On Barber's Pole a Peruke they display
With triple Tail, a Signal for the Fray.

O could the modest Mufe but dare aspire
To emulate one Spark of Homer's Fire,
The Lift of large-wig'd Warriors she might chaunt, 45
From Clumsy Tunbelly to John o' Gaunt.

Nor yet unmindful to defend the Doors
Are Socio's Bands, and Force repel with Force.

Within the Gates close-bolted, lock'd, and barr'd,
Of neighb'ring Butchers stands an awful Guard; 50
Each with an azure Apron ftrung before,
And snow-white Sleeves, as yet unftain'd with Gore:
The Foe the Whetting-iron hears dismay'd,
Grating harth Musick from the sharp’ning Blade.

From Newgate Market came the bloody Bands, 55 With Marrow-bones and Cleavers in their Hands, Fram'd to split Skulls, and deal destructive Knocks, To fell a Doctor, or to fell an Ox;

N O T E S.
V. 43. O could the modest Muse but dare aspire

To emulate one Spark of Homer's Fire,
The List of large-wig'd Warriors fhe might


In the fourth Book of Homer's Iliad is a List of the
Forces employed against Troy.
V. 46. From Clumsy Tunbelly to John o' Gaunt.

Clumsy Tunbelly, Doctor -
John o Gaunt, Doctor

V. 55. From Newgate Market came the bloody Bands,

Newgate Market is contiguous to Warwick Lane. The Butchers are therefore called (in V.50.) neighb'ring Butchers.

[blocks in formation]

Fit Instruments to quash a Foe, then ring
A Peal of Triumph, Ding dong, ding dong, ding. 60

No Wonder Butchers should Physicians aid;
The same their Practice, nor unlike their Trade:
And what Alliance more exadly suits?
Man-killers leagu'd with thole who slaughter Brutes.

Nor yet on these alone the Dons rely, 65 But they prepare a maik’d Artillery. A Water-Engine, charg'd with beastly Gore, Stands ready on the Foe its Filch to pour. And what than this can cast a greater Dread, Design'd to change the sable Coat to red?

70 To save their Cloaths e'en Surgeons step aside, When from the Puncture spouts the crimson Tide.

Thou too, dread Officer, of fov'reign Pow'r, Thou Tyrant-Monarch of the midnight Hour, (If haply, when thou tread'st thy watchful Round, 75 Some kind-inviting vagrant Nymph be found ;) Hight Constable, wast there;---Thy magic Staff, With royal Standard down emblazon'd half ;

N O T E S.

V. 59. Fit Instruments to quas a Foe, then ring

A Pealof Triumph,ding dong, ding dong, ding. In the Ode on St. Cæciliu's Doy, adapted to the ar:cient British Mulick, is the following AIR.

Hark, how the banging Marrow-bones

Make clanging Cleavers ring,
With a ding dong, ding dong,

Ding dong, ding dong,
Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding.
Raise your uplifted Arms on high,

In long-prolonged Tones,
Let Clçavers found
A merry merry Round,
By banging Marrow-bones.

Ensign of Might, to make wild Uproar cease,
And bid tumultous Riot be at Peace.


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7 Ithout, th' enrag'd Licentiato waits,

’ Striving to force a Passage through the Gates; In vain he strives ; --- then drooping with Despair, To Venus he addrest his humble Pray'r.

"O Goddess ! If thy Vot'ries own my Skill, 5 If they approve my Lotion, or my Pill ;• If Rock, or Flugger, boast a fairer Name; « If Drury, and The Garden, found my Fame; • If many a Mother, that would pass for Maid, 6 In Secret calls for my obstetric Aid ; • If, to prevent th' affected Sneer of Prude,

My Juice of Scan the Shame preclude ;



V. 7. If Rock, nor Flugger boast a fairer Name,

Richard Rock, a very noted Practitioner. We have not been able to learn the Import of those two significant Letters, M. L. which constantly accompany his Name.

Flugger. Dr. Flugger, no less noted, but not of so long Standing. V. 8. If Drury, and The Garden, found my Fame.

Drury Lane, of ancient Renown. Covent Garden is emphatically stiled The Garden, as the principal Singers in the Opera are called The Guarducci, The Lovatini, &c. V. 12. My Juice of Scan the Shame preclude.

Doctor Mead, in his Essay on Poison, says, :I had once in my Possession, given me by an inge

< lf with my Drops I rouse th' enervate Rake,
« And Wives unfruitful happy Mothers make ;
.() help!-Let Mars's Arms a while be staid, 15
• And send your Cuckold to my inftant Aid.'

The Goddess heard, and, haft’ning to her Spouse,
With Protestations and repeated Vows
Of ftrict Fidelity in Time to come,
('No more he'd wander, but would cleave to Home,')
Prevail'd upon her fond and easy Dear
On Earth in Form of Blackfirith to appear.
The tedious Hours of Abfence to beguile,
'Tis faid, with Mars the folac'd all the while.

To Earth the God descending stood confest 25
By the black Bristles of his Beard and Breast:
A leathern Apron ty'd about his Waist,
And on his Head a woollen Nightcap plac'd ;

Ν Ο Τ Ε.

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cnious Chemist, a clear Liquor, which though pon« derous, was fo volatile, that it would all fly away

in the open Air, without being heated ; and so * corrohve, that a Glass Stopple of the Bottle, which 5 contained it, was in a short Time eroded, that

it could never be taken out. The Fume of it was • fo thin, that if a Candle was set at fome Distance « from the Bottle, upon a Tahle, the Heat would « direct its Course that Way ; so that it might be < poisonous to any one that sat near to the Light, and * to no-body elfe. I know (adds the Doctor) the

Con position of this Stygian Spirit ; but it is better o that the World should not be instructed in fuch Arts of * Death.

For the fame Reafon the Author, as, a Lover of bis King and Country, and confequently a Friend to Population, chufes not to print the Word Sa full Length

A masy

A maffy Hammer in his Hand he held, Which scarce two Men of modern Strength could weild.

30 With this advancing, at one pond'rous Stroke, Forthwith th' inhospitable Bars he broke : Then to next Alehouse did his Godship steer, To quaff the earthly Nectar of Butt Beer.

Soon as he saw the Gates wide open stand, 35 In rush'd Licentiato with his Band ; Through Constables, through Butchers onward prest To Fuming Chamber, an unwelcome Guest;

Where, NOTES V. 29. A mally Hammer in his Hand he held, Which

scarce two Men of modern Strength could weild.

A pond'rous Stone bold Hector heav'd to throw, Pointed above, and rough and gross below; Not two strong Menth'enormous Weight could raise, Such Men as live in these degenerate Days.

Pope's Homer, B. XII. V. 33. Then to next Alehorse did his Godship steer,

To quaf the earthly Nectar of Butt Beer. In Justice to the honest Landlord that keeps the House, and the worthy Alderman that serves it, we think ourselves obliged to acquaint all true Lovers of Entire Butt, that they will be sure to meet with an excellent Tankard of it at the Three Jolly Butchers, the Corner of Warwick-Court.

The Author ingeniously acknowledges, that some of the best Lines (if any may be called fo) in his Poem, are owing to the Inspiration of this excellent Liquor. V. 38. To Fuming Chamber, Vulgarly called, Smoaking Room.


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