“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever.”

“ WHILST we walk this vale of tears, Chequer'd o'er with cares and fears," Let us trust in Jesu's name

Jesus ever is the same.

Does a sense of sin oppress,
Innate vileness we confess?
Jesus to remove it came,-
Jesus ever is the same.

Are we called to bear the cross,
Earthly gain to reckon loss?
Let us glad endure the shame,-
Jesus ever is the same.

Does the grave seem dark and drear,
Death in all his dread appear?
Jesus can his prey reclaim,-
Jesus ever is the same.

Soon the solemn trump shall sound, Soon the body quit the ground, Saints redeemed shall loud proclaim, Jesus ever is the same.

Cease, then, every sad complaint,
Jesus can uphold the faint:
Let us trust in Jesu's name,-
Jesus ever is the same.


What is Religion? Come, thou grovelling, say,

Depict the high belief thou dost profess, Unfold thy credence in a brighter day, And say shalt thou

greater or be less. What is Religion? Say, thou mortal elf,

Is it to view night's visions in the light,Is it to wrap thyself within thyself,—

Debase thy nature, and that nature fight? Some think Religion is high-sounding words, Seductive speech which little sense affords; Some dream it lays in mortifying sense, Fasting on Friday, paying Peter's pence. By some Religion is an actress made, To change with scene in Proteus form arrayed, Fair fashioned, like some gay kaleidoscope, To suit their faith, and shuffle to their hope. Some think it is a post-boy, paid to trot Or fast or slow, to suit the saint or sot;

Whilst some account it a dull, creeping snail,
Which, though they lag, they can o’ertake at will.
Some think it lurks in black, worm-eaten books,
Some think it lies in black, appalling looks,
And wear a phiz, according to their creed,
Which, seen by moonlight, might appal the dead.
What is Religion? Tell us, earth-born wretch,
Brighten thy mind, and give thy soul a stretch.
Now hear his answer: 6 'Tis a thing, you see,
Meant for the many, but not meant for me.”
Young men approve of old ones at their prayers,
But think Religion don't concern their heirs.
Old men tell young ones, with a raven croak,
Death may arrest them with a sudden stroke,
Advise them straight to make their peace with God,
And tread the path themselves have never trod.
Some like Religion for its loaves and fishes,
Swallow it whole just when it suits their wishes;
Like greedy children, who pick out the plum,
But of the rest touch neither crust nor crumb.
The fact is, friends, to set your minds at ease,
I will define it for you, if you please,
Religion is—a blessing, which I wot
You can't explain, because you hav’n’t got.



ignotas cogor inire vias."

On State enough by various hands is writ,
And politics, a ceaseless source of wit,
Are by our papers day and night disputed;
But now by us the question must be mooted,
Whether to have one Church, one Faith, one Creed.
We, as a body, are at all agreed?
And first enumerate, obedient Muse,
The varied throngs that weekly fill our pews.
Say, are they all sincere, and can they give
A faithful reason by what rule they live?

deed and every word, and say
Are all their actions open as the day;
Are they all aiming, as they all profess,
To follow Christ and love his righteousness ?
Is love to God their grand attainment made,
Does love to man their every thought pervade,-

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