Or rose bedewed by showers,

Compose its cell;

It seems to say

No tale of guilt these buds can tell, Here lies Creation's loveliest ray.

Joy can adorn a smile,

Or gild a tear,
Bask with the bridal file,

Or funeral bier;
'Twill chiefest shine

Where saints and angels joined appear, And laud th' Omnipotence divine.


PEACE is that calm repose

Which Heaven alone can give; It soothes the troubled mortal's woes,

Calms the lamenting bosom's throes, And bids the dying live.

Peace as a phantom flies

The conscience-tortured breast, Its healing power to such denies-

It seeks the contrite heart's disguise, 'Tis there it loves to rest.

Perchance it breathes awhile

Around the moonlit shade,
Or brightens with its placid smile

The new-born babe, devoid of guile, Nor yet by sin betrayed.

But when, as on a 'whelming flood,

This world's vain pomp has flown; For those redeemed by Jesus' blood, A

peace the world ne'er understood Remains around the throne.


“ Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward ?”

COME back! come back! thou art fleeting far
To thy distant home in some lucid star;
Shrouded in spirit thou seekest now
Slumber, to rest thee from things below.

Come back! come back! thou hast left us all
Sorrowing sad on this earthly ball,
The moist tear is dimming each brilliant eye,
Which would sparkle in splendour if thou wert but


Come back! come back! whither, roaming high,
Dost thou thy presence to us deny?
Love's best affections and love's sweet sighs
Summon thee down from those crystal skies.

Come back! come back! But thou heedest not;
Is it that now we are all forgot?
No; I have sped, as a pioneer,
To shew you the way to yon shining sphere.

Stay on! stay on! we shall soar to thee,
Visit each planet in company;
Parting on earth amid care and pain,
Joyfully soon we shall meet again.

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