they shall prophesy: 19 What is here foretold that should come to And I will shew wonders in heaven pass after this great effusion of the Holy, above, and signs in the earth beneath; Spirit, namely. Wonder in the heaven, and blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: signs in the earth, the sun turned into dark20 The sun shall be turned into dark- ness, and the moon into blood. Witrich exness, and the moon into blood, before troubles, the calamities and desolations,

pressions signity the great miseries and that great and notable day of the Lord which should befal the Jews before the come: 21 And it shall come to pass, | destruction of Jerusalem, for their crucify. that whosoever shall call on the name ing the Lord of life and glory; unto which of the Lord shall be saved.

is subjoined the only way to escape and

avoid them, namely, calling upon the Lord Observe here. The holy courage of St. in fervent prayer and supplication: Who Peter, in defending the innocency of the erer shall call upon the name of the Lord

shall be saved. Intimating that prayer || treats of the sufferings and death of Christ: makes us shot-free, and is a sure defence By wicked hands ye have crucified and slain in all storms, that no evil shall fatally him, who was delivered by the determinate touch our persons, or come near our dwell-counsel of God. Where note, 1. The name ings, whilst we take hold of God by faith, and kind of death which Christ died: and approach unto him by prayer. Lord! this is described more generally; it was a how happy is it when strong afflictions violent death, Ye have slain him ; more from thee, raise strong affections in us particularly, it was an ignominious,cursed, towards thee!

and dishonourable death, ye have crucified 22 Ye men of Israel, hear these him. Learn thence, That the Lord Jesus words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man ap- the worst of deaths, even the death of the

Christ was not only put to death, but to proved of God among you : by mira cross. Now the death of the cross was a cles, and wonders, and signs, which violent death, a painful death, a shameful God did by him in the midst of you, death, a lingering death, a succourless as ye yourselves also know: 23 Him, death, and an accursed death. Note, 2. being delivered by the determinate The causes of Christ's death are here excounsel and foreknowledge of God, ye and ordering, was the determinate coun

pressed. The principal cause, permitting have taken, and by wicked hands have sel and foreknowledge of God. The instrucrucified and slain: 24 Whom God mental cause, effecting, was the wicked hath raised up, having loosed the hands of the Jews: Him, being delivered pains of death; because it was not by the determinate counsel

, fc. ye have taken, possible that he should be holden and by wicked hands crucified, dc. Learn of it.

hence, That there was not any one parti.

cular action or single circumstance relaSt. Peter having wiped off the unjust ting to the death of Christ, but what came aspersion of drunkenness cast upon him- under the holy counsel and wise determi. self and his brethren in the foregoing || nation of God. Yet this foreknowledge verses; in these he makes it his business and counsel of God, as it did not necessito convince the Jews that they were the tate and enforce them to it, so neither doth murderers of the best man that ever lived it excuse them in it. God's foreknowledge in the world, even Jesus of Nazareth, the and determinate counsel did no more comtrue and promised Messiah. In order to pel or force their wicked hands to do what this he treats in this sermon, 1. Of the they did, than the mariner's hoisting up person and life of Christ. 2. Of the suffer- his sails to take the wind to serve his deings and death of Christ. 3. Of the resur- | sign, can be said to compel the wind to rection of him from the grave. First, as blow. God's end in acting was one, their touching his person, the apostle shows, I end in acting was another; his most pure That he was evidently sent from God and and holy, theirs most malicious and daapproved of him, by those many miracles, ringly wicked. In respect of God, Christ's wonders, and signs, which were wrought death was justice and mercy; in respect by him. Hence note, That the many and of man it was murder and cruelty; in regreat miracles wrought by Christ, evident- spect himself, it was obedience and hu. ly prove that he was sent of God, and mility. The third part of the apostle's came from him, and was approved by sermon, respects the resurrection of the him. Our Saviour's miracles, for the na Lord Jesus Christ from the grave, ver. 25. ture of them, were beneficial to mankind; | Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the for the number of them, they were many ; || pains of death ; because it was not possible for the manner of their operation, they that he should be holden of it.

Christ, were public and open, in the sight and though laid, was not lost in the grave; view of all the people; not in corners, but revived and rose again, and rose by like the Popish miracles, (wrought before the power of his Godhead. True, God is their own creatures only,) but before his here said to raise him, and the Spirit elseenemies; and for the quality of them, they where; but we are not to understand it so, were of the greatest magnitude, cleansing as if they raised him by their power withthe lepers, raising the dead, giving sight out his own power; for he declares it ex. to them that were born blind; by a wordpressly, John ii. In three days I will raise spoken, by a touch given: so that our || up the temple of my body. And if he had blessed Saviour had all that attestation not raised himself by his own power, how that miracles can give, that he was com- could he be said, Rom. i. 4. To be declared to missioned by God, and came from God. be the Son of God by the resurrection from The second part of Peter's sermon here' the dead? What more had appeared in

Christ's resurrection than in any other, not lest in hell, neither his flesh did if that were all? For others were raised | see corruption. 32 This Jesus hath by the power of God as well as he. Now God raised up, whereof we all are because the Jews, to whom Peter here

witnesses. 33 Therefore, being by preaches, were filled with prejudice against Christ, the apostle thought fit to tell them the right hand of God exalted, and that God had raised him from the dead; having received of the Father the yet by consequence it sufficiently appears || promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath in the following discourse, that Christ shed forth this, which ye now see raised himself from the dead. Learn hence, and hear. 34 For David is not asThat the Lord Jesus Christ, by the omnipo- cended into the heavens : but he saith tent power of the Godhead, the Father's, the Spirit’s, and his own Godhead, revived, himself, The LORD said my Lord, and rose again from the dead, to the terror Sit thou on my right hand, 35 Until and consternation of his enemies, and the I make thy foes thy footstool. unspeakable consolation of all believers. As by the eternal Spirit, or the power of St. Peter here proceeds in this memora. his own Godhead, he offered up himself to | ble sermon, which he preached at the God when he died; so when he was put to feast of Pentecost, to convince the Jews, death in the flesh, he was quickened by that Jesus, whom they had crucified, was the Spirit; that is, by the power of his undoubtedly the promised Messias, bedivine nature. The same Spirit enabled cause he was raised from the grare 20him to do both. Observe also, The reaccording to the prophetical predietion, son annexed, why God raised up Jesus Psal. xvi. Thou wilt not leave my soul in Christ: because it was impossible that hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One death should hold him. But how impos- to see corruption. And accordingly si

. Pe sible? 1. 'Twas naturally impossible, ter doth strongly prove that these words, upon the account of that divine power in their literal sense, could not be spoken which was inherent in his person as God. of David, because he was left in the grave, 2. 'Twas legally impossible, because dio and saw corruption ; but must be applied vine justice being fully satisfied by his suf unto Christ, who though he was laid, yet ferings, required that he should be raised was not lost in the grave, but say 19 to life; as when a debt is paid, the prisoner corruption, being raised by God the third is discharged, and the prison-door opened. day. Hence note, That though death

bound the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, 25 For David speaketh concerning and laid him in his grave, yet, Samsonhim, I foresaw the Lord always be- like, he snapt and broke those bands fore my face ; for he is on my right asunder, it being impossible that he should hand, that I should not be moved : 26 be holden of them, or confined by them. Therefore did my heart rejoice, and it was impossible for Christ to continue my tongue was glad; moreover also three days: 1. Because he was Lord of my flesh shall rest in hope: 27 Be- | life and death, he was the resurrection cause thou wilt not leave my soul in and the life; life to quicken bimself, and in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thy the resurrection to raise us; he was the Holy one to see corruption. 28 'Thou resurrection effectively, the life essentialhast made known to me the ways of for death to hold him that was lite itself

ly and formally. Now it was impossible life; thou shalt make me full of joy | under its power, any longer than he who with thy countenance. 29 Men and is life pleased ; and for this reason he iş brethren, let me freely speak unto said to swallow up death in victory, I you of the patriarch David, that he is Cor. xv. 54. 2. Because of his undertaking both dead and buried, and his sepul- poral death, we must have continued for

for us; for if Christ had been held by cor. chre is with us unto this day. 30 | ever under the power of spiritual death; Therefore being a prophet, and know therefore the Holy one was not suffered to ing that God had sworn with an oath see corruption, the least corruption, acto him, that of the fruit of his loins, cording to the prophetical prediction, according to the flesh, he would raise Psal. xvi. Thou wilt not leave my soul in up Christ to sit on his throne ; 31 He, (for David was left in that hell, from

hell ; that is, my dead body in the grave, seeing this before, spake of the resur- / which Christ was raised, but the hell rection of Christ, that his soul was II which David was in was not beyond the

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