BANKERS IN LONDON. Agra and United Service Banks-9, Old Jewry Chambers. Australasia, Bank of—4, Threadneedle-street. Bank of British North America--7 St. Helen's-place. Bank of London-52, Threadneedle-street; 455, West Strand. Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, and Co.—54, Lombard-street. Barnett, Hoares, and Co.-62, Lombard-street. Biggerstaff, W. and J.-8, West Smithfield. Bosanquet and Co.-73, Lombard-street, Bouverie, Murdoch, Bouverie, and James-11, Haymarket. Brown, Janson, and Co.-32, Abchurch Lane. Call, (Sir Will, B., bart.) Marten, and Co.—25, Old Bond-street, Challis and Son,-37, West Smithfield, Child and Co.-Temple Bar. City Bank-Threadneedle-street. Cocks, Biddulph, and Biddulph-43, Charing Cross. Colonial Bank, -13, Bishopsgate-street Within, Commercial Bank of London,-3, Lothbury, 86, Henrietta-st., Cov. Gar. Coutts and Co.—59, Strand. Cunliffe, Roger, Son and Co.--24, Bucklersbury. Cunliffes, Brooks, and Co.-24, Lombard-street. Currie and Co.—29, Cornhill. Davies and Co.-187, Shoreditch. Dimsdale and Co.-50, Cornhill. Dixon, Brooks, and Dixon—25, Chancery-lane. Drummonds,–49, Charing-Cross. Fullers and Co.—66, Moorgate-street. Glyn, (Sir R. P. bt.) Mills, & Co.--67, Lombaril-st. Goslings and Sharpe,-19, Fleet-street. Hanbury and Lloyds—60, Lombard-street. Hankeys and Co.—7, Fenchurch-street. Herries, Farquhar, and Co.-16, St. James's-street. Heywood, Kennard, and Co.-4, Lombard-street. Hill and Sons--17, West Smithfield. Hoare, Henry-Merrick, Peter Richard, and Henry-37, Fleet-street. Hopkinson, Charles, and Co.--3, Regent-street, si.James's. Ionian Bank,-6, Great Winchester-street. Johnston (H. and J )and Co.—28, Cannon-street. Jones, Loyd, and Co.-43, Lothbury. London and Westminster Bank,-41, Lothbury ; 1, St. James's-square;

3, Wellington-street, Southwark; 4, Stratford-place, Oxford-street; 87,

High-street, Whitechapel; 213, High Holborn; 217, Strand, London Joint Stock Bank,–5, Princes-street, Bank: 69, Pall Mall. London and County Joint Stock Bank,-21, Lombard-st. London Chartered Bank of Australia,-17, Cannon-street, City. London and Eastern Banking Corporation, 36, King William-street;

Westbourne-terrace, Hyde-park. Lubbock, Sir J. W., bt.) Forster and Co.-11, Mansion-house-st. Martins and Co.-68, Lombard-street. Masterman, Peters, Mildred, Masterman, and Co.-35, Nicholas-lane. National Provincial Bank of England, -112, Biskopsgate-st, within. National Bank of Ireland, 13, Old Broad-street.

North-west Bank of India—62, Moorgate-street.
Oriental Bank,—7, Walbrook.
Praed, Fane, Praed, and Johnston-189, Fleet-street.
Prescott, Grote, Cave, and Cave-62, Threadneedle-street,
Price, Sir Chas., bt., Marryatt, and Co.,3, King William-st.
Provincial Bank of Ireland, -42, Old Broad-street.
Puget, Bainbridges, and Co.-12, St. Paul's Church-yard.
Ransom and Co.:-1, Pall Mall, East.
Robarts, Curtis, and Co.-15, Lombard-street.
Rogers, Olding, and Co.,-29, Clement's-lane.
Royal British Bank,-16, Tokenhouse-yard ; 429, Strand; 77, Bridge-

road, Lambeth; Goswell-road, Islington; 1, Shaftesbury-place, Pimlico;

60, Stones End, Southwark; 32, Regent-circus, Piccadilly.
Sapte, Muspratt, Banbury, Nix, and Co.-77, Lombard-street,
Scott, (Sir Samuel, bt.) and Co.-1, Cavendish-square.
Shank, John,-76, West Smithfield.
Smith, Payne, and Smith,-1, Lombard-street.
South Australian Bank-54, Old Broad-street.
Spooner, Atwoods, and Co.—27, Gracechurch-strect.
Stevensou, Salt, Sons, and Co.--20, Lombard-street.
Stride, J. and W. S.-41, West Smithfield.
Tisdale and Ward, -15, West Smithfield.
Twining, Richard, Jno-Aldred, Richard, jun. and Sam. H.,_215, Strand.
Union Bank of London, 2, Princes-street, Bank; Argyll place, Rc-

gent-st.: 4, Pall Mall, East; and Pall Mall, East.
Union Bank of Australia, -38, Old Broad-street.
Williams, Deacon, Labouchere, and Co.—20, Birchin-lane.
Willis, Percival, and Co.–76, Lombard-strect.


Established in 1700.

| Minuting & Correspondence Branch. Chairman, Elliot Macnaghten, esq. Assist, Hen. Mills, esq. Dep. Chair., Col. Will. H. Sykes.' Clerks, Jas. C. Melvill, Juland Dan

Jolin Harvey Astell, esq. vers, Arthur R. Onslow, Chas. F.
W. Butterworth Bayley, esq.

Shepherd, Rich. Dickinson, John
Sir Frederick Currie, bt. | S. Oliphant, esqrs.
Will. Jos. Eastwick, esq. Clerk, Buying Department, J. Da-
Russell Ellice, esq.

vison, esq.
#Sir Jas. Weir Hogg, bt. Clerk, College Department, W. T.
Ross D. Mangles, esq.

Hooper, esq.
Hon. W. H. L. Melville. Correspondence relating to the Ve-
Charles Mills, esq.

getable productions of India, Dr. Lt. Col. Jas. Oliphant.

J. Forbes Royle.
*Lt-Gen. Sir Geo. Pollock.

Accounts Branch.
Henry T. Prinser, esq. Assist. Wm. Collingwood, esq.
John Shepherd, esq.

Clerks, Geo. Friend, Thomas H. *Martin T. Smith, esq.

Keith, W.T. Daviniere, H. RobinSir Henry Willick.

son, Edw. Jenkyns, Rob. M. HotJohn Pollard Willoughby. son, G. C. Ravenshaw, C. Davies, Officers.--Secretary's Department. W. C. Hume, Will. Wilks, Geo. Secretary, * Sir James C. Melvill. Collingwood, J. R. Mac Innes, Dept. Sec. John D. Dickinson, esq. Fras. Deffell, esqrs.

Clerk for Invoices and Export Ac- Clerk for passing Cadets and Assistcounts, Jas. Wayhorn, esq. l ant Surgeons, T. R. Clarke, esq. Pay Branch.

| Inspector of Military Stores, Col. Assist., Will. Morgan, esq.

John G. Bonner. Clerks, Jas. Dunsmure, J. E. Bou- Clerks, Lewis Humbert, Chas. G.

cher, Clifford Craufurd, T. W. Shaw, esqrs. Keith, C, R. Cave Browue, esqrs. Sub-ruspector, Alex. Rothney, esq.

Audit Branch. Assistant, G. Browne, esq.

Statistical Department,
Clerks, F. Sandoz, Will. Banton, W.

H. Lowe, G. Browne, jun., F. s. Chief, Edw. Thornton, esq.
Mangles, Fred. Morgan, esqrs. Assist., M. Hornidge, esq.
Marine Branch.

Clerk, Chas. C. Prinsep, esq.
Assist, J.C. Mason, esq.

Clerk to the Finance and Home Clerks, R. Ritherdon, W. T. Thorn- Committee, J. D Dickinson, csq. ton, W. Byron, esqrs.

Clerk to Military and Political Official Agent to the Administrators Committee, Will. Eade, esq. General of India, and in charge of Clerk tothe Revenue, Judicial, and LeEcclesiasticai Registrations, I'ras. gislative Committee, D. Hill, esq. Clarke, esq.

Ex-officio Director of the Indian Assistant, Thos. Campbell, esq. Railway Companies, *Sir Jas. C. Clerk, Fred. Sam. Danvers, esq. 1 Melvill. Superintendent of Extra Clerks, Assist.to Ditto,Juland Danvers,esq. W. A. Franks, esq.

Private Sec. to the Chairman, Examiner's Department.

R. Dickinson, esq. Eraminer of Indian Correspondence, Private Sec, to the Dep. Chairman, Thos. L. Peacock, esq.

C. F. Shepherd, esq. Assistant Examiner, David Hill, esq. Orient. Librar., Prof. Ì. H. Wilson. Assistants, John Stuart Mill, Fras. Keep. of the Mus., T. Horsfield, M.D.

W. Prideaux, Edm. D. Bourdil-Geographer, J. Walker, esq. lon, esqrs.

Exam. Physician, Dr. John Scott. Clerks, Correspondence Department, Chaplain of Poplar Hospital, Rev.

Edw. G. Peacock, J. R. Melville, Fred. Hamilton, M.A. esqrs.

Surgeon ut do., Thos. Gray, esq. Senior Clerks, T. Rundall, John D. Inspector Surgeon for Invalid Sea

Close, Stoddart Drysdale, Mac. men and Soldiers, W. G. MerNapier, esqrs.

rett, esq. Clerks, J. F. Shillito, A. Scott, w. Inspector Surgeon for Invalid Sol

H. Batten, P. A. Daniel, G. A. F.: diers at Gravesend, Chas.J. PinchShadwell, Thos. Hunt, John H.! ing, esq.

Willock, Thos. A. Riddell, esqrs. Surveyor of Shipping, Edw. RitherSuperintendent of Extra Clerks, T. I don, esq. P. Williarus, esq.

Superintendent of the Embarkation Book Office, C. Waud, esq., Register. of Troops, Capt. Robert Locke. Assist. Dillo, A. Atkins, esq. Examiner of Veterinary Medicines Clerk in charge of Secret Papers, and Instrumenis, C. Spooner, esq. R. Upton, esq.

Counsel, Loftus Tottenham WiMilitary Department.

gram, esq. Secretary, Philip Melvill, esq. Solicitor, Henry S. Lawford, esq. Assistant, Will. Eade, esq.

Clerk of the Works, A. J. Green, esq. Clerks, Geo. Appleton, Chas. T. P. Head Door-keeper, Mr. A. Raymont. Metcalf, J. P. Thom, Thos. R. Assist, ditto, Mr. George Shipway. Clarke, G. E. Cochrane, J. Davi- Under ditto, A. Fraser, Rich. Disney, son, Edw. J. Fairbrother, esqrs.! Will, Badrick.

INDIA ESTABLISHMENTS. partment, J. D. Bourdillon, esq.;
Supreme Council.

Military Department, Lieut.-Col.

C. A. Browne. Viscount Canning, Governor-Gene- Chief Just., Sir C. Rawlinson, knt.

ral; *Gen. Sir Will. Gomm, Puisne Justice, Sir W. W. Burton. Commander in Chief'; Jos. A. Do- Advocate General, T. S. Smyth, esq. rin, esq., 4M-.Gen. Jn. Low, Jno. Solicitor, Clement Dale, esq. Peter Grant, esq., Barnes Pea- Clerk of the Crown, J. B.Norton, esq. cock, esq.

Commissary of the Vice-Admiralty Provisional Member of Council, Court, Sir Christr. Rawlinson, kt. Henry Ricketts, esq.

Registrar, A. M. Ritchie, esq. Secretaries to Government of India Bishop of Madras, Rt. Rev. Thos.

- Home Department, C. Beadon, Dealtry, D.D." esq.; Finance Department, C. H. Archd., Ven. Vincent Shortland, B.D. Lushington. esq.; Foreign De.

BOMBAY. partment, G.F. Edmonstone, esq.;

Council. Military Department, Col. R. J. Lord Elphinstone, Governor. H. Birch; Public Works Depart- *Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset, ment, Lt. Col. W. E. Baker. Comm in Chief; J. G. Lumsden, Secretary to Government of Bengal, esq., Arthur Malet, esq. W. Grey, esq.

Provisional Member of Council, H. Under Secretary, H. Pratt, esq. Wilson Reeves, esq.

Legislative Council of India. Secs, to Guvernment-Secret, PoliPresident, Viscount Canning.

tical, and Judicial, A. L. AnderVice-Pres., Sir Laurence Peel. son, esq.; General and Ecclesias. The Members of the Supreme Coun tical Departments, W. Hart, esq.; cil, ex officiis,

Revenue & Finance Departments, Sir Jas. W. Colvile, D. Eliott, C.

Allen, P. W. Le Geyt, esqrs. and Naval, Lt.-Col. T. Maughan. Secretary, Will. Morgan, esq. Chief Justice, Sir William Yardley. Chief Justice, Sir Laurence Peel. Puisne Justice, Sir Will. Jeffcott. Puisne Justices, Sir A. W. Buller, Advo.-Gen., A. S. Le Messurier, esq. Sir Jas. W. Colvile.

| Solicitor, John P. Bickersteth, esq. Advocate Gen. Chas R. Prinsep, esq. Acct. General, E. E. Elliot, esq. Stand. Counsel, Thos. H. Cowie, esq. Clerk of the Crown, C. M. J. PolSolicitor, Archibald Grant, esq. lock, esq. Clerk of the Crown, H. Holroyd, esq. Bishop, Right Rev.J. Harding, D.D. Commissary of the l'ice Admiralty Archdeacon,

Coneit, The Hon. The Ch. Justice. EAST-INDIA COLLEGE. Established Registrar, W. Macpherson, esq.

at Hertford, 1805. Bishop of Calcutta, Rt. rev. Daniel Visitor, Bishop of London. Wilson, D.D.

Principal, Rev. Hen. Melvill, B.D. Archdeacon, Ven. J. H. Pratt, M.A. Dean, Rev. W. E. Buckley, M.A. MADRAS.

| Regis., Rev. I.W.L. Heaviside, M.A. Council.

Librarian, Edw. B. Fastwick, esq. Lord Harris, Governor; Lt.-Gen.

Professors. Hon. Geo. Anson, Comm.-in-Classics, W. E. Buckley, M.A. Churf; W. Eliot, esq., Sir H. C. Mathematics, Rev. I. W. L. HeaviMontgomery, bt.

side, M.A. Provisional Member of Council,| Law, J. F. Leith, esq.

History and Political Economy, Secs. to Government-Polit., Public, Rt. Hon. Sir Jas. Stephen.

& Financ. Departments, T.Pycroft, Visitor in the Oriental Department, esq. ; Judicial and Revenue De-l Professor H. H. Wilson, M.A.

1856.] COMMERCIAL AND TRADING ESTABLISHMENTS. 375 Oriental Professors, Col. J. W. J. than Cape, M.A. Rev. A. Wrigley,

Ouseley, Fras. Johnson, esq., M. M.A., Rev. W. H. Johnstone, Williams, esq., E.P.Eastwick,esq. B.A., Rev. R. Inchbald, B.A., EAST INDIA COMPANY'S MILITARY Arthur Dusautoy, B.A.

SEMINARY. Established at Ad-For tification, Lieut. T. Cook, r. n., discombe in 1809.

Lt. Col. J. T. Hyde, esq. Public Examiner and Inspector, Milit. Drawing & Surveying, Lt.Col. Maj.-Gen. Sir J. M. F. Smith.

| Basil Jackson, Capt. W. A. Tate.

Basil Lt.-Governor, Col. Sir F. Abbott.

| Landscape Drawing, J. C. Schetky, Chaplain, Rev.W.H.Johnstone,B.A. | Surgeon, Edw. Westall, esq.

Aaron Penley, Jn. Callow, esqrs. Staff Cupt. Lt. Col. Thos. Donnelly. | Hindustani, Charles Bowles, Maj. Orderly Officers, Capt. S. Main- / J. Rowlandson.

waring, Lieut. H. A. Maxwell. Geol. and Mineralogy, D. T. Ansted. Public Examiner, Oriental Depart-Chemistry, Edw. Solly. ment, Horace H. Wilson, M.A. French, M. Leon Contanseau.

Professors and Masters. Steward, Mr. R. J. Leeds.
Mathematics & Classics, Rev. Jona- | Housekeeper, Mrs. Leeds.

The SOUTH-SEA COMPANY. J. Harvey, Chas. Robinson, John
Incorporated in 1710.

Hubbard, John Catley, Chas. S. Governor,

Paris, D. T. Morgan, Sir J. W. Sub-Governor, Chas. Franks, esq. Lubbock, bt., T. Anderson, W. Dep. Governor, Hon. P. P. Bonverie. Gladstone, Henry Nelson, H. L.

Chas. J. Baker, Jas. W. Bosan Holland, Will.Carr, J.GarrettCat-
quet, H. J. Bushby, E. Edwards, ley, R. Tower, Thos. Baring, H.
Fred. C. Gaussen, esqrs., Sir R. J. Prescott, Isaac Carr, Chas. Hill,
P. Glyn, bt., E. F. Maitland, C. J. Chas. B. Young, Henry Shaw
Manning, J. J. Nicholl, B. Pearse, Lefevre, Adolphus Brant, John
Will, Phillimore, W. Pole, T. H. Hodgson, esqrs.
A. Poynder, Baron de Teis sier, Chaplains ; St. Petersburgh, Rev.
Geo. Smith Thornton, John Edw. Law, Cronstadt,
Thornton, J. Tulloch, H. Vigne,

Archangel, Rev. Edw. J. N. Warren, Jas. Whatman, G. Bindloss, Moscow, Rev. W. Gray. Whitmore, esqrs.

Secretary, Thomas Cope, esq., Old Cashier,

South Sea House. Secretary, Chas. F. Gibson, esq.

EASTLAND COMPANY. Accomptant, Wm. R. Arnold, esq.

Incorporated in 1579. Chief Clerk of Transfer, Will, and Governor, John Catley, esq.

Letter of Attorney offices, Mr. Dep. Gov. Henry Jas. Prescott, esq. John Jesse.

| Treasurer, Hon. J. T. L. Melville. Counsel,

| Assistants, J. Thornton, T. Tooke E. Solicitor, Henry Wordsworth, esg. Forster, S. E. Thornton, GS. Russia COMPANY.

Thornton, Fletcher Wilson, John Incorporated in 1555.

Harvey, T. M. Weguelin, ArchiGovernor, Thos. M. Weguelin, esq. bald Paris, Tbos. Tooke, jun., W. Consuls, Hon. J. T. L. Melville, R. Robinson, C. Robinson, J. G. Geo. S. Thornton, Thos. Tooke, Hubbard, W. Gladstone, T. An

jun., David Morgan, esqrs. derson, esqrs., Capt. H. Nelson, Assistants, Thos. Tooke, John C. Snell Paris, * T. A. Mitchell,

Thornton, Hon. J. T. L. Mel Chas. B. Young, Riversdale W. ville, S'ephen E. Thornton, Geo. Grenfell, Bonamy Dobree, John Smith Thornton, T. Tooke, jun., G. Cattley, E.S.P. Calvert, esqr 3.

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