23 He

owl of the desert.

for the generation to come: 7 I watch, and am as a and the people which shall sparrow alone upon the house be created shall praise the top.

Lord. 8 Mine enemies reproach 19 For he hath looked me all the day: and they down from the height of his that are mad against me, are sanctuary: from heaven did sworn against me.

the Lord behold the earth : 9 For I have eaten alhes 20 To hear the groaning like bread, and mingled my of the prisoner, to loose those drink with weeping: that are appointed to death;

10 Because of thine indig 21. To declare the name. nation and thy wrath: for of the Lord in Zion, and his thou hast lifted me up, and praise in Jerusalem: cast me down.

22 When the people are Ir My days are like a sha- gathered together, and the dow that declineth : and I kingdoms to serve the Lord. am withered like grass.

weakened my 12 But thou, O Lord, Itrength in the way; he shalt endure for ever, and shortened my days. thy remembrance unto all 24 I faid, ó my God, generations.

take me not away in the 13 Thou shalt arise, and midst of my days: thy years have mercy upon Zion : for are throughout all generathe time to favour her, yea, tions. the set time is come.

25 Of old halt thou laid 14. For thy servants take the foundation of the earth : pleasure in her stones, and and the heavens are the work favour the duft thereof. of thy hands.

15 So the heathen shall 26 They shall perish, but fear the name of the Lord : thou shalt endure :


all and all the kings of the earth of them shall wax old like a thy glory:

garment; as a vesture thalt 16 When the Lord shall thou change them, and they build up Zion, he shall ap- shall be changed. pear in his glory.

27 But thou art the fame, 17 He will regard the and thy years shall have no prayer of the destitute, and end. not despise their prayer.

28 The children of thy 18 This shall be written servants Thall continue, and




their feed shall be established great is his mercy toward before thee.

them that fear him,

12 As far as the east is PSALM CIII.

from the west, so far hath he LESS the Lord, O my removed our transgressions

foul: and all that is from us. within me, blefs his holy 13 Like as a father pitieth name.

his children, fo the Lord pi2 Bless the Lord, O my tieth them that fear him. foul, and forget not all his


For he knoweth our benefits:

frame : he remembereth that 3 Who forgiveth all thine we are duft. iniquities : who healeth all 15 As for man, his days thy diseases.

are as grafs : as a flower of 4 Who redeemeth thy the field, so he fourisheth. life from destruction: who 16 For the wind passeth crowneth thee with loving over it, and it is gone ; and kindness, and tender mercies. the place thereof ihall know

5 Who fatisfieth thy mouth it no more. with good things: so that thy 17 But the mercy of the youth is renewed like the Lord is from everlasting to eagles.

everlasting upon them that 6 The Lord executeth fear him: and his righteoulrighteousness and judgment, ness unto children's children, for all that are opprefled. 18 To such as keep his

7 He made known his covenant, and to those that ways unto Moses, his acts remember his commandunto the children of Israel. ments to do them.

8 The Lord is merciful 19 The Lord hath prepaand gracious, flow to anger, red his throne in the heavens: and pienteous in mercy. and his kingdom ruleth over

9 He will not always all. chide: neither will he keep 20 Biefs the Lord, ye his his anger for ever.

angels, that excel in ftrength, 10 He hath not dealt with that do his commandments, us after our sins; nor re- hearkening unto the voice of warded us according to our his word. iniquities.

21 Bless ye the Lord, all u For as the heaven is ye his hosts, ye ministers of high above the earth, so his that do his pleasure.

22 Bless I

my soul.


22 Bless the Lord, all his that they turn not again to works in all places of his do- cover the earth. minion : bless the Lord, O 10 He sendeth the springs

into the valleys, which run

among the hills. PsALM CIV.

11 They give drink to LESS the Lord, O my every beart of the field : the

soul : 0 Lord my God, wild asses quench their thirst. shou art very great, thou art 12 By them shall the fowls clothed with honour and ma- of the heaven have their hajesty.

bitation, which fing among Who coverest thyself the branches. with light, as with a gar 13 He watereth the hills ment: who stretchest out the from his chambers: the earth heavens like a curtain. is fatisfied with the fruit of

3 Who layeth the beams thy works. of his chambers in the wa 14 He causeth the grass ters, who maketh the clouds to grow for the cattle, and his chariot, who walketh herb for the service of man: upon the wings of the wind. that he may bring forth food

4. Who maketh his an- out of the earth : gels spirits : his ministers a

15 And wine that maketh flaming fire.

glad the heart of man, and -5 Who laid the founda- oil to make his face to shine, tions of the earth, that it and bread which strengthenshould not be removed for eth man's heart.

16 The trees of the Lord 6. Thou coveredst it with are full of far: the cedars of the deep as with a garment: Lebanon which he hath the waters stood above the planted. mountains.

17 Where the birds make 7 At thy rebuke they fled; their nests: as for the stork, at the voice of thy thunder the fir-trees are her house. they hafted away.

18 The high hills are a 8 They go up by the refuge for the wild goats, and mountains: they go down the rocks for the conies. by the valleys unto the place 19 He appointed the which thou hast founded for moon for seafons : the sun them.

knoweth his going down. 9 Thou hast fet a bound 20 Thou makeit darkness, that they may not pass over :1 and it is night: wherein all



Z 4

the beasts of the forest do 31 The glory of the Lord creep forth.

shall endure for ever : the 21 The young lions roar Lord shall rejoice in his after their prey, and seek works. their meat from God.

32 He looketh on the 22 The fun ariseth, they earth, and it trembleth; he gather themselves together, toucheth the hills, and they and lay them down in their smoke. dens.

33 I will fing unto the 23 Man goeth forth unto Lord as long as I live: I his work, and to his labour will sing praise unto my

God until the evening.

while I have my being. 24 O Lord, how mani 34 My meditation of him fold are thy works! in wif- shall be sweet : I will be glad dom haft thou made them in the Lord. all : the earth is full of thy 35 Let the finners be conriches.

sumed out of the earth, and 25 So is this great and let the wicked be no more. wide sea, wherein are things Bless thou the Lord, O my creeping innumerable, both soul. Praise ye the Lord. small and great beasts. 26 There go the ships ;

Psalm CVIII. there is that leviathan, whom GOD, my heart is thou hast made

to play

fixed, I will fing and therein.

give praise, even with my 27 These wait all upon glory. thee: that thou mayest give

2 Awake, pfaltery and them their meat in due sea- harp: I myself will awake son.

early. 28 That thou giveft them, 3 I will praise thee, O they gather : thou openest Lord, among the people : thine hand, they are filled and I will fing praises unto with good.

thee among the nations. 29 Thou hideft thy face, 4. For thy mercy is great they are troubled ; thou above the heavens : and thy takeft away their breath, they truth reacheth untothe clouds. die, and return to their duit. 5 Be thou exalted, O God,

30 Thou sendeft forth thy above the heavent: and thy spirit, they are created : and glory above all the earth; thou renewest the face of the 6 That thy beloved may earth,

be delivered : fave with thy 6


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right hand, and answer me. 5 that my ways were

7 God hath spoken in his directed to keep thy statutes! holiness, I will rejoice, I will 6 Then shall I not be divide Shechem, and mete ashamed, when I have respect out the valley of Succoth. unto all thy commandments.

8 Gilead is mine, Manaf 7 I will praise thee with seh is mine, Ephraim also is uprightness of heart, when I the strength of mine head, shall have learned thy righJudah is my law-giver. teous judgments. 9

Moab' is my wash-pot, 8 I will keep thy statutes : over Edom will I cast out my O forsake me not utterly. shoe : over Philistia will I

BETH. triumph.


Wherewith shall a young 10 Who will bring me into the strong city 7" who man cleanse his way? by will lead me into Edom?

taking heed thereto according u Wilt not thou, O God, to thy word. who hast cast us off ? and

10 With my whole heart wilt not thou, O God, go not wander from thy com

have I sought thee: O let me forth with our hosts?

mandments. 12 Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help in mine heart, that I might,

II Thy word have I hid of man. 13 Through God we shall not fin against thee.

12 Blessed art thou, o do valiantly : for he it is that Thall tread down our ene

Lord: teach me thy fta

tutes, mies.

13 With my lips have I PSALM CXIX. declared all the judgments

of thy mouth. LESSED are the un 14 I have rejoiced in the

defiled in the way, who way of thy testimonies, as walk in the law of the Lord. much as in all riches. 2 Blessed are they that

15 I will meditate in thy keep his testimonies, and that precepts, and "have respect seek him with the whole heart. unto thy ways. 3 They also do no iniquity:

16 I will delight myself in they walk in his ways.

thy statutes : I will not forget 4 Thou hast commanded thy word. us to keep thy precepts diligently.

33 Teach me, O Lord,



H E.


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