Your figure was tall then, and perfectly straight,

Though it now has two twists from upright, But bless you, still bless you ! my partner! my Kate ! Though you be such a perfect old fright!

Hood. Sleep rock thy brain, And never come mischance between us twain.


(Hamlet) February 29.

The years they come and go,

The races drop in the grave,
Yet never the love doth so
Which here in my heart I have.

E. B. Browning

In bond of virtuous love together tied.

Fairfax. February 29.



Mindful of disaster past,
And shrinking at the northern blast,
The sleety storm returning still,
The morning hoar and evening chill,
Reluctant comes the timid spring.


What man is that? A scothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.


(Julius Caesar).

Oh, Lesbia ! surely no mortal was ever

So fond of a woman as I am of you ; A youth more devoted, more constant, was neverTo me there's enchantment in all that you do.


The people said that she was blue,
But I am green, and love her dearly. .

C. S. Calverley.
March 2.

Proud of her wit, and proud of her walk,
Proud of her teeth, and proud of her talk,
Proud of knowing “cheese from chalk"
On a very slight inspection.

J. G. Saxe.

In her what kings, what saints have wish'd is givenHer heart is empire and her love is heaven.

Anonymous. March 3.

Though fools spurn Hymen's gentle powers,
We, who improve his golden hours,

By sweet experience know
That marriage, rightly understood,
Gives to the tender and the good
A paradise below.

Hail ! wedded love,
Perpetual fountain of domestic sweets !


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