Then he lays his hand upon the head of the person to be

baptised, and says: Oremus.

Let us pray. Æternam ac justissimam I supplicate thy eternal and pietatem tuam deprecor, Do- most just goodness, () holy mine sancte, Pater omnipotens, Lord, Father Almighty, eteræterne Deus, Auctor luminis nal God, Author of light and et veritatis, super hunc famu- truth, in behalf of this thy lum tuum N., ut digneris illum servant N., that thou wouldst illuminare lumine intelligen- vouchsafe to enlighten him tiæ tuæ : munda eum, et sanc- with the light of thy wisdom : tifica : da ei scientiam veram, cleanse him, and sanctify him : ut dignus gratia baptismi tui give unto him true knowledge, effect s, teneat firmam spem, that, being made worthy of consilium rectum et doctrinam the grace of thy baptism, he sanctam. Per Christum Do- may retain firm hope, right minum nostrum.

counsel, and holy doctrine. R. Amen.

Through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen. After this, the Priest lays the end of his stole upon the person

to be baptised, and admits him into the Church, saying : N., ingredere in templum N., enter into the temple of Dei, ut habeas partem cum God, that thou mayest' have Christo in vitam æternam. part with Christ unto life R. Amen.


R. Amen. When they have entered the Church, the Priest, as he proceeds

to the Font, says, along with the Sponsors, in a loud voice (in Latin or the vulgar tongue, according to circumstances):

Credo in Deum, Patrem I believe in God the Father omnipotentem,Creatorem cæli Almighty, Creator of heaven et terræ. Et in Jesum Chris- and earth. And in Jesus tum, Filium ejus unicum Do- Christ, his only Son, our minum nostrum : qui conceptus Lord; who was conceived by est de Spiritu Sancto; natus the Holy Ghost; born of the ex Maria virgine ; passus sub Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mor- Pontius Pilate, was crucified, tuus, et sepultus : descendit dead, and buried : he descendad inferos; tertia die resur- ed into hell; the third day he rexit a mortuis; ascendit ad rose again from the dead; he colos, sedet ad dexteram Dei ascended into heaven, and Patris omnipotentis; inde ven- sitteth at the right hand of turus est judicare vivos et God the Father Almighty ; mortuos. Credo in Spiritum from thence he shall come to Sanctum ; sanctam Ecclesiam judge the living and the dead, Catholicam ; Sanctorum com- I believe in the Holy Ghost ; munionem; remissionem pec- the holy Catholic Church ; catorum ; carnis resurrectio- the communion of Saints; the nem ; vitam æternam. Amen. forgiveness of sins; the re

surrection of the body; and

the life everlasting. Amen. Pater noster, qui es in coe Our Father, who art in lis; sanctificetur nomen tuum: heaven; hallowed be thy adveniat regnum tuum : fiat name: thy kingdom come : voluntas tua, sicut in cælo, et thy will be done on earth as in terra. Panem nostrum it is in heaven. Give us this quotidianum da nobis hodie: day our daily bread : and foret dimitte nobis debita nostra give us our trespasses as we sicut et nos dimittimus debi- forgive them that trespass toribus nostris. Et ne nos against us. And lead us not inducas in tentationem; sed into temptation; but deliver libera nos a malo. Amen. us from evil. Amen. And then, before he reaches the Baptistery, he says :

The Exorcism. Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus I exorcise thee, every unimmunde, in nomine Dei Patris clean spirit, in the name of * omnipotentis, et in nomine God the Father of almighty, Jesu Christi, Filii ejus, + Do- and in the name of Jesus mini et Judicis nostri, et in Christ his Son 4, our Lord and virtute Spiritus --- Sancti, ut Judge, and in the power discedas ab hoc plasmate Dei, the Holy + Ghost, that thou N., quod Dominus noster ad depart from this creature of templum sanctum suum vo- God, N., which our Lord hath care dignatus est, ut fiat tem- vouchsafed to call unto his plum Dei vivi, et Spiritus Sanc- holy temple, that it may be tus habitet in eo. Per eumdem made the temple of the living Christum Dominum nostrum, God, and that the Holy Ghost qui venturus est judicare vivos may dwell therein. By the et mortuos, et sæculum per same Christ our Lord, who ignem.

shall come to judge the living R. Amen.

and the dead, and the world by fire.

R. Amen. Then the Priest, wetting his right thumb with spittle from his mouth, and touching therewith, in the form of a Cross, the right ear of the person to be baptised, and afterwards the left, says :

Ephphetha *, quod est +, Ephphetha +, that is to say Adaperire :

+, Be opened : And, touching his nostrils, adds : In odorem suavitatis.

For a savour of sweetness.

Lastly, in a louder voice, he adds these words : Tu autem fuge, Satana t, But thou, Satan, fly +, beecce appropinquat Deus mag- hold the God, great and nus et potens, Deus a forti mighty, draweth near ; the prædam auferens.

God who taketh away the

prey from the strong one. Then he interrogates the person to be baptised, by name,

saying : N., abrenuntias Satanæ ? N., dost thou renounce Sa

tan? R. Abrenuntio.

R. I do renounce him. Sacerdos. Et omnibus ope Priest. And all his works? ribus ejus ? R. Abrenuntio.

R. I do renounce them. Sacerdos. Et omnibus pom Priest. And all his pomps ? pis ejus? R. Abrenuntio.

R. I do renounce them. Then the Priest dips a small silver rod, or his thumb, in the oil of the Catechumens, and anoints the person to be baptised on the breast, and between the shoulders, in the form of a Cross, saying :

Ego te linio + oleo salutis, I anoint thee + with the oil in Christo Jesu+Domino nos- of salvation, in Christ Jesus + tro, ut habeas vitam æternam. our Lord, that thou mayest R. Amen.

have life everlasting.

R. Amen. Next, he wipes his thumb and the parts anointed with a cloth,

and changes the stole from violet to white. Then he asks the person to be baptised, by name :

N., credis in Deum Patrem N., dost thou believe in God omnipotentem,Creatorem cæli the Father Almighty, Creator et terræ?

of heaven and earth ? R. Credo.

R. I do believe. Credis in Jesum Christum Dost thou believe in Jesus Filium ejus unicum, Dominum Christ, his only Son, our Lord, nostrum, natum et passum ? who was born into this world,

and suffered for us? R. Credo.

R. I do believe. Credis in Spiritum Sanctum, Dost thou believe in the sanctam Ecclesiam Catholi- Holy Ghost, the holy Catholic cam, sanctorum communio Church, the communion of nem, remissionem peccatorum, Saints, the forgiveness of sins, carnis resurrectionem, et vitam the resurrection of the body, æternam ?

and life everlasting ? R. Credo.

I do believe.

Then, pronouncing the name of the person to be baptised, the

Priest says: N., vis baptizari ?

N., wilt thou be baptised ? R. Volo.

R. I will. Then the Godfather, or the Godmother, or both, holding or touching the person to be baptised, the Priest takes the baptismal water in a small vessel or pitcher, and pours it therefrom thrice on his head, in the form of a Cross; and at the same time, uttering the words once only, distinctly and attentively, he says :

N., ego te baptizo in no- N., I baptise thee in the mine + Patris, et Filii +, et Spi- name of the Father+she pours ritus + Sancti.

it for the first time], and of the Son +[he pours it for the second time), and of the Holyt Ghost [he pours it for the

third time). This done, the Priest dips a stile, or his thumb, in the holy chrism, and anoints the person baptised on the top of his head, in the form of a Cross, saying :

Deus omnipotens, Pater God Almighty, the Father Domini nostri Jesu Christi, of our Lord Jesus Christ, qui te regeneravit ex aqua et who hath regenerated thee by Spiritu Sancto, quique dedit water and the Holy Ghost, tibi remissionem omnium pec- and who hath given unto thee catorum ipse te + liniat chris- remission of all thy sins (here mate salutis in eodem Christo he anoints], may he himself Jesu Domino nostro, in vitam anoint thee with the chrism æternam.

of salvation, + in the same R. Amen.

Christ Jesus our Lord, unto life eternal.

R. Amen. Sacerdos. Pax tibi.

Priest. Peace be unto thee. R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit. Then he wipes his thumb and the part anointed, and puts upon

the head of the person baptised a white linen cloth, in place of the white garment anciently used, saying :

N., accipe vestem candidam, N., receive this white garquam immaculatam perferas ment, and see thou carry it ante tribunal Domini nostri without stain before the judgJesu Christi, ut habeas vitam ment-seat of our Lord Jesus æternam.

Christ, that thou mayest have

eternal life.
R. Amen.

R. Amen.

Then he gives to the person baptised, or (in the case of an in

fant) to the Godfather, a lighted candle, saying : N., accipe lampadem ar- N., receive this burning dentem, et irreprehensibilis light, and keep thy baptism custodi baptismum tuum : blameless: observe the comserva Dei mandata, ut cum mandments of God, that when Dominus venerit ad nuptias, the Lord shall come to the possis occurrere ei una cum nuptials, thou mayest meet omnibus sanctis in aula cæ- him together with all the lesti, habeasque vitam æter- saints in the heavenly court, nam, et vivas in sæcula sæcu- and have eternal life, and live lorum.

for ever and ever. R. Amen.

R. Amen.

Lastly, he says : N., vade in pace, et Domi- N., go in peace, and the nus sit tecum.

Lord be with thee. R. Amen.

R. Amen.

The Anniversary of our Baptism. It is proper that we should keep the anniversary of our Baptism with especial devotion, to thank God for so great a blessing. Reflect, then, on the engagements which you made with him, and examine whether you have been faithful to them. If possible, receide the Holy Communion. Endeavour to pass the day in a spirit of recollection; make an act of reparation for all the infidelities of which you have been guilty, and recite the following prayers.

A Renewal of the Baptismal Vows. O holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one only God in three persons, I bow myself down before thee, to worship thee, and to give thee thanks for all the blessings and mercies, which thou hast poured forth upon me, with such bountiful goodness, ever since I was born. Above all, I thank thee for the grace of holy Baptism, which hath preserved and sanctified in me all thy gifts, and surpasseth man's understanding. By Baptism I was admitted into the bosom of the Church ; I was made thy child; the gates of heaven were opened unto me. What thanksgivings, O my God, can be proportioned to such a grace, which is the source and the seed of my everlasting happiness!

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