peace for the county of Middlesex: Honourable

no room was left for the judge but to pass senEdward Willes, Honourable George Byng, Ad- tence agreeable to the custom of the country; but miral Barton, Mr. Jolliffe, Honourable R. Ne- it being a circumstance of notoriety, that a fair ville, Mr. Tuffnell, Mr. Montagu, Mr. Wood of price was paid by the buyer to the seller of the Lyttleton, Mr. Holt, Mr. Dickenson, &c. The

goods; and that the culprits, as soon as they found commission will be the most respectable ever seen they must be detected in the pursuit made after in the country. About forty new justices are to them, came to the present object of royal mercy, come in, and twenty-fix of the old ones, more con- and begged that he might not only deny the purmonly distinguished by the notorious name of chare, but also conceal the goods which he had trading justices, to be left out of this new com- purchased of them. Shortly after, the officers of million. A new commission is also preparing for the magistracy being detached to the house, the the county of Surrey, in which there will allo be goods were denied, as well as all conne&tions with some material alt-rations. By this means the the parties; of course a search entwed, and the metropolis, at least, and it's suburbs,will be under whole of the goods were found. The deluded a muft respectable and powerful magistracy, which man was carried to prison, tried, and condemned; is the most sure and certain protection for it's in- bu“, by the mercy of his Majesty, he is respited to habitants, at a time when the utmost exertions of the 19th of December next, to give time for a wise, able, and upright men, are wanting, to super more full investigation into the circumstances of press the commission of those notorious villainies his guilt or innocence. which have so long and loudly called for a parti- The act of parliament which lays a duty on cular attention of the supreme legislature. waggons and carts, takes place on the zit of No

30. The Court of Aldermen have given orders vember; after which day, all waggons, wair s, carts, to the proper officers, to take up all prostitutes, &c. with three or four wheels, not already charged, beggars, and vagrants, found in the streets, that are to pay a duty of 45. a year; two-wheel carts, they may be passed to their respective parishes, the &c. 25. a year: and the owners of all such car court being determined that the streets of this riages are to give notice to the stamp-distributor city shall be kept clear of those sort of people. in the county where they refide, of the number of Twenty taken up yesterday were all passed, and carriages they keep, and to pay the duty at the were told if they appeared again in the streets of next market-town, under a penalty of gl. On London, they should be taken up and severely payment of the duty a licence is to be given. punished, and afterwards sent back again to their No person to pay for more than one carriage emrespective parishes.

ployed in agriculture only; nor more than three On Tuesday, some of the city officers received for any other purpose, unless employed for hirc. orders, that they and the six marthalmen are to go at least twice a week to all the watch-houses

BIRTHS. in the several wards of the city, to see if the con

Lady of Sir George Cockburne, a daughter. ftables and watchmen are upon duty, and if they

At the Deanery House, St. Paul's, the lady of are not, to make a report to the alderman of the

the Bishop of Lincoln, a daughter. ward; that they are to visit all public-houses, to

Countess of Roseberry, a son. see that good order is preserved; to visit brandy

Lady Grantham, a fon. vaults, and to see they fell no fpirituous liquors by retail; to examine houses of ill fame, and gam

Lady of Sir John Taylor, a fon. ing-houses, and report the same to the Court of

MARRIAGES. Aldermen, that they may be suppressed; to be ready at all times in assisting the conftables to stop James Whyte, Esq. of Denbies, in Surrey, to any riots and disturbances that may happen with- Miss Catharine Hildyard, youngest daughter of in the city; and to be present at all fires, to see the late Sir Robert Hildyard, Bart, of Winestead, the unhappy sufferers are not plundered of their Yorkshire. property.

Captain Prickett, of the 77th regiment, to Seaton's prize at Cambridge, the subject of Miss Wyvill, only daughter of Hale Wyvill, Esq. which, for this year, was Hope, is adjudged to the of the city of York. Reverend Mr. Hayes, of Trinity College, and one David Murray, Esq. nephew of Lord Elibank, of the ushers of Westminster School.

to Miss Harley, fourth daughter of the Right 31. At twelve o'clock Alderman Peckham, Honourable Thomas Harley. the lord-mayor elect, was presented by Mr. Adair, Captain Maud, to Miss Mary Gervais. the recorder, to Lord Loughborough, at his house H. Delborough, Esq. of the General Poft in Bedford Square, who signified his Majefty's Office, to Miss Luther, of Soho. approbation of the choice the livery had made; William Cracraft, Esq. of the Exchequer, to after which the new mayor, sheriffs, recorder, and Miss Hawkes. company present, were entertained with wine and At Ealing, in Middlesex, the Rev. Mr. George cake as usual.

Pickard, younger son of Jocelyn Pickard, Efq. A messenger was sent from Lord North's of- of Bloxworth, in the county of Dorset, to Mis fice, with a respite to a Mr. Chiesham, of Inver. Payne, daughter of Edward Payne, Efq. of Ealing. nefs, who was some time since sentenced to death At Old Windsor, Horace Churchill, Esq. of for having bought goods knowing them to have the first regiment of Foot Guards, to Miss Mo. been stolen. The evidence on trial made their digliani. aflertion so strong within the eye of the law, that The Rev. Allen Fielding, vicar of Shepherd's


Well, Kent, son of the late celebrated HenryField- ty of Lincoln, and sister to the Right Honourable ing, Esq. to Miss Fielding, of Canterbury. Lord Petre.

At Shields, Yorkshire, Walter Spenser Stan- In Holles Street, Cavendish Square, Dowager hope, Esq. member of parliament for Hallemere, Lady Frankland, mother of Sir Thomas Frankin Surrey, to Miss Pulleine, only daughter and

land. heiress of the late Thomas Babington Pulleine, At Wooburn Farm, in the parish of Chertsey, Esq. of Carleton, in Yorkshire.

in the county of Surrey, aged 85, Mrs. South At Edinburgh, Sir Andrew Lauder, of Foun. cote, relict of Philip Southcote, Esq. She has left tain Hall, Bart. to Miss Brown, of Johnstoun- her estate at Wooburn to Lord Petre; the bulk burn.

of her fortune and estates, amounting to 4000l. Richard Marnel, Esq. to Miss Walton, daugh. per annum, to Sir William Jerningham, Bart. ter of Major General Walton, of St. James's Mr. Southcote was a descendant of Judge South. Park.

cote, in the time of Queen Elizabeth; whose last At St. Margaret's church, Westminster, the male heir, Mr. Edward Southcote, a clergyman Rev. Mr. O'Beirne, secretary to the first lord of of the Church of Rome, died a few years since. the Treasury, to Miss Stuart, only surviving child Mrs. Southcote was a daughter and co-heir of of the Honourable Colonel Francis Stuart, bro- Sir John Andrews, Bart. ther to the Earl of Moray.

At Orwell Park, in Suffolk, the Right Ho.

nourable Francis, Earl of Shipbrooke, and VirDEATHS.

count Orwell of the kingdom of Ireland. In Hanover Square, the Right Honourable In Buckingham Street, York Buildings, Pa. Lady Delaval, lady of the present baronet, and trick Leslie, Esq. late captain of his Majesty's mother of Lady Tyrconnel. She was buried in thip Torbay. Westminster Abbey, on the 11th of October, On her passage to Bengal, on board the Eglane with great funeral pomp.

tine East Indiaman, Mrs. Cargill, (late Mifs At Deal, aged 62, Robert Linch, M.D. an Brown) the celebrated linger. eminent physician of Canterbury. He was eldest At Lincoln, the Honourable and Reverend Dr. son of the late George Lynch, M.D. and was Cust, dean of Lincoln, rector of Belton and Ful. fome time fellow of Corpus Chrifti College, Ox- beck in that county, and uncle to the present Lord fürd, and one of Radcliffe's travelling physicians. Brownlow.

In Villiers Street, Strand, Mr. James Cunning- At Simpson's Place, Bucks, in the 65th year ham, late pilot to the feet under Lord Howe's of his age, Sir Walden Hanmer, Bart. senior command in America, and an American loyalist. bencher of Lincoln's Inn, and member in the two

At Paddington, aged 81, Mr. Beresford. Jast parliaments for Sudbury, in Suffolk. He is

In Northumberland Court, Strana, the lady of succeeded in title and estate by his eldest son, now Sir William Deffe, late clerk of the cheque to the Sir Thoinas Hanmer, Bart. band of pensioners.

In Upper Seymour Street, Portman Square, At Leicester, aged 100, Mrs. Bancart, who Lady St. Clair, lady of Colonel Templer: could read without spectacles till within a fort. At Dublin, in his 74th year, the Right Ho. pight of her death. She buried her husband in nourable Joseph Leeson, Earl of Miltown. 3765, aged 104.

At his feat a: Kirkleatham, Yorkshire, Sir Mr. Alexander Keyser, jun. one of the twelve Charles Turner, Bart. In 1759, he was sheriff Jew brokers in London.

for the county of York; in 1768, he was elected At Bow, Captain John Pickett, one of the el. the members of parliament for that city, des brethren of the Trinity Houíc.

which he has continued to represent ever fince; The Right Honourable Lady Ann Dulign, and, in 1770, he was elected one of the aldermen wife of Gertrude Dufgn, Esq. and filter to the of the corporation of York, over which he prelate Earl of Hyndford.

fided as lord-mayor in 1772. He married Girft, At Dublin, Henry Brooke, Esq. barrack-ma- Miss Elizabeth Wombwell, youngest daughter, ster of Mullingar, in the county of Westmeath. and one of the co-heireffes of William Womb. As a writer, he acquired great reputation by the well, Esq. of Wombwell; who, dying without ifa Farmer's Letters, published in Ireland, during fue in June 1768, he afterwards married Mifs the rebellion, in imitation of Swift's Drapier's Mary Shuttleworth, one of the daughters of Letters. He was also author of The Fool of James Shuttleworth, Esq. of Forcet, by whom he Quality, a novel of great merit. His dramatic has left iffue one son, aged eleven, (now Sir works, of which the most celebrated are Gusta- Charles) and two daughters. vus Vasa, published in 1738; and the Earl of Ef- In Sackville Street, Dublin, the Right Ho. fex, in 1761; were collected, together with his nourable Sir William Osborn, Bart. one of his other writings, in 4 vols. Svo. 1780.

Majesty's most honourable privy-council.
At Beaksbourn, in Kent, aged 82, the Rev. In Brook Street, Ratcliff Highway, in the 87th
.William Bedford, M. A. vicar of that parish from year of his age, Lynnell Lea, Efq. many years
3726, and rector of Smarden from 1727. lieutenant-colonel of the second regiment of mi-

At Fitzwalter House, Esex, in her 48th year, litia belonging to the Tower Hamlets.
the Honourable Catharine Heneage*, relićt of At Bath, where he went for the recovery of his
George Heneage, Efq. of Hainton, in the coun. health, the Right Honourable John Spenser, Bar!
See Elegiac Stanzas on this Lady, p. 299.



Spenser, Viscount Althorpe, high steward of citus: he has equalled the arduous precision of St. Alban's, and president of the British Lying, the original, and attained what a prodigious numin Hospital. His lordship was born December ber of literati before him attempted in different 18, 1734; and on December 27, 1755, married languages, without any sort of success. He was Georgiana, eldest daughter of the late Right Ho-' honoured with the patronage and friendship of sea, nourable Stephen Poyntz, and by her ladyship. veral monarchs, a circumstance that could never had issue George John, Viscount Althorpe, (to, awake the least symptom of vanity in his untaintwhom the title and estate devolve) born Sept. 1, ed heart. The Empress of Russia wishing to en1758; Lady Georgiana, born June 7, 1757, trust him with the education of the Grand Duke married to the Duke of Devonshire; Lady Hen- her son, proposed to settle on him four thousand rietta Frances, born July 16, 17.61, and married pounds sterling per annum for life, befides the to the Right Honourable William Ponsonby, rank of an ambasador-extraordinary, while he Viscount Duncannon in Ireland, only son of the should reside at her court. D'Alembert thanked Earl of Belborough, cne of the lords of the ad

her Imperial Majesty, and declined her intended miralty, and member of parliament for the bo. favour in modest and submissive terms. This fact roughof Knaresborough, in Yorkshire; and Lady is well known, and will ever be recorded as a fin. Charlotte, born August 25, 1765. His lordship gular instance of philosophical fortitude, again was created Viscount Spenser, and Baron of Al. the powerful incentives of gold and ambition. thorpe, April 3, 1761; and advanced to the dig- Monsieur D'Alembert had not the pedantic panities of Viscount Althorpe, and Earl Spenser, rade of virtue, but possessed the actual substance; Oct. 5, 1765.

and while, in his intellectual faculties, he apIn Howard Street, aged 75, Richard Palmer, “peared a superior being, in all his worldly conEsq. the last surviving brother of the late Sir cerns he discovered the meekness of a lamb, and Thomas Palmer, Bart, and uncle of Sir John Palo the fimplicity of a dove. mer, Bart. of Carlton, in Northamptonshire.

At Bath, Mrs.MaryRaleigh, only surviving de- CIVIL PROMOTIONS. scendant in a direct line from Sir Walter Raleigh. William Lucas, Esq. to be his Majesty's chief

At Sudbury, in Middlesex, the Honourable justice of the Islands of Grenada and the GreMiss Howe, ister of the late and aunt of the nadines, in America. present Lord Chedworth.

Ahton Warner Byam, Esq. to be his Majesty's At Petersburg, Monsieur Euler, who was reck.

attorney-general, and Kenneth Francis Macken.. oned the greatest mathematician since the days of zie, Esq. to be his Majesty's solicitor-general, in Newton and Leibnitz. He acquired his high fame the said iñands. under the patronage of the King of Prussia, who

George Phillips Towry, Efq. to be one of the made him president of the Royal Academy of sommissioners for victualling his

Majesty's navy, Sciences at Berlin; but having had some diffe.

in the room of Jonas Hanway, Esq. who retires. rence with that monarch, he applied to the Em- The Right Honourable Lord William Caven. press of Ruflia, who gave him the same honour

dish Bentincke, to the office of clerk of the Pipe, able charge in the Imperial Academy of Peters- in the room of Sir John Shelley, Bart. deceased. burgh, with a princely provision. When he left

Henry Murray, Esq. to be ensign of his Ma Berlin, he was succeeded by a gentleman from jesty's guard of the yeomen of the guard, in the Turin, in Piedmont, called Signor La Grangia, room of John Benjafield, Esq. who has resigned. who still holds the place of president in the said Charles Hawkins, Esq. to be surgeon of his Academy of Berlin, and has given repeated proofs Majesty's houshold, in the room of George Haw. of the most transcendent abilities, in every branch

kips, Esq. deceased, of the mathematics. The first president of the Mr. Needham, late surgeon of the second troop Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin was Mau

of horse-guards, to be surgeon to the houshold of pertuis, the great antagonist of Voltaire. Euler was

the Bishop of Osnaburgh, in Hanover. made president after the deceafe of Maupertuis.

Rogers, Esq. Secretary to Lord Keppel, Ac Paris, on the 27th instant, Monsieur D'A

to be one of the commissioners of the navy. lembert, secretary to the French Academy, &c. The Right Honourable Lord George Augustus who was one of the ableft mathematicians of the

Henry Cavendish, to be colonel of the Derbyshire age; and, what is rather extraordinary, he joined militia, in the room of his Grace the Duke of De.. to his profound and truly astonishing skill in the vonshire, who has resigned. abstract sciences, all the accomplishments of an elegant, vivacious, and entertaining writer. He MILITARY PROMOTIONS. was one of the principal editors of the Encyclo

War-Office, Oftober 7, 1783. pædia; and, besides his numerous mathematical

2d Regiment of Foot. Love Party Jones, frong works, which will transmit his name to the re

half-pay of Major Waller’s late corps of foot, te moteft pofterity, though within the reach of very

be captain of a company. few readers, he has produced leven volumes of Melanges Literaires, containing various tra&s on

War-Office, Etober 11, 1783. different topics. In these productions, learning,

ift Troop of Horse Guards. George Mercer, genius, and wit, seem to go hand in hand, like

to be exempt and captain. Newdigate Poyntz, the graces, forming an immortal wreath for the

clerk, to be chaplain. author. It is impoflible to bestow a sufficient en.

War-Office, Otober 18, 1783. comium on his tranlation of Excerpta from Tae 6oth Regiment of Foot, 3d Battalion. Bla


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den Tinker, of the 38th 'regiment, to be captain late of Great Ruffel Street, Bloomsbury, carof a company.

penter. 62d Regiment of Foot. James Vincent Ma- Daniel Bamford, late of Ipswich, Suffolk, cofthias, from half-pay of the 6zd regiment, to be fee-boufe keeper. captain of a company.

William Gould, late of Alport, Derbyshire, Royal Garrison Battalion. Robert M‘Gin. wool-Itapler, but now a prisoner in the custody of mis to be captain of a company.

the sheriff for the county of Derby. War-Office, O&tober 25, 1783.

William Burlton, late of Donhead St. Mary, Joth Regiment of Foot. William Dick, of Wiltshire, merchart and salter. the ift Foot Guards, to be captain of a company.

William Underwood Wilson, of Green Walk,, African Corps. Robert Monckton, of the 3d

Christ Church, Surrey, coal-merchant. Dragoon Guards, to be captain of a company.

William Galkill, of Bread Street, Cheapside, Major General Edward Matthew, to be lieu

London, ironmonger. tenant-general in the West Indies only.

Charles Lindegren, Andrew Lindegren the Royal Irish Regiment of Artillery.

younger, and Claes Grill, of Dunster's Court, Matthew Young, to be captain. Joseph

Mincing Lane, London, merchants. Shewbridge, to be captain-lieutenant.

Richard Ledger, of Ropemaker's Alley, Lit

tle Moorfields, cabinet-maker. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

James Cole, of Bath, innholder. The Rev. Thomas Heardson Wayett, to the Edward Lucas, of High Holborn, St. Giles rectory of Sutterby, in the county and diocese of. in the Fields, dealer and chapman. Lincoln.

Henry Gooch and Thomas Cotton, of Great The Rev. Thomas Lloyd, to the rectory of Yarmouth, Norfolk, merchants. Langoedmawr, in Cardiganshire.

Andrew Lindegren the younger, of Portsmouth, The Rev. John Ramsay, to the rectory of Hampfhire, merchant. Barton St. Andrew, in Norfolk.

* Thomas Parfons, of Cirencester, Gloucestere The Rev. Dr. Kaye, sub-almoner to his Ma. fhire, tanner. jesty, to the deanery of Lincoln, in the room of John Brown, late of Oxford, dealer in fpiriDr. Cust, deceased.

tuous liquors. The Rev. Erasmus Druery, to the rectory of George Attley, of Jermyn Street, St. James, Mundesley, in Norfolk.

Westminfter, linen-draper. The Rev. Mr. James Bannerman, to the Benjamin Marshall, of Goodman's Fields, ehurch of Cargill, in the presbytery of Perth, va

cornfactor. cant by the death of the Rev. Mr. James Gow. Alexander Graham, of Watling Street, Lon.

The Rev. William Lowther, M. A. to hold don, merchant. the rectory of Lowther, in the county of West. William Gooch, of Great Yarmouth, Nora moreland and diocese of Carlisle, together with that folk, beer-brewer. of Dillington, in the county of Cumberland and Samuel Butler, of St. Clement Danes, Middiocese of Chester.

dlesex, dealer and chapman. The Rev. Edward Wilson, D.D. to hold the William Hartley, of Newgate Street, London, rectory of Hartfield, together with that of Ath- cabinet-maker. hurst, in the county of Suffex and diocese of Chi. Samuel Beale, of Wribbenhall, Kidderminehefter.

ster, Worcester, trow and barge owner. The Rev. Joseph Hudson, D. D. to hold the Thomas Miller, of Kirby Kendal, Westmorevicarage of Warkworth, together with that of land, ironmonger. Newburne, in Northumberland.

James Gowen, of Sunderland, near the sea, The Rev. Henry Woodcock, LL. B. to hold grocer. the rectory of Coffington, together with the vi. John Lane, of Sittingbourne, Kent, apothecarage of Bothley, both in the county of Leicester cary. and diocese of Lincoln.

Robert Taylor, of Southwark, dealer in horses. The Rev. John Hewit, M. A. to hold the Lawrence Lee, of the Minories, London, pinvicarage of Royston, Herts; together with that

maker. of Feltham, Middlesex.

Daniel Fitch, late of Kilburn, Middlesex, The Rev. Nathaniel Bridges, B.D. to hold jeweller. the rectory of Waddenhoe, with that of Orling- Wooler, Northumberland, linen-drapers and ha

Robert Mather and Anthony Mather, of bury, in the county of Northampton.

berdaihers. BANKRUPTS. Matthew Hibberd, late of Andover, Hants, vonshire, dealer and chapman.

James Tozer the younger, of Kentißear, Dedealer and chapman.

Robert Andrews, of Bristol, innholder. Edward Merlon, of Ilminster, Somersetshire, Thomas Skey, of Bristol, cyder-merchant. shopkeeper.

William Argent, of Great Warley, Eflex,
Benjamin Bateman, late of Woodstock Street, farmer.
Hanover Square, wine-merchant.

John Hawkins, of Friday Street, London, mere
Richard Edwards,late of Chefferyllinen-draper. chant.
John Nath, formerly of Lambeth, Surrey, and Francis Holmés, of Warwick, grocer,

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Enriched with the following truly elegant ENGRAVINCS:
*. A most delightful View of LUXBOROUGH, in Essex, the Seat of Rear Admiral

Şir EDWARD HUGHES, K.B. 2. An interesting Scene in ELIZA; or, The FAIR
FUGITIVE; a Moral Tale,



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Modern Biography,

Dr. Benjamin Franklin
Description of Luxborough, in Effex, the

Seat of Rear Admiral Sir Edward
Hughes, K.B.
Philosophical Survey of the Works of

Nature and Art. No. XI.
Air-Balloons. A Dream
Eliza; or, The Fair Fugitive. A Mo-

ral Tale
Philosophical Transactions.
An Account of some thermometrical

Experiments relating to the Cold
produced by the Evaporation of va-
rious Fluids, with a Method of pu-
rifying Ether; Experiments relat-
ing to the Expanfion of Mercury;
and a Description of a thermome-
trical Barometer. By Tiberius

Cavallo, F.R.S.
The Hermitage. A Tale

The Touchstone. No. IV.
:. Remarks on the present received Theory

of Electricity
Essay on Brutės
Review and Guardian of Literature.
Dr. Beattie's Dissertations, moral and

Capper's Observations on the Passage to

India, through Egypt, and across the

Great Derart
Irwin's Occasional Epistle, written dur.

ing a Journey from London to Buf

taħ, in the Gulf of Persia, to Wil-
- liam Hayley, Esq.
The Disbanded Subaltern

Elegy on Winter


Carloc and Orra. Translated from the

Address in favour of a Singing Bird
The Errors of the Heart

ibid. 330 An Event in Scotland

379 Verses addressed to the Prime Minister

for the Time beiog. By Master George
Louis Lenox

ibid. 334

Monumental Inscription to the Memory

of Miss C. W. who died, after a feve

Days Illness, in the Fourteenth Year
of her Age

380 The Indolent

ibid. Verses to a young Lady on the Death of a Companion

ibid. Prologue to the Magic Picture

ibid. The Fox outwitted

ibid. Public Amusements.

Strictures on the State of the Drama 381

Drury Lane. 341 Mrs. Siddons and Mr. Kemble ibid. 347

Covent Garden. 352 Mr. O'Keefe's Poor Soldier ibid.

The Rev. Mr. Bate's Magic Picture 382 354 King's Theatre, Haymarket.

ibid. 357

Parliamentary History.
House of Lords

383 Houre of Commons

385 361 Political Retrospect

389 Foreign Intelligence

ibid. Gazette

392 367 Monthly Chronicle

399 Births

401 Marriages

ibid. Deaths

ibid. 373 Civil Promotions

403 375 Military Promotions

ibid, Ecclefiaftical Preferments

ibid. 3771 Bankrupts


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Prinsed for HARRISON and Ço. No. 18, Paternoster-Row; by whom Letters to

the EDITORS are received,

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