votion and liberality necessary for the exten- , necessity for a European is very pressing.' sion and support of the Redeemer's cause. (Rep. July, 1849.) Shall Orissa bave the Disinterested love for the souls of immortal gospel! Then let it be sent in all that ful. beings such as our Saviour practically exbib. ness and plenty which should characterize ited for our imitation, must be the moving glad tidings of great joy.' Let India feel principle of each christian's heart, or else the her idolatry to be her curse. Let India be church will lose her conquests, and Fallen, purified and regenerated by the holy light and fallen,' will be the motto of her decay. Let blessed truths revealed in God's word. This increased liberality be obtained by every cannot be except in God's own appointed way christian feeling increased love to the Giver by secondary causes-by poor, feeble instru. of every good and perfect gift.'

mentality. This instrumentality it is in your That greater liberality is needed for the power to send. This instrumentality it is in support of the G. Baptist Foreign Missions your power to increase. Enlarge the place does not require to be stated; missions that of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the all things considered would be an honour and curtains of thine habitations; spare not, crown of rejoicing to any society; shall they lengthen thy cords and strengthen thy stakes.' be crippled and circumscribed for the want of China needs augmented aid. Strong must be a few pounds, shillings, and pence, which the efforts made to arouse this nation. Strong every possessor of them after a few fleeting and continued must be the exertions made to years will count as dross, and wben compared uproot their biased prejudices, and change with the true riches which Christ has reserved their idolatrous, superstitious vanities. Let for the believer in heaven, will wonder at the these exertions be made confidently, willingly care and toil which he once spent merely for and heartily, and the long predicted success their acquisition? The Christian should is sure to follow. Lo, these froin the land look at all things through the immense futu. of Sinim.' "The liberal soul shall be rity of events revealed in the Word of God. made fat. There is that scattereth and yet He should, with an eye of hopeful faith, grasp increasetb; and there is that withholdeth more within his comprehension all time and all than is meet, and it tendeth to poverty. Not eternity. It is with such an universal view only is your generosity required, and your liber. of the dealings of God with his people, of the ality so necessary, but your prayers, the solace ascendancy and superiority of the gospel, of of the hard-toiling missionary, open before the the all in all sovereignty of Christ, present. members of the Connexion at home, a path of ed to the minds of christians in the records of missionary usefulness, a career of missionary Holy Writ, and blessed by the Holy Spirit, glory. Prayers are messengers. Remem. that can arouse and quicken the zeal of the ber therefore the kingdom of God,' in your members of this Connexion. With these chamber of prayer. Let the attitude and feelings and views let this proposal of a plan desires of your spirit be acceptable in God's of liberality for Foreign Missions, meet with sight. Ask, and ye shall receive.' With their calm consideration. The proposal is for | regard to the manner in which God will bring the members of this Connexion to average in his cause to prosper, say, Thy will be done,' their contributions ONE PENNY PER WEEK but as regards the actual performance of His for EACH MEMBER. Suppose the number of will let your earnest petitions prevail with members to be 20,000; 20,000 pence per week God according as He bas promised. Our will give 1,040,000 pence per annum, which Saviour never refused in his lifetime a request will thus raise the present contributions to offered in implicit faith, and on the other £4333 and more, for Foreign Missions. This hand he never granted what was not prayed is what a penny per week will do, and what for. It was to the man that cried out to him must be done if the Orissa Mission is to en: Son of David have mercy on me,' that he relarge its sphere of operations, and the Chinese | stored his sight. It was to the woman that Mission to maintain its position in that pagan touched the bem of his garment in prayerful, empire. Is tbe proposal too much for a Con. | implicit faith, that he gave health and peace. nexion of 20,000 members ? Does the Con. It was to the man who was let down to him pexion do enough? all that it is able to do for | through the roof that he said, “Thy sins are Foreign Missions ? The prior claims of forgiven thee.' 'Man's extremity is God's India, and the paramount claims of China, opportunity.' Where are the members of the demand a serious, enlightened and prayerful G. Baptist churches, the Sabbath School answer to these questions. Your senior mis. Teachers, the Sabbath Scholars, the whole sionary in India bas requested another mis. Connexion, who will not offer up prayers for sionary. Khundittur, however, he writes, Foreign Missions, and as a test of the sincer.

is still destitute. I could almost say, send ity of those prayers, give A PENNY PER WEEK out a man for Khundittur, and we will ask that the gospel may be preached to every no more. It is connected and surrounded creature ? A Penny per week from each with so vast a field-has had so much labour member of the Connexion for your Foreign bestowed on it has a nice little church Missions in India and China is the rest. already collected, that the desirableness, the

LETTER FROM BEV. C. LACEY I pointment and rage. Thus is the temple of

God erected.
Cuttack, June 26th, 1851. My object yesterday was twofold :-first,

and chiefly, to marry a couple of young people; MY DEAR BROTHER GOADBY, I have and secondly and subordinately, to settle for some time intended to write to you by the some disagreements that had occurred. I mail, which will leave in a few days hence; | bad little difficulty in effecting the former, but and I sit down to execute my intention to day. more in bringing about the latter. You have I have just returned from a visit of one day heard of the old persecutor' of Choga, bearer to Choga. Embosomed in the surrounding Padhan. lle is dead, and gone to answer to hills of Athgur and Dekenal, and cut off by God for all bis hard words and violent oppothe surrounding plain of great extent from all sition towards the cause of God in his dis. the associations of idolatry, it affords a retreat trict. He wore out the cause even to the of quietness and repose exceediogly agreeable last; and was visited by an awful dispensato the mind. My visit was a very pleasant tion for his removal. He burst a blood vessel, one. The air of the early morn was cool and and fell on his face and expired. Raragau, bracing. The larks warbled overhead their his eldest son, then, in the determination of sweetest lays, and the forest flowers opened his own mind a christian, burned his father's their gorgeous blossoms, and shed through body to ashes outside the village. There lie the air their richest perfume. From among a heap of ashes, an old umbrella, and a pair of the thick, rich, and green foliage, at the dis wooden clogs, the remains of the old perse. tance of three miles, the little white washed cutor. Raragau has become a christian ! chapel on the bill,' suggested many encou He has left his mother, his brothers, his anraging, apimating reflections. That little cestral house, and above all, bis wife, the white spot indicates the spread, in its vicinity, daughter of the richest Mábàjun in Athgur, of a good degree of christian light and chris but by a process of law he has gained his tian experience; and, O what consequences infant daughter, a very pretty child. And are connected with the possession of christian now, a year after his wife has left him, he light and christian experience! But I do not has been married to the daughter of Parasua, always enjoy unmixed pleasure at Choga. the native preacher of Choga. Kookoomi is a The suggestions, which occur at a distance, pious, intelligent, and superior girl. Narayan are not always realized when I reach the spot. said he wished to hare her, and she said she Sometimes sin, accursed sin, has broken out wished to have Narayan, so it was, altogether, among the disciples there, and at other times a match of mutual choice, and I hope, of muthat unruly member, the tongue, 'set on fire tual affection. Such may it prove. The of bell,' has set the whole village in a blaze, chapel was filled with people, and numbers of and brother is devouring brother, and sister the heathen flocked from the adjacent villages her sister; and I find one at work among the to see the couple married, so well known to people, whose presence is not so indicated, even | all persons in the neighbourhood. Our marin heathen villages, blowing up the coals of riage ceremony is a very solemn and a very wrath and strife,' I am always, and I think excellent one; and when it was over, the peojustly, consoled under such circumstances by ple around the door said, 'a very strong word, the persuasion that souls are lost to Satan, i a very excellent word.' Two hours after the and, therefore, he makes efforts to regain ceremony, the marriage feast appeared on the them; tbat, were not the cause of righteous. ground in the public streets of the village, ness and truth established, he would not make sheltered in the centre by the branches of a such efforts to weaken, discredit, and destroy I lofty tamarind tree. under whose shade, Koothat which is good indeed; as where it is not sallee, the idol of the hill, once rested. It established, no such efforts are needed or do consisted of two rows of hot smoking heaps of appear. The quietness of death, spiritual rice, with pulse of several kinds, vegetable death, absolutely reigns, where not the leaven curries, and meat curries, rice and milk salted, of the gospel is operating; but all is activity and rice and milk with treacle, or I should where the truth has entered, and has obtained say sugar, which indeed I should, only that some prevalence. Ground is taken and re the sugar is more like treacle; with sweettaken; and souls are captured and recaptured meats and salt meats, and fruit, and cakes, with the utmost diligence, activity, and and many other things of all sorts, and all subtlety. How often I am depressed into the tastes, and all colours. These are placed on dust to perceive that the conquests which plantain leaves, washed and clean. I must seemed to be won, have been parleying with visit the feast, ere the guests began to eat; the foe, and that he has made some fast lodg. and went at a very interesting moment; just ments! How delighted to the skies I am to when every leaf was loaded, and the right. see the tears of penitence and contrition flow, band of every man was held out, ready to sin acknowledged, and fresh resolutions made commence. Silence was obtained, and a bles. of love and faithfulness; to see the foe, at least sing was asked on the bridegroom, the bride, for the time, cast out, and depart, with disap- the two conjointly, and then on the wedding

bitterly, saying it is such a pity to remove p.m., and on my way home met friend Gunga, dinner. The amen' murmured through the brabman-like, budging off with great spirit to long defile, and the next moment the feast the marriage feast. He had received an in. commenced. In the course of the feast poor vitation. Parasua, the father of the bride, came with

(To be continued.) sad accents and a sorrowful complaint, that two of the brethren would not come to the feast. An old grievance existed between them. LETTER FROM REV. W. BAILEY. Attendance at the feast was the sign of cordiality, friendship, and love; non-appearance

MY BROTHER GOADBY,- As another car was the sign of hostility. I must interfere festival, with its wonted abominations, bas to effect an immediate reconciliation! On passed away, perbaps a few particulars this business, therefore, I immediately enter in reference to our visit and labours there ed. I first visited Harripani. I found him may be acceptable to your readers. There on bis mat, brooding over bis grievance, real were present from Cuttack, brethren Sotton, or supposed. He rose at my call, and listen. Buckley, and Brooks; and from Piplee, ed to my remonstrance. Sir, you are my brethren Millar and Bailey, with the native father and mother, (he is older than mysell) preachers, Sebo Patra, and Tama. Brethren and you are the paster of the church, i bare Lacey and Stubbins both fully intended always obeyed your wishes, but in this instance being there, but the former was prevented by bow can I obey? He has not asked my wife repeated attacks of fever, and the latter by the to the feast, and he did not come to be recon. prevalence of the cholera among the children ciled to me, when you directed him; and, now, in the asylums at Berhampore. The festival can I go to the feast? I explained the law commenced this year on the 1st of July, of christian love to him, and referred to the and the weather was remarkably favourable, forgiving disposition of Christ, and some of insomuch that we met with no interruption his early disciples, and gave friend Harri | whatever in the prosecution of our work. some affectionate advice, and his feelings Morning and evening, for two or three days began to relent, the tear of tenderness began previous to the festival, we took our stand to trickle down his now furrowed cheeks, and near the police office; and ere we had song he promised to forgive his brother and go to a few verses of a christian poem, to call the the feast. Next I visited & young spirited people together, we were surrounded with & man, who had been told that Parasua had said large congregation, anxiously waiting to hear he was a Kandora,-a low caste person; and, what we had to say. Now and then the Pooree as in Christ there was no high and low caste, spirits' rushed into the throng and raised the how could he attend the feast! Gunda is a cries of Hurri bol, Hurri bol; victory to good lad, and I knew he would soon under. Juggernaut, victory to Juggernaut. But stand. Gunda, did you hear brother Parasua with this exception we were heard with com. call you a Kundora? No sir; but So-and-So mendable attention, so much so that we told me he did. Well, So.and.So may have could hardly believe we were preaching in a given you a perverted statement of what Pacity •full of idols.' And strange to say our rasua said, and so the enemy has excited your ears this year were not once assailed by the mind with wrath. Brother Parasua declares | old taunting cry, 'If Juggernaut be not the he has no ill feeling towards you whatever, Lord of the world, why does the Government and says he never did call you a Kondora, but support him? One morning, however, while only said in conversation with another person passing down the large road, I heard two that, though you were formerly a Kundora, old women muttering to each other that yet now you are a christian brother, and not the Siskar bad cut Juggernaut's allow. a Kundora. Do you believe brother Parasua's ance, and how could he live now! The word? Yes sir, I must believe brother Para- publication of the Draft of the Act for the sua; and I will go to the feast; and also I will discontinuance of the annual donation to go for sister Kookoomi's sake, and for Nára. the temple has already done good service. yan's sake. Here the ladies would not sub- l I said to an old idolater who frequents our mit, as usual, and rose up in rebellion against house, Well, the Siskar has at length deterthe son, and the husband, and declared be mined to discontinue the grant to your should not go. However Gunda is a lad of Juggernaut.' "What!' he replied, with in. spirit, and he soon told them to hold their discribable astonishment, 'will government tongues, for he should go; and off he set to cut Juggernaut's allowance? Never, never; prepare. The ladies too, yielded after a little if they did, the earth would split.' I replied, time, and so all disagreements were settled, 'Whether the earth splits or not, such will the guests were universally friendly, and soon be the case.' 'Oh! what blasphemous their number was complete, to the joy of all. wretches your Feringees are ; you not only After the feast, till about twelve o'clock, the cannot discern the glory of Juggernaut, but time was spent in pleasant conversation, you are now going to deprive him of his singing of hymns, and closed with prayer. I daily food. Many others are lamenting tbe grant, as Juggernaut's glory and renown, I left the festive scene about 5 o'clock, must in consequence inevitably pass away. their labours; several most interesting cases Shortly after its appearance in the Gazette, | have already come to light. One of the Juggernaut himself visited the Rhoorada Rhoorada rajah's servants has been reading rajah by night, in a dream, and announced our books for ten years, he has a very correct to bim that he had come to the conclusiou knowledge of divine truth, and he openly not on any account to receive any more | avowed his determination to relinquish the money from the Siskar: that from hencefortb rajah's service, and unite with the people of he should be entirely independent. Raw the Lord. One young man from Sumbleand superstitious as are the people in this poor, who had come to Pooree to see Jugger. province, they could hardly receive such a naut, heard the gospel, broke his caste, and statement under such circumstances. This joined himself to the Lord's people. He year the Orissa missionaries felt that a is now with us at Piplee. Hitherto he bas mighty barrier was about to be removed gone on satisfactorily. Let the friends of which had so often been a stumbling block the mission take encouragement, for their in the way of the heathen, and a hinderance servants in Piplee have been much blest by to their usefulness. Let the patronage of the Lord. Affectionately yours, the East India Company be wholly removed, July 31st 1851.

W. BAILEY. and one of the most potent arguments of the Pundahs to induce pilgrims to visit the shrine will be for ever done away,

MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARIES. The festival was but thinly attended, perhaps not more than fifty or sixty thousand. I send you a few outlines of our tour to Though there were a few cholera cases daily, the Isle of Axbolme. We arrived at Kirton and many died from exhaustion, occasioned October 6th, and held a meeting in the afby the fatigue of long journeys, still the ternoon, which was not numerously attended; mortality this year was small compared with but in the evening the congregation was large, former years. I saw a poor woman carried and the speeches were of an animating chaon a litter, apparently in dying circumstances, racter. We were pleased to see the improvebut a person passing by with food from the ment in the chapel and congregation. We temple, rap and fetched some, and forced it are indebted to the friends for their hospitainto her mouth, doubtless thinking that the lity, and to brother Crooks for his kind assistmere taste of the rice on which Juggernaut's ance on the occasion. Collections more than

eye bad fallen' was sufficient to remove last year. many sins. Near where we were preaching At Crowle, on the following day, brother a vessel containing holy food was accidentally Simons gave a pleasing description of the broken, and its contents fell on the road in Saviour's love to lost man. The congregathe dirt; a number of poor Bengallee women tion was small, but in the evening there was seeing this ran with all possible haste and a great improvement. We are deeply indebted koelt down and picked out grain after grain / to a long-tried friend, who is far advanced on of the rice until they had eaten the whole. her pilgrimage, and will soou receive a remuAround the temple we saw eighteen or twenty neration which the Saviour will give to his wretched females measuring their way as faithful friends. The meeting was addressed they went along. Some of them were 80 by brethren Hurt of Misterton, Simons, and covered with filth and mud that we could Fogg. We trust impressions were made by scarcely discover their features. I might go, the appeals on the bebalf of our missions in on and tell you how the people worshipped China and India, which will not soon be the cars, and the wheels of the cars, and effaced. Collections larger than last year. the ropes, and the road, over which the On the 8th we visited Epworth, and were cars passed, &c.; but I forbear, as you have kindly welcomed by the friends, who seem repeatedly heard these things. But o, how anxious to promote the Saviour's interest in heart-rending it is, that our fellow immortals heathen lands. We assembled in the place should thus degrade themselves in the where our fathers held intercourse with the presence of that God who hates idolatry. King of kings. The tablets and monuments For more than a quarter of a century have of the pious dead made the meeting of a sothe Orissa Missionaries stood as witnesses lemn and prayerful character. Though the for the truth among the deluded thousands, number was not large, great attention was and have made known the only means paid to the address delivered by Mr. Simons whereby men can be saved. They have in which he set forth the joys created in anborne many torrents of abusive epithets, suchgelic minds when one sinner repenteth. We as for their obscenity can never be told here; feel laid under great obligation to those who every year been pelted more or less witla furnished 'us with a conveyance, and to the mud and sand and stones, &c.; but, blessed young man who drove us to Butterwick be God, they have not borde all in vain; through a very heavy storm of rain. I trust incalculable good has been done already by the Lord will not be unmindful of his work of faith and labour of love. Our missionary of missions. The amount of collections, meeting at Epworth in the evening was well subscriptions and donations for the year, is attended. J. Asb meilc, judr., took the chair. \ £23, 158, 3 d.

T. H. Messrs. Hunt, Fogg, and Simons addressed

I TARPORLEY.-Sermons were preached on the meeting. Collections have considerably I behalf of the mission in this place, on Lord's. improved--a pleasing result of our missionary | day, Sep. 28. by Mr. Goadby of Loughbobox. The cause at this place is looking up.

rough. A public meeting was held on the On the 9th we held an afternoon meeting following evening, when Mr. Pedley of Whee. at Butterwick, when Mr. Simons told us of

lock Heath presided, and the cause was adroa sympathizing Saviour to the lost sheep of

beep of cated by brethren Goadby, Stocks, and two the house of Israel. Though the attendance | Wesleyan Ministers. was small, we believe his sermon will do good. In the evening the few friends that assem.

AUDLEM.-Sermons were delivered for the bled were told of the goodness of God

mission, on Lord's day and Tuesday, Sep. 28 to our missions, and addresses were deli. / and 30, by Messrs. Goadby and Needham. A vered by Messrs. Gibson of Epworth. Fogg. / public meeting was held in the evening of the and Simons; and though things were dis. latter day, when the above brethren pleaded couraging, yet the collection has a little

for the mission. improved. We see the necessity of some WHEELOCK HEATA.-A tea meeting was one taking the oversight of this part of God's held in this place on Wednesday, Oct. 1, after vineyard. We were delighted with the con. | which missionary addresses were delivered by versation of an aged christian, in the ninety. | brethren Pedley, Stocks, and Goadby. first year of his age, who conversed with us

Stoke.-A missionary meeting was held on the love of God, his interest in the Saviour, and his prospects of eternal life. We saw in

here on Thursday, Oct. 2. Speakers. Messrs. this man how religion can support, and that in

Baker and Goadby. hoary hairs God will not forsake those that BRADFORD.-On Lord's day, Aug. 31st, trust in him.

two sermons were preached in Prospect Street On the 10th we held a missionary meeting Chapel, Bradford, by Rev. J. Tunnicliffe of at Misterton. This appears a barren spot, Leeds, on behalf of our Foreign Missions. and unfruitful soil, yet we called to remem- | Collections, subscriptions, and donation from brance that from this place men have been a friend amounted to £36 Us. 1d. raised up that were valiant for the truth. Our

BURNLEY LANE.-On Sunday, Sep. 21st, brother who labours there is exceedingly dis.

1851, the Rev. R. Hardy of Queenshead couraged, and sows in tears. We had little

preached on bebalf of our Foreign Mission ; hopes of holding a meeting: yet we did so,

and on Monday evening following, the pub. and were agreeably surprised at the largeness

lic missionary meeting was held, when ad. of the congregation, for the whole chapel was

dresses were delivered by Revds. R. Hardy, J. well filled, and the meeting was interested in

| Maden, R. Evans, (P. B) J. Cocken, (Indep.) the speeches of brother Hurt, Fogg, and

Collections and subscriptions £5. 16s. 8d. Simons. Collection small: yet there is an

W. P. increase. In all our journeys we have seen

KIRTON LINDSEY.-On Monday, October 6, the advantage of missionary boxes.

we held our annual meetings on behalf of On the Ilth I arrived at Boughton, and

missions to the heathen in India and China, on Lord's-day, the 12th, preached two sermons

when addresses were delivered by Mr. J. C. for the cause of christian missions. The

Smith, our pastor; Mr. Fogg, of Retford; congregations were attentive, and in the even

Mr. Crooks, of Killingholm; aod Mr. Simons, ing unusually large.

a converted son of Abraham. In the evening On Monday, 13th, we held our meeting,

the meeting was large and very attentive. when good feelings appeared to be produced,

In the course of the eveoing a clergyman of though the congregation was not so large

rhe Established Church sent us a handsome as in former years, (owing to revival services

present. The collections amounted to £3 being held by the Wesleyans in the neighbour

12s. 8d. being nearly treble the amount of last hood.) Brother Robinson presided. Brother

year's collections.

T. D. c. Fogg, with friend J. A. Cheetham of Ollerton, addressed the meeting. The collections were double those of last year; so that we Rev. W. WILKINSON.-We are gratified to trust in the Lord and take courage.

give the following recent intelligence as to Yours truly, W. Fogg our brother's health :STALEY BRIDGE.-On Lord's-day, Sep. 21. •Berhampoor, Sep. 1.-Yesterday we retwo sermons were preached in the G. Baptist ceived the most gratifying intelligence from chapel, Staley Bridge, by Mr. T. Yates, of our beloved friends the Wilkinsons. He is Hugglescote, when collections were made in amazingly better; but in accordance with ad. behalf of the mission. In the evening Mr. Y. vice, intends to take a short voyage to Ma. gave an interesting address on the great object | dras.—I. STUBBINS.

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