& ver. 19.

Peter miraculously ACTS XII.

delivered. angel of the Lord A. D. 44. jhand of Herod, and came upon him, and

from all the expecta. a light shined in the Ge. 45. 26. tion of the people of

Ps. 126. 1. prison : and he smote

2 Co. 12.1.

the Jews. Peter on the side, and

12 And when he raised him up, say- fch. 10.3. had considered the ins, Arise up quickly.


thing, k he came to And his chains fell

& 11.5.

the house of Mary off from his hands.

the mother of 1 John,

ch. 16. 26. 8 And the angel

Is. 45.1.

whose surname was said unto him, Gird Jno. 20. 19. Mark; where many thyself, and bind on 26. were gathered togethy sandals. And so h Ps. 34. 7. ther m praying. he did. And he saith Da. 3. 28. 13 And as Peter unto him, Cast thy

& 6. 22.

knocked at the door

He. 1. 14. garment about thee,

of the gate, a damsel and follow me.

i 2 Sa. 22. 1.
Job 5. 19.

came + to hearken, 9 And he went out,

Ps. 33. i8, named Rhoda. and followed him ;

19. 14 And when she and • wist not that it & 34. 22. knew Peter's voice, was true which was

& 41. 2.

she opened not the done by the angel;

& 97. 10.

2 Co. 1.10. gate for gladness, but but thought fhe saw

2 Pe. 2. 9. ran in, and told how a vision.

kch. 4. 23.

Peter stood before 10 When they were & 16. 40.

the gate. past the first and the I ch. 15.37.

15 And they said second ward, they Col. 4. 10. unto her, Thou art came unto the iron 2 Ti. 4. 11. mad. But she con. gate that leadeth Phi. 24.

stantly affirmed that unto the city; & which m ver. 5. it was even so. Then opened to them of his

Is. 65. 24.

said they, It is his

Ma. 18. 19. own accord : and they went out, and passed

16 But Peter conon through one street; Or, tinued knocking: and and forthwith

to ask who the

when they had open

was there. angel departed from

ed the door, and saw him.

Ge. 48:16 him, they were asto11 And when Peter

Lu. 1. 22. nished. was come to himself, & 24. 37. 17 But he, obeckhe said, Now I know Juo. 13:24. oning unto them with of a surety, that h the . ch. 13. 16. the hand to hold their Lord hath sent his & 19. 33. peace, declared unto angel, and i hath de- & 21. 40. them how the Lord livered me out of the

had brought him out 318


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was over



ACTS XIII. miserable death, of the prison. And A. D. 45.

It is the voice of a he said, Go shew + Or, bare

god, and not of a these things unto an hostile

man, James, and to the mind, in- 23 And immediatebrethren, And he de- tending ly the angel of the parted, and went into

Lord Ismote him, another place.

1 Gr. that

because he gave not 18 Now as soon as

God the glory : and

the king's it was day, there was bedchamber.

was eaten of no small stir among .p 1 Ki. 5. 9. worms, and gave up the soldiers, what 11. the ghost. was become of Peter. Eze. 27.17. 24 But the word

19 And when He- q 1 Sa 25.38. of God grew and rod had sought for

2 Sa.24.17. multiplied. him, and found him Ps. 115. 1. 25 And Barnabas not, he examined the sch. 6. 7.

and Saul returned keepers, and com

& 19. 20. from Jerusalem, when manded that they

Is. 55. 11. they had fulfilled should be

Col. 1. 6. their ý ministry, and pot

to death. And he went 6 Or,charge. took t with

them ch. 11. 29. down from Judæa to

John, a whose sur

tch. 13. 5. Cæsarea, and there

name was Mark.

& 15. 37. abode.

u ver. 12.

CHAP. XIII. 20 And Herod was

a ch. 11. 27. highly displeased

1 Now there were

& 14. 26. with them of Tyre & 15. 35.

in a the church that and Sidon : but they bch. 11. 22. was at Antioch cer. came with one accord

28. tain prophets and to him, and, having c Ro. 16. 21. teachers; as b Barna made Blastus I the ++ Or, He

bas, and Simeon that king's chamberlain rod's foster- was called Niger, and their friend, desired brother. Luciuse of Cyrene, peace; because their d ch. 9. 15. and Manaen, ttwhich country was nourish- & 22, 21.

had been brought up ed by the king's coun

Na. 8. 14. with Herod the te.

Ro. 1. 1. try. 21 And upon a set & 2, 9.

2 As they minis day Herod, arrayed

tered to the Lord

e ch. 14. 26. in royal apparel, sat Ma. 9. 38. and fasted, the Holy upon his throne, and Ro. 10. 15. Ghost said, d Sepa made an oration unto Ep.3.7,8. rate me Barnabas

i Ti, 2. 7. them.

and Saul for the work

2 Ti, 1. u. 22 And the people He, 5.4.

whereunto I bare gave & shout, saying,

called them.

Ga. 1. 15. trarch, and Saul.

is npon

Sorgius Paulus ACTS XIII.

converted, 3 And f when they A. D. 45. Ghost, set his eyes had fasted and pray

on him, ed, and laid their f ch. 6. 6. 10 And said, O full hands on them, they g ch. 4. 36. of all subtilty and all sent them away. h ver. 46.

mischief, n thou child 4 So they, being ich. 12. 25. of the devil, thou enesent forth by the Holy & 15. 37. my of all righteousGhost, departed unto k ch. 8.9. ness, wilt thou not Seleucia ; * and from 1 Ex.7. 11.

cease to pervert the thence they sailed to 2 Ti. 3. s. right ways of the Cyprus 6.

Lord ?

mch. 4. S. 5 And when they

11 And now, be

n Ma 13. 38. were at Salamis,

Jno. 8. 44.

hold, the hand of they h preached the 1 Jno. 3.8. the Lord word of God in the . Ex. 9. 3. thee, and thou shalt synagogues of the I Sa. 5. 6. be blind, not seeing Jews : and they had p ch. 15. 38. the sun for a season. also i John to their

q ch. 16. 13.


immediately minister.

& 17. 2.

there fell on him a 6 And when they & 18. 4. mist and a darkness; had gone through the

and he went about isle unto Paphos, they

verses 4-6-seeking some to lead found k a certain sor- rasche consi- him by the hand. cerer, a false prophet, derable port 12 Then the deputy, a Jew, whose name on the Medi- when he saw what was Bar-jesus :

was done, believed, 7 Which was with sea.-Cy

being, astonished at the deputy of the land' infa

prus, an is

the doctrine of the country, Sergius Pau-mous for the Lord. lus, a prudent man; worship of 13 Now when Paul who called for Bar-Venus, who and his company nabas and Saul, and ed to reside loosed from Paphos, desired to hear the there, and

they came to Perga word of God. was therefore in Pamphylia : and

8 But ! Elymas the styled the John p departing from sorcerer (for so is his Cyprian

them returned to Je. name by interpreta-Salamis, was rusalem. tion) withstood them, situated on 14 But when they seeking to turn away the eastern departed from Perga, the deputy from the part of the they came to Antioch faith.

island, while in Pisidia, and I went 9 Then Sanl, (who on its west- into the synagogue also is called Paul.) ern coast.

on the sabbath day, filled with the Holy

and sat down.


yeu that fear God, 1 Gr. erpowo- son of Jesse, ka man

as a nurse

Paul preachech

at Antioch. 15 And rafter the A. D. 45. they desired a king: reading of the law

and God gave unto and the prophets the

them Saul the son of

r ver. 27. rulers of the syna- La. 4.16. Cis, a man of the gogue sent unto them, s He, 13. 22. tribe of Benjamin, by saying, Ye men and

tch. 12. 17.


space of forty brethren, if ye have

o ver. 26. 42.

years. anys word of exhor

22 And & when he tation for the people,

* De. 7.6,7. had removed him, say on.

y Ex. l. 1.

heh raised up unto 16 Then Paul stood


them David to be

z Ex. 6. 6. up, and beckoning

their king ; to whom with his hand said a Ex. 16.35. also he gave testiMen of Israel, and

Na. 14.33.
Ps. 95. 9.

mony, and said, il

have found David the give audience.

φορησεν, 17 The God of this perhaps for after mine own heart, people of Israel et popopopr which shall fulfil ali chose our fathers, gev, bora

my will. and exalted the peo

or fed them, 03 1 Of this man's ple y when they dwelt beareth or

seed hath God acas strangers in the seedeth her cording mto his proland of Egypt, zand child, mise raised unto Iswith an high arm De. 1. 31.

rael na Saviour, Je

according brought he them out

to the LXX.

sus: of it.

and so Chry

24 - When John had 18 And about the sostom. first preached before time of forty years b De, 7. 1. his coming the bapsuffered + he their

o Jos. 14. 1.

tism of repentance mappers in the wild a Ja. 2. 16. to all the people of derness.

Israel. 19 And when b he

e 1 Sa. 3. 20.

25 And as John had destroyed seven

f 1 Sa. 8.5.

fulflled his course, nations in the land of 8 1 Sa.15.23. he said, p Whom think Chanaan, che divided b 1 Sa.16.13. ye that I am ? I am their land to them by i Ps. 89. 20. not he. But, behold, lot.

I ch. 7. 46. there cometh one af 20 And after that I ch. 2. 30. ter me, whose shoes hed gave unto them

of his feet I am not

m 2 Sa. 7.12. judges about the space

worthy to loose. of four hundred and a Ma. 1. 21.

26 Men and brethfifty years, e until 0 Ma. 3. 1.

ren, children of the Samuel the prophet. Ma. 3. 11. stock of Abraham, 21 fAnd afterward

and whosoever amo..8

Paul preacheth ACTS XIII.

at Antioch. you feareth God, 4 to A. D. 45. he hath raised up Jeyou is the word of

sus again; as it is

q ver. 46. this salvation sent. Ma. 10. 6. also written in the 27 For they that

roh. 3. 17. second psalm, fThou dwell at Jerusalem,


Son, this and their rulers, "be- . ver. 14, 15. day have I begotten cause they knew him t ch. 26.22.

thee. pot, nor yet the n Ma. 27.22.

34 And as concernvoices of the prophets 3 ch. 3. 13, ing that he raised which are read every

14. him up from the dead, sabbath day, t they y Lu. 18. 31. now no more to rehave fulfilled them in

Jno. 19.28.

turn to corruption, condemping him.

z Ma. 27.59. be said on this wise, 28 u And though a ch. 2. 24.

I g will give you the

Ma. 28. 6. they found no cause

sure f mercies of Da. of death in him, *yet

bch. 1. 3.

vid. desired they Pilate

och, 1. 11.

35 Wherefore he that he should be d ch. 1. 8.

saith also in another slain.

• Ge. 3. 15. psalm, h Thou shalt 29 yAnd when they

Ro. 4. 13. not suffer thine Holy

f Ps, 2. 7. had fulfilled all that

One to see corrupwas written of him,

g Is. 55. 3.

tion. they z took him down + Gr, ya 36 For David, faffrom the tree, and oua, holy, or, ter he had served his laid him in a sepul. which word own

generation by chre.

the LXX. the will of God, i fell 30 a But God raised both in the on sleep, and was him from the dead :

place of

laid unto his fathers,

Is. 55. 3. and 31 And b he

in many

and saw corruption : seen many days of others, use 37 But he, whom them which came up for that God raised again, with him c from Gali. which is in

saw no corruption. lee to Jerusalem,

the Hebrew,

38 Be it known un

mercies. who d are bis wit

to you therefore, men nesses unto the peo

h ch. 2. 31,

and brethren, that ple.

Or, after through this man 32 And we declare

he had in his on age

is preached unto you unto you glad tidings, served the the forgiveness of how that the pro- will of God, sins: mise which was made ver. 22. 39 And by him unto the fathers, ich. 2. 29. all that believe are

33 God hath fulfill k Jo. 31. 34. justified from all ed the same unto us 1 s. 53 11. things, from which heir children, in that

ye could not be jus

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